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Mission: SPACE

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Mission: SPACE

Mission: SPACE

Location: Epcot, Future World

Description: Revamped in 2017, this attraction is a simulator that lets you feel like an astronaut and takes you from launching pad on 1 of 2 missions: the family-friendly Mission Space - Earth (with a 40 inch height requirement) and a Mission Space - Mars (with a 44 inch height requirement). Once on the selected mission, each rider is assigned 1 of 4 jobs to do (in reality, it just means you push a blinking button when it lights up in front of you).

Height requirement: 40

FastPass + available: Yes

Open during morning Extra Magic Hour: No

Open during evening Extra Magic Hour: Yes

When to visit: 2nd hr (or later w/FP+)

Recommended: Yes

Tip(s): To prevent motion sickness, just keep looking forward and don't look to the side to see your companion. The exit area is really fun and a great place for non-riding members of your group to wait while you ride.

Scheduled refurbishments: None scheduled right now.


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