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Hollywood Boulevard at Hollywood Studios (Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway, Starbucks)

Hollywood Boulevard at Hollywood Studios (Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway, Starbucks)

Hollywood Studios is one of Walt Disney World’s most popular parks — and for good reason.

There’s a lot to see and do. But, how well do you really know each section of the park?

Yes, there’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and Toy Story Land, 2 of the busiest sections of Hollywood Studios, but what about the rest?

There are 9 lands of Hollywood Studios. That’s right, 9!

Each of these areas have their own special attractions, entertainment, dining, characters, and so much more.

So, let’s take a deep dive into each one and explore if you’re missing anything.

Hollywood Boulevard is the first place you see as soon as you enter the park. This is Hollywood Studios’ “Main Street, U.S.A.” and it’s filled with shops, food, characters, and even a fan-favorite attraction, Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway.

Even though it might not be the most popular spot in Hollywood Studios, Hollywood Boulevard shouldn’t be slept on and here’s why.


hollywood boulevard panoramic shot
  • Location: Hollywood Studios
  • Restaurants: 7 Quick Service (Trolley Car Café – Starbucks, Popcorn Cart – near Brown Derby, Popcorn Stand – near Runaway Railway, Pretzel Stand – near Runaway Railway, Popcorn Stand – near Brown Derby, Drink Cart – near Brown Derby, Coca-Cola Drink & Snack Stand – by Oscar’s Super Service); 2 Table Service (Hollywood Brown Derby, Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge)
  • Shops: Movieland Memorabilia, Sid Cahuenga’s One-of-a-Kind, Celebrity 5 & 10, Mickey’s of Hollywood, Keystone Clothiers, Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway Kiosk
  • Entertainment: Pixar Pals Motorcade, Wonderful World of Animation, Disney Movie Magic
  • Attractions: Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway
  • Characters: Daisy, Chip ‘n Dale
  • Popular snacks and drinks: Carrot Cake Cookie (Trolley Car Café)
  • Not-to-miss: Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway, Carrot Cake Cookie, Hollywood Brown Derby, all of the characters

Hollywood Boulevard Map

hollywood boulevard map - hollywood studios


Hollywood Boulevard actually has quite a bit of dining, with 7 Quick Service spots and 2 Table Service locations.

Quick Service Restaurants

Trolley Car Café (aka Starbucks)

trolley car cafe hollywood studios - starbucks

Trolley Car Café is Hollywood Studios’ Starbucks. Yes, it’s usually busy.

You’ll find your typical Starbucks menu here, including coffee drinks and snacks. It also is themed extremely well.

trolley car cafe hollywood studios

But, if you’re coming here, there is one treat that is a must-try! It is none other than the popular Carrot Cake Cookie.

This is absolutely delicious.

carrot cake cookie trolley car cafe hollywood studios

Cream cheese frosting is sandwiched between two layers of carrot cake. It’s pure heaven.

Obviously, if you’re not a carrot cake fan, you probably won’t love this. However, if you are — enjoy!

Popcorn Cart (near Runaway Railway)

popcorn cart hollywood studios by runaway railway

Near Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway and the Frozen sing-along, there is a popcorn stand that sells both drinks and Disney popcorn.

Pretzel Stand (next to Runaway Railway)

pretzel stand hollywood studios by runaway railway

Next to Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway (towards Commissary Lane), you’ll find a pretzel stand selling drinks, beer, Mickey Pretzel’s, and other snacks.

Popcorn Stand (near Hollywood Brown Derby)

popcorn cart hollywood studios by brown derby

Close to Hollywood Brown Derby and the Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge is your standard popcorn stand that sells drinks and — Disney popcorn.

Drink Cart (near Hollywood Brown Derby)

outdoor bar near brown derby in hollywood studios

Near Hollywood Brown Derby (and next to the Animation Courtyard entrance), there is a drink cart.

outdoor bar near brown derby in hollywood studios

Here, you can order specialty cocktails, wine, or beer.

