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Best Vegetarian Options At Epcot Flower and Garden 2022

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Best Vegetarian Options At Epcot Flower and Garden 2022

Where are my fellow vegetarians? Gather ’round, because it’s time to talk about the best vegetarian options at Epcot Flower and Garden this year.

Compared to the 2021 Epcot International Food and Wine Festival, the vegetarian and plant-based choices are so much better at Flower and Garden.

After eating and drinking every single menu item (that’s a total of 144 items), we determined there are quite a few that are worth your time and money.

While my fellow co-workers aren’t vegetarians like myself (read more about our dietary choices below), even they enjoyed many of the vegetarian and plant-based offerings.

For a little bit more perspective, there’s a total of 18 official booths (with 4 additional locations that are open year-round, but serve festival exclusive offerings).

There are 15 vegetarian options across 10 booths that are pretty great.

flower and garden front topiary

I don’t think there will ever be anywhere near the same amount of menu items for plant-based and vegetarian eaters (and those with other dietary restrictions) as there are for those who eat meat and seafood.

I wish that wasn’t the case, but at least I know walking around Flower and Garden there are 15 items that I know I’m going to love — and have no problem recommending to you.

Hopefully you can eat them and will enjoy them as much as I do!

I want to help my fellow vegetarians navigate the festival, so here are the best vegetarian options at Epcot Flower and Garden.

Review Disclaimer

When it comes to our reviews and ratings, we thought it would be helpful if you had a better understanding of our personal preferences (what we like and don’t like), along with if there are any dietary restrictions.

Here’s a breakdown of not only who is doing the reviews, but a little more information about what each of us likes and doesn’t like food and drink-wise.

Shannon (Founder)

  • Likes: Almost everything
  • Dislikes: Beers that taste “stinky,” anything too salty
  • Dietary Restrictions: None

Heather (Editor)

  • Likes: Strong flavors, anything made out of potatoes, white wines, all beers (especially stouts and wheat beers), doesn’t mind sweet (plain fruit is NOT a dessert. Ever.)
  • Dislikes: Things that are too spicy, anything with a bone still in it, cocktails with too much whiskey or tequila (thanks to having too much fun in college), some red wines, most IPAs
  • Dietary Restrictions: Shellfish allergy

Felicia (Content Manager)

  • Likes: Mezcal, savory drinks, stouts/lagers/wheats/sour beers, vinegar, tart/sour items, chocolate, fresh vegetables and fruits, red meat
  • Dislikes: Ciders, sweet drinks, anything milky or creamy, chili powder, cumin, weirded out by textures, mayonnaise, saucy/wet food, cream-filled pastries, artificial fruit flavors, cooked fruits, frozen items (drinks or ice cream)
  • Dietary Restrictions: None

Allyson (Writer)

  • Likes: Cheesecake (the more sweets, the better), anything mint, hazy IPAs and wheat beers (big beer fan), tofu and most Impossible dishes, mushrooms
  • Dislikes: Wine (only likes a few dry ones), cream ales and stouts/porters, super sweet cocktails, floral flavors (lavender, rose), anything almond-flavored, things that are too spicy, olives, meat and seafood (see below)
  • Dietary Restrictions: Vegetarian (personal choice)

The Best Vegetarian Options at Epcot Flower and Garden

Here are the vegetarian dishes from this year’s Flower and Garden that you definitely need to try.

Trowel & Trellis

trowel and trellis flower and garden booth

Trowel & Trellis is the booth to visit if you’re vegetarian or vegan.

This outdoor kitchen is hosted by Impossible, meaning only strictly plant-based dishes and beverages are served here.

trowel and trellis menu - flower and garden

The Boneless Impossible Korean Short Rib continues to be one of my favorite menu items at Flower and Garden. It’s so filling, tasty, and an all-around beautiful offering.

I’m also happy to say that the Chocolate Cake and Grilled Baby Vegetables (which were part of the Flavor Full Kitchen in 2021) are just as lovely.

trowel and trellis flower and garden menu items

If I lived near Disney World, I would visit Trowel & Trellis repeatedly until the festival ended.

