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A deep dive into the Norway pavilion (School Bread, Frozen Ever After, Anna and Elsa)

A deep dive into the Norway pavilion (School Bread, Frozen Ever After, Anna and Elsa)

One of the most unique parts of Epcot is the World Showcase, which is home to a total of 11 countries.

Exploring each of the pavilions is so much fun, in addition to, of course, riding attractions, eating, and drinking around the world.

But, we recommend people take at least some time to walk through each pavilion. There is so much you miss if you walk right on by, including entertainment, attractions, and character meet and greets.

If you want to know more about the Norway pavilion at Epcot, go no further. 

Here we take a deep dive into the country that has a popular family attraction, the chance to meet Frozen sisters, and a beloved treat and drink.


Norway pavilion - epcot
  • Location: World Showcase (between Mexico and China)
  • Restaurants: 2 Quick Service (Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe, Norway Beer Stand); 1 Table Service (Akershus Royal Banquet Hall)
  • Shops: The Fjording
  • Entertainment: None
  • Attractions: Frozen Ever After
  • Characters: Anna and Elsa
  • Popular snacks and drinks: School Bread (Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe), Einstök White Ale (Norway Beer Cart)
  • Not-to-miss: Frozen Ever After, Anna and Elsa, School Bread, White Ale, Troll inside The Fjording, Akershus Royal Banquet Hall

Norway Pavilion Map

norway map - epcot


There isn’t a lot of dining in Norway, but you will find 2 Quick Service spots and 1 Table Service restaurant known for hosting beloved Disney princesses.

Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe

kringla bakeri og kafe - Norway epcot

Location type: Quick Service
Type of food: Norwegian bakery
Meals Served: Snacks

  • On the Disney Dining Plan? Yes, 1 quick service credit
  • Is Mobile Order available? No
  • Pros: Several delicious options to choose from, usually less crowded than the bakery in the France section
  • Cons: Seating isn’t inside in air conditioning but is covered

Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe sells traditional Norway treats, like sweet pretzels and sweet lefse flatbread.

kringla bakeri og kafe treats - Norway epcot

The most popular and famous snack you can get is School Bread, as you can see below.

It’s a sweet roll filled with custard and dipped in coconut.

school bread - kringla bakeri og kafe - Norway epcot

You can also order viking coffee and beer at Kringla.

Akershus Royal Banquet Hall

Akershus Royal Banquet Hall offers character dining featuring a variety of Disney princesses. Meals here are served family-style.

ariel at akershus royal banquet hall

Location type: Family-style character dining
Characters (typically a combo of 5 from this list): Snow White, Cinderella, Belle, Princess Aurora, Ariel, Tiana
Type of food: Norwegian, American
Meals Served: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
Seating Available: Indoor

  • On the Disney Dining Plan? Yes, 1 Table Service credit for Breakfast and 2 Table Service credits for Lunch and Dinner
  • Pros: Meet multiple Disney princesses at once, that usually include Princess Tiana, Ariel, Belle, Princess Aurora, and Snow White.
  • Cons: Norwegian-style food may not appeal to everyone, especially little ones.
  • Tips: While Cinderella has met here in the past, Tiana, Ariel, Belle, Aurora, and Snow White are usually the main princesses who meet here now. The characters appearances are subject to change, so it’s kind of a “surprise” who you’ll meet during your meal. Eat breakfast here if you have picky eaters since lunch and dinner feature foods that are a bit more adventurous and not as popular for families

Akershus Royal Banquet hall is where you can normally meet Disney princesses, like Snow White, Cinderella, Belle, Aurora, and Ariel.

The character dining spot is usually open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This is a popular place to dine, so reservations are recommended.

While breakfast is pretty standard food, lunch and dinner features a “Taste of Norway,” which includes Scandinavian seafood, imported cheeses, cured and sliced meets, salads, fruits, and desserts.

There are also hot plates, like grilled fillet of salmon, herb-roasted chicken breast, and a Norwegian meatball dish called Kjøttkake.