Coca-Cola Drink & Snack Stand (by Oscar’s Super Service)

coca cola drink and snack stand hollywood studios

At the park entrance next to Oscar’s Super Service (where you rent strollers and wheelchairs), you’ll find a small snack and drink stand serving bottled water, fountain drinks, and other snacks.

Table Service Restaurants

Hollywood Brown Derby

hollywood brown derby hollywood studios

The Hollywood Brown Derby is the only Table Service option on Hollywood Boulevard.

This is really a great restaurant, especially if you’re looking for a nicer meal. But, keep in mind that this is on the more expensive side.

hollywood brown derby hollywood studios

It’s open for lunch and dinner and is themed after the famous Brown Derby in Los Angeles, California where classic movie stars were known to frequent.

There are even caricatures of celebrities on the wall. It’s always fun trying to figure out who is in each photo.

cobb salad hollywood brown derby hollywood studios

If you’re looking for popular menu items to try, order the Cobb Salad! It’s so popular that it’s even printed as “Our Famous Cobb Salad” on the menu.

grapefruit cake hollywood brown derby hollywood studios

As for dessert, the Grapefruit Cake is well-known — and oh so tasty.

Reservations are accepted here — and recommended.

Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge

hollywood brown derby lounge hollywood studios

If you can’t get into Hollywood Brown Derby, there is the Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge right next door.

Keep in mind that this is all outdoor seating and walk-up only.

hollywood brown derby lounge hollywood studios

You can order both drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and food from a pared down menu. And! The famous Cobb Salad is on the menu.

There are also specialty cocktail flights, including ones featuring margaritas and martinis.

hollywood brown derby lounge hollywood studios

If you don’t want to sit, you can simply pop over here to visit the bar and take a drink to go.

Seating Areas

While you can find several benches scattered along Hollywood Boulevard, there is also an outdoor seating area next to the Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge. These tables are also covered with umbrellas.

seating area hollywood boulevard hollywood studios


There are quite a few places to shop along Hollywood Boulevard, including stores with Marvel and Star Wars gear.

Movieland Memorabilia

movieland memorabilia hollywood studios

At the front of the entrance near Guest Relations, there is a small outdoor shopping kiosk called Movieland Memorabilia.

movieland memorabilia hollywood studios

There is a small offerings of souvenirs, including plushes, fans, items like sunscreen, and more.

Sid Cahuenga’s One-of-a-Kind

sid cahuenga's one-of-a-kind hollywood studios

Sid Cahuenga’s One-of-a-Kind is at the front of the park across from Crossroads of the World.

sid cahuenga's one-of-a-kind hollywood studios

You can trade pins here, but this is the place to visit to look at your Disney PhotoPass photos, along with purchasing them digitally or by printing them.

There are also frames available for purchase.

Celebrity 5 & 10

celebrity 5 & 10 hollywood studios

Celebrity 5 & 10 offers a range of merchandise. You can find a lot of good items here.

celebrity 5 & 10 hollywood studios

There is special apparel, houseware items (coffee mugs, dishes, pot holders, etc.), Minnie ears, MagicBands and MagicBand+ (inside The Darkroom, which is part of the store and also connected to it), and so much more.

Mickey’s of Hollywood

mickey's of hollywood hollywood studios

Mickey’s of Hollywood is a great store to find a lot of kid-friendly merchandise, including toys.

mickey's of hollywood hollywood studios

Sometimes you can also find Pixar items, along with other standard park merchandise.

Keystone Clothiers

keystone clothiers hollywood studios

If you’re a Marvel or Star Wars fan, this is a good place to shop at Hollywood Studios.

keystone clothiers hollywood studios

Half of the store has merch dedicated to Star Wars and the other half is Marvel-related.

Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway Kiosk

mickey & minnie's runaway railway merchandise kiosk hollywood studios

When you exit Runaway Railway, there is a small kiosk that sells a variety of items, but also items themed after the ride.

mickey & minnie's runaway railway merchandise kiosk hollywood studios

There are Runaway Railway hats, ears, and also shirts!


There is one widely popular ride here — Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway.

Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway

mickey & minnie's runaway railway hollywood studios

Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway is a family-friendly, trackless attraction that is all-around good fun.

The ride takes you inside the cartoon world of Mickey and Minnie. It’s a very impressive ride.

cartoon picnic scene on runaway railway

This is one of the more popular rides at Hollywood Studios, so prepare to wait in line, if you aren’t using Genie+.

You can either use the Standby Line or enter the Lightning Lane when you purchase Genie+.

hollywood studios genie plus booking priorities graphic

Previously, the Great Movie Ride used to be here. It was sad to see this classic attraction end its run at the park, but there’s no denying that Runaway Railway is a huge success — and rightfully so.


There are a handful of characters you can meet on Hollywood Boulevard — but at a distance.


daisy duck sighting at hollywood studios

While not a traditional meet and greet, you can say hello to Daisy near Hollywood Brown Derby in Hollywood Studios.

You’re able to take pictures of her, but she will be at a distance. She meets throughout the day. You can find hours and locations in the My Disney Experience app.

Chip ‘n Dale

chip and dale at hollywood studios near hollywood brown derby

In this sighting in the grassy area next to The Hollywood Brown Derby, you can say hello to Chip and Dale.

Even though they only meet at a distance, they are worth checking out. These two are so funny and are always up to shenanigans with their picnic basket and other props.

You can find hours and locations in the My Disney Experience app.


You can catch a couple nighttime spectaculars on the Chinese Theatre and a Pixar-themed motorcade.

Wonderful World of Animation

wonderful world of animation hollywood studios

This 12-minute nighttime spectacular is a projection show displayed on the Chinese Theatre.

It celebrates more than 90 years of Disney and Pixar animation, including Sleeping Beauty, The Incredibles, and Coco.

While there are only a small amount of fireworks (nothing like Magic Kingdom or Epcot’s nighttime spectaculars), you can expect plenty of projections, lights, and music.

This isn’t one of the more popular nighttime shows at Disney World, but it’s cute. You can check the My Disney Experience app for showtimes.

Disney Movie Magic (doesn’t run all the time)

disney movie magic hollywood studios

Disney Movie Magic is a 10-minute long show with projections on the Chinese Theatre.

Different scenes, along with music, are showcased, including Indiana Jones and Pirates of the Caribbean.

You can check the My Disney Experience app for showtimes and to see if it’s running during your visit.

Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular (currently unavailable)

Star Wars A galactic Spectacular Dessert Party fireworks hollywood studios walt disney world

While Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular hasn’t run since early 2020, the nighttime spectacular was popular — and for good reason.

Between the nighttime spectacular’s tribute to Star Wars, the music, the projections, and the fireworks, what’s not to love?

We aren’t sure if A Galactic Spectacular will ever return, but if or when there is an announcement, we will be sure to let you know.

Pixar Pals Motorcade

pixar motorcade hollywood studios

The Pixar Pals Motorcade runs along Hollywood Boulevard at different times throughout the day.

This is a mini-parade that you don’t need to camp out for. It’s short, quick, and a great way to see some characters.

pixar motorcade hollywood studios

You’ll be able to see Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie, and the Green Army Patrol from Toy Story, Edna Mode and Mr. and Mrs. Incredible from The Incredibles, and Sulley from Monsters, Inc.

Here is the route:

hollywood studios cavalcade route

Be sure to check the My Disney Experience app for daily showtimes.


There are a few activities you can find on Hollywood Boulevard.

Coin Press Machines

coin press machine oscar's super service hollywood studios

There are 3 coin press machines, including one inside Oscar’s Super Serivce.

