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My July Food & Wine Trip Updates – PREP314

My July Food & Wine Trip Updates – PREP314

This Walt Disney World trip was heavily focused on the 2022 International Food and Wine Festival at EPCOT, as well as its accompanying activities – Remy’s Ratatouille Hide and Squeak Scavenger Hunt and Emile’s Fromage Montage. Hear how it went…

There is much more info included in the audio, so be sure to listen to the episode for a better explanation.

Day 1 Timestamp: 1:22

Day 2 Timestamp: 7:27

Day 3 Timestamp: 20:50

Day 4 Timestamp: 32:11

Day 1

3:40 p.m. from the Boardwalk. All 4 of them are there. Allyson picked up the groceries and got set in the hotel. Allyson took a private car and was able to pick up the groceries. I rode the Sunshine Flyer. Felicia and Heather took the two different Mears Shuttle options. 

Around 12:30 p.m. I got the alert that my room was ready. They started to go to their room and had an interesting experience with a group of cast members.

They waited for their second room to be ready and they hoped it would be the adjoining room with us. They got the notification to enter their second room, the adjoining room, and it was a king bed. This isn’t ideal, but they opted to stay because it was the adjoining room.

After unpacking, the group headed over to Epcot for the evening. I purchased Individual Lightning Lanes for everyone to ride Cosmic Rewind prior to boarding my flight that morning. 

Heather cannot ride due to motion sickness but she can do the entire queue with us! This will be Felicia’s first time riding. After riding, we will stay for Harmonious.

On our way over to Cosmic Rewind, we got drinks at Rose and Crown. Heather got in line at Connections Eatery while the rest of us rode Cosmic Rewind. There weren’t any mobile ordering options left, so Heather had a bit of a wait for food.

It started raining while we were riding Cosmic Rewind, so we ran over to Connections Eatery when we came out for a light dinner. 

Day 2

The booths opened early which gave me and the team an opportunity to get started early. We all started with the Canada booth. We didn’t love it last year, but we all liked it this year. It was a wonderful surprise.

The Australia booth was our next stop and we highly recommend it. We went to Refreshment Port next – it is a permanent structure but the menu changes. It had poutine and a blackberry cider that we all loved.

Earth Eats was our next booth and it was really good. The impossible meatball was a hit for all of us. We all preferred the non-alcoholic strawberry freeze drink even more than the alcoholic version.

Unfortunately our next booth wasn’t a win for us: Shimmering Sips. The tropical mimosa was best, but it’s an easy booth to skip.

Swanky Saucy Swine was the next stop and we didn’t love it again this year. It wasn’t a favorite last year either. 

It is very hot! We found a spot in Epcot Experience and got a table and chairs. 

We have worked out way around to the booths near Mexico. Mexico was better than last year. We really liked the blood orange margarita with pink peppercorns. We also liked the chocolate dessert. 

After Mexico, we did The Fry Basket booth. The different options are only available in a flight version. The sweet potato fries were good but our favorite was the Salted Dog cocktail. We all liked it. 

Our next stop was Flavors from Fire. This was hit or miss this year. There were a few things that we liked and everything was very textured and colorful. 

Brew-Wing was a surprise booth! It wasn’t scheduled to be open but it opened early so we added it to our list. There are a lot of wing options here which was challenging for us because we don’t like meat on the bone.

Most of the wings were mushy because they were covered in sauce. We did like the dry-rubbed wings and the Blood Orange IPA. It was delicious.

Our final two booths were Ireland and Apple Seed Orchard. Most of the things at the Ireland booth were just okay but we really loved the chocolate cake. They have a Guinness shake as well that is good. 

Apple Seed Orchard is located in the Canada pavilion. This booth has a lot of ciders and apple items. Our favorites were the Pecan Ale and the Imperial Apple Hard Cider. 

After 12 booths, we went back to the room to cool off! It is very hot so if you are planning to visit this time of year, please be very careful. 

Last night we left Epcot in the middle of a downpour. We got completely soaked so we were going to try to catch Harmonious tonight.

