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Youth clubs aboard Disney Cruise Line

Youth clubs aboard Disney Cruise Line

Cruising with kids and not quite sure if you all will want to spend every.single.moment together? Disney Cruise Line has you covered.

All Disney Cruise Line ships not only have childcare available on board, but also clubs and activities that are exclusive for kids, tweens, teenagers, and young adults. 

While there’s a bit of variation among the different classes of ships, all have some iteration of the following:

  • “it’s a small world” nursery: for most cruises, ages 6 months to 3 years old but for specific itineraries (Transatlantic, Panama Canal, and Hawaii), the age is 1 to 3 since the minimum age to sail these itineraries is 1
  • Disney’s Oceaneer Club: ages 3 to 10
  • Disney’s Oceaneer Lab: ages 3 to 10
  • Edge: ages 11 to 14
  • Vibe: ages 14 to 17
  • 1820 Society: ages 18 to 20

If adults need a break or want to attend an adult-exclusive experience, sending their kid(s) to one of the following clubs or nursery available is a great option. It also gives a chance for kids to hang out with others close to their own age.

Read on for everything you need to know about each youth club.


One of our favorite things about cruising with Disney Cruise Line is that so many of the amenities are covered in the price, and that includes most of the Youth Clubs aboard the ship.

In fact, the only Youth Club that charges a fee or requires reservations is the “it’s a small world” nursery, which is for children ages three and younger.

All of the clubs are well-themed and packed with a variety of age-appropriate activities.

Want to check them out?

Embarkation day is a great day to explore all that they have to offer. It’s also a fun way to get kids who are a little bit nervous about trying them an opportunity to explore with familiar faces.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, here are a few considerations to keep in mind.

Open House

Open House times are when the Disney’s Oceaneer Club and Lab, Edge, and Vibe are open to any cruiser. Open House hours are offered on Embarkation day and throughout the cruise.

Times for Open House will be listed in the DCL Navigator app. This is a great opportunity to check out the cool spaces that normally only the young cruisers experience. It’s also helpful for families who want to enjoy the spaces together.

Crew members are supervising during Open House times, but it is not the same as secured programming, and anyone is free to come and go.

Sometimes special activities are planned for toddlers in Disney’s Oceaneer Club during Open House times. Note, these do require a caregiver to attend.

Toddler Play Time sign on Disney Fantasy

Special Needs

All cruisers are welcome on Disney Cruise Line, and any cruiser is welcome to the Youth Club spaces during Open House. However, Disney does not have one-to-one crew member to youth capability.

The Youth Activity programs are available to all children, but they must:

  • be fully toilet-trained,
  • able to individually participate in the counselor-to-child ratio groups, and
  • interact socially and comfortably with anyone their own age and physical size.

One-on-one counselor care, a counselor with specialty training, or counselor-assisted medical attention isn’t provided. If children can self-address their own medical needs, they can store medical supplies at the Youth Activities desk.

“it’s a small world” nursery

The youngest cruisers have a special space dedicated to catering to their needs. On each Disney Cruise Line ship, this is the “it’s a small world” nursery.

"it's a small world" nursery door

Pricing and Reservations

Cost is $9 for an hour per child.

Reservations for the “it’s a small world” nursery must be made in advance and are first-come first-served. The first opportunity to book nursery reservations is during the booking window for cruise activities. You will be allowed to book a few slots. However, once you board the ship, you can add extra times by speaking directly with the nursery crew.

Note: minimum reservation is for one-hour; cancelations at least 4 hours before the appointment are not charged; cancelations fewer than 4 hours before the appointment will be charged half of the rate; no-shows forfeit the full cost.


For most cruises, ages 6 months to 3 years old, but for specific itineraries (Transatlantic, Panama Canal, and Hawaii), the age is 1 to 3 since the minimum age to sail these itineraries is 1.


  • Magic, Wonder, Dream, and Fantasy: Deck 5 mid-ship
  • Wish: Deck 2 aft
  • Castaway Cay: No space on the island; nursery care is available on the ship as usual
Entrance to "it's a small world" nursery


Nursery care is by reservation only.

At drop-off, a nursery crew member will check the child in and ask for any special instructions.

Caregivers will be notified by crew via the DCL app messaging if their child needs extra assistance. When picking up the child, the caregiver must give the secret word and the Key to the World card will be scanned. Then the crew member will go into the nursery to retrieve the child.

Only nursing mothers are allowed back into the nursery area to feed their child.

