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Kat from Australia’s 3 week adventure – PREP300

Kat from Australia’s 3 week adventure – PREP300

Kat is an incredible delight full of quotable sayings and a long 3-week trip from Australia! She stayed at four resorts and has several different portions of her trip. These sections include a variety of people including Kat traveling alone, her boyfriend, her sister and her boyfriend, and Kat’s mom and aunt. 

In these various sections of her trip, Kat visited all 4 Disney parks and both Universal Studios parks! She and her traveling parties had many wonderful experiences – some traditional and some less common. 

Kat is a former College Program cast member that has big plans but understands that it’s a marathon, not a sprint, especially with such a long trip! 

Post-trip timestamp: 58:15

The Basics

The Disney World portion of Kat’s trip to the United States from Australia runs from February 21-March 12. She’s a huge Disney fan and planned lots of exciting elements of her trip. 

During her trip, Kat will be staying at four hotels: Coronado Springs Resort, Yacht Club, Caribbean Beach Resort, and Wilderness Lodge


There were a lot of elements planned in Kat’s trip before she left, but that didn’t mean there weren’t surprises! Here is the schedule Kat made prior to her trip: 

  • February 21-24: Kat is staying at Coronado Springs Resort alone.
  • February 25-26: Kat’s boyfriend joins her at Coronado Springs.
  • February 27-March 3: Kat’s sister and her sister’s boyfriend arrive. They are staying at a hotel near Disney Springs. Kat and her boyfriend switch to the Yacht Club.
  • March 4-6: Kat and her boyfriend switch to the Caribbean Beach Resort to join her boyfriend’s mom and aunt who arrive. The traveling party is Kat, her boyfriend, her sister and her boyfriend, her boyfriend’s mom and aunt.
  • March 7-8: Kat’s sister and her boyfriend have left and Kat, her boyfriend, his mom, and aunt continue their stay at Caribbean Beach Resort.
  • March 9-12: All four of them switch hotels to Wilderness Lodge for the duration of their stay. 

Arrival Day (February 21)

Kat had to take a Covid test in order to travel into the United States. It had to be a supervised antigen test, which means that Kat needed to have that done at the airport just before she left. 

The flight was very empty so Kat slept the whole way to Portland! She flew through the night and arrived mid-day in Orlando. 

When Kat arrived at MCO she wanted to take the Sunshine Flyer but hadn’t booked it. She ended up wandering around and wound up booking a spot on Mears. She was at Coronado Springs within an hour. 


She got checked in but her room wasn’t ready so she decided to change her clothes, dropped her suitcases at Bell Services, and went over to Epcot!

Because it was the last day of Festival of the Arts, things were wrapping up. Kat really wanted to do the paint by numbers painting and she got to do that. She also enjoyed walking around and enjoying the chalk paintings.

It was difficult to navigate around because Kat was used to Epcot looking very different! It wasn’t a big deal, but she didn’t realize how difficult it would be.

She spent the afternoon and evening wandering around the World Showcase. She enjoyed seeing the Figment statues and they were just delightful! She had some delicious snacks like an empanada and a secret scallop. (Kat doesn’t like seafood but she secretly likes scallops!)

Kat also had a lot of fun looking at artwork around the festival. She ended up purchasing a beautiful artwork of the four parks. 


She also rode some rides, took photos, and saw some characters. She didn’t have Genie+ but she was able to ride The Seas with Nemo and Friends, Gran Fiesta Tour, Spaceship Earth, Turtle Talk with Crush, Living with the Land, and Journey Into Imagination. None of the rides had any wait at all.


She got a delicious “cheese toastie” (grilled cheese) and tomato soup. She left Epcot shortly before the fireworks. It was a wonderful first day!

She was in Casitas 2 at Coronado Springs, which was close to a bus stop but not a preferred room.

Magic Kingdom (February 22)

Kat rope dropped Magic Kingdom and it was difficult to be alone for this. She had trouble pushing past people and getting to where she needed to go. 

