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Australia Booth Menu & Review (2023 Epcot Food & Wine Festival)

Australia Booth Menu & Review (2023 Epcot Food & Wine Festival)

All hail the Australia booth! This is one marketplace that never seems to fail us. We’re happy to report that Australia is yet again a favorite of ours.

Even though the lamb does come on a massive bone (some of us just aren’t fans of that), it is beyond tasty. You might make a mess eating the lamb chop, but who cares? Make sure to grab some napkins and pack hand wipes and you’ll be good to go!

Then, there is the shrimp, the delicious cake, and the beer. You can make a whole meal here.

australia booth items - epcot food and wine 2023

Plus, the pricing here is pretty darn decent. The entire booth only costs $38, which is reasonable. We love a marketplace that has quality food and drinks, while also not being overpriced.

Let’s dive into everything you need to know about the Australia booth, including reviews, photos, and our must-trys.


  • Location: Near Port of Entry
  • Nearby booths: Shimmering Sips, Refreshment Port, Canada
  • Nearby seating areas: Standing tables nearby
  • Not to miss in 2023: Grilled Sweet-and-Spicy Bush Berry Shrimp, Roasted Lamb Chop, Lamington, Coopers Brewery Pacific Pale Ale
  • Total booth cost: $38

Australia Booth Menu


Booth Our Rating Menu Item Price Special Diet Disney Dining Plan Snack
Belgium 2.7/5 Beer-Braised Beef served with Gouda Mashed Potatoes $6.00 N/A
Belgium 4.0/5 Belgian Waffle with Warm Chocolate Ganache $5.00 KF N/A
Belgium 3.8/5 Belgian Waffle with Berry Compote and Whipped Cream $5.00 KF N/A
Brazil 2.3/5 Feijoda: Black Beans with Crispy Pork Belly, Brazil Nut Pesto and Ben’s Original™ Long Grain White Rice $6.25 GF N/A
Brazil 2.0/5 Pão de Queijo: Brazilian Cheese Bread $5.00 KF, GF N/A
Flavors of America 3.0/5 Italian Hot Beef Sandwich with Shaved Beef, Spicy Giardiniera and Au Jus on a French Roll $6.25 N/A
Flavors of America 1.0/5 Cioppino: Seafood Stew with Saffron-infused Tomato-Fennel Broth and Crostini $7.50 N/A
Flavors of America 3.5/5 Chilaquiles: Corn Tortilla Chips tossed in Salsa Verde with Ranchero Chicken, Queso Fresco, Cilantro-Lime Crema and a Soft-Poached Egg $6.75 GF N/A
Flavors of America 4.8/5 Freshly Baked Carrot Cake with Walnuts and Cream Cheese Icing $4.50 N/A
France 3.8/5 Beignet aux Trois Fromages: Warm Beignet filled with a 3-Cheese Blend $6.95 N/A
France 3.0/5 Croissant aux Escargots, Sauce Crème à l’ail et Persil: Escargot Croissant with Creamy Garlic and Parsley Sauce $7.50 N/A
