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Is Epcot’s new Starbucks open? Connections Café and Eatery Details

Is Epcot’s new Starbucks open? Connections Café and Eatery Details

The transformation of Epcot continues to take place, including the addition of Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind and a new Quick Service location in World Celebration.

With the many updates being made across the park, you might be wondering if Epcot’s new Starbucks location is open yet.

First, yes, there is a new permanent Starbucks at Epcot. Second (and spoiler), yes it is open!

Keep reading to learn more about Epcot’s new Starbucks, which you can find inside the brand new dining location called Connections Café and Eatery.

Is Epcot’s new Starbucks open?

Epcot’s new Starbucks is open. It soft opened on April 21, along with Connections Eatery.

Both Connections Café and Connections Eatery officially opened on April 27.

Where is Starbucks at Epcot?

Guests can order Starbucks in World Celebration, near Club Cool and Creations Shop.

We go over Connections Café and Eatery’s location in more detail below.

Before Connections Café, there was Travelers Café, a former temporary Starbucks.

travelers cafe epcot - starbucks
travelers cafe closes at epcot

It was located at the entrance of World Showcase next to Refreshment Port. It closed on April 18.

What is the name of Starbucks at Epcot?

Starbucks locations at Disney parks usually have their own special names.

Yes, they sell Starbucks and most guests refer to them as “Starbucks,” but on maps, they will rarely be labeled as so.

(The Starbucks locations at Disney Springs do go by “Starbucks.”)

If you search for “Starbucks” in the My Disney Experience app, here’s an example of the locations that will show up in the search results.

starbucks locations in my disney experience app

Back in the day before all of the latest Epcot construction, Starbucks was known as “Fountain View.”

Take a look:

Fountain View at Epcot

Currently, there is Travelers Café serving Starbucks. Come sometime soon, Connections Café will begin handling the crowd of Starbucks lovers.

Here are the other names of Starbucks locations at the remaining theme parks:

  • Magic Kingdom: Main Street Bakery on Main Street, U.S.A.
  • Hollywood Studios: The Trolley Car Café on Hollywood Boulevard
  • Animal Kingdom: Creature Comforts in Discovery Island (towards Africa)

What is Connections Café and Eatery?

During Destination D23 in November 2021, Disney first announced the addition of Connections Café and Eatery, which is a brand new café and fast-casual dining location.

connections eatery- Epcot

Connections Café is for anyone who wants coffee or other caffeinated drinks, specifically Starbucks. Joffrey’s or any other brand of coffee isn’t served here, just Starbucks.

As for the Eatery, this is a Quick Service restaurant, where guests can order a range of food and drinks. Keep reading for more menu details.

Connections Café and Eatery is replacing Electric Umbrella, which was the former Future World Quick Service spot.

Are Connections Café and Connections Eatery the same thing?

While the Connections Café and Connections Eatery are next door to each other, they are not the same.

These are 2 individual dining locations at Epcot.

To put it concisely:

  • Connections Café is a cafe that serves Starbucks coffee
  • Connections Eatery is a fast-casual restaurant serving a full food, drink, and dessert menu

Here is concept art for Connections Café:

connections cafe starbucks concept art

Here is concept art for Connections Eatery:

Connections Cafe Epcot quick service

What does Connections Café serve?

Connections Café serves the standard Starbucks menu similar to many of the other Starbucks locations on Walt Disney World property.

Connections Café’s menu is posted in the app, as well. It’s not yet posted online.

What does Connections Eatery serve?

As a fast-casual location, Connections Eatery offers a range of items for lunch and dinner.

connections eatery menu and counter - Epcot

You can order burgers, salads, pizza, a plant-based pizza, shakes, beer, wine, cocktails, and more.

connections eatery burger and fries - Epcot

And it isn’t traditional theme park fare, like you find at Magic Kingdom, but a bit more out of the box that has found “inspiration from the delicious cuisines from across the globe.”

connections eatery - cucumber cooler - Epcot

You can check out the menu for Connections Eatery online and in the My Disney Experience app.

Where is Connections Café and Eatery located?

You can find Connections Café and Eatery in World Celebration, which is one of the new neighborhoods in the former Future World.

They are located near Club Cool, CreationsShop, and Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind.

Here’s a map:

connections cafe and eatery map location

There are five marquees that have been installed here, meaning there are multiple entrances and exits. This makes Connections Café and Eatery accessible from different areas, which is convenient.

The Eatery and Café are also connected to one another.

Is Mobile Order available at Connections Café and Eatery?

Mobile Order is available at Connections Eatery, but not at Connections Café.

connections eatery - Epcot - mobile order

Typically, Mobile Order isn’t available at any Starbucks location across Disney World and that’s also the case with Connections Café.

Do you need reservations for Connections Café and Eatery?

No, reservations are not required for either Connections Café and Eatery.


Anything else you want to know about Connections Café and Eatery? Let us know in the comments! We’ll be sure to update this post as more details are announced.