She went straight to Space Mountain and then Haunted Mansion. She’d hoped to do it’s a small world next but it was down. 

Kat then took the boat over to the Polynesian for the Tonga Toast at Kona Cafe. Kat really hoped it was going to change her life, but it was just fine. She can cross it off her list. 

When she got back to the Magic Kingdom she saw a cavalcade. This was her first time seeing Mickey on this trip! 

Next Kat did PeopleMover and Carousel of Progress. She had Genie+ but she was using it to book things at Hollywood Studios for later in the day. 

Around 1 p.m. she took a bus over to Hollywood Studios. She was glad there was a bus! 

She got in just after 2 p.m. and started using her Lighting Lanes for Slinky Dog Dash, Star Tours, and Toy Story Mania. This was her first time in Galaxy’s Edge and on Slinky Dog Dash. She was excited to see the changes to Hollywood Studios. 


The lightning lane for Slinky Dog Dash was very long and in the sun, which isn’t ideal, but Kat was able to check in a bit early. 

After that, she was able to ride Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster before Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along and then trying to decide where to eat. 

This is when Kat realized there was a glitch because of her international number. Rather than texting an international number to alert her that her table was ready, it would potentially alert her in the app. She missed them and needed to check in to see if she’d missed being called.

Kat then discovered that she loves Ronto Wraps! Her first one was from Docking Bay 7 but she enjoyed several during her trip from Ronto Roasters.

There was a wonderful balance of new experiences and things Kat loved. The Frozen Sing-Along was one of Kat’s favorites and she was thrilled that it hadn’t changed. She also experienced being a gunner on Smuggler’s Run and liked that a lot – even more than Rise of the Resistance!

Kat wanted to be sure to experience everything, so she did Alien Swirling Saucers and hoped to get Toy Story Mania, but she needed to pick up some Tinker Bell gifts for her boyfriend. Then she saw the nighttime show and enjoyed that. 

Kat introduced us to a Day Song. Kat explained that this is a song you play every morning of your trip and then when you hear the song later, it reminds you of your trip! Kat’s song was “When Can I See You Again?” from Wreck-It Ralph and it was part of the nighttime show at Hollywood Studios. 

After Kat left Hollywood Studios she got back to her hotel but had a lot of energy. She got a hot chocolate from Gran Destino for a hot chocolate. 

Because of a Walmart grocery order mishap Kat purchased very expensive H2O facewash from the gift shop. She said she felt like a million bucks with her fancy face wash. 

Fort Wilderness (February 23)

Because Kat was traveling alone, she wanted to do things that were exciting for her. She opted to do a Segway tour at Fort Wilderness. She’d never been there before and wanted to see it! 


She took an Uber over to Fort Wilderness and began the Segway tour. She learned how to use the Segway and listened to the tour guide through an earpiece. They enjoyed some trivia on the tour and saw the horses at the horse barn.

On the tour Kat saw the dog park and knew she’d need to go back. She loved watching the dogs! 

After the tour Kat thought about going to Magic Kingdom but then opted to go back to her resort and go to Three Bridges Bar and Grill at Villa del Lago. By the time she got back though, Three Bridges was closed. Instead, Kat got a burger and tanned next to the pool “oozing self-confidence.” 

After some time at the pool, Kat went back to her room to get Tinker Bell gifts ready. She had purchased wrapping paper in her grocery order so she has some administrative exercises. 

While she wasn’t sleeping, she did enjoy being inside relaxing. She had the TV turned to a channel that just played Friends. Kat also went down to find a hole punch and discovered that the Business Center at her resort was more of a shipping center.


Because Kat hoped to see Animal Kingdom at night, she hopped over there in the evening. She saw KiteTails and thought it was very delightful. She also rode DINOSAUR with a good ride to enjoyment ratio, which is very important for Kat. 