If caregivers want, children can be fed and changed in the nursery. Caregivers can also bring the following:

  • Baby food, formula or milk and bottles
  • Diapers or pull-ups and diaper wipes
  • Extra clothing
  • A baby blanket
  • Pacifier

Children younger than 12 months of age are not permitted to bring any items other than pacifiers (without an attachment) into a crib.

Entrance to it's a small world nursery on Disney Wish


On the Magic, Wonder, Dream, and Fantasy there are three specific areas: acclimation zone, main play area, and a quiet room for napping. All areas are themed to “it’s a small world” and are Mary Blair-artwork-inspired.

On the Wish there are also three areas, with slight upgrades from the older ships.

First is a Decompression area with murals from Lion King, Coco, Black Panther and Encanto. Also, a Nap room with a variety of character depictions including Tiana, Woody, and Spider-Man. Thirdly, is the Play room with interactive murals of Elsa and Olaf, Rapunzel and Flynn Rider, Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, and Aladdin and Jasmine.

Welcome sign at "it's a small world" nursery

Sample activities

Movie time, story time, arts and crafts. Activities are unscheduled and vary depending on a child’s mood. Occasionally, Disney princesses or other special character guests may stop by and spend some time with the children.

What to keep in mind

This is a more daycare-like environment. Crew will actively take your child, even if the child is a bit fussy, and work to make them feel comfortable. Reservations are required, which is both a pro and a con. You know you will have a spot, but this service does cost extra and must be planned for in advance.

Disney’s Oceaneer Club and Lab

Disney’s Oceaneer Club is all about Disney fantasy while Disney’s Oceaneer Lab’s activities focus on learning while having fun. These two areas are connected on each ship, so children can move freely between them.

Navigating the ship in the Oceaneer Club on the Disney Wish


Included with cruise fare.


3 to 10 years old (must be able to use toilet independently)


  • Magic, Wonder, Dream, and Fantasy: Deck 5 mid-ship
  • Wish: Deck 2 mid-ship with additional check in and slide on Deck 3 mid-ship
  • Castaway Cay: Scuttle’s Cove, secured child care operated similarly to the on-ship Club and Lab


Caregivers should pre-register their child for the Youth Club during the online check-in process. Once on the ship, go to the Club or Lab to obtain a band (or can use DisneyBand+ if you purchased that in advance).

Each time entering the Club or Lab, your child must be checked in with a crew member manning the entrance. They will be instructed to wash their hands using an automatic hand washer.

Automatic hand washer on the Disney Wish

Once inside, children can move independently through the two as they are connected.

Those ages 8 years and older can check themselves out if caregivers have given permission during the registration process.

Caregivers will be notified via DCL app messaging by counselor of any questions or concerns.

When a caregiver returns to pick up their child, they must know the secret word they chose during the registration process, and have their Key to the World card. The crew member will then locate where in the Club or Lab the child is and retrieve them to exit.


  • Magic: Central library, Andy’s Room, Marvel Super Hero Academy, Disney Junior, Pixie Hollow
  • Wonder: Central library, Andy’s Room, Marvel Super Hero Academy, Mickey and Minnie Captain’s Deck, Frozen Adventures
  • Dream: Magic Play floor, Andy’s Room, Disney Infinity Game Room, Pixie Hollow; Star Wars: Millennium Falcon
  • Fantasy: Magic Play floor, Andy’s Room, Star Wars: Command Post, Marvel Super Hero Academy, Pixie Hollow
  • Wish: Marvel Super Hero Academy, Star Wars: Cargo Bay, Fairytale Hall, Walt Disney Imagineering Lab, Mickey and Minnie Captain’s Deck
Tablets in the Rapunzel area of the Oceaneer Club on the Disney Wish

Sample activities

Disney provides lots of scheduled programming for the Club and Lab. Many of those activities will be listed in the DCL Navigator app. So if your child has a favorite one, you can plan ahead to make sure they catch it. Kids do not need to sign up for the individual activities.

Some of what kids can do in the Club and Lab include visits with characters, games, story telling, dancing, crafts, puzzles, and electronic games.

Mural of Disney Cruise Line ship outside of the Oceaneer Club and Lab on the Disney Wish

What to keep in mind

The Oceaneer Club and Lab offer activities and fun spaces. These are at no extra charge, you do not need to make reservations and don’t have a minimum time your child must be there.

However, this is not like a daycare environment. Your child must freely go in on their own. The spaces can be busy and loud, which is overwhelming to some kids. With not knowing how your child will react to the Club and Lab environment, it’s not as easy to plan to have kids stay, so adults can have adult-only dining or spa treatments. You may find you are interrupted by the crew asking you to retrieve your child.