France 2.5/5 Boeuf Bourguignon, Pomme Dauphine: Braised Short Ribs in Cabernet with Puffed Potatoes $7.75 N/A
France 3.0/5 Crème Brûlée Vanille à la Confiture de Fraises: Vanilla Crème Brûlée with House-Made Strawberry Jam (gluten/wheat-friendly) $5.95 N/A
Funnel Cake 4.0/5 Candied Bacon Funnel Cake: Funnel Cake topped with Vanilla Ice Cream, Candied Bacon and Maple Syrup Drizzle $10.50 KF N/A
Greece 2.7/5 Plant-Based Impossible Moussaka $5.50 PB N/A
Greece 4.8/5 Spanakopita $4.75 N/A
Greece 4.5/5 Griddled Cheese with Pistachios and Honey $5.00 GF N/A
Greece 3.7/5 Lamb Gyro with Shaved Lettuce, Tomatoes, Red Onion and Tzatziki on Warm Flatbread $6.75 N/A
Japan 2.7/5 Teriyaki Chicken Bun: Steamed Bun filled with Chicken, Vegetables and Teriyaki Sauce $7.50 N/A
Japan 3.0/5 Fire Taiko Roll: Sushi Roll with Spicy Tuna, Cucumber and Pickled Daikon Radish served with Spicy Sauce $8.00 N/A
Japan 3.5/5 Beef Wa-Gyu Don: Traditional Japanese Rice Bowl with American Wagyu Beef over Steamed White Rice $9.75 N/A
Tangierine Cafe 3.0/5 Chermoula Chicken Grilled Kebabs with Carrot-Chickpea Salad and Garlic Aïoli $6.25 GF N/A
Tangierine Cafe 3.7/5 Moroccan-Spiced Lamb Grilled Kebabs with Carrot-Chickpea Salad and Garlic Aïoli $6.25 GF N/A
Tangierine Cafe 3.8/5 Fried Falafel Pita with Tahini Sauce $5.50 PB N/A
Tangierine Cafe 5.0/5 Stone-Baked Moroccan Bread with Hummus, Chermoula and Zhoug Dips $5.00 N/A
Tangierine Cafe 4.8/5 Pistachio Cake with Cinnamon Pastry Cream and Candied Walnuts $4.75 N/A
China 2.3/5 Pan-Fried Chicken Dumplings with House-Made Sweet-and-Spicy Sauce $5.25 N/A
China 2.0/5 Crispy Duck Bao Bun with Hoisin Sauce $8.25 N/A
China 2.0/5 Dandan Noodles: Spicy Pork with Sichuan Sauce, Peanut Butter, Sesame and Green Onion $8.25 N/A
Germany 4.7/5 Schinkennudeln: Pasta Gratin with Ham, Onions, and Cheese $5.00 KF N/A
Germany 4.3/5 Roasted Bratwurst in a Pretzel Roll $6.00 KF N/A
Germany 3.3/5 Apple Strudel with Vanilla Sauce $4.50 KF N/A
India 3.3/5 Curry-Spiced Crispy Cheese with Mango-Curry Ketchup $5.25 KF N/A
India 4.3/5 Potato and Pea Samosa with Coriander-Lime Cream $5.50 PB N/A
India 4.7/5 Chicken Tikka Masala with Fennel-Spiced Yogurt and Naan Bread $6.25 N/A
Italy 3.5/5 Focaccia Ripiena: Freshly Baked Focaccia, Beef Meatballs, Tomato Sauce and Burrata Cheese $9.00 N/A
Italy 2.5/5 Cavatelli with Sweet Sausage Ragout and Crispy Applewood-Smoked Bacon $10.00 N/A
Italy 4.3/5 Lemon Ricotta Cheesecake with Vanilla Cream and Strawberry Compote $8.00 N/A
Kenya 4.0/5 Kenyan Coffee Barbecued Beef Tenderloin with Sweet-Potato-and-Corn Mealie Pap and Kachumbari Slaw $6.50 GF N/A