You can find the stand near Disney Traders and the Mexico booth.

Boneless Impossible Korean Short Rib

Boneless Impossible Korean Short Rib with Cilantro-Lime Rice, Danmuji Slaw, and Kimchee Mayonnaise.

impossible korean short rib - trowel and trellis - flower and garden 2022

Price: $6.75
Special Diets: Plant-Based
Rating: 4.5/5

Our Thoughts

Shannon: Great mix of ingredients, colorful presentation, really fantastic flavors, Kimchee mayo a particular standout
Heather: Stuff like this would make it very easy to be vegetarian. Very tasty.
Felicia: Very good flavor and decent sized portion. Tasted like a Korean short rib, but the texture is more like meatloaf (which makes sense based on it being Impossible meat). Solid option.
Allyson: A decent size portion and makes a good meal. This continues to be one of my favorite dishes at the festival.

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cake with whipped cassis mousse, raspberry gelato, and fresh raspberries. This is a new 2022 festival item.

chocolate cake - trowel and trellis - flower and garden 2022

Price: $4.75
Special Diets: Plant-Based
Rating: 4.3/5

Our Thoughts

Shannon: Pretty presentation, love the raspberry flavors in multiple forms.
Heather: I really like how light this cake is. And, it’s a decent size.
Felicia: This was tasty. The cake was moist and the raspberry flavor wasn’t overwhelming. The gelato melts quickly, though.
Allyson: This has good flavor but not too rich or chocolatey, which I prefer. It’s a nice and light dessert.

Grilled Baby Vegetables

This is a lighter dished featuring grilled baby vegetables with hummus cream and red pepper coulis. This dish is also part of the Garden Graze, the food crawl where you can earn a prize.

grilled baby vegetables - trowel and trellis - flower and garden 2022

Price: $4.75
Special Diets: Gluten-Friendly, Plant-Based
Rating: 4/5

Our Thoughts

Shannon: Nice portion, great mix of crispy veggies, delicious sauces
Heather: Very light and refreshing. And, at only $4.50 a good snack.
Felicia: If you’re looking for something light and healthy-ish, this was good. The veggies were grilled well and the hummus was good and red pepper coulis added a nice pizazz.
Allyson: Great if you want veggies and a lighter meal. Though, just hard to eat since they’re on a skewer.

Read more about Trowel & Trellis

Tangierine Café

tangierine cafe flower and garden 2022

Tangierine Café: Flavors of the Medina ended up being our favorite booth out of the entire Flower and Garden Festival.

Located in the Morocco pavilion, Tangierine Café features and all-around solid menu, but even more so has 2 stellar vegetarian dishes.

tangierine cafe flower and garden menu

First, there is the Mediterranean Flatbread that’s affordable, a good portion size, and tastes fantastic.

Second, if you want dessert, the Vanilla, Rose Water, and Pistachio Panna Cotta isn’t just pretty — it’s delicious too.

tangierine cafe flower and garden menu items

I already think the Morocco pavilion has some of the best food in all of Epcot, so it’s no surprise I walked away loving this year’s festival booth.

Mediterranean Flatbread

Mediterranean Flatbread with za’atar, artichokes, olives, mozzarella, and feta cheese. This is a new 2022 festival item.

mediterranean flatbread - tangierine cafe morocco - flower and garden  2022

Price: $5.75
Special Diets: N/A
Rating: 4.8/5

Our Thoughts

Shannon: What an incredible deal. So many great flavors and for not much money.
Heather: Frick yeah! So good. Love the combinations of flavors. This isn’t your “typical” flatbread!
Felicia: The Za’atar sauce is strongly spiced and not my favorite but the flatbread otherwise is delicious. It’s also a good portion for the price and great option for non-meat eaters.
Allyson: So good! Loved this. Great flavor and fresh. Great bang for your buck.

