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A deep dive into the American Adventure pavilion (Voices of Liberty, Festival concerts)

A deep dive into the American Adventure pavilion (Voices of Liberty, Festival concerts)

One of the most unique elements of Epcot is the World Showcase, which is home to a total of 11 countries.

Exploring each of the pavilions is one of the best parts of the park, in addition to, of course, riding attractions, eating, and drinking around the world.

The countries have so much to offer. Plus, they each have their own unique elements, including special entertainment, attractions, character meet and greets, and more.

If you want to know more about the American Adventure pavilion at Epcot, go no further.

Here we take a deep dive into the country that might not be that exciting and has a really confusing name, but there are some things not to miss, especially Regal Eagle Smokehouse and the entertainment offered.


american adventure pavilion - panoramic view - epcot
  • Location: World Showcase (between Italy and Japan)
  • Restaurants: 5 Quick Service (Block & Hans, Fife & Drum Tavern, Funnel Cakes, Regal Eagle Smokehouse: Craft Drafts & Barbecue, Regal Eagle Smokehouse Outdoor Bar)
  • Shops: Art of Disney, Outdoor Merchandise Kiosk
  • Entertainment: Voices of Liberty, Festival Concerts
  • Attractions: The American Adventure
  • Characters: None
  • Popular snacks and drinks: Funnel Cake (Funnel Cakes), Jumbo Turkey Leg (Fife & Drum Tavern), Moonshine Sour (Regal Eagle Smokehouse Bar), Macaroni & Cheese (Regal Eagle Smokehouse)
  • Not-to-miss: Regal Eagle Smokehouse (both locations), Voices of Liberty, Festival concerts and shows, The American Adventure

American Adventure Pavilion Map

american adventure pavilion map epcot


In the American Adventure pavilion, you’ll find 5 Quick Service options. There aren’t any Table Service restaurants here.

Block & Hans

block and hans - american adventure pavilion - epcot

Location type: Walk-up bar
Type of food: Beer and snacks

  • On the Disney Dining Plan? No
  • Is Mobile Order available? No
  • Pros: Unique American craft beer selections, often a short wait
  • Cons: Only beer and a pretzel available

Block & Hans is the stand to visit if you’re craving an American beer. There is always a range of brews to choose from, including a beer flight.

Fife & Drum Tavern

fife and drum tavern - epcot - american adventure pavilion

Location type: Quick Service
Type of food: American
Meals Served: Snacks and drinks

  • On the Disney Dining Plan? No
  • Is Mobile Order available? No
  • Pros: A variety of popular theme park snacks such as popcorn, Mickey pretzels, and turkey legs
  • Cons: Limited menu

If you’re in the mood for popcorn, the famous Jumbo Turkey Leg, a hot dog, ice cream, a Mickey Pretzel, beer, and non-alcoholic beverages (like a root beer float or frozen slushy), you’ll want to check out Fife & Drum.

Funnel Cakes

funnel cakes - american adventure pavilion - epcot

Location type: Quick Service
Type of food: American
Meals Served: Funnel cakes only

  • On the Disney Dining Plan? No
  • Is Mobile Order available? No
  • Pros: Funnel cakes are made fresh to order and are delicious
  • Cons: Pricey, often a long line that moves slowly

This is one of the most popular Quick Service snack stands in the American Adventure pavilion.

Funnel cakes are strictly sold here, including a limited-time offering sold during Epcot’s annual festivals.

strawberry cheesecake funnel cake - funnel cakes - flower and garden 2022

Keep in mind that due to popularity, , the line can grow here and there isn’t Mobile Order available, so you may end up waiting quite awhile.

Regal Eagle Smokehouse: Craft Beers & Barbecue

regal eagle smokehouse - epcot - american adventure pavilion

Location type: Quick Service
Type of food: American/BBQ
Meals Served: Lunch and dinner

  • On the Disney Dining Plan? Yes, 1 quick service credit
  • Is Mobile Order available? Yes
  • Pros: Plenty of indoor and outdoor seating, delicious food with good-sized portions, self-service soda fountains that allow for easy refills
  • Cons: Can sometimes be quite loud and mobile order slots go quickly during busy times

Regal Eagle Smokehouse: Craft Drafts & Barbecue is a really great Quick Service option.

There are so many items to choose from for lunch and dinner, including all kinds of barbecue dishes (pork, burgers, brisket, chicken).

regal eagle smokehouse - epcot - american adventure pavilion

Plus, there’s a delicious plant-based offering, a BBQ Jackfruit Burger.