She wandered over to Pandora and this was her very first time! She took a lot of photos and just walked around Animal Kingdom. She loves how pretty Animal Kingdom is. 

Kat also crossed TriceraTop Spin off her list and thought it was fine. She then watched the Tree of Life a few times before heading out of the park. She wanted to take a bus to Disney Springs but there wasn’t one. 

She was advised to take a bus to Saratoga Springs and get off at the 4th bus stop. She executed this flawlessly and was able to walk right over to Disney Springs. She got a few things done at Disney Springs and was able to buy all of the things she needed. 

She got back to the resort at midnight after a very busy day.

Hollywood Studios (February 24)

Kat woke up and purchased Genie+ for today and headed to Hollywood Studios! She went straight to Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway. She also got a Lightning Lane for Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Unfortunately after the pre-show for Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway it broke down and she was given a return pass. But she was able to go over to Tower of Terror and met Goofy while she waited in line! 

After Tower of Terror the line for Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster was still short so she rode that before heading to get her breakfast Ronto Wrap. This was a wonderful breakfast! 

Kat then headed over to Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway with her recovery Lightning Lane and LOVED it. After that she was able to get a Lightning Lane for Toy Story Mania and had a great time. 


Even though it’s not targeted to her demographic, Kat “snuck” into Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy  and just loved it. She loves the Cars franchise! 

At this point it was time for Kat to go back to the resort. She needed a break so she went over to the quiet pool near her room. She’d hoped to get in a nap and the quiet pool was perfect for this.

After time at the pool Kat went back to watching Friends and working on Tinker Bell gifts. She also stacked Lightning Lanes for Magic Kingdom later that day.

On her way to Magic Kingdom she mobile ordered a coffee from Pinocchio Village Haus only to learn that the Shaken Jamaican isn’t the greatest coffee for her. She went to Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Jungle Cruise, Peter Pan’s Flight, and Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin.

Kat also did Hall of Presidents and thought it was wonderful. She says, “it made me proud to be an American and I’m not an American.” Kat thought she would just do this once on her own but ended up bringing everyone else in her traveling party on the ride as well.

Kat had dinner at Skipper Canteen and had a wonderful dinner. The whole experience was delightful. 

After dinner Kat did Dumbo the Flying Elephant for the very first time. She also did Journey of the Little Mermaid and it’s a small world with very little waits before leaving the park. 

On the way out of the park it was mostly empty and Kat was able to get some great photos of the empty park. 

Universal and Animal Kingdom (February 25)

Kat took an Uber to Universal Studios. She got an annual pass as soon as she got there. She had a lot of great luck with single rider lines today! 


She started at Islands of Adventure and went to Forbidden Journey without any wait at all using the single rider line. Then she did the single rider line for VelociCoaster

Kat rode the Hogwarts Express to Universal Studios and rode on Gringots. She really enjoyed spending time in Diagon Alley. Then she went on Men in Black in the single rider line. It went very quickly and didn’t have much of a wait at all.

Kat needed a bit of a break so she got in line for the Leaky Cauldron. While she was waiting she listened to a Harry Potter audio book and submersed herself in Harry Potter! 

Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon was a walk-on so Kat rode this. The effort to enjoyment ratio was very good. However, Kat didn’t know who Jimmy Fallon was. However, she still enjoyed it! 

Kat needed to get back to the room to get her Tinker Bell gifts ready so she went back to catch an Uber. Unfortunately she hit surge. In order to miss surge pricing, Kat just did some shopping and then caught her Uber back to her resort.

She arrived back just in time for a campfire at the pool! Kat ate some marshmallows and relaxed by the pool while waiting for her boyfriend to arrive. He finally arrived and she met him at the Gran Destino Tower. They drove his car over to their room.

She revealed that Tinker Bell brought him some gifts! He let her know that Tinker Bell also brought her something – a card that started a scavenger hunt. However, a scavenger hunt did not fit into Kat’s plans. 

