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Disney World Playgrounds

Disney World Playgrounds

While Walt Disney World was built for kids (and those who are kids at heart), it’s not always easy keeping your little one entertained.

Sometimes, kids need a space to burn off steam and do what most children love to do — play.

Well, leave it to Disney to create spaces specifically for kids to do exactly that. You can find these kid-friendly spots at hotels, theme parks, and water parks.

  • It’s important to note that while these areas are meant for kids and for them to burn off energy, play, and stretch their legs, literal running is not allowed at Disney World (unless you’ve registered for runDisney). When we say “run around,” we don’t mean for kids to actually run in these spaces, but to play and have fun, all while following Disney’s rules.

Now, allow us show you the best places to let kids run around at Disney World.

Magic Kingdom


Tom Sawyer Island

Tom Sawyer Island in Magic Kingdom

In order to get to Tom Sawyer Island, you have to board a log raft that will transport you over to the island that’s inspired by the stories of Mark Twain.

Don’t worry, the log raft moves slow and shouldn’t be scary for kids.

tom sawyer island play area

Not only does the island offer unique views of Magic Kingdom, especially Haunted Mansion, Liberty Square, and Frontierland, but this is a great place to explore.

Little ones, especially, will love all of the different spots to play and burn off energy.

  • Find Tom Sawyer Island here:
tom sawyer island map location


Casey Jr. Splash ‘N’ Soak

casey jr

The Casey Jr. Splash ‘N’ Soak Station is the perfect spot for kids to run around and splash around in water.

Even if the water isn’t on, it still makes a great place for little ones to burn off energy.

casey jr splash n soak at magic kingdom

This is even better on a hot day! There are no lines or waiting. You just come and go at your own leisure.

Keep in mind that select portions of the attraction may close during inclement weather.

You might want to bring an extra change of shoes and clothes with you so that you can let your little run play without having to worry about wet clothes.

  • Find Casey Jr. Splash ‘N’ Soak here:
casey jr. splash n soak at magic kingdom

Dumbo Interactive Queue

dumbo at magic kingdom

Dumbo is a classic Magic Kingdom attraction that you should try at least once.

But, what makes the ride unique is its interactive play area that’s part of the Standby queue. The larger play area is for kids ages 4 to 8, with the smaller area for kids ages 1 to 3.

On busier days, you may be given a buzzer and directed to wait inside the play area until your buzzer goes off notifying that you can get back in line.

dumbo interactive play area magic kingdom

For guests with little ones, you can also choose to get out of line if they want to play for a bit and then pop back in line.

If you or your little one doesn’t want to go on the attraction, you are allowed to just hang in the play area (not all day, of course). But, you will have to wait in line to enter the play space. Make sure you also double check with a Cast Member.

There is a separate exit when you leave the Dumbo playground. It pops you out by Barnstormer.

  • Find the interactive Dumbo queue here:
dumbo interactive queue at magic kingdom

Main Street U.S.A.

Hub Grass

hub grass in magic kingdom

The two Hub grass spaces make the perfect open are for kids, but a nice spot for adults to sit and enjoy Cinderella Castle views.

There isn’t much shading here, so it can get very warm on hotter days. Keep in mind that this area isn’t always open and may close early for private events, like fireworks dessert parties.

  • Find the Hub Grass here:
hub grass in magic kingdom


World Celebration

Project Tomorrow

project tomorrow - spaceship earth - interactive area

Project Tomorrow is located at the exit of Spaceship Earth.

You don’t have to ride Spaceship Earth to enter here, there is a door next to the attraction for guests to enter the interactive area.

Here you can build, create, compete, and play in a series of exhibits that bring innovative ideas and technologies to life.

project tomorrow - world celebration - epcot - spaceship earth

For example, there’s a driving simulation game!

You can also view the video from the future you made while riding through Spaceship Earth — and email it to family and friends.

This area makes for a great interactive play space for little ones, plus if you need to escape rain or the heat.