Vanilla, Rose Water, and Pistachio Panna Cotta

Vanilla, Rose Water, and Pistachio Panna Cotta.

panna cotta - tangierine cafe morocco - flower and garden  2022

Price: $8.00
Special Diets: N/A
Rating: 3.5/5

Our Thoughts

Shannon: Incredible presentation, great flavors, hard shell on outside with creamy middle.
Heather: Not too often are desserts at the festivals pretty and yummy … but I found this one to be both! Light on flavor, but a nice balance to the spices on the savory items at this booth.
Felicia: Don’t really like this. Only thing I didn’t care for at the booth. The flavor is okay but it’s just a texture thing, all soft. It’s okay.
Allyson: I was unsure of this, but this really surprised me in a good way. It’s not heavy and somewhat refreshing. Also it’s so pretty.

Read more about Tangierine Café

Refreshment Port

refreshment port

While the Refreshment Port is a permanent Quick Service location near the Canada pavilion, you can always find exclusive festival offerings here.

Once again, Refreshment Port nailed its Flower and Garden menu.

refreshment port flower and garden menu

Yes, the drinks are tasty, but it’s the plant-based House-made Italian Sausage and Peppers Poutine you need to order.

Admittedly, not all of us loved this, but I’m here to say that the poutine remains one of my favorite Flower and Garden dishes.

refreshment port flower and garden menu items

You get a lot, the price is decent, and it’s just darn yummy. I could eat this all day, every day.

House-made Italian Sausage and Peppers Poutine 

Plant-based House-made Italian Sausage and Peppers Poutine. 

sausage and peppers poutine - refreshment port - flower and garden 2022

Price: $9.00
Special Diets: Plant-Based
Rating: 3.3/5

Our Thoughts

Shannon: Mushy texture and bland flavors. Love that it’s plant based but didn’t love eating it.
Heather: It tastes like the queso you make for the super bowl on top of fries which is a yummy thing. Less poutine-y and more of a “I’ve been drinking” kind of food.
Felicia: Probably good if you need or want a plant based item, but I didn’t like it. Same weird seasoning/flavor as the sausage and kale soup at Trowel and Trellis. Would stick to regular poutine here if you can.
Allyson: Amazing. The best plant based option at the festival. I will eat it over and over and over again.

Read more about Refreshment Port

La Isla Fresca

la isla fresca flower and garden booth 2022

If you’re hanging out between Morocco and France, you should definitely make a stop at La Isla Fresca for the dessert (and the Coconut Key Lime Ale).

The Coconut Tres Leches is completely plant-based — and completely delicious.

la isla fresa menu - flower and garden 2022

This was my favorite dessert that I tried at Flower and Garden. It’s flavorful, light, not messy, and pure perfection.

I mean, just look at it (below)!

la isla fresca menu items flower and garden

I’m a big coconut fan, so if you’re not, then you may want to rethink ordering this dessert.

Coconut Tres Leches

Coconut Tres Leches is a vanilla cake soaked in oat milk, almond milk, and coconut milk with toasted coconut. This dish is also part of the Garden Graze, the food crawl where you can earn a prize.

coconut tres leches - la isla fresca - flower and garden 2022

Price: $4.50
Special Diets: Plant-Based
Rating: 4.8/5

Our Thoughts

Shannon: Love the light coconut flavor. Manages to be soft without being soggy.
Heather: One of my favorite sweets from this festival! Loved it. Coconut without being fake and not too sweet.
Felicia: This was so good. The coconut is light, the whipped topping is light and perfectly sweet, not too much. The cake is moist and delicious but not soggy. So good and perfect on a hot day if you need (or want) a dessert.
Allyson: Give me all the coconut. Love this so much. So so good. And it’s plant-based!

Read more about La Isla Fresca

Epcot Farmers Feast

farmers feast booth flower and garden

Before diving into what you need to order at Epcot Farmers Feast, it’s important to note that this booth has a rotating menu.

