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Complete Guide to Journey into Imagination with Figment at Epcot

Complete Guide to Journey into Imagination with Figment at Epcot

One little spark of inspiration is all it takes for your imagination to run wild at Journey into Imagination with Figment.

Join the famous purple dragon Figment and Dr. Nigel Channing (played by Eric Idle) as you journey through the five senses at the Imagination Institute.

But watch out, because the mischievous Figment may take over and turn everything upside down!

Keep reading for our complete guide to Journey into Imagination with Figment.

Journey into Imagination with Figment Quick Facts

  • Location: Epcot, inside the Imagination Pavilion in World Celebration
  • Height Requirement: None
  • Suitable for: Anybody
  • Attraction length: 6 minutes
  • Do we recommend? Not a high priority but with relatively few attractions for little ones, this should definitely be on the “must-see” list for families with young children.
  • When to visit: Anytime
  • Lightning Lane available: Yes
  • Eligible for Early Entry: No
  • Eligible for Extended Evening Hours: No
  • Scheduled Refurbishments
  • Tip(s): Visit any time, there is rarely much of a wait
  • Description: Located in the Imagination pavilion, this ride takes you through an exploration of your senses. The exit area is a fun play area for little ones.


Journey into Imagination with Figment is located in World Celebration inside the Imagination Pavilion, the same pavilion as ImageWorks.

The Imagination Pavilion is also where you can say hello to Winnie the Pooh, Mickey, Joy, and Vanellope. The Disney and Pixar Short Film Festival is also in the pavilion.

You can find the pavilion to the left of the Land Pavilion, which houses Soarin’ and Living with the Land.

journey into imagination with figment map location

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Epcot Guide Map
Epcot Guide Map

How to Ride Journey into Imagination with Figment

Journey into Imagination with Figment has a Standby Line and a Lightning Lane. There is no Single Rider Line.

Typically, this ride doesn’t have long waits nor is it an attraction you should rope drop.

Do I need to use Genie+ at Journey into Imagination with Figment?

Journey into Imagination with Figment wouldn’t be considered an early priority since Genie+ availability usually lasts most of the day and the waits here are typically never that long.

Be sure to check out our touring strategies for EPCOT for more Genie+ advice.

Rider Switch/Child Swap

As there is no height requirement for Journey into Imagination with Figment, this attraction does not offer Rider Switch.

Rider Switch is Disney’s system that allows guests with small children to take turns riding bigger rides, while another person/people wait with the little one.

You can learn more about Rider Switch via our handy guide.

What to Expect when you Ride


At the Imagination Pavilion, you’ll enter into the lobby of the Imagination Institute where doors lead to different labs and offices.

journey into imagination queue

Make sure you check out the framed pictures on the wall showcasing inventors of the year, including Professor Wayne Szalinski from Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, and Professor Philip Brainard from Flubber.

robin williams as  Professor Philip Brainard from Flubber in Figment ride queue

While the queue can extend outside, it rarely does.


This is a good attraction to get in line for during those hotter days or if it’s raining.

Ride Vehicles

The ride vehicles for Journey Into Imagination with Figment seat 3 to 4 guests per row. Guests sit on hard benches with a back.


There are no safety restraints, however, there are doors that slide closed after you board on the right side of the vehicle to keep guests secure.

Accessibility Information

On Journey into Imagination with Figment, guests may remain in their wheelchair or ECV and use the accessible ride car vehicle. Be sure to ask a Cast Member for assistance.

journey into imagination accessibility information

Handheld captioning is available for those who need it.

On the Ride

If you want to keep your journey through the imagination a surprise, you’ll want to skip over this part!

Here, you’ll board your ride vehicle and enter the sensory labs of the Imagination Institute at Journey into Imagination With Figment.

figment as a skunk on journey into the imagination

This tour of sight, sound, and smell is hosted by Figment (a purple dragon with yellow wings created from the saying “figment of your imagination”) and Dr. Nigel Channing, portrayed by Eric Idle of Monty Python fame.

Much to Dr. Channing’s dismay, Figment has a habit of taking over and his crazy antics lead to some fun surprises and quite the stink in the Smell Lab.


Figment turns this ride upside down before its finale which will have you singing the attraction’s catchy them, “One Little Spark.”

Is Journey into Imagination with Figment Kid-Friendly?

While it can be dark in Journey into Imagination with Figment, this is a ride for the whole family. It’s slow-moving, colorful, and fun for little ones.


Strollers are not allowed in most queues at Walt Disney World, including at Journey into Imagination.

Instead, you’ll need to leave your stroller in the designated stroller parking area outside the queue entrance.

stroller parking for journey into imagination with figment

You may want to cover your stroller, even if seems like a sunny day. Florida rainstorms are always popping up when you least expect them!


The first version of Journey into Imagination opened in Epcot in 1983. Inspiration for this attraction came from an abandoned Disneyland attraction called Professor Marvel’s House of Illusions.

The backstory was that Professor Marvel was an eccentric scientist who bred dragons. This concept was tweaked, becoming Figment and the Dreamfinder in Journey into Imagination.

dreamfinder journey into imagination

The original ride closed in 1998 and a reimagined attraction opened in 1999, eliminating the Dreamfinder and featuring a new character, Dr. Nigel Channing.

However, reaction to the revamped ride was mostly negative as Figment, who has become a beloved icon of Epcot, had a much smaller role. A little over a year later the ride closed for a second time for a major refurbishment.

dreamfinder and figment journey into imagination

Journey into Imagination with Figment finally opened in 2002, delighting Figment lovers with his return to the main stage. Now Figment acts as a sidekick to Channing, singing tunes and bouncing in and out of scenes.

Journey into Imagination with Figment is now the longest-running iteration of this attraction, having been open for more than 20 years.

Other Fun Details

  • The popular song for this attraction, “One Little Spark,” was written by the Sherman brothers. This Academy-Award-winning duo was responsible for other ride themes like “it’s a small world” and also worked on Mary Poppins.
  • After you exit the ride, you can even say hello to Figment inside ImageWorks!
figment meet and greet at epcot's imagination pavilion