  • Find Project Tomorrow here:
project tomorrow at spaceship earth

Play Zone

Next to Creations Shop (and close to Test Track, you’ll find a playground.

While it has been known to be the “Green Landing Family Play Zone” featuring WALL-E, sometimes the play zone changes themes based on the current festival.

wall-e family play area at epcot

For example, during the 2023 Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival, the play transformed into the “Family-Friendly Garden Presented by OFF!” and featured a camp-themed garden.

Family Friendly Garden Presented By Off at epcot flower and garden

Whatever the theming is here, the area was built strictly for kids and it always seems to be packed with little ones.

  • Find the play zone here:
playground by creations shop in epcot

Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana

te fiti journey of water

Near The Seas with Nemo & Friends, you can find Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana.

This self-guided trail is perfect for all ages, but even more so for little ones. Not only is the trail educational as it teaches about the different cycles of water, but there are multiple interactive water features. It’s so fun!

journey of water inspired by moana splash play area

Specifically, there is a splash pad play area, where little ones can run through.

Keep in mind you may want to bring an extra change of clothes and shoes, just in case they do decide to run around and get wet.

  • Find Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana here:
journey of water location at epcot

World Discovery

Advanced Training Lab

advanced training lab - world discovery - epcot

The Advanced Training Lab is next to Mission: SPACE. You’ll exit here after the ride, but you can also access it without getting on the attraction.

It’s an interactive play area featuring space-themed games and activities.

advanced training lab - world discovery - epcot

You can also make and send video postcards from the very edge of space. It’s truly a spot for little ones and kids of all ages.

  • Find the Advanced Training Lab here:
advanced training lab at mission: space in epcot

Liquid Layer Water Play Area

liquid layer water play area at epcot

What kid doesn’t love splashing around in water?

This splash area is known as the “Liquid Layer Water Play Area” and is great on a hot day.

liquid layer water play area rules at epcot

You can find it near Connections Eatery as you walk towards Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind and Mission: SPACE.

  • Find the Liquid Layer Water Play Area here:
liquid layer water play area in epcot near guardians of the galaxy: cosmic rewind

Test Track SIMporium

test track simporium - epcot - world discovery

Next to Test Track is the Test Track SIMporium. Here you can shop for Test Track and other automotive merchandise.

Plus, there is also a showroom with a variety of Chevrolet cars (Test Track is sponsored by Chevy).

test track simporium - epcot - world discovery

There are also interactive activities for guests of all ages to enjoy.

test track simporium - epcot - world discovery

If you ride Test Track, you’ll exit into this area and the store.

  • Find the Test Track SIMporium here:
test tack simporium in epcot

Imagination! Pavilion (World Celebration)

The “What If” Labs

imageworks - what if labs - epcot

The “What If” Labs is found inside ImageWorks in the Imagination! Pavilion.

Not only is this a nice, cool space, but it’s fun and perfectly themed for kids, especially those who love Figment.

imageworks - what if labs - epcot

This area is great for kids, as it allows them to explore their senses at different interactive stations.

  • Find The “What If” Labs here:
the "what if" labs at epcot's imagination pavilion

The Seas Pavilion (World Nature)

Bruce’s Shark World

bruce's shark world - seas pavilion - epcot

Inside The Seas Pavilion, there is a small kid-friendly area dubbed, “Bruce’s Shark World.”

Inspired by Bruce from Finding Nemo (remember fish are friends, not food), this a small, interactive play area for kids.

bruce's shark world - seas pavilion - epcot

You can even pose inside Bruce’s mouth for photos, alongside other shark characters from the film.

bruce's shark world - seas pavilion - epcot

Don’t forget to test your undersea expertise with quizzes from Nemo’s teacher, Mr. Ray! 

  • Find Bruce’s Shark World here:
bruce's shark world in the seas pavilion at epcot

Animal Kingdom

Dinoland, U.S.A.

The Boneyard

the boneyard animal kingdom

The Boneyard in DinoLand, U.S.A is the play area for kids.

