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Mexico Pavilion at Epcot (Coco, Gran Fiesta Tour, margaritas)

Mexico Pavilion at Epcot (Coco, Gran Fiesta Tour, margaritas)

One of the most unique elements of Epcot is the World Showcase, which is home to a total of 11 countries.

Exploring each of the pavilions is one of the best parts of the park, in addition to, of course, riding attractions, eating, and drinking around the world.

The countries have so much to look at, eat, drink, and buy. Plus, some even have special entertainment and character meet and greets (like meeting Donald Duck or riding the Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros)!

If you want to know more about the Mexico pavilion at Epcot, keep reading! 

Here we take a deep dive into the country that is one of the most popular thanks to the food and beverages (hello, margaritas). Even though it’s on the smaller side, there’s still a lot to explore, especially inside the pyramid.


mexico pavilion epcot view
  • Location: World Showcase (between Refreshment Port and Norway)
  • Restaurants: 2 Quick Service (Choza de Margarita, La Cantina de San Angel); 3 Table Service (La Hacienda de San Angel, La Cava del Tequila, San Angel Inn Restaurante)
  • Shops: El Ranchito del Norte, Ring Carvers, La Tienda Encantada, Plaza de los Amigos, La Princesa de Cristal
  • Entertainment: Mariachi Cobre, Marimba de las Américas
  • Attractions: Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros
  • Characters: Donald Duck
  • Popular snacks and drinks: La Cava Avocado margarita (La Cava del Tequila), Guacamole (Choza de Margarita), Black Beans (La Cantina de San Angel), Chips with salsa, guacamole, and queso (La Cava del Tequila)
  • Not-to-miss: La Cava del Tequila, San Angel Inn Restaurante, Donald Duck, Mariachi Cobre, Marimba de las Américas, Gran Fiesta Tour

Mexico Pavilion Map

mexico pavilion map - epcot


Mexico’s dining is some of the most popular. The lines for Quick Service can grow quickly and may result in some waiting. Just something to keep in mind. And if you want to book a Table Service restaurant, reservations are always recommended.

Choza de Margarita

Location type: Quick Service
Type of food: Mexican
Meals Served: Drinks and snacks

  • On the Disney Dining Plan? No
  • Is Mobile Order available? No
  • Pros: The stand offers a wide range of margaritas, including unique flavors like Guava Pink Peppercorn and the Fiesta Margarita, which combines different flavors and the food menu, though limited, is highly praised
  • Cons: There is no seating, the food options are very limited, and the lines here can be very long

You’ll find Choza de Margarita outside of the pyramid. You can’t miss it, because it usually has a long line. Plus, it’s the one outdoor stand that margarita lovers are attracted to.

The menu here consists of snacks, like tacos, empanadas, and guacamole, to name a few.

The guacamole is really good here and the chips are always crispy. This definitely makes for a great snack.

beer and guacamole - choze de margarita - mexico pavilion in epcot

You can also find margaritas that are frozen and on the rocks, along with a variety of Mexican beer. Plus, there are select non-alcoholic drinks.

La Cantina de San Angel

la cantina de san angel - mexico pavilion - epcot

Location type: Quick Service
Type of food: Mexican
Meals Served: Lunch and dinner

  • On the Disney Dining Plan? Yes, 1 quick service credit
  • Is Mobile Order available? No
  • Pros: Menu includes several options, seating areas nearby offer great views
  • Cons: Can have long waits, no Mobile Order

La Cantina de San Angel is the other Quick Service spot in the Mexico pavilion that is located outside the pyramid.

Don’t be surprised if you walk past here and the line extends close to Norway. It is very popular.

la cantina de san angel seating area - epcot - mexico pavilion

The food is pretty good here, making it a solid Quick Service option. There’s also a really great vegetarian offering — the Empanadas con Queso — along with nachos and a range of tacos also on the menu.

cheese empanadas - la cantina de san angel - epcot mexico

If you’re not super hungry, try a side of black beans. These are some of the best black beans you will ever have. Yes, they’re that good.

