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The New ‘Soul of Jazz: An American Adventure’ Exhibit Opens At Epcot

HomeThe New ‘Soul of Jazz: An American Adventure’ Exhibit Opens At Epcot
The New ‘Soul of Jazz: An American Adventure’ Exhibit Opens At Epcot

The new “Soul of Jazz: An American Adventure” exhibit officially opened on Feb. 1 at Epcot’s American Adventure pavilion and there’s so much to see and learn about jazz.

The exhibit, which was first announced on Jan. 12, provides guests with “a musical tour of the United States to learn more about this colorful, inspiring, and constantly evolving genre of music.”

It’s unclear how long “Soul of Jazz” will be open, but you definitely shouldn’t waste anytime and check out the displays as soon as you can.

the soul of jazz exhibit at epcot celebrates jazz across several american cities

Inspired by Pixar’s newest film, Soul, and with help from the lead character, Joe Gardner, the exhibit features information about the history of jazz across several American cities, including New Orleans, Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

There are even artifacts on display from legendary jazz musicians. They include:

  • Louis Armstrong’s Selmer trumpet
  • “Jazz Jubilee” sheet music, handwritten by Jelly Roll Morton, one of the music genre’s original performers and composers
  • “Skin Deep” percussion sheet music of Duke Ellington drummer Louie Bellson
  • Cornet belonging to Bix Beiderbecke, an early jazz soloist from the 1920s
  • Drumsticks of Gene Krupa, member of jazz groups the Benny Goodman Orchestra and Tommy Dorsey’s band

louis armstrong's trumpet at the soul of jazz exhibit in epcot

Walt Disney Imagineering even worked with historians and curators from several top jazz institutions, like the Historic New Orleans Collection and the New Orleans Jazz Museum in Louisiana, as well as the Louis Armstrong House Museum in New York. 

Soon, guests will even be able to use the Play Disney Parks mobile app to interact with the exhibit and test their knowledge of jazz.

On Jan. 29, Disney also announced a variety of other ways Walt Disney World is celebrating and honoring Black History Month, including quite a list of festivities at Disney Springs. There’s so much to learn and enjoy at WDW right now. If you need help planning a trip, contact Small World Vacations.

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