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All about Oga’s Cantina at Disney World (menu, reservations, fave items)

All about Oga’s Cantina at Disney World (menu, reservations, fave items)

Oga’s Cantina is one of those iconic spots that both die-hard and casual Star Wars fans recognize.

It’s the best place on Batuu to grab a drink, but if you have your heart set on visiting Oga’s Cantina you’ll need to plan ahead.

Here’s what you need to know…


Due to the popularity of this iconic watering hole, reservations are highly recommended.

We may someday see regular walk-up availability being an option here, but for the near future the only way to guarantee getting inside will be by making a reservation.

And, like with other dining reservations at the Walt Disney World Resort, you can book it online up to 180 days in advance.

An important thing to note about reservations: it guarantees you entrance into the land even when boarding groups are being used to enter (Note: boarding groups have not been used to enter the land since Galaxy’s Edge first opened, but if they need to be used again in the future a reservation here will guarantee your entrance).

You can get into the land up to an hour before your reservation time if boarding groups are being utilized.


Fans of the movies know that the Cantina has a reputation for being the perfect spot where everyone from bounty hunters to traders can meet up to conduct business…all without having to worry about the wrong people seeing them.

Oga’s Cantina has that same vibe: it’s loud and crowded, the music is thumping, and the alcohol is flowing freely.

Keep that in mind when planning your trip. While that sort of atmosphere might be fun for a lot of adults, it probably won’t be for most kids.


Another important thing to note about Oga’s Cantina: it has very few seats.

There’s a few booths around the edges but that’s it. The majority (roughly 90%) of Oga’s is standing room only.

Oga booth

While you can request to be seated at one of the few coveted booths, doing so may extend your wait.

When it comes to the tables themselves, the tables are tall/bar height and every space possible is used. That means you’ll probably be sharing a table with others not in your party.

Oga table

The same is true for the bar. In fact, they often stack people 2 deep at the bar (one in front of the other). 

Again – this is something to really consider when planning your visit. 


The music here is definitely one of the highlights. In fact, it might be one of our favorite parts.

Droid DJ R-3X, a former Starspeeder 3000 pilot, spins the tunes and what comes out of the speakers is an absolute delight.

Rex at oga's

Seriously – you don’t have to be a Star Wars fan to love the tunes here.

In fact, the music is so popular you can stream some of it on Spotify.


The menu here is primarily drinks with a few small plate/snack options tossed in, so do not come here hungry and expecting a full meal.

Oga menu

You’ll be sorely disappointed if you do.

Oga back side of menu 

The main snack item (the Batuu Bits) are tasty … but they really live up to that “bit” name. 

Oga food item

The cocktails are all tasty (some more than others!) but they aren’t something you can customize.

In fact, most of the drinks here are pre-mixed, which does help to speed up the amount of time it takes to get your order, but it does limit your options.

Bar at Oga's

But, despite being pre-mixed we definitely have a few favorites:

  • T-16 Skyhopper – an amazing combination of Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Bols Melon Liqueur, Kiwi, and Half and Half
  • Yub Nub – Malibu Pineapple Rum, Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, Citrus Juices, and Passion Fruit

Tip: Even though the menu says that this drink is served with a souvenir cup, you only get charged for the cup if you take it with you. 

T-16 Skyhopper

They’re delicious.

And yes, Oga’s is open for breakfast.

Breakfast sweet roll

There is a separate breakfast menu that is served until 10:30 a.m. (with the regular menu available all day).

The breakfast menu includes a couple other breakfast-y themed drinks (like Star Wars-themed bloody mary and a cold brew option) plus a couple food items.

Oga's drinks

Like lunch and dinner, food options for breakfast are limited and only include some overnight oats (similar to the ones served at Ronto Roasters) and a sweet roll, but they are both tasty and a good choice if you need an early morning small bite to eat with your intergalactic cocktails.

Want to see more? Check out the complete menu

Also, there may be secret menu items so be sure to ask about those if you are interested. A charcuterie option was available on opening day as an unlisted menu item. 

How it works


When you arrive to Oga’s you’ll be directed to check-in with a Cast Member.

Cantina front entrance

Punctuality is very important here, with Cast Members reporting that guests may be turned away if even 1 minute late. 

Because of that, we highly recommend you check in at least 10 minutes before your reservation.

Even though you will likely encounter a line at check-in, the entire process is quite smooth and the wait from that point is surprisingly short (expect 5-15 minutes from the time you check-in). 

Time and drink limit

In order to allow as many people as possible the opportunity to toss back a few at Oga’s Cantina, Disney has implemented both a drink and time limit on your visit.

Guests are allowed a maximum of just 2 drinks and 45 minutes inside.

Oga's Drinks

Now, they don’t set a timer as soon as you sit down, but the Cast Members working there do a great job of keeping things moving. 

Once seated, expect to be placing your order quickly and to be checked in on frequently by the wait staff.

And, if you do opt for that 2nd cocktail, expect some pressure to wrap things in the form of a not-so-subtle hint of being given plastic cups so you can “take your drink with you when you leave.”


There are no restrooms inside of Oga’s Cantina but there are some nearby. 

Bathroom Pass

If you do need to step out, you’ll want to grab a pass from one of the cast members at the hostess stand. 

But since your time is truly limited inside, we recommend you take care of any bathroom needs before you go in.


Can I get the Alcoholic Blue or Green Milk here?

Unfortunately, no. But you can get them nearby at the Milk Stand.

Milk Stand menu

The Milk Stand doesn’t require a reservation and serves both the alcoholic and non-alcoholic slushy/frozen form of both the Blue and Green Milk.

Milk Stand menu

Oga’s Cantina serves a non-alcoholic, non frozen/non-slushy version of the milks (but they are targeted to kids). 

For the “true” Blue or Green Milk experience you’ll want to get it at the Milk Stand.

Should I bring my child?

Probably not. It’s loud, 90% standing room only (at tables that are bar height), rushed, and alcohol is the main feature. 

All those things probably wouldn’t be the most fun with (or for) kids.

How do they track the 45 minute limit?

They serve you quickly, check on you often, and bring plastic cups to not-so-subtly suggest you take your drinks to go. 

Plastic oga cup

Are walk-up reservations available?

Mostly no at the moment. You can always check, and maybe someday in the future they will be regularly available, but for now you’ll need to have reservations if you want to guarantee going inside.

Is the Disney Dining Plan accepted?

Unfortunately, no. This is the only dining option in Galaxy’s Edge that does not accept Dining Plan credits.


Friday 13th of August 2021

Possibly a weird question here: Does anybody know if you can get drinks to go here? I have not been able to get a reservation for our party of three, but I do see availability for a party of one. Can my husband go in and get two drinks to go? That way he can at least see the place and we can both have a fun cocktail. It’s the one reservation he really wanted. Or are any of the cocktails available elsewhere?