La Cava del Tequila

la cava del tequila - epcot mexico pavilion

Location type: Lounge
Type of food: Mexican
Meals Served: Drinks and chips only

  • On the Disney Dining Plan? No
  • Is Mobile Order available? No
  • Pros: Fantastic drinks and atmosphere (even though the space is small)
  • Cons: Waits here can be long if you want one of the limited tables, and while the drinks are really good, it is also quite expensive

La Cava del Tequila is inside the pyramid and it is a hot spot. Why? One word: margaritas!

Reservations are not accepted here, meaning they only take walk-ups. You can either take your drinks to go or you can ask to sit at a table.

la cava del tequila - epcot mexico pavilion

However, seating is minimal and you may have to wait a bit. They won’t give you an estimated wait time, because there is no guessing how long other guests will stay.

blood orange margarita - la cava del tequila - epcot mexico

But, if you do manage to snag a table, it’s such fun spot! You can also order some chips with salsa, queso, and/or guacamole.

This is the only food available here.

chips and queso from la cava del tequila - epcot - mexico pavilion

But, of course, the margarita and tequila menu is huge here, so there are options for everyone.

avocado margarita - la cava del tequila - mexico pavilion epcot

If you’re looking for a popular drink to order, the avocado margarita (“La Cava Avocado”) is a good choice (above).

La Hacienda de San Angel

la hacienda san angel - epcot - mexico pavilion

Location type: Table Service
Type of food: Mexican
Meals Served: Dinner

  • On the Disney Dining Plan? Yes, 1 table service credit
  • Pros: Fresh Mexican dishes, options to sit indoors or on an outdoor terrace (if you arrive about 1-1.5 hours before fireworks, you can try to request a table with a view)
  • Cons: Service and food quality can be inconsistent

La Hacienda de San Angel is a Table Service restaurant located directly next to La Cantina de San Angel.

You can order a range of Mexican cuisine here for dinner service, including starters, sides, entrees, desserts, and beverages. There are also a variety of offerings for kids.

Plus, if you sit along the windows, you get some stunning views of the World Showcase Lagoon.

Reservations are accepted here and recommended. You can also always ask the host stand if you can snag a table.

San Angel Inn Restaurante

san angel inn restaurante - epcot mexico pavilion

Location type: Table Service
Type of food: Mexican
Meals Served: Lunch and dinner

  • On the Disney Dining Plan? Yes, 1 table service credit
  • Pros: Authentic Mexican food, strong margaritas and great ambiance
  • Cons: Food quality can be inconsistent

You can find San Angel Inn Restaurante inside the pyramid.

The restaurant sits along the same water the Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros floats on.

san angel inn restaurante - epcot - mexico pavilion

The Table Service spot serves both lunch and dinner. This is a popular place to eat, so you should try to book reservations.

san angel inn restaurante - epcot mexico pavilion

Yes, you can order tasty Mexican food and drinks here, but the restaurant is all about the ambience and views.

Seating Areas

Mexico is one pavilion in the World Showcase that hardly has any seating.

la cantina de san angel seating area - epcot mexico pavilion

If you’re eating at La Cantina de San Angel, there is outdoor seating that’s covered. There’s not even seating inside the pyramid, unless you’re dining.

But, other than that, you’ll have to seek a place to sit elsewhere in the World Showcase.


You can shop for souvenirs at several different areas in the Mexico pavilion — both inside and outside the pavilion, with the majority of stores located in the pyramid.

El Ranchito del Norte (temporarily unavailable)

El Ranchito del Norte is located outside of La Hacienda de San Angel. You can usually find a variety of items, like sombreros, other style hats, apparel, and more.

Ring Carvers

ring carvers - mexico pavilion - epcot

This is a small stand outside across from the pyramid. The kiosk is exactly what it sounds like — you can have rings carved here! Pricing and styles available vary.

