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Everything you need to know about MagicBand+ (now available!)

Everything you need to know about MagicBand+ (now available!)

If you’re a big fan of the original MagicBand, then you’re probably going to love MagicBand+.

Disney never stops at just one idea or a single version of a product, do they?

The company is always looking to improve, redesign, and, of course, sell something to its audience that guests in turn will hopefully love (and keep buying).

Enter MagicBand+, the upgrade to the MagicBand. This is basically a fancy new MagicBand that costs more and comes with updated features.

You can now officially use MagicBand+ at Walt Disney World!

magicband plus disney world

Below we discuss everything there is to know about MagicBand+, including how much it costs, its features, available styles, and how it differs from MagicBands.

Let’s get to it!

What is MagicBand+?

In September 2021, Disney announced MagicBand+, an upgrade to the original MagicBand as part of Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary celebration.

magicband plus at walt disney world

MagicBand+ is described as “the next-generation wearable technology.”

This new version includes all of the same features as a regular MagicBand with some interactive additions.

When does MagicBand+ launch?

MagicBand+ launched on July 27, 2022 at Disney World.

Disneyland Resort guests can expect MagicBand+ to officially debut on October 26, 2022.

magicband plus designs at walt disney world

How does MagicBand+ work?

You wear MagicBand+ on your wrist just like you do a normal MagicBand. But, it’s more decked out.

MagicBand+ also allows you to engage with different Disney moments after you enter a theme park.

magicband plus boxes and packaging

Now, here’s the cool part:

The band reacts to park interactions with color-changing light effects, haptic vibrations, and gesture recognition.

  • The color-changing lights are customizable
  • The haptic vibrations let you feel the magic with light vibrations that bring experiences to life
  • Gesture recognition simply means your movement enables magical surprises
  • Interactive smart speaker experiences
magicband plus and charging cable

Plus, this:

  • A rechargeable battery and 6-inch USB charging cable to keep the band going (included in purchase; a charging cable can also be purchased separately online or at Disney Parks & Resorts retail locations)
  • Smartphone/Bluetooth connectivity allowing you to customize and manage your band

You’ll also be able to use MagicBand+ to engage with the following.

Take on the role of a bounty hunter

MagicBand+ lets you become a bounty hunter in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Hollywood Studios and Disneyland Park and find virtual bounties throughout Black Spire Outpost.

You can use your MagicBand+ to find numerous virtual bounties hidden throughout Black Spire Outpost.

magicband plus interaction - galaxy's edge

MagicBand+ will be your guide, vibrating, and lighting up to show if you’re on the right path. Once a mission is complete, the local guild master will reward you with galactic credits.

As you search for virtual bounties, your band will light up green when you’re on the right track and red when you’re not.

magicband plus - galaxy's edge

While playing “Star Wars: Batuu Bounty Hunters,” you can use the Play Disney Parks Mobile app to help reveal your virtual bounty using the built-in augmented reality thermal viewer.

Interact with the Disney Fab 50 Character Collection

Called “Disney Fab 50 Quest,” you can embark on a scavenger hunt throughout the 4 Disney World theme parks using MagicBand+ to help spread pixie dust and interact with the special gold anniversary statues.

magicband plus - fab 50 statues

The Play Disney Parks mobile app allows you to also keep track of the sculptures you find and unlock digital achievements.

play disney parks app fab 50 quest

As soon as you get close to a Fab 50 statue, your MagicBand+ will start to buzz and light up.

Then, you simply give a big wave to help “spread your pixie dust.” Your band will also light up with 50th anniversary colors and then you’ll hear a sound or message from that particular character.

Watch nighttime spectaculars in a new way

During nighttime shows, like Harmonious at Epcot, Disney Enchantment at Magic Kingdom, World of Color at Disney California Adventure, and Fantasmic at Disneyland Park, your MagicBand+ lights up and complements the magic in the skies.

magicband plus nighttime spectacular

Experience Beacons of Magic with MagicBand+

MagicBand+ also interacts and lights up with each Beacon of Magic at Disney World shown at night on Cinderella Castle, the Tree of Life, Spaceship Earth, and Tower of Terror.

beacon of magic - spaceship earth - epcot

Use it with Alexa

While we still don’t know many details about this, MagicBand+ will work with the new “Hey Disney!” voice assistant coming to Disney World and Disneyland hotels sometime in 2022.

The two new forms of technology will be paired with supported Amazon Echo devices to enhance some “Hey Disney!” experiences.