If you’re not in the mood for a full meal, you can try some of the sides, like the homemade Macaroni & Cheese (so much yum), the Beer-battered Onion Rings, the Seasoned Fries, Creamy Coleslaw, or the Baked Beans with Burnt Ends.

regal eagle smokehouse macaroni and cheese - epcot - american adventure pavilion

You also don’t want to miss out on the variety of dipping sauces. Plus, you can also order fountain drinks, craft beer, wine, and specialty cocktails.

Important: You can Mobile Order here, which we always recommend taking advantage of, especially on a busy day. And, in addition to plenty of outside tables, there is a decent size indoor dining area here, too.

Regal Eagle Smokehouse Outdoor Bar

regal eagle smokehouse bar - epcot - american adventure pavilion

Located outside the main Regal Eagle Smokehouse restaurant is an outdoor bar.

Here, you can order alcoholic beverages, like beer and cocktails.

moonshine sour - regal eagle smokehouse bar - american adventure pavilion

If you’re a cocktail person, definitely try the Moonshine Sour. It is the best, but warning that it tastes like juice and goes down very easy.

Side note: There is also a Joffrey’s location near the pavilion.

joffrey's stand - american adventure pavilion - epcot

Seating Areas

While the American Adventure pavilion isn’t huge, it’s a good place to find a table for eating, drinking, or relaxing.

seating area - american adventure pavilion - epcot

Regal Eagle has both indoor and outdoor seating.

seating area - american adventure pavilion - epcot

There are also lots of picnic tables on the other side of the pavilion. Some have coverage and others don’t.

seating area - american adventure pavilion - epcot

You can even find a walkway next to Regal Eagle that is usually pretty empty, sometimes has shade, and a wall that you can sit on to rest.


The American Adventure pavilion isn’t a great place for shopping, but there are a couple of options.

Art of Disney

art of disney - american adventure pavilion - epcot

The Art of Disney sells, you guessed it, art.

The Disney-inspired pieces here are quite beautiful and definitely worth a look.

art of disney - american adventure pavilion - epcot

While on the pricier side, it’s sometimes hard to resist the art for sale.

Outdoor Merchandise Kiosk

american adventure pavilion - outdoor merchandise kiosk - america souvenirs

Near Block & Hans and Funnel Cakes, you’ll spot an outdoor kiosk that sells Americana items.

american adventure pavilion - outdoor merchandise kiosk - america souvenirs

From Mickey ears, to tumblers, to shirts, this is the place you’ll find American-themed merchandise.


While this isn’t a thrill ride, America does have its very own show telling the story of the country’s past and present, courtesy of animatronic versions of Benjamin Franklin and Mark Twain.

The American Adventure

the american adventure - epcot

Inside the rotunda (the pavilion’s main building), The American Adventure plays throughout the day.

The movie features 35 Audio-Animatronics figures, digital rear-projection images on a 72-foot screen, and patriotic songs (including one that will most definitely get stuck in your head).

american adventure show sign - epcot

The American Adventure does have hearing and visual disability services for those who need them.

You can find showtimes in the My Disney Experience app and posted outside the rotunda.


The American Adventure pavilion has some great entertainment.

Voices of Liberty

voices of liberty - american adventure pavilion - epcot

Voices of Liberty is an American Adventure pavilion staple. You don’t want to miss them.

This a cappella group sings inside the rotunda, with the dome amplifying their amazing voices.

american adventure rotunda - epcot

They perform a range of American songs during their 15-minute sets throughout the park day.

You can find Voices of Liberty showtimes in the My Disney Experience app.

Festival Concerts & Shows

Candlelight processional at epcot festival of the holidays

During Epcot’s annual festivals, there are free shows and concerts held at the America Gardens Theatre in the American Adventure pavilion.

These performances are themed to the particular festival happening.

garden rocks concert series - american adventure pavilion - epcot

They are as follows:

  • Disney on Broadway Concert Series (Festival of the Arts): shows featuring songs from Disney musicals performed by Broadway stars, some who helped make them famous on stage
  • Garden Rocks Concert Series (Flower and Garden): concerts featuring famous bands from different eras, like Plain White T’s and The Pointer Sisters
  • Eat to the Beat Concert Series (Food and Wine): concerts featuring popular bands and singers from different eras, like Hanson and Air Supply
  • Candlelight Processional (Festival of the Holidays): a retelling of the Christmas story by a celebrity narrator, along with a choir performing on a stand in the shape of giant tree

These are fun and unique, and we recommend checking them out.