This means, the menu changes throughout the festival.

epcot farmers feast early bloom menu - flower and garden 2022

These are the rotating menus and when they’re available:

  • Early Bloom Menu (March 2 through April 9)
  • Springtime Menu (April 10 through May 21)
  • Summer Solstice Menu (May 22 through July 4)
farmers feast menu items flower and garden

So, what should you try from the Early Bloom Menu (which we loved a lot)?

The Goat Cheese Creamsicle Pop and the Chilled Potato and Leek Soup “Vichyssoise,” that’s what.

Farmers Feast is located near Test Track and across from Creations Shop.

Goat Cheese Creamsicle Pop

A Goat Cheese Creamsicle Pop made of Goat Cheese Crémeux, Orange Cream, Olive Oil Cake, Cranberry Sauce, and Praline. This is a new 2022 festival item.

Goat Cheese Creamsicle Pop - farmers feast - flower and garden

Price: $4.75
Special Diets: N/A
Rating: 3.8/5

Our Thoughts

Shannon: Yum! Great mixtures of flavors and textures with pretty presentation.
Heather: Delicious. Light and refreshing. What a great use of goat cheese!
Felicia: Love goat cheese and was looking forward to this but it was disappointing. The orange cream had a fake orange flavor that I didn’t care for. The goat cheese pop was just meh. Didn’t love it.
Allyson: While it doesn’t taste exactly like cheesecake, I liked this a lot. I’m a huge cheesecake fan and I would get this again.

Chilled Potato and Leek Soup “Vichyssoise”

A Chilled Potato and Leek Soup “Vichyssoise” with Chive Oil and Crispy Leeks. This is a new 2022 festival item.

Chilled Potato and Leek Soup - farmers feast - flower and garden

Price: $5.00
Special Diets: Gluten-Friendly
Rating: 4/5

Our Thoughts

Shannon: Good portion, enjoyed the light flavors.
Heather: Love this. Delicious. Creamy, a bit salty. For when you want the comfort of a cozy soup without eating hot soup.
Felicia: This soup is cold which is a little strange. But, it’s delicious. Great flavor and it is somehow creamy in a light and refreshing way. Would recommend if you can get past it being intentionally cold.
Allyson: I’m not a cold soup person, but I really liked this. It has very good flavor. And good on a hot day if you don’t want a piping hot soup.

Read more about Epcot Farmers Feast

Epcot Sunshine Griddle

sunshine griddle flower and garden booth

Epcot Sunshine Griddle (by Test Track) serves breakfast all day long.

And there are some very good breakfast items, like the Avocado Toast and the Fried Cinnamon Roll Bites.

sunshine griddle menu - flower and garden 2022

While the Avocado Toast is super tasty, the Fried Cinnamon Roll Bites have my heart.

Fried dough? Good. Cinnamon? Good. Cream cheese frosting? GOOD.

sunshine griddle menu items - flower and garden

Speaking of the Fried Cinnamon Roll Bites, they come with candied bacon on top. But — you can order them without.

Once you receive your receipt, hand it to the Cast Member distributing the food and drinks and tell them you don’t want bacon.

You may have to wait a few minutes, but trust me when I say these are 100 percent worth the wait.

Fried Cinnamon Roll Bites

Fried Cinnamon Roll Bites served with Cream Cheese Frosting and Candied Bacon. Tip: You can ask for these without the candied bacon.

cinnamon roll bites - sunshine griddle - flower and garden 2022

Price: $4.50
Special Diets: Kid-Friendly
Rating: 3.8/5

Our Thoughts

Shannon: Crispy outside, soft inside. Warm, delicious. Bit messy though.
Heather: Is it messy? Yes. Is it tasty? Perhaps. Am I tipsy? A little. This tastes best FRESH. Otherwise, it gets extra greasy.
Felicia: Didn’t care for this. The cinnamon roll bites are filled with cream which is gross and weird and hard to eat. The bacon was a nice addition but overall not good. Weren’t served hot either.
Allyson: We ordered one without bacon (yes, you can ask), and these are just as good as last year. I love fried dough and cream cheese frosting. Yum! Great portion size and good for sharing.