Rather than go to Magic Kingdom, which was their original plan, they drove Tinker Bell gifts to the other resorts for their family joining them later in the trip. They had dinner at Toledo that night. 

After their bougie dinner, Kat and her boyfriend wandered around the resort. She loved the thematic music at Coronado.

Kennedy Space Center (February 26)

Kat studied space in college and wasn’t sure if she would love Kennedy Space Center or not. Ultimately she thought it was moderate.


Her and her boyfriend drove to Kennedy Space Center from Orlando. It was a lovely, scenic drive and saw dolphins in the nature reserve on the way there.

Kat was surprised with how disorganized things were at Kennedy Space Center. There were large crowds and no where to get coffee, which Kat thought was a missed opportunity. 

They did the garden tour and it was in the sun. It was also difficult to hear the tour guide. They also caught the bus over to the other section and watched the imax movies. 

They got lunch at the Kennedy Space Center and it was decent. They ended up leaving at 3:30 p.m. and went to return the rental car. They’d planned to return the car to the Car Care Center at Disney but there was some miscommunication and they ended up taking it to the airport.

They hopped in an Uber at the airport and took it to the Ticket and Transportation Center. This is where Kat’s boyfriend got his UK ticket. Kat even took a photo of the moment. 

They took the monorail over and saw PhilharMagic before getting a spot for the fireworks. Everyone was gathering very early and Kat was stressed about getting a good spot. They came out just after the stage show and got a spot near the hub.

Kat was a big fan of the fireworks and loved the Moana moments. After the fireworks they ran over to Jungle Cruise. They didn’t have to wait in a line but Jungle Cruise broke down during their ride. They were given a recovery pass and they used that for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.


They stopped for a funnel cake before riding on the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and Tomorrowland Speedway. They only waited 10 minutes for Tomorrowland Speedway and even that was too long of a wait. 

Four Parks (February 27)

They woke up very early to pack up because today Kat and her boyfriend weren’t just moving hotels, but they were going to do 4 parks in one day! By 6 a.m. they were ready to leave their room and took their luggage to Bell Services

They arrived to Animal Kingdom in time for rope drop. They had a Lightning Lane for Kilimanjaro Safaris for the morning so they rope dropped Flight of Passage and Na’vi River Journey. It was the perfect order! 

They got cinnamon roll and coffee before waiting in line for DINOSAUR. They were having a great experience. Then they headed over to Animal Kingdom Lodge for an 11:30 a.m. lunch at Sanaa.

After lunch they went over to Yacht Club and had a challenge with their Magic Bands because they were in between resorts. They hopped on the skyliner and got to Hollywood Studios just before 2 p.m. 

They’d previously gotten lightning lanes for Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run and Toy Story Mania, so they rode those without any wait. They were able to catch some characters as well and accomplished Hollywood Studios.

Then they took the Skyliner over to Epcot and went right to Journey Into Imagination and Spaceship Earth. Kat really loves Spaceship Earth. 

They also saw Winnie the Pooh and Pluto before enjoying some coffee. Kat realized that getting a cold brew with almond milk and that was what she was used to. Her boyfriend never found any coffee that she was used to. 

It was time for their 4th park! They took the monorail to the Ticket and Transportation Center before taking the ferry over to the Magic Kingdom. They had the most successful evening.

They got some photos, did all three mountains, and got off Space Mountain just before the fireworks completed. They ran from Space Mountain to miss the crowds. They had an 8:30 p.m. reservation at Raglan Road and needed to get to Disney Springs.

Kat’s sister and her boyfriend were meeting them at Raglan Road but they had some hotel issues and were running late. They enjoyed their meal at Raglan Road.

Epcot (February 28)

They purchased Genie+ in the morning and during the morning they rope dropped Soarin’ twice and then used their Lightning Lane for Test Track. They went back and forth doing Lightning Lanes and lower wait rides. 

They had a lightning lanes for The Seas with Nemo & Friends and Journey Into Imagination. While they waited for those, they did Awesome Planet and Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival. They had a wonderfully productive morning. 