Norway Beer Stand

Norway beer stand - epcot

The beer cart in the Norway pavilion not only sells traditional Disney sweets, like Mickey ice cream bars and ice cream sandwiches, but also alcoholic beverages.

Norway beer stand - epcot

You’ll find Scandinavian draft beer, along with wine.

A hugely popular beer here is the Einstök White Ale (below). There is also Aass Pilsner (pronounced Ouse) or Einstök Toasted Porter.

Tip: If the line is long here, you can also order these beers at Kringla Bakery Og Kafe.

einstock white ale - norway epcot

The Troll Krem is also a good choice, which is a frozen blend of Cranberry and Vanilla topped with Bacardi Dragon Berry Rum!

It’s served in a souvenir cup, but you can order it without the mug to save some money.

Seating Areas

Norway doesn’t have a ton of seating areas, but you’ll find benches scattered here and there.

benches in Norway pavilion at epcot

Plus, Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe has an outdoor patio with several tables and chairs.

kringla bakeri og kafe seating area - epcot norway

There are also some walls that guests are welcome to sit on.

Norway seating in epcot


There is one main store in the Norway pavilion featuring a variety of Norwegian items for guests to purchase.

The Fjording

the fjording - epcot Norway

The Fjording is the main shop in the Norway pavilion.

You can find a range of Norwegian merchandise, including apparel, accessories, home items, pet products, and more.

One of the big name brands you can purchase is Helly Hansen, which is a popular company producing outerwear.

the fjording - epcot Norway

There are also other trinkets and toys for little ones. Plus, themed-Minnie ears.

the fjording - epcot Norway
the fjording - epcot Norway

Here you can even find Voff Voff Voff, an all-in-one pet shampoo.

the fjording - epcot Norway


Norway has one attraction (and a favorite for many) — Frozen Ever After.

Frozen Ever After

frozen ever after epcot

Frozen Ever After is a short and family-friendly boat ride themed after Frozen. Keep in mind there are some drops and dark moments.

Previously, Maelstrom used to be located here.

frozen ever after Elsa

If you’re a Frozen fan or are traveling with anyone who loves the movies, then you should definitely check out this ride.

Warning: the line builds here, so some strategy is involved when it comes to riding Frozen Ever After. This is a top choice for many visitors.

epcot best times to ride

While there is Standby available, you can also use the Lightning Lane and bypass the regular queue.

You can find wait times in the My Disney Experience app. But, we also have a touring plan strategy that you should check out when it comes to factoring in all of the attractions at Epcot.


Do you want to build a snowman, meet Anna and Elsa? You can do just that at Royal Sommerhus!

royal Sommerhus with Anna and Elsa epcot

This is a popular meet and greet, for obvious and good reasons. So, keep in mind that you may have to wait a bit in line to see the Arendelle sisters.

anna epcot meet and greet
elsa epcot meet and greet

But, it’s definitely fun and worth saying hello to Anna and Elsa, especially if you haven’t done so yet.

Anna and Elsa meet and greet - wait time in my disney experience app

They meet throughout the day. You can find hours and wait times in the My Disney Experience app.


Norway has several activities for both kids and adults.

Stave Church Gallery

The Stave Church Gallery is located in the middle of the pavilion. Currently, the gallery houses the “Gods of the Vikings” exhibit.

stave church gallery -gods of the vikings - epcot Norway

If you’re a Marvel fan, this is where you can find information on Asgard, Loki, Thor, Odin, and more.

Thor display - stave church gallery - epcot Norway
Loki display - stave church gallery - epcot Norway

Keep in mind that this is a small space and can become a bit congested if there are a lot of people inside at once.

Kidcot Fun Stop

Like the 10 other country pavilions in the World Showcase, Norway also has a Kidcot Fun Stop location.