La Tienda Encantada

La Tienda Encantada - mexico pavilion - epcot

Inside the pyramid, you’ll find La Tienda Encantada, which sells fine jewelry and accessories inspired by the charm and beauty of old Mexico.

Plaza de los Amigos

Plaza de los Amigos - mexico pavilion - epcot

Plaza de los Amigos is the “open air” marketplace inside the pyramid. You can’t miss it, as it’s directly in the middle, surrounded by dining and other shops.

Plaza de los Amigos - mexico pavilion - epcot

There are home good, apparel, piñatas, sombreros, ceramics, baskets, leather goods, Latin foodstuffs, and more to browse.

La Princesa de Cristal

La Princesa de Cristal - mexico pavilion - epcot

La Princesa de Cristal, another store inside the pyramid, is where you can purchase Arribas Brothers crystal and glassware, including cut crystal, blown glass, and crystal figurines.

La Princesa de Cristal - epcot - mexico pavilion


There is one attraction to ride in the Mexico pavilion starring Donald Duck, Panchito, and José Carioca.

Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros

gran fiesta tour - epcot - mexico pavilion

Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros is a family-friend boat ride that is great for cooling off on a hot day or when wait times are long at other popular attractions.

This usually doesn’t have a long line and is easy to hop on when you’re exploring the Mexico pavilion.

gran fiesta tour - epcot - mexico - pavilion

The boat ride also floats by San Angel Inn Restaurante offering cool views.

Gran Fiesta only has a Standby Line, meaning no Lightning Lane, Genie+, or pay-per-ride options to worry about here.

But, if you’re curious about what you should and shouldn’t prioritize attraction-wise at Epcot, check out the above graphic and link below.


Mexico has several entertainment acts that are beyond lovely and a great option if you need something to do.

Marimba de las Américas

Marimba de las Américas is a trio of musicians performing music, featuring marimba arrangements of songs from all across Latin America.

They only perform on select days each week by the Ring Carvers kiosk. Be sure to check the My Disney Experience app for daily showtimes.

Mariachi Cobre

mariachi cobre - epcot - mexico pavilion

Mariachi Cobre is one of the more popular acts inside the World Showcase.

They play traditional folk music from Jalisco, Mexico outside near the Ring Carvers kiosk. You can find performance times for Mariachi Cobre in the My Disney Experience app.


The Mexico pavilion is where you can meet Donald Duck wearing a sombrero and a sarape.

donald duck meet and greet - epcot - mexico pavilion

You can meet him at different times throughout the day next to the pyramid.

There’s even a Disney PhotoPass photographer stationed here!

donald duck meet and greet - mexico - epcot

You can find times he meets listed in the My Disney Experience app, along with his exact meeting location.


The Mexico pavilion has several activities for all ages.

Mexico Folk Art Gallery

mexico folk art gallery - epcot - mexico pavilion

The Mexico Folk Art Gallery is inside the pyramid and has a range of displays honoring Coco and the Day of the Dead holiday.

The exhibit’s official name is: “Remember Me!” – La Celebración del Día de Muertos.

bridal couple - mexico folk art gallery - epcot

The gallery features papel picado and calaveras, or decorative skulls made of sugar. There’s also pre-Hispanic art that hints at the day’s beginnings and contemporary pieces that highlight its influence in modern Mexican life.

There’s also a must-see sculpture Bridal Couple.

Make Your Own Skeleton

Inside the pyramid, you can find “The Mirror de los Muertos,” or the “Mirror of the Dead.”

It is an interactive mirror that allows guests to create their own skeleton and transports them to the Land of the Dead, just like in Coco.

make your own skeleton - epcot - mexico pavilion

You’ll have to tap either your MagicBand or ticket to begin. Then, you just follow the onscreen props. It’s pretty easy to follow and great for little ones!

Kidcot Fun Stop

bridal couple - mexico folk art gallery - epcot

Like the 10 other country pavilions in the World Showcase, Mexico has a Kidcot Fun Stop location.

