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Best Seating Areas at EPCOT Food and Wine (No trash cans allowed!)

Best Seating Areas at EPCOT Food and Wine (No trash cans allowed!)

We’ve been hitting up the Food and Wine Festival for years now, and as important as we think it is to find the best food and drinks during a festival at Epcot, we also think it’s just as vital to know the best seating areas where you can easily eat and drink all the delicious creations.

Seeing as the 2023 Epcot International Food and Wine Festival takes place during some of Walt Disney World’s hottest months (pack those fans and cooling towels), grabbing a seat to either eat, drink, or simply relax is important.

Better yet, if you can find indoor seating to enjoy your treats, you’re touring Epcot the right way.

After visiting Food and Wine on its opening days to eat and drink every single booth item (yes, for real), we’ve gathered a list of the best seating areas at Epcot Food and Wine 2023.

If you want to make sure you don’t have to eat on top of a trash can (IYKYK) or hang at a standing table (sometimes our feet are too tired for that), keep reading!

Best Food and Wine Seating Areas Map

Heading to the Food and Wine Festival? Be sure to save this map to your phone so you’ll always know where the best places to sit while you dine are located!

best food and wine seating areas map

Best Indoor Seating Areas

Whenever possible, we recommend you try to plan at least a few stops to cool off indoors during your time at Food and Wine. In fact, that is one of our top Food and Wine tips.

Here are the best places to do that while sampling Food and Wine treats:

Connections Café and Eatery

connections eatery seating area - Epcot

Connections Café (aka Starbucks) and Connections Eatery both have a ton of indoor seating.

But, there is a catch.

There are sometimes certain sections that are blocked off and guarded by Cast Members. You have to physically have food or drinks from Connections in your hand to enter these areas. Simply showing that your Mobile Order has been placed or Is being prepared does not matter.

That said, there are a couple of areas that aren’t blocked and are first come, first serve. So, if you’re lucky enough to snag a seat, this makes for a good place to do that.

Brew-Wing at The Odyssey Pavilion

brew wing interior

Brew-Wing at the Odyssey pavilion has a large area with tables that is perfect for taste testing nearby Food and Wine booths.

There are plenty of tables inside, many with chairs. Plus, there are restrooms, too, making this a great spot for cooling down.

American Adventure Rotunda

Inside the American Adventure rotunda are tables (both with and without chairs) that are available for festival goers.

Because there are also so many tables outside, it isn’t often too difficult to snag one inside with the air conditioning.

Tangierine Café

Tangierine Cafe seating area - epcot - Morocco

You can find Tangierine Café at the front of the Morocco pavilion.

It was once a popular Quick Service location at Epcot, but upon reopening, it became a festival booth and has been serving pared down menus for each festival ever since.

This is a great spot, especially because there are indoors tables, chairs, and booths. There isn’t a ton of indoor seating, but still a solid option.

Rose & Crown Pub

rose and crown pub - seating area - united kingdom epcot

The Rose & Crown Pub is in the United Kingdom pavilion — and you can’t miss it.

The pub is very popular for obvious reasons (ciders, beers, full bar), but there are a couple of tables with chairs.

If you are visiting before the restaurant opens up for dinner service, they often also allow you access to the tables for the Rose and Crown restaurant, too.

Best Outdoor Seating Areas

Indoor seating areas are much more popular than outdoor seating areas for obvious reasons (shade, air conditioning), but if you’re in a pinch or don’t mind sitting outside, then we have you covered!

These are the best outdoor seating areas at Epcot.

Near Coastal Eats

coastal eats seating area

Near Coastal Eats you’ll find a decent size collection of tables and chairs.

The bad thing, however, is that there isn’t much shade here, so they can get a little hot. But that also means that these tables don’t often get too busy, so if you just need a quick place to sit while you eat something, they can be a great option.

Tangierine Café

Tangierine Cafe seating area - epcot - Morocco

In addition to the indoor seating at Tangierine Café, there are quite a few tables and chairs (some covered and some not) outside.

They are located on either side of the restaurant. You can’t miss them.

morocco pavilion outdoor seating - epcot

Depending on the time of day, this area can be busy, but more often than not you’ll be able to get a table, which is always a win.