This is an open-air play area designed to look like a dinosaur dig site and is strictly for kids ages 10 and under.

The Boneyard

There are rope bridges, caves, and slides. Plus, there is a dig site, where kids can excavate fossils from a Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus Rex.

The Boneyard even has a shaded seating area for adults to relax and watch as their little one plays.

  • Find The Boneyard here:
the boneyard in dinoland at animal kingdom

Discovery Island

Discovery Island Trails

There a variety of trails nestled throughout Animal Kingdom, but the Discovery Island Trails are the best set of trails for kids to stretch their legs.

tree of life garden trail animal kingdom

There are several ways to enter the trails (as seen below). Along the way, you’ll encounter animals and stunning views of the Tree of Life.

discovery island animal map

Really, adults shouldn’t miss out on these trails, either.

  • Find the Discovery Island Trails here:
discovery island trails in animal kingdom

Rafiki’s Planet Watch

Rafiki’s Planet Watch

rafiki's planet watch animal kingdom

Rafiki’s Planet Watch is a land in Animal Kingdom you can only access by hopping on the “Wildlife Express Train.”

A train ride to another part of the park? Yep! Kids will love it.

sheep affection section rafiki's planet watch

This area is also where you can learn how to draw your favorite characters at the Animation Experience, meet different animals at Affection Section, and possibly even see a procedure in process at the Veterinary Treatment Room.

rafiki's planet watch picnic tables

As Animal Kingdom’s conservation and veterinary headquarters, Rafiki’s Planet Watch is not only educational, but a fun spot for both kids and adults.

You can learn more about Rafiki’s Planet Watch via our complete guide.

  • Find Rafiki’s Planet Watch here:
rafiki's planet watch at animal kingdom

Hollywood Studios

Animation Courtyard

Disney Junior Play and Dance!

disney junior play and dance hollywood studios

In Animation Courtyard, you’ll find Disney Junior Play and Dance! (formerly Disney Junior — Live on Stage!). This is about a 25-minute show featuring Doc McStuffins, Vampirina, and Roadster Mickey.

disney junior play and dance hollywood studios

The indoor show is a great place to cool off, let little ones burn off energy, dance, and listen to some fun tunes.

You can find daily showtimes posted in the My Disney Experience app.

  • Find Disney Junior Play and Dance! here:
disney junior play and dance at hollywood studios

Disney’s Water Parks

Typhoon Lagoon

Ketchakiddee Creek

ketchakiddee creek in typhoon lagoon

Typhoon Lagoon water park has a water area specifically for kids.

Kids under 4 feet tall can play here in these shallow pools that feature whimsical crocodiles, squirting seals, and playful elephants.

ketchakiddee creek in typhoon lagoon

There are mini waterslides, a cave with a waterfall, and a water cannon aboard the leaky tugboat S.S. Squirt.

They can even listen to kid-friendly tunes while they play and enjoy a small, sandy beach.

  • Find Ketchakiddee Creek here:
ketchakiddee creek in typhoon lagoon

Blizzard Beach

Tike’s Peak

Tikes Peak Blizzard Beach

Tike’s Peak is a Frozen fans’ dream come true.

Located at Blizzard Beach, this kid-friendly water area features statuettes of Olaf and his Snowgie pals in the warm wading pool, as well as Anna and Elsa’s igloo castle.

frozen play area with young anna and elsa at blizzard beach

There are wading pools, miniature snow-banked slides, side-by-side downhill slides, a junior inner-tube ride, and snow chutes.

Tike’s Peak is also surrounded by a soft, sandy beach.

  • Find Tike’s Peak here:
tike's peak at blizzard beach

Disney World Resort Hotels

Resort Playgrounds

playground - pop century resort

Every official Disney World Resort hotel has at least one playground for kids.

Because there are so many, we aren’t going to list the locations of each resort playground. But, you can easily search for “playgrounds” in the My Disney Experience app.

playgrounds at walt disney world resort hotels

VIDEO: Disney World Playgrounds (Safe Places to Let Your Kids RUN Around!)

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