Kenya 4.5/5 Piri Piri Skewered Shrimp with Citrus-Scented Couscous $7.00 N/A
Refreshment Outpost 3.5/5 Spicy Githeri with White Beans, Pigeon Peas, Ben’s Original Quinoa & Ancient Grains Medley and Kachumbari Slaw $5.00 PB, GF N/A
Spain 4.7/5 Charcuterie with a selection of imported Spanish Meats, Cheeses, Olives and an Herbed Serrano Vinaigrette $6.50 GF N/A
Spain 4.0/5 Paella with Saffron Rice, Chorizo and Shrimp $6.75 GF N/A
Spain 3.0/5 Seafood Salad with Shrimp, Bay Scallops, Mussels, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, White Balsamic Vinegar and Smoked Paprika $6.25 GF N/A
The Alps 3.7/5 Warm Raclette Swiss Cheese with Alpine Ham, Baby Potatoes, Cornichons and Baguette $5.75 N/A
The Alps 3.8/5 Warm Raclette Swiss Cheese with Baby Potatoes, Cornichons and Baguette $5.25 N/A
The Alps 4.0/5 Dark Chocolate Fondue with Berries, Pound Cake and Meringues $5.50 KF N/A
Australia 4.0/5 Grilled Sweet-and-Spicy Bush Berry Shrimp with Pepper, Onion, Snap Peas, and Coconut-Chili Sauce $6.75 GF N/A
Australia 4.3/5 Roasted Lamb Chop with Mint Pesto and Potato Crunchies $8.75 GF N/A
Australia 3.5/5 Lamington: Yellow Cake with Raspberry Filling dipped in Chocolate and Coconut $4.50 N/A
Canada 3.7/5 Canadian Cheddar and Bacon Soup served with a Pretzel Roll $6.00 N/A
Canada 3.3/5 “Le Cellier” Wild Mushroom Beef Filet Mignon with Truffle-Butter Sauce $9.75 GF N/A
Ireland 2.0/5 Fisherman’s Seafood Pie $7.00 N/A
Ireland 3.0/5 Roasted Irish Sausage with Colcannon Potatoes and Onion Gravy $5.75 N/A
Ireland 4.0/5 Warm Chocolate Pudding Cake with Irish Cream Liqueur Custard $4.75 N/A
Mexico 4.7/5 Tostada de Carnitas: Braised Pork on a Fried Corn Tortilla with Black Beans, Avocado Mousse, Queso Fresco and Chives $7.75 N/A
Mexico 5.0/5 Taco de Costilla: Slow-braised Beef Short Rib on a Corn Tortilla with Salsa de Chile Morita, Avocado Mousse and Spring Onions $8.00 N/A
Mexico 3.0/5 Pastel Impossible: Layers of Traditional Mexican Flan and Tres Leches with Guava and Cajeta $6.00 N/A
Refreshment Port 4.0/5 Traditional Poutine: French Fries, Beef Gravy, Boursin Garlic & Fine Herbs Crumbles, and Cheese Curds $7.50 GF N/A
Refreshment Port 4.7/5 Braised Beef Poutine: French Fries with Braised Beef, Boursin Garlic & Fine Herbs Cheese Sauce, Cheese Curds, Crumbled Boursin Garlic & Fine Herbs $10.00 GF N/A
Shimmering Sips 2.3/5 Guava Cake with Whipped Cream and Coconut $4.75 PB N/A
Brew-Wing 2.0/5 Peanut Butter and Jelly Sticky Wings $7.50 GF N/A
Brew-Wing 2.3/5 Garlic-Parmesan Wings with Celery and Ranch $7.50 GF N/A
Brew-Wing 2.7/5 Traditional Buffalo Wings with Celery and Ranch $7.50 GF N/A