Magic Mobile and Hey Disney Amazon Alexa

In general, guests will be able to ask “Hey Disney!” questions about park hours, dining information, and even make specific guest service requests, like extra towels or room service.

VIDEO: Everything You Need to Know about MagicBand+

What are the differences between a regular MagicBand and MagicBand+?

MagicBand+ has the same functions as Disney World’s MagicBands, including:

  • Unlock the door of your Walt Disney World Resort hotel room
  • Enter any of the Disney World theme parks and water parks
  • Redeem Genie+ and Individual Lightning Lane selections
  • Charge items, including food/beverages and merchandise, to your resort room (only if staying onsite
  • Redeem Disney Dining Plan credits (only if staying onsite) — this service is temporarily suspended but Disney has confirmed the Disney Dining Plan will return in the future
  • Link PhotoPass images to your account
MagicBand and MagicBand+ comparison chart

The biggest differences between MagicBand+ and a regular MagicBand are:

  • Pricing
  • MagicBand+ features park interactions
  • You have to charge the battery for MagicBand+ unlike a regular MagicBand

How much does MagicBand+ cost?

All guests can buy MagicBand+ at select stores across Walt Disney World and Disneyland and online at shopDisney, starting at $34.99.

There is also a discounted, pre-arrival price for Disney Resort hotel guests and also renewing Disney World Annual Passholders.

magicband plus pre-arrival discount

The pre-arrival discount is $10 for both resort guests and Annual Passholders.

  • Solid color: $34.99 ($24.99 with pre-arrival discount for Disney resort hotel guests)
  • Design: $44.99 ($34.99 with pre-arrival discount for Disney resort hotel guests)

Important: If you purchase directly through shopDisney, Passholders will not receive their discount (this is how it always is when using shopDisney) nor is there a pre-arrival discount (you must do this directly through My Disney Experience – more on this below).

How do I get a MagicBand+?

You can order MagicBand+ through the official Walt Disney World website, either through or through your Disney account if you have a vacation package booked.

When MagicBand+ launches at Disneyland, we assume the bands will also be available through the official Disneyland website. Stay tuned for more details.

magicband plus - shopdisney

You can also buy them in person at select stores in the parks and hotels. There are more than 30 designs available.

FYI: You can make these smaller, just like original MagicBands, for kids or if you have a smaller wrist.

magicband styles - my disney experience app

At Walt Disney World, you can purchase a MagicBand+ at the following locations: 

  • Magic Kingdom: Emporium  
  • Epcot: Pin Traders – Camera Center  
  • Hollywood Studios: Celebrity 5 & 10 and Tatooine Traders 
  • Animal Kingdom: Discovery Trading Company  
  • Disney Springs: Disney’s Pin Traders  
  • Select merchandise locations at Disney Resort hotels 

Disneyland guests will be able to find MagicBand+ at these shops:

  • Downtown Disney: World of Disney, Disney’s Pin Traders
  • Disneyland: Emporium, Pioneer Mercantile, Tomorrow Landing (reopening Oct. 26)
  • Disney California Adventure: Elias & Co., Trolley Treats, Oswald’s, Seaside Souvenirs
  • Hotels of the Disneyland Resort: Disney’s Fantasia Shop, Mickey in Paradise, Acorns Gifts & Goods

How do I buy MagicBand+?

For Walt Disney World Resort hotel guests

Go to the Walt Disney World website, hover over “My Disney Experience” and then select “My MagicBands and Cards”

magicbands and cards - my disney experience

Sign into your Disney account

magicbands and cards - my disney experience - login

You’ll be redirected to the “MagicBands and Cards” page

magicbands and cards - my disney experience

If you have an upcoming Disney Resort hotel stay, find the reservation you want to order MagicBand+ for

magicband order - my disney experience app

Click “Edit Order”

magicbands and cards - my disney experience - login

“Select” each guest name to pick a MagicBand+. FYI: If you or another guest on your reservation don’t want a new band, after you click” select” you can “decline” one.

magicband order - my disney experience app

There are plenty of styles to choose from! The solid colors are $10 cheaper compared to the designs.

magicband plus selection - my disney experience app

You can also customize your name, which will be printed on the backside of the band.

magicband plus purchase disney resort guest

Once you’re done with the order, you’ll be prompted to “Proceed to Checkout”.

magicband plus order - my disney experience app

Here you can review your order, select your payment, check your address, and then hit “Purchase”.

magicband plus order - my disney experience app

And you’re done! Congratulations!

magicband plus order completion - my disney experience app

For Annual Passholders

While Passholders can purchase MagicBand+ in person (and receive a discount) or through shopDisney (discount not applied here), they can also take advantage of the pre-arrival discount just like resort guests — even if they don’t have an upcoming resort stay.