Avocado Toast

This is Avocado Toast with Marinated Toybox Tomatoes on Toasted Ciabatta. This dish is also part of the Garden Graze, the food crawl where you can earn a prize.

avocado toast - sunshine griddle - flower and garden 2022

Price: $6.00
Special Diets: Plant-Based
Rating: 4/5

Our Thoughts

Shannon: Wanted to love it more. Bread was nicely toasted, presentation lovely, but flavors underwhelming.
Heather: It is pretty and fresh. The toast is buttery and delicious. All-round great option here.
Felicia: Beautiful dish. The portion is large, the avocado is fresh and light and the marinated tomatoes are so good. Love love loved this.
Allyson: Good piece of avocado toast, tastes light. Great portion size. But it is a bit hard to eat.

Read more about Epcot Sunshine Griddle

The Honey Bee-stro

honey bee-stro flower and garden 2022 booth

The Honey Bee-stro (across from the temporary Starbucks location near Port of Entry) was one of our favorite booths.

Specifically for the cheesecake. Just give me all the cheesecake.

honey bee-stro menu flower and garden 2022

While I liked the Goat Cheese Creamsicle Pop better than the Local Wildflower Honey-Mascarpone Cheesecake, this is still some good cheesecake.

honey bee-stro menu items flower and garden 2022

You also get a lot for what you pay and the presentation is quite fancy.

Local Wildflower Honey-Mascarpone Cheesecake

Local Wildflower Honey-Mascarpone Cheesecake with Orange Blossom Honey Whipped Cream, Whipped Honey, Crystalized Honey, Honeycomb, Dehydrated Honey, and Fennel Pollen Meringue Kisses.

honey mascarpone cheesecake - honey bee-stro - flower and garden 2022

Price: $5.00
Special Diets: N/A
Rating: 4/5

Our Thoughts

Shannon: Honey in various forms and textures. Enjoyed this light dessert.
Heather: Delicious. Loved it. Light and fresh.
Felicia: Delicious. The cheesecake is a solid cheesecake and all of the various honey components are good and add to it. Slight orange flavor.
Allyson: As a huge cheesecake fan, I thought this is ok, not bad, but just ok. I’ve had better cheesecake at festivals.

Read more about The Honey Bee-stro

Jardin de Fiestas

jardin de fiestas mexico booth flower and garden 2022

It’s always nice to see a plant-based option in Mexico. That’s exactly what you get at Jardin de Fiestas.

You might not believe it, but the Tostada de Chorizo is completely plant-based.

jardin di fiestas flower and garden menu 2022

This has a lovely flavor and a nice crunch.

It’s kind of hard to eat with a fork and knife, so you’ll definitely want to pick this up with your hands.

jardin de fiestas flower and garden menu items

Another tip: Don’t order either drink here, they’re way too expensive for how they taste.

Tostada de Chorizo

Tostada de Chorizo is Plant-based Chorizo and Black Beans on Crispy Corn Tortilla with Avocado Mousse and Queso Fresco. This is a new 2022 festival item.

tostada de chorizo - jardin de fiestas - flower and garden

Price: $7.75
Special Diets: Gluten-Friendly, Plant-Based
Rating: 3.5/5

Our Thoughts

Shannon: Crispy shell, love that it’s a plant-based option, flavors weren’t super great.
Heather: My favorite of the booth. Temp still not hot enough, though.
Felicia: Maybe fine for a plant based option, but the seasoning is strong and not pleasant (like a standard taco seasoning) and it didn’t taste like much else.
Allyson: I love that Mexico has a plant-based option. This is full of flavor and such a good menu item. Highly recommend. Also note that this is somewhat hard to eat.

