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Complete Guide to Mickey Shorts Theater at Hollywood Studios

Complete Guide to Mickey Shorts Theater at Hollywood Studios

Given that this is Hollywood Studios we’re talking about, it makes total sense that it would be home to a theater where Mickey fans can see the mouse himself starring in his own cartoons on the big screen.

That’s where the Mickey Shorts Theater comes in. Though it’s been used for different purposes over the years, right now, it’s being used to screen a short starring classic Disney characters called Vacation Fun, and it’s the perfect attraction to check out before or after you take a spin on Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway.

Ready for a break in the air conditioning, a cute cartoon, and seriously fun photo ops? Come along for our guide to the Mickey Shorts Theater.

Mickey Shorts Theater Quick Facts

  • Location: Hollywood Studios, in the Echo Lake area
  • Height requirement: None
  • Suitable for: Everyone
  • Attraction Length: 10 minutes
  • Do we recommend? Only for a time-filler, or for big fans of Mickey Mouse
  • When to visit: Anytime
  • Lightning Lane available: No
  • Eligible for Early Entry: No
  • Eligible for Extended Evening Hours: No
  • Scheduled Refurbishments
  • Tip(s): This is a great place to take a break from the weather, and entertaining for little ones who love the classic fab five characters.

Description: The Mickey Shorts Theater is currently showing Vacation Fun, an original 10-minute short starring Mickey and Minnie, including other beloved characters and clips from shorts like Potatoland, Panda-monium and Yodelburg. After the show, you can pose with props from the shorts and enjoy some cute photo ops.


The Mickey Shorts Theater can be found toward the front of Hollywood Studios in the Echo Lake section of the park, right beside the building that houses For the First Time In Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration.

mickey shorts theater location at hollywood studios
hollywood studios map

How to Visit Mickey Shorts Theater

Mickey Shorts Theater has a Standby Line, but no Lightning Lane or Single Rider Line.

Mickey Shorts Theater

Though this theater will likely be most crowded in the middle of the day, when the sun is at its most powerful and the park is at its busiest, you probably won’t encounter a wait much longer than the length of the show here… and that’s only if you arrive as soon as it started for the last group of guests.

You can typically expect a wait of 10 minutes or less here, since many people overlook this attraction. But if you’re traveling with young kids, Mickey fans, or just want a break from the busy park, this is definitely worth checking out.

Do I Need To Use Genie+ at Mickey Shorts Theater?

Not only do you not need to use Genie+ at this attraction, but it’s also not offered. This is a good thing — it means that waits are usually low enough to accommodate guests quickly, and that you will be able to use those precious Genie+ time slots on something more pressing in the park.

And speaking of more pressing attractions in the park that do offer Genie+, you can visit our touring strategies for Hollywood Studios for more help in that department.

What to Expect When You Visit


There’s no traditional queue at the Mickey Shorts Theater — instead, it’s more of a holding area where you will wait outside of the theater doors until it’s your turn to enter and find a seat.

vacation fun at mickey shorts theater in hollywood studios

Though this area is outdoors, it’s covered, so your wait should be a pretty short and pleasant one! While you wait, you can look at the animated Mickey-themed posters that are hanging on the walls as you wait for the automatic doors to open.

Accessibility Information

Guests who are using ECVs and wheelchairs may remain in them for this attraction.

Mickey Shorts Theater Accessibility Information

Handheld captioning is available for guests with hearing disabilities.

During the Show

After you’re seated in the theater — in one of the chairs designed to look like Mickey Mouse’s shorts, no less — Vacation Fun will begin.

mickey mouse shorts seat inside mickey shorts theater

The short starts with Mickey packing for vacation at Disney World as he reminisces about the trips he takes in the past, which provides the framework for the clips of the other shorts you’re about to see.

Mickey Shorts Theater

There are a couple of mishaps, but ultimately, he and Minnie are able to hit the road for Florida… but it’s not until they actually arrive at Disney World that they discover they forgot Pluto. No worries, though; this is Mickey we’re talking about, and he finds a way to get his four-legged friend where he needs to be.

Mickey Shorts Theater

After the short ends, you’ll walk out into an area filled with different props and photo ops that relate to the shorts. Don’t be surprised if you spend a little while in here taking pictures, because it is all really fun to see.

Is Mickey Shorts Theater Kid-Friendly?

The Mickey Shorts Theater is very kid-friendly; the only trouble you may run into is if you have a child who would struggle to sit still for 10 minutes, which can feel like forever to little ones. In that case, there’s an exit you can use, so don’t worry if you need to bail.

There isn’t anything scary in the Vacation Fun short, but to help with the rest of your planning, be sure to check out our guide to things that might scare kids at Disney World.


Strollers aren’t allowed inside the Mickey Shorts Theater, but there is plenty of stroller parking outside. You can find the designated area to the left of the entrance to the theater.

Before leaving your stroller behind, you may want to cover it with a rain cover or poncho to protect it from any surprise Florida rainstorms while you’re inside, and be sure to take any valuables like phones, keys, and wallets with you.


When the building that is now called the Mickey Shorts Theater first opened along with the rest of the park in 1989, it was referred to as the ABC Sound Studio, and was home to a show called Monster Sound Show, which invited four guests on stage to help make sound effects for a comedy show starring Chevy Chase and Martin Short.

In 1997, the show was changed to One Saturday Morning, which allowed guests to create the sounds for 101 Dalmatians.

Concept art for Mickeys Shorts Theater coming to Hollywood Studios

Then, just two years later, it became Sounds Dangerous! starring Drew Carey. In this attraction, guests would sit in the dark and listen to the sound on headphones, watching (and mostly listening to) Carey play an undercover detective.

After Sounds Dangerous! closed in 2012, it would be used to show previews for different upcoming Disney movies, along with shorts like Frozen Fever. For a few years, it was used to show Star Wars: Path of the Jedi, before transforming into the Mickey Shorts Theater in March 2020 for the opening of Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway.

Other Fun Details

  • The Mickey Shorts Theater was totally redone for the opening of Vacation Fun.
potatoland photo op at mickey shorts theater
  • This is where the Potatoland-themed photo op can be found, which has become super popular on social media.