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The Land Pavilion at Epcot (Soarin’, Garden Grill, Awesome Planet)

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The Land Pavilion at Epcot (Soarin’, Garden Grill, Awesome Planet)

When visiting Epcot, you’ll see that the park is split up into different sections.

There is, of course, the World Showcase where you can visit 11 different countries. But, the old Future World has been transformed into 3 new neighborhoods called: World Celebration, World Discovery, and World Nature.

Each of these neighborhoods have their own special pavilions, including The Land pavilion.

The pavilion is well known for a range of popular attractions, including Soarin’ and Living with the Land. Plus, there’s great character dining here — Garden Grill! But, the pavilion also has several other offerings.

Let’s take a deep dive into The Land pavilion and see what else there is to explore.


the land pavilion panoramic photo - epcot
  • Location: World Nature
  • Restaurants: 2 Quick Service (The Land Cart, Sunshine Seasons); 1 Table Service (Garden Grill)
  • Shops: None
  • Entertainment: None
  • Attractions: Soarin’ Around the World, Living with the Land, Awesome Planet
  • Tours: Behind the Seeds
  • Characters: None
  • Popular snacks and drinks: Specialty cupcakes (Sunshine Seasons), Schöfferhofer Grapefruit Hefeweizen (Sunshine Seasons)
  • Not-to-miss: Soarin’, Living with the Land, Garden Grill, Awesome Planet

The Land Pavilion Map

the land pavilion map epcot


You’re able to find 2 Quick Service spots and 1 Table Service restaurant in The Land pavilion, with 1 Quick Service location situated outside. The other dining establishments are inside The Land.

Quick Service Restaurants

The Land Cart

the land cart - land pavilion - epcot

The Land Cart is outside the pavilion. It’s situated between The Land and Imagination pavilions.

If you need a quick drink or a snack, this is a good spot to grab just that.

the land cart menu - land pavilion - epcot

You can find Mickey Pretzels, veggies, cheese, fruit and hummus. Plus, fountain beverages, some specialty drinks, and beer are served.

Sunshine Seasons

sunshine season - the land pavilion - epcot

Sunshine Season is inside the main pavilion building on the lower level. There are a range of items offered for lunch and dinner.

sunshine season - the land pavilion - epcot

There are snacks, kids’ meals, and entrees, including cheese pizza and pepperoni pizza rolls for kids, along with macaroni and cheese.

Adults can choose from grilled salmon, stri-fried chicken, a roast beef sandwich, fish tacos, and several plant-based options, to name a few.

sunshine season - the land pavilion - epcot

Sunshine Seasons is also known for its specialty desserts, like cupcakes and cakes. Be sure to check the menu to see what is offered during your visit.

50th cupcake - sunshine seasons - the land pavilion - epcot

Alongside other beers, the popular Schöfferhofer Grapefruit Hefeweizen that many flock to the Germany pavilion for is also sold at Sunshine Seasons!

grapefruit beer - the land pavilion - sunshine seasons- epcot

There is also plenty of indoor seating for those eating at Sunshine Seasons or those who want a rest.

seating - the land pavilion - epcot

Pay attention to where you sit, because each table has a different design representing the 4 seasons (fall, winter, spring, and summer).

Table Service Restaurants

Garden Grill

garden grill - the land pavilion - epcot

Garden Grill is a character dining spot, where you can meet farmer Mickey, Chip, Dale, and Pluto.

Better yet, this is a rotating restaurant that offers cool views the rainforest, farmhouse, thunderstorm, sandstorm, and prairie scenes from Living with the Land.

garden grill - the land pavilion - epcot

You’re served an all-you-can-eat family-style meal for lunch and dinner. Breakfast used to be offered, but is not available at this time.

Garden Grill

Lunch and dinner include salad, chicken, macaroni and cheese, grilled beef, mashed potatoes, vegetables, Southern-style spoon break, and berry short cake.

There are also plant-based and allergy-friendly platters available upon request.

Garden Grill whole gang

Advance reservations are highly recommended. You can book up to 60 days in advance.

Be sure to check out our Garden Grill review for more information and see how we feel about this character dining location.

Seating Areas

There are several different places to sit, whether you’re eating, sipping on a beverage, or just need a place to relax.

seating - the land pavilion - epcot

As shown above, near Soarin’, Living with the Land, and Sunshine Seasons, there is a huge area with tables and chairs.

seating - the land pavilion - epcot

Next to Soarin’ (above), there are benches for guests.

seating - the land pavilion - epcot

Outside as you walk into The Land pavilion’s main entrance, there is a wall (above) where you can also have a seat.


The Land pavilion has 2 indoor attractions for you to enjoy during your visit.

Soarin’ Around the World

soarin around the world - the land pavilion - epcot

Before it was Soarin’ Around the World, there was Soarin’ Over California, which allowed guests to feel as if they were hang gliding over different parts of California (plus smell oranges and evergreens, in the process).

soarin around the world - the land pavilion - epcot

Now with Soarin’ Around the World gives visitors the chance to “hang glide” over different popular global spots, like Egypt’s pyramids, India’s Taj Mahal, Fiji’s Lau Island, and more.

soarin ride vehicle

While Soarin’ is a popular attraction and the wait time can build, it’s not a top priority when it comes to making Genie+ selections.