Unfortunately, the rain canceled our plans. Everyone else opted to go back to Epcot and see Spaceship Earth and the Beauty and the Beast lights. I decided to stay back and get caught up on sleep. 

Day 3

Our group got up and over to Epcot a little earlier this morning in anticipation that some booths would open before 11 a.m. We noticed that some of the booths open early and some do not. 

We started at the Kenya booth. This is a smaller menu but everything was delicious! The drink in the booklet was wrong but everything was delicious.

Refreshment Outpost was our next stop and it also has a limited menu. It also was different from what was posted in the festival booklet. We liked everything (except the coffee beer) and the portions were large. 

India has a lot of options. The food was all very good but the drinks were very bland. We would order the food again and enjoyed them all. 

We decided to stop at Regal Eagle as a home base for drinks and brought food from the booths there. 

Our next booth was Alps which included a lot of swiss cheese and other ingredients. Everything was good but the dessert option was our favorite. The frozen Rosé was really refreshing but we didn’t enjoy the other drinks. 

We tried the Germany booth next and everything looked delicious. Their food options include potatoes and carbs. The portions were very large and our favorite was the Schinkennudeln (pasta with cheese, ham, and onions). We also really liked the Schöfferhofer Pineapple beer. 

It is very hot and we are trying to go quickly but also rest when we can. 

Our next booth was Spain. They have a deconstructed charcuterie board served in a cup that was delicious. We also liked the wine flight. 

Italy was next and it was very expensive. The menu is not very specific and it was frustrating. We liked the Italian Margarita and the gnocchi. 

Right in front of the American Adventure Pavilion is Hops and Barley. As they name suggests, it has a lot of drinks. However, we didn’t like them. We did love all of the food, however. 

The funnel cake booth is there as well and is a permanent structure. They do have a funnel cake specifically for the festival: Mini Piña Colada Funnel Cake. It was good but the line was very long and it was very expensive for a mini funnel cake.

Our next booth was Japan and was definitely skippable. We did love the Lemon Drop drink again this year. The two food options at the Greece booth were both delicious and we loved the Rosé. 

Tangerine Cafe is one of our favorite booths. The fig cocktail was delicious! Belgium next door was really good. The waffles are very good and we liked the coffee cocktail.

We went to the Brazil booth nex and while the food sounds delicious, we didn’t love it. The drinks, however, were a big hit.

France is hugely popular and so much of the options are delicious. The beef and mashed potatoes are so good! 

We went all the way back to China for that booth. The food was expensive and we didn’t love it. The Jasmine Beer was good though.

This evening we had the patron meetup and it was so fun! After that, we thought we would go to bed, but we decided to go swimming instead! It was a lovely and relaxing way to end the day.

Day 4

Today was a celebration and fun day! We were excited to celebrate completing all of the booths at Food and Wine.

We decided to go to Animal Kingdom. We hoped to see Finding Nemo – the Musical but they had technical difficulties so it wasn’t showing. 

We did spend a few hours at Nomad Lounge and had delicious food and drinks. The white sangria was a favorite.

We had an Individual Lightning Lane for Cosmic Rewind so we left Animal Kingdom and took a Lyft to Epcot for that.

After riding, we went to La Cava del Tequila in the Mexico Pavilion. We had a dinner reservation at Yachtsman Steakhouse. We used to really love this restaurant and it wasn’t as good as we remembered.

After dinner, we went to the dock for a fireworks cruise. We met an hour and 15 minutes before Harmonious. So Harmonious was at 9 p.m. and we met at 7:45 p.m. The boat left at 8 p.m. and we went to Hollywood Studios and then into Epcot. 

We were wondering how the view would be and it turns out it was fantastic. However, the wind was blowing toward us. The boat has non-alcoholic drinks and snacks you can enjoy on the boat or take with you. You can also bring alcoholic drinks on the boat with you.

That was the end of our trip! 

Quick Tip

If you hope to ride Cosmic Rewind twice in one day, you should plan to buy the Individual Lightning Lane right at 7 a.m. (if you are staying on site) and then getting in the virtual queue at 1 p.m. You might be able to get the virtual queue at 7 a.m. as well, but it is usually very easy to get in the afternoon. 

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