Brew-Wing 2.0/5 Orange-Cardamom Wings $7.50 GF N/A
Brew-Wing 2.5/5 Unnecessarily Spicy, Yet Extremely Tasty Scotch Bonnet Pepper-Curry Wings with Cool Cucumber Yogurt $7.50 GF N/A
Brew-Wing 4.3/5 Impossible™ Buffalo Chicken Tenders with Plant-Based Blue Cheese, Plant-Based Ranch and Celery $7.50 PB N/A
Brew-Wing 4.0/5 Crispy Brussels Sprouts with Buffalo Sauce, Plant-Based Blue Cheese and Plant-based Ranch $5.00 PB, GF N/A
Coastal Eats 4.0/5 Lump Crab Cake with Aioli and Vinegar Slaw $7.00 N/A
Coastal Eats 4.0/5 Oysters Rockefeller $7.50 N/A
Connections 1.7/5 Remy Liege Waffle: Cream Cheese Liege Waffle with Cream Cheese Icing, Graham Cracker Crumbs and a Remy Chocolate Garnish $4.19 KF N/A
Flavors from Fire 4.3/5 The Impossible Burger Slider with Wasabi Cream and Spicy Slaw on a Sesame Seed Bun $6.00 PB N/A
Flavors from Fire 4.0/5 Smoked Corned Beef with House-made Potato Chips, Cheese Curds, Pickled Onions and Beer-Cheese Fondue $6.50 N/A
Flavors from Fire 3.0/5 Chimichurri Marinated Skirt Steak taco with Crushed Avocado, Grilled Corn Salsa, Pickled Red Onions, Queso Fresco and Cilantro-Lime Cream $6.50 GF N/A
Flavors from Fire 3.7/5 Spiced Chocolate Tart with BBQ Potato Chip Crust, Salted Whisky-Caramel and Smoked Sea Salt $4.75 KF N/A
Hawai'i 3.0/5 Kālua Pork Slider with Sweet-and-Sour DOLE® Pineapple Chutney and Spicy Mayonnaise $5.75 N/A
Hawai'i 4.0/5 SPAM® Musubi Nigiri with Sushi Rice, Teriyaki-Glazed SPAM, Spicy Mayonnaise, Eel Sauce and Nori $6.00 N/A
Hawai'i 4.5/5 Passion Fruit Cheesecake with Toasted Macadamia Nuts $4.75 GF N/A
The Noodle Exchange 4.0/5 Ramen with Shaved Beef, Shiitake Mushrooms, Pickled Carrots and Dakion Radish, Shaved Peppers and a Soy Egg in Citrus-Sesame Broth $6.00 GF N/A
The Noodle Exchange 4.0/5 Impossible Pork Ramen with Shiitake Mushrooms, Pickled Carrots and Daikon Radish, Baby Bok Choy and a Soy Egg in Savory Chicken Broth $5.75 N/A
The Noodle Exchange 5.0/5 Thai Shrimp and Coconut-Curry Rice Noodles with Shiitake Mushrooms and Thai Basil $6.50 GF N/A
The Noodle Exchange 3.5/5 Ramen with Tofu, Shiitake Mushrooms, Pickled Carrots and Daikon Radish, Shaved Peppers and Baby Bok Choy in Citrus-Sesame Broth $5.75 PB, GF N/A
The Fry Basket 5.0/5 Pickle Fries with Dill Ranch $5.50 GF, PB N/A
The Fry Basket 4.0/5 Adobo Yuca Fries with Garlic-Cilantro Aïoli $5.50 GF, PB N/A
The Fry Basket 3.5/5 Fry Flight - Sea Salt and Malt Vinegar Fries, Barbecued Bacon Fries with Smoked Aïoli, Sweet Potato Casserole Fries with Candied Pecans, Toasted Marshmallow Cream and Caramel Whisky $7.50 N/A