There is another one by the ATM machine at the cross section of Hollywood and Sunset.

coin press machine hollywood boulevard hollywood studios

The third one is inside Celebrity 5 & 10.

coin press machine celebrity 5 & 10

You can use the coin press machines to create Hollywood-themed pressed pennies.

Pricing ranges for each machine. Usually, you can pay $1.00 for each or $5.00 for 8, depending on what’s available.

Celebrity Handprints and Footprints

handprints and footprints hollywood studios chinese theatre

Exploring the celebrity handprints and footprints in front of Runaway Railway is a fun way to pass time. There are so many famous people here, including the one and only Mickey and Minnie!

Bo, the Coca-Cola Guy

bo coca cola guy hollywood studios

Of course, a trip to Hollywood Studios’ isn’t complete without a photo with Bo, the Coca-Cola guy (at least according to WDW Prep Team Member Allyson). You can find him at the park entrance by the drink and snack stand.

Disney PhotoPass Photographer

You should be able to find multiple PhotoPass photographers all along Hollywood Boulevard.

Just look for the Cast Member with the professional camera — you can’t miss them.

photopass hollywood studios center stage

There should also be one on Center Stage, in front of Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway.

Don’t forget to ask if they have any fun Magic Shots!

Remember: unless you have Memory Maker, Memory Maker Day One, or a PhotoPass entitlement with your Annual Pass, you will have to pay to download or print these photos.


restrooms hollywood boulevard hollywood studios

There are restrooms at the front of Hollywood Boulevard, next to Oscar’s Super Service.

Other Things To Look For

Crossroads of the World

crossroads of the world hollywood studios

As soon as you enter Hollywood Studios, you’ll see the Crossroads of the World. Be sure to look at the very top to spot a famous mouse.

crossroads of the world hollywood studios

You can find sunglasses, Minnie ears, and more merchandise here.

Plus, this is the place to stop if you want a celebration button! Just ask a Cast Member to write a name or whatever/whomever you’re celebrating right on the pin.

Map Stand

map stand hollywood studios

If you need a map, you can find them right next to the Crossroads of the World.


lockers hollywood studios

There are also lockers available for daily rentals. Be sure to visit Crossroads of the World for inquiries.

lockers hollywood studios

These are located directly behind the Coca-Cola stand and Oscar’s Super Service.

Wheelchair and Stroller Rentals

oscar's super service hollywood studios

At the front of the park next to Oscar’s Super Service is the place to rent wheelchairs and strollers.

There is a sign outside for pricing that you can check out.

oscar's super service hollywood studios

The pickup and return locations are also here.

wheelchair and stroller rentals hollywood studios

Inside, you can even find souvenirs to purchase, including strollers.

oscar's super service hollywood studios

First Aid and Baby Care Center

first aid hollywood studios

At the very front of the park (to the left of Crossroads of the World), you’ll find both First Aid and a Baby Care Center for any guests who need them.

Guest Relations

guest relations hollywood studios

Guest Relations is at the park entrance, near the Baby Care Center, if you have any questions or issues.


fuelrod hollywood studios celebrity 5 & 10

You can find a portable phone charging station (aka where you can swap and purchase a FuelRods) in Celebrity 5 & 10.


atm hollywood boulevard hollywood studios

At the cross section of Hollywood Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard, there is an ATM machine for guests to use.

Guest Experience Team

guest experience team hollywood studios

As you walk towards Runaway Railway, you’ll find the Guest Experience Team. They can help with any questions you may have, especially if you have issues when booking Genie+ and Individual Lightning Lane selections.

Animal Relief Area

animal relief area hollywood studios hollywood boulevard

You can find an open outdoor relief area for guests visiting with service animals behind Sid Cahuenga’s One-of-a-Kind.

Hollywood Boulevard Checklist

hollywood boulevard checklist


What’s your favorite thing about Hollywood Boulevard at Hollywood Studios? Tell us in the comments!