Passholders follow the same process as we’ve detailed above, but you’ll want to make sure you scroll down until you see this section:

magicband plus order for annual passholders

Then, you’ll click “Get Started” or “Edit Order” and follow the same steps as above to purchase MagicBand+ with a pre-arrival discount.

For guests purchasing through shopDisney

You can purchase MagicBand+ on shopDisney under the MagicBand section.

magicband plus - shopdisney

Scroll through and select the MagicBand+ of your choosing

magicband plus - shopdisney

As you can see, you do not receive a pre-arrival discount via shopDisney, nor will your Annual Passholder discount be applied for both the solid and design bands.

magicband plus - solid design - shopdisney
magicband plus - design - shopdisney

Once you’ve found your MagicBand+, you’ll be prompted to either “Sign In & Checkout” or do “Guest Checkout.” You’ll have to enter your information, including address and payment, before securing your purchase.

magicband plus shopdisney order

For guests of Disneyland Resort Hotels

Stay tuned for how to purchase MagicBand+ as a guest of Disneyland Resort Hotels.

How do I add a MagicBand+ to my account?

The following is for Walt Disney World

If you purchase MagicBand+, there is a way to set it up and link it to your Disney account in the My Disney Experience app

magicband+ set up

STEP 1: Open up the My Disney Experience app (make sure you’re logged in), tap the 3 lines in the bottom corner and scroll until you see “MagicBands and More.”

magicband plus linking my disney experience app

STEP 2: Click on “Link your MagicBand or Card.”

magicband plus linking my disney experience app

STEP 3: Make sure “Tap” is highlighted and then click “Open Scanner” at the bottom.

magicband plus linking my disney experience app

Don’t forget to assign the MagicBand+ to the correct guest.

magicband plus guest assignment - my disney experience

STEP 4: Then, you can scan your MagicBand+.

magicband plus linking my disney experience app

But, you need to also make sure your band is turned on by pressing the button on the back once (hold down for 3 seconds) — and then you can tap it your phone.

magicband plus pairing - my disney experience app

STEP 5: Your MagicBand+ isn’t fully linked until you see “Pairing Complete.”

magicband plus pairing - my disney experience app

STEP 6: You can then add another MagicBand+ or update your band, if needed.

magicband plus pairing - my disney experience app

If there’s an update, you’ll see a message as follows, which reads: “MagicBand+ requires 60% or more battery power to complete a software update. Please charge your band prior to completing this update.”

magicband plus update - my disney experience app

You can also manage multiple MagicBands (both regular and +) from one Disney account in the My Disney Experience app

managing multiple magicband+

STEP 1: Navigate to “MagicBands and More.” Here you can view your managed guests.

magicband plus guest assignment - my disney experience

STEP 3: If a Guest’s MagicBand+ is not set up yet, you can do so here by tapping on the 3 dots and clicking “Manage”.

magicband plus manage guests my disney experience app

STEP 4: You can adjust your managed guests’ MagicBand+ settings, check battery status, and more! If you want to link to another person’s MagicBand+, just pair it like normal.

magicband plus settings

Important: Once a MagicBand+, MagicBand or card is linked to your Disney account, it cannot be transferred to another person for use at the Walt Disney World Resort.

You can even customize your MagicBand+ by choosing a custom light up theme and more

customize magicband+

STEP 1: Navigate to “MagicBands and More.” Swipe to the band you want to customize. You’ll want to confirm that your MagicBand+ is charged and up to date. Then, click “Change Color.”

magicband plus settings

STEP 2: Here, you can choose a custom light up theme. The front of the band lights up as you select each color scheme so you can preview the theme before officially deciding.

magicband plus light up theme - my disney experience app

Here is Blue:

magicband plus color theme - blue

Here is Orange:

magicband plus color theme - orange

Here is Fireworks:

magicband plus color theme - fireworks

STEP 3: You can also adjust the vibration and motion recognition settings. Click “Change” next to “Settings”.

magicband plus settings

Then, you can alter the settings however you wish.

magicband plus settings for vibration and motion recognition

The following is for Disneyland

If you purchase MagicBand+, there is a way to set it up and link it to your Disney account in the Disneyland app

Stay tuned for step-by-step details.

disneyland magicband plus

You can also manage multiple MagicBand+ from one Disney account in the Disneyland app

Stay tuned for step-by-step details.

disneyland magicband plus

Can I link a credit card to my MagicBand+?