You can Norway’s inside The Fjording.

kidcot fun stop - epcot Norway

This is an activity for the whole family. It’s also free and a good way to get kids interested in each pavilion — and hopefully prevent them from getting bored as you go around the World Showcase.

kidcot fun stop - epcot Norway

At each stop, you collect an activity card detailing facts and activities featuring the culture and traditions of each country.

kidcot fun stop - epcot Norway

Save this checklist and have your little one check off each Kidcot Fun Stop as you make your way through each country.

epcot kidcot fun stop checklist

Coin Press Machine

If you’re inside The Fjording, you’ll find this coin press machine. For $1.00, you can use create Norway and Disney-themed pressed pennies.

coin press machine - Norway epcot

Photo with Troll

You’ll find this famous Troll inside The Fjording. While not an official Disney “picture spot,” taking photos with the Troll is a popular habit for many.

troll - the fjording - epcot Norway

Disney PhotoPass Studio

The Wandering Reindeer is a Disney PhotoPass Studio located between Anna and Elsa’s meet and greet and the restroom area.

the wandering reindeer- epcot Norway

Here you can find a variety of Frozen photo ops. The studios are open to all guests. Reservations are not required and the photoshoots are free.

wandering reindeer photopass studio in norway at epcot

Don’t forget to ask for Magic Shots!

frozen magic shot at wandering reindeer in norway pavilion at epcot

Remember: unless you have Memory Maker, Memory Maker Day One, or a PhotoPass entitlement with your Annual Pass, you will have to pay to download or print these photos.

Best Fireworks Views

Norway actually has some pretty good views of the fireworks, as you can see below.

If you stand along the fence near the stroller area for Frozen Ever After, you have perfect sight of the center of the lagoon.

harmonious views from Norway pavilion in epcot

Here is the stroller area we are referring to and you’ll want to stand by the fence along the water.

harmonious views from Norway pavilion in epcot

There are also more viewpoints by the fence between Norway and Mexico.

Other reasons Norway makes a great spot to watch fireworks:

  • The pavilion has restrooms, which are always important, especially if you have a long wait
  • You can get food and drinks from Mexico, Norway, and China
  • You may be able to hop in line for Frozen Ever After while someone else is saving seats (depending on the wait time, of course)
  • There are activities to keep both little ones and adults entertained, including shopping, visiting the Kidcot Fun Stop, or exploring Mexico and China nearby

Reasons you may want to skip it:

  • The trees are great for shade, but make sure they don’t block the sky, or they’ll block the fireworks, too.

Here’s what the view looks like from Norway:

Norway Harmonious

Be sure to grab a spot for the fireworks at least 60 minutes before showtime. Space can fill up quickly. 

You can find showtimes listed in the My Disney Experience app.

Fireworks Viewing Map

map of best epcot fireworks view


restrooms in Norway - epcot

Norway has restrooms to the right of The Wandering Reindeer. They’re located past Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe’s seating area. They sit farther back and are also perfectly themed to the country.

Festival Exclusives

Like every other country in the World Showcase, different festival exclusives can be found in the Norway pavilion.

There are 4 Epcot festivals: Food and WineFestival of the HolidaysFestival of the Arts, and Flower and Garden.

Anna and elsa topiaries - epcot flower and garden festival

Here’s what you can find in Norway during select festivals (to name a few):

  • Beautiful Anna and Elsa topiaries for Flower and Garden (plus a troll)
  • Find a “Mischievous Magical Barn Santa” celebrating the season with laughter as he visits Sigrid, an unsuspecting Christmas storyteller, during Festival of the Holidays
  • Nearby tents selling art during Festival of the Arts
troll topiary - epcot flower and garden festival

Norway might be one of the smaller pavilions, but it’s still a hugely popular one — for obvious reasons. We recommend you visit not just for all of the Frozen goodness, but to experience other Nordic offerings.

Norway Checklist

Norway pavilion checklist - epcot


What’s your favorite thing about the Norway pavilion at Epcot? Tell us in the comments!