They also went on Mission: SPACE. ONCE. It made everyone feel sick. 

Kat and her boyfriend designed the world’s perfect car but they missed tapping in so they didn’t get to see their car! The four of them did Test Track together.


They all had lunch at Biergarten, requested a great table, and had a wonderful experience. It was much better than Kat expected. This was the first day that it was back to being a buffet from family style. 

Kat’s sister and boyfriend drank around the world while Kat and her boyfriend took a nap back at their room at the Yacht Club. Later in the evening they met her sister and boyfriend for drinks and fireworks. They were near Italy and it was a great show

It was very cold and windy that evening as well so they got some coffee to warm up. Kat and her boyfriend did the Extended Evening Theme Park Hours and did Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure first. It was about 40 minute wait but Kat wasn’t in a great mood so she felt moderate about it.

They’d planned to do Frozen Ever After but it was down so they did Soarin’. 

Magic Kingdom (March 1)

There were some challenges today because Kat and her sister have different ways of touring. They did a few things together, but they mostly were able to tour separately. 

Kat and her boyfriend tried to do Seven Dwarfs Mine Train during Morning Extra Magic Hours. It wasn’t opening so they did it’s a small world and then headed toward Haunted Mansion to rope drop that. There were two lines near the Tangled bathrooms. The quickest way to get to Haunted Mansion is to use the line farthest away from Haunted Mansion

They did some attractions in the morning, did Country Bears Jamboree and Tiki Room with her sister and her boyfriend. They enjoyed Cheshire cat tails and lunch at Crystal Palace. It was really nice to sit down for lunch.


They did Hall of Presidents together before splitting. Kat and her boyfriend did Mad Tea Party, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Tom Sawyer Island, and Splash Mountain. They then ran over to Epcot to have dinner at Garden Grill

Kat was very excited about the character interaction at Garden Grill, especially when compared to the other character meals they did. The individual character experience was very meaningful.

Universal (March 2)

Kat forgot that some people don’t like rollercoasters. 

This was her first time at a park with someone that doesn’t like rollercoasters, so they did a bunch of shows. Kat really liked the Animal Actors on Location because there were lots of lovely dogs. She also thought The Bourne Stuntacular was really well done. 

After Universal Studios, Kat and her boyfriend had plans to do the Extended Evening Theme Park Hours at the Magic Kingdom. Their plan was to go to the Yacht Club to freshen up, walk through Epcot, and take the monorail to the Magic Kingdom.

This plan was good in theory but the monorail was down so they took a bus instead. They went straight to the Polynesian and found spots on the beach to watch the fireworks. It was lovely.

They then walked over to the Magic Kingdom. They were able to ride Pirates of the Caribbean, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Voyage of the Little Mermaid, Haunted Mansion, Peter Pan’s Flight, and finished their night with Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. It was a wonderful use of time. 

Break Day (March 3)

Today was a rest day for Kat and her boyfriend. They all had breakfast at Trattoria al Forno and it was lovely. Kat and her boyfriend has massages at the Swan and Dolphin and they were relaxing. 

The relaxing day also included some pool time and wandering around the boardwalk.


For dinner, Kat planned a monorail crawl! Kat and her boyfriend went to Enchanted Rose for drinks. Her sister and boyfriend joined them at Steakhouse 71 for dinner and together they all went to the patio at Trader Sam’s

Hollywood Studios (March 4)

Kat and her boyfriend checked out of the Yacht Club and walked over to Hollywood Studios. They were able to run straight to Rise of the Resistance at the park opening. They were able to ride very quickly and were on and off before the park opened. 

Next they met Kat’s sister and her boyfriend at Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. It was a very efficient morning! 

Kat also went to Oga’s Cantina for the first time. It was fun but probably more fun for someone who enjoyed Star Wars. Kat’s sister’s boyfriend built a Droid as well and was able to get in a bit early and no one was in there. 