At Disney World, you’re able to use your MagicBand+ to charge items, including food/beverages and merchandise, to your resort room (only if you’re staying onsite).

Just like with MagicBands, whatever credit card you have linked to your Disney account will automatically be connected to your MagicBand+ when paying for these select items.

At this time, Disneyland does not allow on-site guests to use their MagicBand+ for room charges.

How do I charge MagicBand+?

A rechargeable battery and 6-inch USB charging cable are included in the package. A charging cable can also be purchased separately online or at Disney Parks & Resorts retail locations.

magicband plus charging cable

All you have to do is snap the round piece on the back of the MagicBand+.

magicband plus and charging cable

Then, you plug the other end into your power source.

magicband plus charging

How long does the MagicBand+ battery last?

According to Disney, “Depending on an individual’s use of the band, the battery can last an estimated 1 to 3 days.”

If you’re constantly using it and don’t turn it off at then of the day, the battery will run out fast.

We noticed turning off your MagicBand+ before bed each night helps extend battery life. You can do this by holding down the small button on the back of the band for about 6 seconds. The band will buzz three times before you see a red light and it powers off.

To turn it on, hold down the same button for about 1 second. The band will vibrate and a solid green light should appear.

magicband plus charging

You will have to recharge it at some point. But, even if your MagicBand+ battery is depleted, you can still use it for select functions:  

  • Park entry 
  • Lightning Lane entry 
  • Disney Resort room entry (only at Disney World)
  • Disney Resort folio charging (only at Disney World)
  • Disney PhotoPass photographer interactions and certain photo touch points

Disney recommends charging your MagicBand+ once before your visit and nightly during your stay. Also, make sure you have installed the latest version of the software for optimal usage.

You can check your battery status in the My Disney Experience and Disneyland apps if you have paired the MagicBand+ to your mobile device.

You’ll see it either say: “Not Connected,” “Low,” “Partial,” or “Full.”

magicband plus partial battery

You can also press the button once on the back of the band that will show a color to report the current battery status.

  • Flashing Red: No Battery (you should charge your band as soon as possible)
magicband plus red light battery
  • Flashing Yellow: Low Battery (continue charging your band until green for the most optimal use)

Stay tuned for image!

  • Flashing Green: High Battery (you’re good to go!)
magicband plus green light battery

Where is MagicBand+ available?

MagicBand+ is currently available at Walt Disney World.

This is the first time Disneyland will implement the bands. They do not offer or use original MagicBands.

As for Disneyland, the interactive bands are set to launch on October 26, 2022 and they will also vary slightly compared to those available at Disney World.

Take a look at this graphic to see how Disneyland’s MagicBand+ will operate:

While old style MagicBands will not work at Disneyland, MagicBand+ is interchangeable at Disney World and Disneyland.

You will need to link the band in both the My Disney Experience and Disneyland apps in order for the band to work at the respective resorts.

magicband plus walt disney world store

Is MagicBand+ water proof?

Yes, just like MagicBands, MagicBand+ is also water proof.

Can you still use a regular MagicBand?

Current MagicBands are still available at Disney World and will continue to be alongside the launch of MagicBand+. The same can also be said for MagicMobile at Disney World.

magicband plus and magicbands on shopdisney

VIDEO: How to Set Up MagicBand+

Is Disney phasing out MagicBands?

No, Disney has repeatedly stated that MagicBands will still be available at Disney World after MagicBand+ launches.

Is it worth getting a MagicBand+?

The short answer: no.

The longer answer: MagicBand+ is a fun concept that allows for a bit more interaction within the parks. But, only a small amount, not a lot.

They function the same as an original MagicBand, with a few tiny upgrades. If you’re visiting Disney World and want a MagicBand, we recommend purchasing a standard one.

However, if you visit both Disney World and Disneyland often, MagicBand+ will come in handy since you can use your band on both coasts. Yes, some of the functions vary, but it seems like a worthy purchase for those who frequent each resort regularly.


Do you have MagicBand+? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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Are they going to change MagicMobile to be just like MagicBand+?

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Friday 29th of July 2022

No, they aren't planning to do that.


Tuesday 12th of April 2022

There is no way an electronic Magicband+ will cost the same as today's passive RFID Magicbands. My guess is $50-$80. I hope I'm wrong.

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