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Spaceship Earth

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Spaceship Earth

Spaceship Earth

Location: Epcot, Future World

Description: Located inside the golf ball, this attraction is a gentle ride through time to see how far we've come. Using a picture that is taken at the beginning of the ride, on the decent your head is added to interactive illustrations about the future. The picture is also used in the exit area up on the large screens.

Height requirement: None

FastPass + available: Yes

Open during morning Extra Magic Hour: Yes

Open during evening Extra Magic Hour: Yes

When to visit: Anytime

Recommended: Yes

Tip(s): Do not ride this in the morning. Many people enter the park, see this first and want to ride. Although it used to seem crazy to suggest using a FastPass for this attraction, it's actually a good idea now.

Scheduled refurbishments: None scheduled right now.


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