They had Sci-Fi Dine-in for lunch and it was nice. That evening Kat met with up with friends while her boyfriend went to dinner with his mom and aunt at Sebastian’s Bistro. They’d just flown in that day. 

The theming wasn’t as exciting for Kat because she’s used to beaches, but she loved that it was cost effective and had the convenience of the Skyliner.

Universal Studios (March 5)

Kat thought this would be a wonderful day because she was used to Universal Studios, however they waited in the most lines today! 

Today everyone (Kat, boyfriend, mom, aunt, sister, and her boyfriend) all went over to Universal Studios. Mom and Aunt had just come in and set the bar fairly low because the lines were so long on their first park day.

Animal Kingdom (March 6)

Kat, her boyfriend, and his mom and aunt replayed their previous morning at Animal Kingdom with great success. It was a bit stressful because Kat was trying to book everyone’s Lightning Lanes and her sister wasn’t in the park yet.


Kat’s sister and boyfriend stayed at Animal Kingdom, Mom and Aunt went back to the hotel to nap, and Kat decided it was finally time to do the scavenger hunt! 

However, they didn’t do the scavenger hunt. They got to the Magic Kingdom but then had to unpack some emotions about the scavenger hunt. 

They did a fireworks cruise that evening with the whole family. It was very chill and lovely to be with family. Kat would highly recommend a fireworks cruise for anyone. This was the final day of everyone together. 

March 7-11

The rest of the trip was Kat, her boyfriend, and his mom and aunt. They did two parks per day, had a great day at Universal, and enjoyed their time together. 

Kat really liked Wilderness Lodge and especially liked the Ferry to the Magic Kingdom. They also really liked that there was just one bus stop at Wilderness Lodge

During the day they had a wonderful time, had lunch at Geyser Point, and it was time for the scavenger hunt!

Finally, the last night of the trip, Kat still hadn’t done the scavenger hunt! Kat really wanted it to be a planned beautiful experience.

Kat began opening the notes and they were all written beautifully, saying lovely things about her. The letters lead her all around the Magic Kingdom, getting increasingly more beautiful.


The final letter had her go to the front of the castle. Her boyfriend ended up taking her to the wishing well and her boyfriend started telling her how wonderful she is. 

Eventually, her boyfriend proposed! Kat got engaged! This is a very positive thing but Kat was having a moment. After he proposed, he brought her to the Contemporary for another dessert cruise

He even thought to get her a Happily Ever After button and everyone congratulated them on the way to the Contemporary and Kat cried every single time. The fireworks cruise was lovely and of course Kat cried the whole time.

They then walked over to Be Out Guest for dinner at 9:30 p.m. Kat had Lightning Lanes booked for that evening but they totally ignored them. This was very unlike Kat! 

Capture Your Moment (March 12)


Kat and her boyfriend got packed up and went to the Magic Kingdom. They did Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Jungle Cruise

The night before Kat was able to book a very last minute Capture Your Moment photo shoot! After their rides, they went over to get their photos taken. The photos are so cute and this is how Kat is telling everyone she’s engaged! 


After they took their last photo, they sprinted to the hotel, grabbed their bags, and went right to the airport! It was a whirlwind ending to the trip, which was perfect! 

Kat Quotes

Listening to Kat is just delightful. She has a way with words! Here are some of our favorite Kat Quotes:

  • More aligned to her soul.
  • You do you.
  • “She’s very well-liked”
  • That plan is going Medium.
  • It’s just going to have to fit Carol.
  • Tonga Toast: Not an experience I stood by. 
  • Smuggler’s Run is more of the ride for me.
  • DAY SONG – When you have a song you play every day of your trip.
  • I felt like he has a really great life.

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Tuesday 5th of April 2022

I’m with Kelli! Came here to say it was awesome - had a smile on my face the whole time I was listening :)


Saturday 2nd of April 2022

Adorable interviews. I would have listened to 2 more hours of Kat talking about her trip.