Test Track

Test Track

Location: Epcot, Future World

Description: Guests on this ride first spend time in a pre-show room with computer screens where you build your own car. You then proceed to the ride area and board a car. Once boarded, you ride a convertible car through various car tests, ending in a high-speed lap outside. Many people are confused about how their designed car relates to the ride itself. If you look on the screens throughout the ride (after every car test), you should see the car you designed and how it performs compared to the cars designed by other people in your ride vehicle. The exit area of this ride allows you to do other things with the car you designed, including driving it on a virtual track. You can also pose with various real cars with virtual backgrounds to get your picture taken and emailed to you.

Height requirement: 40

FastPass + available: Yes

Open during morning Extra Magic Hour: Yes

Open during evening Extra Magic Hour: Yes

When to visit: 1st hr (or later w/FP+)

Recommended: Yes

Tip(s) for Enchanted Tiki Room: Single rider line is available here

Scheduled refurbishments: None scheduled right now.