If you’re hanging out in the pavilion for a bit, there are a few activities available.

The American Heritage Gallery

american heritage gallery - american adventure pavilion - epcot

The American Heritage Gallery is located inside the main pavilion building. You’ll see it on the right after you walk through the first 2 sets of doors.

“Creating Tradition: Innovation and Change in American Indian Art” showcases authentic, historical Native artifacts alongside contemporary works of Native American art.

american heritage gallery - american adventure pavilion - epcot

The gallery shows examples of cultural traditions which have been handed down through generations.

Native communities from 7 geographic regions across the United States are included in the gallery, with works on display from fashion designer Loren Aragon (Acoma Pueblo), noted doll-maker Glenda McKay (Ingalik-Athabascan), and Juanita Growing Thunder (Assiniboine Sioux) from the Growing Thunder family of Montana.

american heritage gallery - american adventure pavilion - epcot

In addition to the American Heritage Gallery, there are also sometimes limited-time and special exhibits on display, like “Soul of Jazz: An American Adventure,” which opened following the release of Pixar’s Soul.

The Soul exhibit provides guests with “a musical tour of the United States to learn more about this colorful, inspiring, and constantly evolving genre of music.”

Kidcot Fun Stop

Like the 10 other country pavilions in the World Showcase, America also has a Kidcot Fun Stop location.

kidcot fun stop - american adventure pavilion - epcot

This makes for a fun family-friendly activity that not only keeps little ones interested as you walk around to each country, but is educational.

All you have to do is visit each station. Then, you can collect an activity card detailing facts and activities featuring the culture and traditions of that particular country. These make for a fun souvenir.

kidcot fun stop - american adventure pavilion - epcot

These stops are complimentary, too!

You can find America’s Kidcot stop outside the Art of Disney, near the restrooms.

Save this checklist and have your little one check off each Kidcot Fun Stop as you make your way through each country.

epcot kidcot fun stop checklist

Coin Press Machine

For $1.00, you can use this coin press machine to create American and Disney-themed pressed pennies. Many of them feature Mickey and friends!

coin press machine - american adventure pavilion - epcot

You can find the coin press behind the outdoor merchandise kiosk.

Best Fireworks Views

There are 2 main areas to watch fireworks in the American Adventure pavilion — on either side of the America Gardens Theatre.

harmonious views - american adventure pavilion - epcot

Depending where you stand, your view may be obstructed due to trees or poles, so be cautious where you save your viewing area.

harmonious views - american adventure pavilion - epcot

The closer you stand near the water, the better the view.

Other reasons America makes a great spot to watch fireworks:

  • You can find restrooms in the pavilion, which come in handy, especially if you’re camping out for awhile prior to showtime
  • There are multiple options for food and drinks if anyone gets hungry or thirsty
  • There are several activities in the pavilion to keep both adults and kids entertained (check out The American Adventure, walk through American Heritage Gallery, Kidcot Fun Stop, and more)
  • Italy and Japan also aren’t far, providing more options for food, drinks, and activities

What to look out for:

  • There are several spots in the American Adventure pavilion where trees or poles will block your view, so make sure you avoid those.

Here’s what the view looks like from the American Adventure pavilion:

American Adventure - Harmonious

Be sure to grab your viewing spot no less than 60 minutes before showtime. Space can fill up quickly. 

You can find that night’s showtime in the My Disney Experience app.

Fireworks Viewing Map

map of best epcot fireworks view


You can find restrooms next to the Art of Disney. They are quite large with a lot of stalls, meaning there usually isn’t a line here.

restrooms - american adventure pavilion - epcot

Festival Exclusives

Like every other country in the World Showcase, different festival exclusives can be found in the American Adventure pavilion.

This is for all 4 Epcot festivals: Food and WineFestival of the HolidaysFestival of the Arts, and Flower and Garden.

hops and barley booth menu epcot international food and wine festival

These include (to name a few):

christmas tree - american adventure pavilion - epcot

While it might not be the most exciting pavilion, you should still take a moment to check out the American Adventure pavilion, especially for Regal Eagle, Voices of Liberty, and the special concerts at America Gardens Theatre.

American Adventure Pavilion Checklist

american adventure pavilion checklist - epcot


What’s your favorite thing about the American Adventure pavilion at Epcot? Tell us in the comments!

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