If you’re curious about what you should and shouldn’t prioritize attraction-wise at Epcot, check out the above graphic and link below.

Tip: If you want the best view while riding Soarin’, ask for B1.

Living with the Land

living with the land - the land pavilion - epcot

Living with the Land is a slow boat ride that teaches about the history of farming.

living with the land ride vehicles - the land pavilion - epcot

Even more so, it showcases firsthand how Disney World horticulturalists are using innovative growing techniques and cross-breeding high-yield crops to help feed a growing planet.

living with the land - the land pavilion - epcot

During the holidays, there’s also a special overlay called “Living with the Land: Merry and Bright Nights.”

The ride is essentially the same, but there are festive lights and decorations added. We definitely recommend checking this out. It’s so fun!

Living with the Land

Fun fact: Garden Grill and Sunshine Seasons both serve fresh produce and seafood that is grown in The Land pavilion.

Awesome Planet

awesome planet - the land pavilion - epcot

Awesome Planet is a truly captivating, visually-stunning, and also eye-opening video about our planet’s future — and why it’s vitally important now more than ever to take care of it.

If you need to escape the rain, heat, or simply want a break, Awesome Planet is the way to go.

awesome planet theater - the land pavilion - epcot

The film is only 10 minutes long and also narrated by Modern Family‘s Ty Burrell.

awesome planet theater - the land pavilion - epcot

Awesome Planet does have hearing and visual disability services for those who need them.


There is one tour in The Land Pavilion that we’ve done ourselves and think is really interesting.

Behind the Seeds

behind the seeds tour - the land pavilion - epcot

Behind the Seeds is a special 1-hour walking tour that provides an exclusive look into the future of agriculture and the chance to get up-close and personal with the critters of The Land pavilion.

You visit the fish farm and 4 greenhouses that make up The Land and is perfect for anyone with an interest in gardening or natural sciences.

Pest management behind the seeds tour

Just a few things the tour offers:

  • Visit the fish farm and see what it’s like during feeding time.
  • See gigantic fruits and vegetables and unusual crops from around the world.
  • Discover the latest plant-growing techniques, including hydroponics.
behind the seeds - living with the land - epcot

You’ll also get to take home a handout with some great ideas for your own garden.

You can book this tour online or by calling (407) WDW-TOUR up to 60 days in advance.


There are only a couple of activities inside The Land pavilion.

Coin Press Machine

The Land pavilion has 2 coin press machines: 1 near the restrooms on level 2 and the other near the level 1 elevators.

coin press machine - the land pavilion - epcot

One coin press machines allows you to create a range of Disney-themed pressed pennies. You can either pay $1.00 for each or $5.00 for all 8.

coin press machine - the land pavilion - epcot

You can use the other coin press machine to pay $1.00 for a special coin or pay $4.00 for 4 coins.

Hidden Mickeys

The Land has a bunch of Hidden Mickeys to hunt!

The mural that leads into the pavilion’s main entrance has 2 Hidden Mickeys.

hidden mickey - the land pavilion - epcot

You can hunt for them yourself, or here’s a video courtesy of Hidden Mickey Guy that shows you exactly where to find them!

hidden mickey - the land pavilion - epcot

You’ll also want to pay attention as you ride Living with the Land for a variety of Hidden Mickeys.

living with the land - hidden mickey - the land pavilion - epcot

Look! Even a Hidden Minnie!

living with the land - hidden mickey - the land pavilion - epcot


There are 2 sets of restrooms inside the pavilion.

the land pavilion - location sign - epcot

You’ll find ones on the first level near Soarin’ Around the World.

restrooms - the land pavilion - epcot

The second set of restrooms on are level 2 close to Garden Grill.

restrooms - the land pavilion - epcot

You’ll also find a portable phone charging station next to the level 2 restrooms. This is where you can swap and purchase FuelRods.

fuelrod station - the land pavilion - epcot


There are 2 sets of elevators for anyone who needs them.

elevators - the land pavilion - epcot

There is a set near Awesome Planet that come out by Living with the Land.

elevators - the land pavilion - epcot

note stroller and wheelchair parking

elevator signage - the land pavilion - epcot

There are also some next to the restrooms on the second level that come out by Soarin’.

wheelchair parking - the land pavilion - epcot

You’ll also notice that once you enter The Land, you’re on level 2. This is where you can park all wheelchairs and/or electric mobility devices.

stroller parking - the land pavilion - epcot

Outside, you’ll see a big section near the pavilion for strollers.

escalators - the land pavilion - epcot
stairs - the land pavilion - epcot

There are also stairs and escalators inside for guests to use.

wheelchair ramp - the land pavilion - epcot

As you enter, there’s a designated ramp for those who need it and to help keep foot traffic on either side.

The Land Pavilion Checklist

the land pavilion - checklist - epcot


What’s your favorite thing about The Land pavilion at Epcot? Tell us in the comments!

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