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Complete Guide to Club Cool at Epcot

Complete Guide to Club Cool at Epcot

If you’ve visited a Disney park and ordered a soft drink before, you already know that Coca-Cola is king in these here parts.

Walt Disney World only serves Coke products at the beverage carts, Quick Service restaurants, and Table Service restaurants on property (sorry, Pepsi fans), and in Epcot, there’s even an attraction dedicated to these beloved fizzy drinks.

It’s called Club Cool, and though some may call it a glorified Coke gift shop, others wouldn’t count a trip to Epcot complete without visiting (and tricking their unsuspecting friends and family members into taking a sip of the Beverly) at the tasting stations.

The entrance is so inconspicuous that many people walk right by Club Cool on their way to other rides and attractions without really knowing what they’re missing out on… but that won’t be you, because you know that this hidden gem exists and that it’s worth checking out at least once. Did we mention that the drinks you get to taste here are free?

Feeling thirsty yet? Join us for our guide to Club Cool at Epcot.

Club Cool Quick Facts

  • Location: Epcot, inside World Celebration
  • Height requirement: None
  • Suitable for: Everyone
  • Attraction length: Depends on how long you want to visit
  • Do we recommend? This works best as a time-filler, but can be fun for Coca-Cola fans
  • When to visit: Anytime
  • Lightning Lane available: No
  • Eligible for Early Entry: No
  • Eligible for Extended Evening Hours: No
  • Scheduled Refurbishments
  • Tip(s): This is a great place to get out of the heat and try refreshing drinks from around the world while waiting for your Guardians of the Galaxy — Cosmic Rewind boarding group to be called.

Description: Club Cool is both a gift shop — selling Coca-Cola merchandise and other products — and a tasting experience. Guests can also try different flavors of Coke products from around the world via soda fountains that are free for visitors to use.


Club Cool can be found in Epcot’s World Celebration neighborhood, right next to Creations Shop. As soon as you enter the park and start walking towards Spaceship Earth, you’ll follow the path on the left and you’re there!

club cool location at epcot

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Epcot Guide Map
Epcot Guide Map

How to Experience Club Cool

Though Club Cool was super popular when the its new location opened in 2021, things have leveled off a bit with this attraction.

During very busy times, a Standby Line will be utilized just outside of the store, but most of the time, it’s not necessary. There is no Lightning Lane or Single Rider Line here — usually, you can just walk in at your leisure.

club cool - epcot - world celebration

Like any other attraction, Club Cool is busier during holidays and during the afternoon, when the hot sun starts making all those free soft drinks look really good, and it can get a bit crowded inside.

If you want to experience the store and soda tasting without a crowd, you may consider stopping in early in the day.

Do I Need To Use Genie+ at Club Cool?

The answer to this one is no, since Lightning Lanes aren’t offered here. The good news: You probably wouldn’t need one to enjoy the experience anyway, since there is rarely a wait to get in.

What to Expect When You Visit


There typically isn’t a queue in use at Club Cool, but when there is, you’ll find it right outside of the store’s entrance.

This line is outdoors and there’s not much to see or do when you wait, but fortunately, your wait likely won’t be longer than 5 to 10 minutes (if you have one at all).

club cool at epcot

Accessibility Information

Club Cool is wheelchair accessible, so guests who are using ECVs and wheelchairs will be able to remain in them while visiting the store.

It may be helpful to visit early in the day, since the space isn’t very big and can get a bit cramped in the afternoons, which doesn’t leave much space for wheelchair users to navigate.

At Club Cool

When you first walk in, you may find yourself a little overwhelmed by all that red and white, but that’s part of the fun!

Much of Club Cool is dedicated to Coca-Cola themed merchandise, offering up similar goodies to what you’d find at the Coca-Cola store at Disney Springs.

club cool at epcot

Towards the back of the store is a drink counter, where certain Coke-laden concoctions are available for purchase.

The menu here does occasionally change, but you can usually find a basic selection of soft drinks, along with treats like frozen lemonade and ice cream floats.

club cool - fountain - epcot

And now for the fun part: the tasting! There’s an entire wall of six self-serve soda fountains with small beverage cups you can use while tasting drinks from around the world. While options may vary, here are the drinks you’ll typically find here:

  • Beverly, from Italy: a bitter-tasting drink that you must try — at least once! It’s certainly an acquired taste, and many people who have been to Club Cool before love to trick their unwitting friends and family members into taking a sip.
  • Bonbon Anglais, from Madagascar: a bubbly drink that tastes like tropical fruit
  • Country Club Merengue, from the Dominican Republic: a creamy, fruity drink that will appeal to anyone with a sweet tooth
  • Minute Made Joy Apple Lychee, from Korea: a non-carbonated beverage that tastes like apples
  • Royal Wattamelon, from the Philippines: a carbonated drink that boats a “refreshingly sour watermelon flavor”
  • Smart Sour Plum, from China: a tart drink that’s been around for 1,000 years (and somewhat resembles barbecue sauce)
  • Sprite Cucumber, from Russia: basically Cucumber flavored Sprite
  • Viva Raspberry, from Moldova: a tart, fizzy drink with a “hint of raspberry juice”

Tasting here is unlimited, and you can stay as long as you want… but you may not want to drink too many carbonated beverages before you head back out to continue your park day!

Is Club Cool Kid-Friendly?

Kids tend to love Club Cool — after all, what’s not to love about free fizzy drinks?

There isn’t anything in here that would potentially scare little ones, so you can feel comfortable bringing in children of all ages. In fact, the scariest thing here might actually be trying to drag the kids away from the tasting stations when it’s time to leave!

If you’re traveling with kids, be sure to check out our guide to things that might scare little ones at Disney World.


Strollers are allowed inside Club Cool, so you don’t have to worry about a parking space before you enter.

However, if you do want to park your stroller before checking out this experience, you will find plenty of space to drop it off outside of Spaceship Earth, though you will want to take anything with you that is valuable, like your keys and wallet.

You may also want to cover your stroller before leaving it behind, just in case it happens to rain while you’re sipping on international soft drinks.


When the first iteration of Club Cool opened at Epcot, it was actually called Ice Station Cool and was located inside the former Innoventions East building.

Ice Station Cool made its debut in 1998, though it eventually became known as Club Cool after a refurbishment in 2005. Originally, guests entered through what looked like a snow-covered cave with a giant snow exploration vehicle parked outside.

After the official transformation to Club Cool, the store’s exterior was reduced to a sign featuring the Coca-Cola logo, which is similar to the more low-key and modern design of the store today.

Club Cool at Epcot

In 2019, the store’s original location closed as construction on Epcot continued, and reopened in its new location in 2021.

Every iteration of Club Cool haes operated on the same premise of selling Coca-Cola merchandise and providing several tasting stations for guests to use at no extra cost.

Other fun details

  • You can also try some of the flavors offered here at Disney Springs’ Coca-Cola Store Rooftop Beverage Bar, along with many others (though that location does charge for the tasting experience).
  • The original Ice Station Cool was themed to an arctic expedition.
  • All of the drinks available to taste at Club Cool are caffeine-free.
  • According to Imagineer Zach Riddley, the terrazzo floor inside of Club Cool is made with green glass pieces from recycled Coca-Cola bottles, complete with remnants of the drink’s famous red labels.