This is a fun family-friendly activity, that’s complimentary and perfect for keeping kids interested as you make your way around the World Showcase.

bridal couple - mexico folk art gallery - epcot

At each stop, you collect an activity card detailing facts and activities featuring the culture and traditions of each country.

You can find Mexico’s Kidcot stop in La Tienda Encantada, which is inside the pyramid.

mexico pavilion - kidcot fun stop -epcot

Save this checklist and have your little one check off each Kidcot Fun Stop as you make your way through each country.

epcot kidcot fun stop checklist

Coin Press Machine

coin press machine - mexico pavilion - epcot

You can use this coin press machine to create Coco-themed pressed pennies. You can either pay $1.00 for each or $5.00 for all 8. Mexico’s coin press machine is inside the pyramid.

Disney PhotoPass Photographer

The only PhotoPass photographer you’ll find is at the Donald Duck meet and greet.

Remember: unless you have Memory Maker, Memory Maker Day One, or a PhotoPass entitlement with your Annual Pass, you will have to pay to download or print these photos.

Best Fireworks Views

The Mexico pavilion offers some pretty good views of fireworks. You can definitely see the center of the lagoon.

harmonious views - mexico pavilion - epcot

Because of the layout of the pavilion, there are a couple of large stretches of railing where you’ll be able to get close to the water.

You can either stand towards World Showcase Plaza to watch the nighttime show or on the other side near Norway.

harmonious views - mexico pavilion - epcot

Other reasons Mexico makes a great spot to watch fireworks:

  • You can find restrooms by the Odyssey events pavilion, which are always important if you camp out for the fireworks early
  • If the food and drink lines are too long in Mexico, you can head to the Refreshment Port or Norway
  • There are plenty of activities in the pavilion for little ones or if adults need to stretch their legs while waiting, including exploring the inside of the pyramid, riding Gran Fiesta Tour, trying The Mirror de los Muertos, the Kidcot Fun Stops, and more
  • Mexico sits at the entrance to the World Showcase, which makes it a shorter walk to the front of the park at the end of the night

Reasons you may want to skip it:

  • Mexico is always a busy pavilion, and that means the crowds during fireworks are a lot heavier than you’ll find at pavilions further into the World Showcase.

Here’s what the view looks like from the Mexico pavilion:

Harmonious Mexico

Be sure to grab your viewing spot no less than 60 minutes before showtime. Space can fill up quickly. 

You can find that night’s showtime in the My Disney Experience app.

Fireworks Viewing Map

map of best epcot fireworks view

Friendship Landing Boats

Usually beginning at 11 a.m., the Friendship boats will start running across World Showcase Lagoon.

Boat schedules can vary depending on several factors, like weather.

friendship landing boats - epcot - mexico

There are two internal routes: one that runs between Canada and Morocco and the other that runs between Mexico and Germany.

Friendship Boat at Epcot

The boats typically run about every 15 minutes. They will cease running at a certain point each evening. A final departure time will be posted at each dock, so pay attention to that.

The boats can’t run during fireworks, hence why they stop running them at a specific time.


While not located inside the Mexico pavilion, there are restrooms nearby next to the Odyssey Events Pavilion.

restrooms - odyssey events pavilion - epcot

You can also use the restrooms in the Norway pavilion, which aren’t far away either.

restrooms in Norway - epcot

Festival Exclusives

Like every other country in the World Showcase, different festival exclusives can be found in the Mexico pavilion.

This is for all 4 Epcot festivals: Food and WineFestival of the HolidaysFestival of the Arts, and Flower and Garden.

Mexico booth food and wine festival epcot

These include (to name a few):

three caballeros topiary - flower and garden - epcot - mexico

Even though the Mexico pavilion can be very busy due to its popularity and the fact that it is on the end, so lots of people start their tour of the World Showcase here, it’s definitely worth a visit for the food, drinks, Coco love, and cultural representation.

Mexico Pavilion Checklist

mexico paviloin checklist - epcot


What’s your favorite thing about the Mexico pavilion at Epcot? Tell us in the comments!

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