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How disembarkation works on Disney Cruise Line

How disembarkation works on Disney Cruise Line

The process of leaving a Disney cruise actually starts the day before with several things to do prior to exiting the ship.

Here’s what to expect for disembarkation.

Things to do the day before disembarkation

On this last day, there are a few things you’ll need to do as you wrap up your time on the ship.

Buy photos

If you plan to purchase any of the photos taken by the ship’s photographers, you’ll need to head to Shutters Photography Shop to choose those. They will not be available once you’re off the ship.

Give tips

Your stateroom attendant will leave envelopes in the room for you to put cash inside as tips for your stateroom attendant, server, assistant server, and head server. Be sure to give the envelopes to your servers at your last dinner.

If you prepaid for tips, you can also tear off the perforated strips on the sheet and put them in the envelopes to give to the servers.

Fill out the survey

A survey will be given to you to fill out about your whole cruise experience. This survey is very important to the crew members and many will be very assertive about asking you to complete it.

Be sure to take some time to fill it out and drop it off as you’re leaving the ship. Drop-off locations include Guest Services, breakfast dining locations, and the desk as you exit the ship.

Do some final shopping

Want some things in the shops? Be sure to snag those items while you’re still at sea as the shops will be closed as you pull into your port.

Settle any charge discrepancies at Guest Services

Check your folio for charges. If there are any issues, head to the Guest Services desk to settle those.

Book a future cruise placeholder

One of the most popular ways to save on a future cruise is to book a placeholder on your current cruise (same idea as a bounceback offer for Walt Disney World). This is only available on the cruise so you’ll need to book it in the DCL app if you’re interested.

Booking this placeholder will save you 10% on a future cruise and give you a reduced deposit on cruises of 7+ nights. You can choose your exact cruise later, but it must be within 24 months. Get more details.

Put your luggage out by 10 p.m.

If you want your bags transported off the ship by the crew, you’ll need to have your luggage set out in the hallway between 8 and 10 p.m. with the tags attached (your tags will be left in your room by your stateroom attendant).

The character on your tags is also the group you’ll listen for when they call groups to disembark.

If you want to take your own luggage off the ship (called “Express Walk-Off”), you can skip this step. Definitely recommend Express Walk-Off for anybody who wants to exit the ship ASAP.

Watch the farewell show

There’s usually a farewell “Til We Meet Again” show at 10:15 p.m. (check your DCL app for exact times) that includes the ship’s characters in the atrium on the last night. After they parade through, they’ll often spread out and be available to meet and take pics with in various spots in the atrium area.

Order room service breakfast by midnight

If you want breakfast the next morning but don’t want to head to a restaurant, order it the night before by midnight so you can have it on hand in the morning. Coffee will stay hot in the carafe, and cold items can be kept in the refrigerator overnight.

Note: you can’t use the door hanger to order breakfast this night. You’ll need to dial 0 to place your order.

Things to do on disembarkation day

The morning that the ship pulls in and everybody is ready to leave the ship can be a little hectic. Here are some things to do.

Pick up alcohol being held by the ship

If you purchased any liquor at a port during your cruise, it’ll be held by the ship until this day. Be sure to allow time to pick it up this morning.

Lines can be long to pick up alcohol, so allow plenty of time

Eat breakfast

For breakfast before leaving the ship, you’ll have these options:

  • Casual Buffet – often fewer options than other days of the cruise, but a limited selection will be available
  • Eat in a dining room – you’ll be assigned a dining room where you can have a sit-down breakfast if you’d like
  • Room service – ends at midnight the night before, so you can order the night before as mentioned above
  • Cove Cafe – fancy drinks will cost extra, but the pastries are included

Keep in mind that you will usually have to be out of your stateroom by 8 a.m. so you’ll need to carry any belongings with you if you’re eating at 8 a.m. or later.

Leave the ship

You’ll walk off the ship with any luggage that you have with you.

If you are doing Express Walk-Off, you can exit the ship as soon as the ship is cleared.

If you’re not doing Express Walk-Off, you can exit the ship when your group is called.

You’ll need your Key to the World card with you as you exit.

Pick up luggage in cruise terminal

If you tagged your bags and left them out the night before, you’ll need to find them in the cruise terminal. They will be grouped together by the character on your luggage tag.

Clear customs

In the cruise terminal, you’ll need to have your luggage and passport available to clear customs.

Get the checklist

Save the checklist below to your phone to help remember during your cruise.

Have any questions or things you’d add? Feel free to let us know in the comments.