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Summer Travel Tips – PREP 359

Summer Travel Tips  – PREP 359

Walt Disney World in the summer can be a fantastic place to visit…if you are prepared.

To help, we’ve gathered our best Disney World summer travel tips when heading to the most magical place on earth. Listen as Shannon highlights the top ways to plan for your summer trip.

Being prepared for the rain

When you travel in the summer, there’s a high chance of rain. This could mean afternoon showers or lots of rain all day.

We do recommend having a radar app on your phone to track the storms. We also recommend having a poncho or an umbrella.

There are pros and cons to a poncho and umbrella. You can be hands-free with a poncho, but they can be very hot, trapping the heat under the poncho. An umbrella is great for both rain and sun, but can make it difficult to navigate crowds.

Game plan for staying cool

Swimming is a great and very popular way to stay cool. If you want to avoid the crowds, going in the morning is a great time to go.

Water parks are also a great way to have fun and stay cool. They can get busy but we love going mid-day and staying until closing.

Plan your attractions to get out of the sun to stay cool. You want to be sure to plan queues out of the heat. There are attractions that get you out of the heat and allow you to sit in the air conditioning. Some of our favorites are:

We also recommend taking a midday break to avoid the heat. This can be difficult when utilizing Disney Transportation but can be a way to get out of the heat.

Of course you can always bring fans to stay cool as well.

Planners have a big advantage

Summer crowds and some holiday travelers tend to be more laid back. If you are a planner, you will have an advantage to navigate around the summertime crowds.

This means you may have a much better chance of getting dining reservations 60 days out. Any plans that you can do prior to your trip like Genie+ will help you navigate around the parks.

Try to avoid being in the parks mid-day

If you are an onsite guest, you can use early theme park entry to gain access early when it is still cool out. Deluxe Resort guests can also utilize late house with the Extended Evening Theme Park Hours.

After hours events are also a great way to avoid the heat and long crowds.

Pack for the season

You’ll want to pack multiple pairs of shoes in case of rain. You want to be sure that you have a dry pair of shoes. Extra socks and blister care products are also recommended due to the heat and rain.

We recommend packing an umbrella for both the sun and the rain.

We also recommend bringing extra patience. It is easy to get frustrated when you’re hot so be sure to be patient.

Stay up to date on changes

Be sure to stay on top of changes. It can be very frustrating to have changes to Genie+, park hours, or rules after you’ve planned your trip.

The night before you plan to go into a park, be sure to check the park hours and schedule. The hours could change and it is important to check.


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