Read more about Jardin de Fiestas

Bauernmarkt: Farmer’s Market

bauernmarkt flower and garden booth

You can really never go wrong eating and drinking in Germany. Enter Bauernmarkt: Farmer’s Market.

In the words of Samwise Gamgee from Lord of the Rings, “Po-ta-toes!” Yes, you can order po-ta-to pancakes — that are also plant-based!

bauernmarkt menu - germany - flower and garden

You get 2 nicely sized potato pancakes that are also topped with homemade applesauce.

These make a good lunch or can also be shared.

bauernmarkt flower and garden menu items

If applesauce isn’t your thing, you can order the po-ta-to (I can’t stop) pancakes without.

Potato Pancakes with Applesauce

These potato pancakes are served with house-made apple sauce. This dish is also part of the Garden Graze, the food crawl where you can earn a prize.

potato pancakes with apple sauce - bauernmarkt - flower and garden 2022

Price: $4.75
Special Diets: Plant-Based, Gluten-Friendly
Rating: 3.3/5

Our Thoughts

Shannon: Mushy apple sauce topping + soft potato pancakes = bad texture overall with pretty bland flavors.
Heather: I love potato cakes and these are good. I like the ham ones better, though.
Felicia: The applesauce tastes homemade and is delicious. The potato pancake is potato-y and fine. I don’t personally care for this flavor combination, but it’s well executed.
Allyson: The potato pancakes are well down. The applesauce is an interesting combo but you can’t go wrong with the potato pancakes.

Read more about Bauernmarkt: Farmer’s Market

The Citrus Blossom

citrus blossom booth flower and garden 2022

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for The Citrus Blossom near the Port of Entry (close to the temporary Starbucks and Refreshment Port).

Why? The Grapefruit Tart, which isn’t just a pretty face.

citrus blossom menu - flower and garden 2022

The tart doesn’t have an overpowering grapefruit flavor, which some might prefer.

Even though I wanted more grapefruit, the dessert still turned out to be one of my favorites.

citrus blossom menu items flower and garden

Sometimes this booth gets a long line thanks to the very adorable Orange Bird sipper, but if you hit the line right, you shouldn’t have to wait.

Grapefruit Tart

A Grapefruit Tart with Grapefruit Curd, Lychee Jam, Ginger Mousse, and Yuzu Cream.

Grapefruit Tart - citrus blossom - flower and garden

Price: $5.25
Special Diets: N/A
Rating: 3.5/5

Our Thoughts

Shannon: Light and fluffy, with just the right amount of grapefruit flavor. Pretty presentation and good portion.
Heather: I was expecting this to be sweeter than it was – which is a good thing. It is still sweet, but the lemon curd is a fantastic bite of sour!
Felicia: I wanted to like this but just didn’t work for me. The texture is entirely mushy and the flavors just don’t really go together that well.
Allyson: I really enjoyed this. Great flavor. I already feel like grapefruit is a hard flavor to capture — wish there would’ve been more — but still thought it was refreshing and a tasty dessert.

Read more about The Citrus Blossom

Other Vegetarian Options at Epcot Flower and Garden

The list above features all the things that I (and my co-workers) think are the best vegetarian items from this year’a festival, but, there are a few more options at other Flower and Garden booths.

I don’t think they are as good as the menu items above, but you might want to try them for yourself.