GF = gluten friendly, PB = plant-based, KF = kid friendly


Booth Our Rating Menu Item Price Made with Alcohol
Belgium 3.0/5 Belgian Chilled Coffee $4.75 No
Belgium 3.3/5 Brasserie D'Achouffe Houblon Chouffe IPA, Achouffe, Belgium $5.50 (6 oz) / $9.50 (12 oz) Yes
Belgium 2.3/5 Brewery Van Steenberge Gulden Draak Tripel Ale, Evergem, Belgium $5.50 (6 oz) / $9.50 (12 oz) Yes
Belgium 1.0/5 Delirium Red Fruit Belgian Ale, Melle, Belgium $5.50 (6 oz) / $9.50 (12 oz) Yes
Belgium 3.7/5 Belgian Chilled Coffee featuring ChocoLat Deluxe Salted Caramel Chocolate Liqueur $12.00 Yes
Belgium 2.2/5 Beer Flight $10.00 Yes
Brazil 4.5/5 Xingu Brazilian Black Lager $5.50 (6 oz) / $9.50 (12 oz) Yes
Brazil 3.8/5 Frozen Caipirinha with Cachaça $12.00 Yes
Flavors of America 4.0/5 Rogue Dreamland American Lager, Ashland, OR $5.50 (6 oz) / $9.50 (12 oz) Yes
Flavors of America 4.3/5 Goose Island Beer Co. Neon Beer Hug, Chicago, IL $5.50 (6 oz) / $9.50 (12 oz) Yes
Flavors of America 4.0/5 Left Hand Brewing Sawtooth Amber Ale, Longmont, CO $5.50 (6 oz) / $9.50 (12 oz) Yes
Flavors of America 2.2/5 Beer Flight $10.00 Yes
France 2.8/5 Strawberry Rose Mimosa: Pol Remy Sparkling Wine, Orange Juice and Monin Strawberry Rose $9.25 Yes
France 3.0/5 Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon Blend, Bordeaux, Château de de Le Clos de Confreries $5.75 Yes
France 3.3/5 Chardonnay, Maison Nicolas $5.50 Yes
France 2.7/5 Parisian Cosmo Slush: Vodka, Grey Goose Le Citron Vodka, Grand Marnier, and Cranberry Juice $14.95 Yes
Greece 2.5/5 Mylonas Assyrtiko White Wine $6.50 Yes
Greece 3.3/5 Skouras Zoe Rosé $6.00 Yes
Greece 2.0/5 Kir-Yianni Naoussa Xinomavro Dry Red $6.50 Yes
Greece 2.6/5 Wine Flight $7.50 Yes
Japan 3.0/5 Sake Passion Cocktail $8.75 Yes
Japan 2.3/5 Moon on the Water Sake $15.00 Yes
Japan 5.0/5 Brew Hub Momo Amber Ale, Lakeland, FL $5.50 (6 oz) / $10.00 (12 oz) Yes
Tangierine Cafe 3.8/5 3 Daughters Brewing Fig Hard Cider, St. Petersburg, FL $5.50 (6 oz) / $9.50 (12 oz) Yes
Tangierine Cafe 3.3/5 Keel Farms Raspberry Citrus Hard Cider, Plant City, FL $5.50 (6 oz) / $9.50 (12 oz) Yes
Tangierine Cafe 4.3/5 Blake's Hard Cider Co. Peach Party Peach & Blackberry Hard Cider, Armada, MI $5.50 (6 oz) / $9.50 (12 oz) Yes
Tangierine Cafe 3.5/5 Fig Cocktail with White Cranberry Juice and Fig Vodka $11.00 Yes
Tangierine Cafe 3.8/5 Cider Flight $10.00 Yes
China 2.3/5 Passion Fruit Bubble Tea $7.25 No
China 3.0/5 Fiery Dream: Citrus Vodka, Triple Sec, Guava Nectar and Spicy Hot Honey Syrup $13.75 Yes
China 1.5/5 ByeJoe Punch: Chinese BaiJiu Spirit, Piña Colada Mix and Lychee $13.00 Yes
China 3.0/5 Fireworks: Jose Cuervo Gold Tequila, Smirnoff Vodka, Orange and Mango $14.00 Yes
China 3.3/5 Brew Hub Lychee Foo Draft Beer, Lakeland, FL $5.25 (6 oz) / $9.75 (12 oz) Yes