Morocco Marketplace

morocco marketplace

In the back of the Morocco pavilion, you’ll find a marketplace with tables and chairs scattered.

If you’re lucky, you may even find one in the shade. That sun can get hot!

Morocco seating area epcot

Specifically, you can find a charming seating area by the Quick Service stand, Sangria Sips.

This area is also covered and sits back from the main crowds that format the front of the pavilion — or gather near Tangierine Café.

Next to Brazil

Near brazil seating

The area surrounding the Brazil booth has tables where you can both sit or stand.

The bad news is they’re uncovered, so you may want to avoid this seating area if you’re trying to stay away from direct sunlight.

But, seeing as Tangierine Café is nearby, you can always pop on over there for a table with shade.

Yorkshire County Fish Shop

ryorkshire county fish shop - seating area - united kingdom epcot

In the United Kingdom pavilion, you’ll find Yorkshire County Fish Shop.

This is a popular Quick Service location for those craving fish and chips. There’s also a nice outdoor seating area right next door.

Better yet, the tables have umbrellas!

Near Rose & Crown

Seating near rose and crown

Between the Ireland booth and the Rose & Crown Dining Room, there is an uncovered outdoor section with tables and chairs.

Yes, while there aren’t umbrellas or coverage from the sun, this can still make for a great area to sit while you enjoy festival goods.

Plus, the views are pretty great!

Italy Pavilion

seating areas - italy pavilion - epcot

If you walk to the back of the Italy pavilion by Via Napoli and the famous pizza window that always seems to be closed, you’ll find a section of covered tables.

These are available for anyone! While there aren’t a ton of tables, it doesn’t hurt to look back here if you’re in a pinch.

Next to Flavors of America

seating area - american adventure pavilion - epcot

The American Adventure is one pavilion that has a lot of outdoor seating.

Next to the Flavors of America booth, there are picnic tables that are both covered and uncovered.

These are also next to restrooms, which is always convenient.

Regal Eagle Smokehouse

seating area - american adventure pavilion - epcot

Quick Service spot Regal Eagle Smokehouse: Craft Drafts & Barbecue also has plenty of outdoor tables with umbrellas.

There are a few tables without umbrellas, but, if you’re desperate to sit while you’re eating, these will definitely do!

Katsura Grill

seating area in japan at epcot

Katsura Grill is a Quick Service that is somewhat hidden in the back of the Japan pavilion.

It has a big section with tables and chairs. Some of the tables are uncovered, while others have umbrellas and shade courtesy of trees.

seating area in japan at epcot

We really like this area because it is somewhat unknown and not as busy as other seating areas.

Also, you can’t beat the views of the Japan pavilion here.

Germany Pavilion

germany seating

Germany is busy thanks to the food and beer. Thankfully, there are quite a few tables scattered around the pavilion.

There is a section towards the water with benches, picnic tables, and standing tables.

germany seating area - Epcot

Inside the pavilion, you can usually also find tables and chairs, but they fill up fast. These tables are also typically in the direct sunlight and they don’t have umbrellas.

Refreshment Outpost

seating near outback

Location: Outpost area (Between China and Germany)
Nearby booths: Germany, The Alps, Kenya, Refreshment Outpost, India

There are several tables with umbrellas near the Refreshment Outpost stand.

If you’re eating here, the Kenya marketplace, India, The Alps, or even Germany, you might want to grab a seat here.

Plus, it’s much less busy than the Germany pavilion (and shadier).

Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe

kringla bakeri og kafe seating area - epcot norway

Did you know that the Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe in the Norway pavilion has outdoor seating? It’s also covered!

This is a pretty small area for guests, but you may be lucky enough to get a table.

It’s also kind of hidden and not many know it exists, so definitely check it out if you’re grabbing a bite to eat at the booths in Mexico and/or China.

Lotus Blossom Café

lotus blossom cafe seating area - china pavilion - epcot

The Lotus Blossom Café is a Quick Service location in the China pavilion.

There is seating on both sides of the restaurant spot. Actually, there are plenty of tables available for guests, which is really nice.

Better yet, Lotus Blossom Café has restrooms available!

While you may not be able to enter the actual dining location to sit down and eat, keep in mind that there are also tables outside that you can use.