strawberry mousse - flavor full kitchen - flower and garden 2022
  • Bauernmarkt: Farmer’s Market: Warm Cheese Strudel with Mixed Berries
  • Cider House: Dark Chocolate Raspberry Tart with Whipped Cream
  • Flavor Full Kitchen: Grilled Street Corn on the Cob with Savory Garlic Spread (Gluten-Friendly, Plant-Based); Strawberry Mousse with Chocolate Crisp Pearls
  • Fleur de Lys: Croissant au Fromage de Chèvre, Herbes et ail Rôtie (Croissant with Goat Cheese, Herbs and Roasted Garlic); Beignet Caramélisé, Fourré Crème Vanille, Glacé au Caramel Fleur de Sel (Caramelized Beignet filled with Vanilla Cream and Glazed with Caramel Fleur de Sel)
  • Hanami: Frushi (Strawberry, Pineapple, and Cantaloupe wrapped in Sweet Rice and Pink Soy Wrap served with Whipped Cream, Drizzled Berry Sauce, and Toasted Coconut)
  • La Isla Fresca: Arepas topped with Melted Queso Fresco (Gluten-Friendly)
  • Magnolia Terrace: Pecan Praline (Gluten-Friendly)
  • Northern Bloom: Griddled Maple Pound Cake with Warm Peach Compote and Sweet Corn Gelato
  • Pineapple Promenade: DOLE Whip (Plant-Based)
  • Primavera Kitchen: Bomboloni (Cream-filled Italian Doughnut with Raspberry Sauce and Powdered Sugar)
  • Trowel & Trellis: Impossible Sausage and Kale Soup (Plant-Based)
  • Refreshment Outpost: Pineapple Skewer with Tajin Seasoning (Gluten-Friendly, Plant-Based); Tangerine soft-serve
  • Funnel Cakes: Strawberry Cheesecake Funnel Cake (topped with Strawberry Ice Cream, Cheesecake Crumbles, Strawberry Drizzle and Whipped Cream)

Nearby Quick Service Spots with Good Vegetarian Choices

If you’re traveling in a group with people who have different diets than you, you might just find yourself in a pinch when it comes to finding something to eat as you navigate your way around the festival.

You certainly don’t want to go hungry, especially during a long, hot park day and/or if you’re indulging in adult beverages.

If one of the above options isn’t available nearby, here are a few Quick Service spots in Epcot that have pretty good vegetarian and/or plant-based choices.

La Cantina de San Angel (Mexico Pavilion)

For $13.75 you can get Empanadas con Queso, which are cheese empanadas served with Mexican slaw and some of the best black beans you will ever try. You can even order just a side of the beans for $2.25, which I’ve done and have never regretted.

Cheese Empanadas with Black Beans - Epcot Mexico Pavilion

Rose & Crown Pub (U.K. Pavilion)

Attached to the Rose & Crown Dining Room, you can order plant-based Fish and Chips at the bar for half the price of what you’d pay in the dining room (around $12). If you want a good beer, I also recommend the Golden (a pub blend that’s half Harp and half Bass Ale).

vegan fish and chips rose and crown upb

Pizza al Taglio (Italy Pavilion)

This is the pizza window next to Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria. Pizza by the slice is served here and they are a pretty decent size. But, keep in mind, the window isn’t always open.

pizza al taglio pizza window epcot

Regal Eagle Smokehouse (America Pavilion) 

You can’t go wrong with the plant-based BBQ Jackfruit Burger ($12.99). It’s a Plant-Based burger that comes on garlic toast and is topped with BBQ Jackfruit, plant-based mayonnaise, and lettuce. You also get your choice of side. Speaking of the sides, you can order any of them individually. The macaroni and cheese ($4.99) is superb, but it’s not plant-based.

regal eagle macaroni and cheese french fries

Yorkshire County Fish Shop (U.K. Pavilion)

This is a popular spot in the U.K. pavilion. You can even Mobile Order here. If you need a snack along the way, I recommend the “Chips,” or French fries. These are some of the best fries in all of Disney World and you get a lot for just $3.99. I’m not sure if these are made in the same fryer as the fish, but you can always ask.

yorkshire county fish ship fries and beer

Favorite Flower and Garden Vegetarian Options Map

The map below shows our favorite overall Flower and Garden booths, which booths have the best vegetarian Flower and Garden options, and Quick Service spots around the World Showcase with other good vegetarian choices.

Download PDF version

best 2022 flower and garden vegetarian options

Read more about this year’s Flower & Garden Festival

Be sure to check out the following links to our Epcot Flower and Garden Festival posts, where we provide information, tips, and much more.

Here’s everything we put together in 2022.

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Allyson Koerner