Germany 2.0/5 Dr. Lo Alcohol-Removed Riesling, Mosel $6.50 No
Germany 3.5/5 Gaffel Kölsch, Cologne $5.50 (6 oz) / $9.50 (12 oz) Yes
Germany 3.0/5 Weihenstephaner Festbier, Freising $5.50 (6 oz) / $9.50 (12 oz) Yes
Germany 2.7/5 Schöfferhofer Prickly Pear Hefeweizen, Mainz $5.50 (6 oz) / $9.50 (12 oz) Yes
Germany 3.0/5 Selbach-Oster Riesling $6.50 Yes
Germany 2.2/5 Beer Flight $10.00 Yes
India 2.3/5 Mango Lassi $5.00 No
India 4.0/5 Taj Mahal Premium Lager $5.50 (6 oz) / $9.50 (12 oz) Yes
India 3.0/5 Sula Brut Tropicale Sparkling Wine, Nashik $7.50 Yes
India 3.0/5 Sula Chenin Blanc, Nashik $6.00 Yes
India 2.5/5 Mango Lassi with Sōmrus Chai Cream Liqueur $11.00 Yes
Italy 2.8/5 Prosecco $11.50 Yes
Italy 2.5/5 Moscato $12.00 Yes
Italy 3.3/5 Chianti $11.00 Yes
Italy 2.8/5 Italian White Sangria $12.00 Yes
Italy 2.5/5 Italian Red Sangria $12.00 Yes
Italy 3.8/5 Italian Margarita with Tequila and Limoncello $12.00 Yes
Italy 3.0/5 Peroni Pilsner $6.50 (6 oz) / $11.00 (12 oz) Yes
Kenya 4.0/5 81Bay Brewing Co. Congo Pilsner, Tampa, FL $5.50 (6 oz) / $9.50 (12 oz) Yes
Refreshment Outpost 4.3/5 Gulf Stream Brewing Co. Cloud Watermelon Hibiscus Lager, Ft. Lauderdale, FL $11.25 Yes
Refreshment Outpost 4.3/5 Ciderboys Mango Tango Hard Cider, Stevens Point, WI $11.25 Yes
Refreshment Outpost 4.0/5 North Coast Brewing Co. PranQster Golden Ale, Fort Bragg, CA $11.25 Yes
Spain 4.3/5 Viña Borgia Macabeo White Sangria $6.50 Yes
Spain 4.3/5 Viña Borgia Rosé Sangria $6.50 Yes
Spain 4.0/5 Viña Borgia Garnacha Red Sangria $6.50 Yes
Spain TBD Sangria Flight $13.00 Yes
The Alps 3.3/5 Stiegl Brewery Key Lime Radler, Salzburg, Austria $5.50 (6 oz) / $9.50 (12 oz) Yes
The Alps 2.8/5 Huber Vision Grüner Veltliner $6.00 Yes
The Alps 4.3/5 Frozen Rosé $9.00 Yes
Australia 3.0/5 Yalumba ‘Y’ Viognier, South Australia $6.50 Yes
Australia 2.7/5 Château Tanunda Grand Barossa Shiraz, Barossa Valley, Australia $6.00 Yes
Canada 4.0/5 Collective Arts Audio/Visual Lager, Hamilton, Ontario $5.50 (6 oz) / $9.50 (12 oz) Yes
Canada 3.0/5 Château des Charmes Cabernet-Merlot Estate $7.50 Yes
Ireland 3.0/5 Kilkenny Irish Cream Ale $5.50 (6 oz) / $9.50 (12 oz) Yes
Ireland 1.3/5 Bunratty Mead Honey Wine $6.50 Yes
Ireland 4.0/5 Guinness Baileys Coffee Shake $12.50 Yes
Mexico 3.5/5 Mexican Craft Beer $5.50 (6 oz) / $11.00 (12 oz) Yes
Mexico 3.0/5 Trouble in Paradise Margarita: Ilegal Mezcal, Watermelon Liqueur, Rose Wine, Lime Juice and Agave with a Chili-Lime Powder Rim $12.50 Yes
Mexico 1.7/5 Fly Away Margarita: Nocheluna Sotol, Pineapple-Ginger Juice, Chile Ancho Verde Liqueur and Tequila with a Sweet Dried Chili Salt Rim $13.00 Yes
Refreshment Port 4.3/5 Boulevard Brewing Co. Quirk Pineapple Orange Whip Hard Seltzer, Kansas City, MO $11.25 Yes
Refreshment Port 3.0/5 Florida Orange Groves Winery Sparkling Peach, St. Petersburg, FL $11.00 Yes