At Edge, tweens can watch movies, play games, do arts and crafts, and enjoy their own special hangout, where they can also meet other kids of the same age.

Snack bar area of Edge on Disney Wish


Included in cruise fare.


11 to 14 years old


  • Magic and Wonder: Deck 9 mid-ship
  • Dream and Fantasy: Deck 13 forward funnel (look for specific elevator at the forward elevator banks)
  • Wish: Deck 5 aft
  • Castaway Cay: No dedicated space, but will have activities listed in DCL Navigator app


Tweens will need to register to attend Edge, but the check-in and check-out process is much more relaxed than the Oceaneer Club and Lab. At this age, all kids check themselves in and out.

Table gaming area of Edge on Disney Wish


  • Magic and Wonder: Lounge made to look like an old boiler room
  • Dream and Fantasy: A chill hang out with modular furniture, big windows, and large LCD screens
  • Wish: Inspired by trendy lofts in New York City with photo walls and a few different seating arrangements

Sample Activities

Edge crew members offer a variety of free-form and structured activities, including taking photos at the selfie wall, doing scavenger hunts, singing karaoke, electronic games, Heroes and Villains, trivia, and dancing.

Some of Edge’s programming will occur in different parts of the ship (like Goofy’s Sports Deck). The DCL Navigator app will note locations of the activities.

TVs in Edge on Disney Wish

What to keep in mind

This age group has a lot more freedom, which can be both a pro and a con. The spaces are not as “fun” and whimsical as the Oceaneer Club and Lab. But it is a place to nurture independence, and often crew members really get to know the kids.


Even though this is a teens-only hangout, there are counselors at sea who serve as chaperones. These crew members will often get a feel from the teens of what activities they are interested in at the beginning of the cruise and use that to help craft the schedule.

Entrance to Vibe sign on Disney Wish


Included in cruise fare.


14 to 17 years old (This is strictly enforced. Once the 18th birthday is reached, the cruiser can not participate during non-open house hours, even if their birthday is during the cruise.)


  • Magic and Wonder: Deck 10 mid-ship
  • Dream and Fantasy: Deck 5 forward
  • Wish: Deck 12 aft
  • Castaway Cay: Hideout – an area just for the 14- to 17-year olds, often have activities organized and the option to purchase teen-only port adventures


The teenagers check themselves in and out. Their Key to the World card is coded upon the first check-in to the Vibe.


  • Magic and Wonder: Urban loft-inspired with brick and concrete industrial look, video game and movie LCD screen
  • Dream and Fantasy: Urban night spot with media room and stage as well as an exclusive outdoor deck with loungers and deck games
  • Wish: Parisian artists’ loft-inspired with neon and pop art, floor-to-ceiling windows

Sample Activities

The Vibe areas have a coffee bar and other non-alcoholic beverages available. Some activities are structured, but much of the time can be spent hanging out. Teens might be dancing, gaming, singing karaoke, having a talent show, socializing, or making movies.

What to keep in mind

The Vibe spaces are cool, especially on the newer ships. How engaging the activities are can heavily depend on the social make-up of other cruisers.

1820 Society

Relative to the other age-group based programming, the 1820 Society is pretty informal. But if you or someone you are cruising with fits in this group, it can be a fun way to meet other young adult cruisers.


Included in cruise fare.


18 to 20 years old


There isn’t a special spot; this group meets in common areas aboard the ship. The Hideaway on the Wish Deck 12 aft; other ships usually meet in Cove Café or other adult-only areas around the ship.


Young adults can look for meetings of this group in the Daily Navigator.


The initial meeting is usually at the Cove Café, an adult-only coffee bar on each ship.

Sample Activities

This is dependent on the group of cruisers. A crew member will help facilitate activities like trivia or meet-ups if there is enough interest.

What to keep in mind

This age group is allowed in all of the adults-only areas. The relatively informal 1820 Society can help those who have recently aged out of Vibe but want to meet others in their own age group. By design, it’s not as formal as the other Youth Clubs.


If you would like your younger cruisers to meet up with other kids on board, often the Facebook Cruise Groups (just search the name of the ship and sailing date and chances are there is an unofficial group for your cruise) will have informal meet-ups on the ship and sometimes make connections in advance.

Disney Cruise Line has an official booklet with loads of information and in a fun scrapbook-like format for young cruisers. Disney’s Pre-arrival booklet