Australia 3.3/5 Coopers Brewery Pacific Pale Ale $5.50 (6 oz) / $9.50 (12 oz) Yes
Shimmering Sips 3.5/5 Tropical Mimosa with Sparkling Wine and Minute Maid® Passion Fruit, Orange and Guava Juices $7.00 Yes
Shimmering Sips 2.7/5 Berry Mimosa with Berry Fizz Sparkling Wine and White Cranberry Juice $7.00 Yes
Shimmering Sips 2.5/5 Blood Orange Mimosa with Sparkling Wine and Blood Orange Juice $7.00 Yes
Shimmering Sips 2.8/5 Berry Sour Ale Mimosa: Boulevard Brewing Co. Berry Noir Sour Ale and Sparkling Wine $9.00 Yes
Shimmering Sips 2.9/5 Mimosa Flight $14.00 Yes
Brew-Wing 3.7/5 Frozen Fusion: Twinings Pomegranate and Raspberry Herbal Tea fused with Orange Ice Cream Molecules $4.75 No
Brew-Wing 1.0/5 Pickle Milkshake $5.75 No
Brew-Wing 2.3/5 Sun King Brewing Caipirinha Lager, Sarasota, FL $5.50 (6 oz) / $9.50 (12 oz) Yes
Brew-Wing 3.7/5 Brew Hub French Connection IPA, Lakeland, FL $5.50 (6 oz) / $9.50 (12 oz) Yes
Brew-Wing 3.0/5 3 Daughters Brewing Old Fashion Porter, St. Petersburg, FL $5.50 (6 oz) / $9.50 (12 oz) Yes
Brew-Wing 2.2/5 Beer Flight $10.00 Yes
Brew-Wing 3.3/5 Blake’s Hard Cider Co. Tropicolada Hard Cider, Armada, MI $5.50 (6 oz) / $9.50 (12 oz) Yes
Brew-Wing 3.7/5 Bold Rock Peach Berry Hard Cider, Nellysford, VA $5.50 (6 oz) / $9.50 (12 oz) Yes
Brew-Wing 3.0/5 3 Daughters Brewing Raspberry Lemonade Hard Cider, St. Petersburg, FL $5.50 (6 oz) / $9.50 (12 oz) Yes
Brew-Wing 3.8/5 Cider Flight $10.00 Yes
Coastal Eats 4.0/5 Wildly Brut Cuvée, South Australia $7.00 Yes
Coastal Eats 3.4/5 Cape Codder: Boyd & Blair Vodka with Cranberry, Pomegranate and Lime $12.00 Yes
Connections 3.0/5 Yucatan Sunset Margarita: Teremana Blanco Tequila, Passion Fruit Syrup, Bols Triple Sec 30 proof Liqueur, with Lime and Orange Juices $15.50 Yes
Flavors from Fire 3.5/5 Saugatuck Brewing Company Bonfire Beer, Douglas, MI $5.50 (6 oz) / $9.50 (12 oz) Yes
Flavors from Fire 2.8/5 Four Virtues Bourbon Barrel Zinfandel, California $6.50 Yes
Flavors from Fire 3.7/5 Swine Brine featuring Jim Beam Bourbon $11.00 Yes
Hawai'i 3.5/5 Kona Brewing Co. Hanalei Island IPA, Kailua-Kona, HI $5.50 (6 oz) / $9.50 (12 oz) Yes
Hawai'i 1.0/5 Florida Orange Groves Sparkling Pineapple Wine, St. Petersburg, FL $10.00 Yes
Hawai'i 4.0/5 AULANI Sunrise: Vodka, DOLE Pineapple Juice and Grenadine $14.00 Yes
The Noodle Exchange 1.0/5 Parish Brewing Strawberry Mochi Berliner Weisse, Broussard, LA $5.50 (6 oz) / $9.50 (12 oz) Yes
The Noodle Exchange 2.0/5 Pacific Rim Old Vines Riesling, Washington $8.00 Yes
The Fry Basket 3.0/5 Salty Dog Cocktail: Boyd & Blair Vodka with Grapefruit Juice, Ginger, Simple Syrup and Lime with a Salted Rim $12.00 Yes
The Fry Basket 3.7/5 Stone Brewing Buenaveza Salt & Lime Lager, San Diego, CA $5.50 (6 oz) / $9.50 (12 oz) Yes

2023 Australia Menu

australia menu - epcot food and wine 2023

When it comes to our reviews and ratings, we thought it would be helpful if you had a better understanding of our personal preferences (what we like and don’t like), along with if there are any dietary restrictions.

Here’s a breakdown of not only who is doing the reviews, but a little more information about what each of us likes and doesn’t like food and drink-wise.

Shannon (Founder)

  • Likes: Almost everything
  • Dislikes: Beers that taste “stinky,” anything too salty
  • Dietary Restrictions: None

Heather (Editor)

  • Likes: Strong flavors, anything made out of potatoes, white wines, all beers (especially stouts and wheat beers), doesn’t mind sweet (plain fruit is NOT a dessert. Ever.)
  • Dislikes: Things that are too spicy, anything with a bone still in it, cocktails with too much whiskey or tequila (thanks to having too much fun in college), some red wines, most IPAs
  • Dietary Restrictions: Shellfish allergy

Felicia (Content Manager)

  • Likes: Mezcal, savory drinks, stouts/lagers/wheats/sour beers, vinegar, tart/sour items, chocolate, fresh vegetables and fruits, red meat
  • Dislikes: Ciders, sweet drinks, anything milky or creamy, chili powder, cumin, weirded out by textures, mayonnaise, saucy/wet food, cream-filled pastries, artificial fruit flavors, cooked fruits, frozen items (drinks or ice cream)
  • Dietary Restrictions: None

Photos & Reviews

Grilled Sweet and Spicy Bush Berry Shrimp

Grilled shrimp seasoned with a sweet and spicy bush berry blend served on top of a mix of peppers, onions, and snap peas with sweet chili sauce.

Australia Shrimp
  • Price: $6.75
  • Special Diets: Gluten-friendly
  • Rating: 4.0/5

Our Thoughts

Shannon: Delicious combo of flavors. Expected more spice but loved the flavors anyway.
Felicia: This was a solid shrimp dish. The shrimp was firm and the pineapple and veggie mix was a good combination of sweet and savory.

Roasted Lamb Chop

A roasted lamb chop served with a fresh mint pesto and topped with potato crunchies.

Australia Lamb
  • Price: $8.75
  • Special Diets: Gluten friendly
  • Rating: 4.3/5

Our Thoughts

Shannon: Lamb chop was good, but everything else even better – fantastic mix of flavors.
Heather: Perfectly cooked. HUGE flavor. Really, really liked this. Tad bit heavy for 110 degrees, but it’s still good.
Felicia: This was very good. The lamb was tender and flavorful. The mint pesto was very minty but in a refreshing way. Solid dish.


Yellow cake with raspberry filling dipped in chocolate and coconut.

Australia Lamington
  • Price: $4.50
  • Special Diets: Kid-friendly
  • Rating: 3.5/5

Our Thoughts

Shannon: Delicious, great portion, not too sweet.
Heather: Lamington sounds like a term of endearment, but I don’t feel the love here. It was a bit dry. And the sauce tasted fake.
Felicia: This was a decent dessert. Not too sweet, the chocolate was rich and delicious and the raspberry filling and coconut topping added some brightness.
Allyson: A solid yellow cake. I love chocolate, coconut, and raspberry filling. Very good.

Château Tanunda Grand Barossa Shiraz

A medium bodied red wine from the Barossa Valley winery Château Tanunda.

Australia Shiraz
  • Price: $6.00
  • Made with alcohol? Yes
  • Rating: 2.7/5

Our Thoughts

Heather: Gosh darn it. I didn’t want to like any reds but this Shiraz isn’t too bad.
Felicia: This is the best drink at the booth but still just okay. Sweet but not too sweet. Don’t love it don’t hate it.
Allyson: Nope. No thank you. Who wants to drink a red wine when it’s this hot out? NO.

Yalumba ‘Y’ Viognier

Hints of orange blossoms with fresh ginger, honeysuckle and white flowers.

Australia 2023 Viognier
  • Price: $6.50
  • Made with alcohol? Yes
  • Rating: 3.0/5

Our Thoughts

Shannon: Really bland and dry. Wouldn’t get it again.
Heather: My favorite wine at this booth. It’s a little sweet, though.
Felicia: This was light and refreshing and a little sweet (in a good way). Didn’t mind this.
Allyson: I’m not a wine person. While this wasn’t horrible just not my thing, especially on a hot day.

Coopers Brewery Pacific Pale Ale

A fresh and fruity ale from Coopers Brewery in Australia.

Australia Coopers Ale
  • Price: $5.50 (6 oz)/ $9.50 (12 oz)
  • Made with alcohol? Yes
  • Rating: 3.3/5

Our Thoughts

Shannon: Nice light pale ale. Compliments flavors of food sold at this booth nicely.
Heather: I wanted this to have a unique flavor but instead it was just kind of … generic. It isn’t BAD, you just have lots of better options.
Felicia: Very mild pale ale that is super drinkable. I liked this.
Allyson: A solid beer. Has a good flavor. Good for a hot day.

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