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A deep dive into the China pavilion (Mulan, dining, shopping)

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A deep dive into the China pavilion (Mulan, dining, shopping)

One of the most unique elements of Epcot is the World Showcase, which is home to a total of 11 countries.

Exploring each of the pavilions is one of the best parts of the park, in addition to, of course, riding attractions, eating, and drinking around the world.

But, not enough people take the time to actually explore the ins and outs of each country.

The countries have so much detail, great food and drink options, and unique souvenirs. Plus, some even have special entertainment and character meet and greets!

If you want to know more about the China pavilion at Epcot, we have you covered. 

Here we take a deep dive into the country that has one of the coolest merchandise shops, beautiful architecture, the chance to meet Mulan, and so much more.


china pavilion - Epcot - panoramic view
  • Location: World Showcase (between Norway and Germany)
  • Restaurants: 2 Quick Service (Joy of Tea, Lotus Blossom Café); 1 Table Service (Nine Dragons Restaurant)
  • Shops: House of Good Fortune, Good Fortune Gifts, outdoor merchandise stand
  • Entertainment: None
  • Attractions: Reflections of China
  • Characters: Mulan
  • Popular snacks and drinks: Egg rolls (Joy of Tea, Lotus Blossom Café), Tipsy Ducks in Love (Joy of Tea)
  • Not-to-miss: Reflections of China, Mulan, House of the Whispering Willows, House of Good Fortune

China Pavilion Map

map of china pavilion


In the China pavilion, you’ll find 2 Quick Service options and 1 Table Service restaurant. They all serve Chinese-themed menus.

Quick Service Restaurants

Joy of Tea

joy of tea - china pavilion - epcot

Joy of Tea sits outside the pavilion and is where you can get snacks and beverages.

You’ll find a range of of teas (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) here, along with a super tasty drink called “Tipsy Ducks in Love.”

As you can see below, this alcoholic beverage features bourbon, coffee, black tea, cream, and chocolate.

tipsy ducks in love - joy of tea - china pavilion

If you’re in the mood for Pork Egg Rolls, you can order a dish of 2 at Joy of Tea.

egg rolls - joy of tea - china pavilion

Egg rolls are the only snack served at Joy of Tea, but this is the Quick Service spot to visit if you want China-inspired and tea-infused drinks.

Lotus Blossom Café

lotus blossom cafe - china pavilion - epcot

The Lotus Blossom Café is another Quick Service location, but unlike Joy of Tea, you can order actual meals here.

From Orange Chicken, to Mongolian Beef, to Vegetable Stir-Fried, there are several choices.

There are two covered seating areas attached and restrooms (shared with Nine Dragons Restaurant) for customers to use.

lotus blossom cafe - china pavilion - epcot

Lotus Blossom Café also has Pork Egg Rolls and Chicken Pot Stickers on the menu, if you want something lighter.

Table Service Restaurants

Nine Dragon Restaurant

nine dragons restaurant - china pavilion - epcot

Nine Dragons Restaurant is the only Table Service option in the China pavilion. Reservations are recommended.

For lunch and dinner, there are many highlights, including Cantonese, Mongolian, Szechuan, Hunan and Kiangche-style specialties.

nine dragons restaurant menu - china pavilion - epcot

Nine Dragons serves appetizers, entrees, desserts, kids’ meals, and non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages.

Seating Areas

If you’re looking for a place to relax with some spectacular views, the China pavilion is a great spot.

benches in china pavilion - epcot

There are benches all over, with some in the sun and others in the shade. You might even be able to find benches in the back of the pavilion away from crowds.

benches in china pavilion - epcot

If you go inside the Temple of Heaven, where Reflections of China is located, there are a bunch of benches for guests.

reflections of china seating area - china pavilion

This is usually the waiting area for those wanting to watch Reflections of China, but anyone can go in here to rest their feet and cool off.

benches in china pavilion - epcot

You can also find a bench outside the show’s exit, which is really nice because it’s covered and quiet.

lotus blossom cafe seating area - china pavilion - epcot

Lotus Blossom Café also has plenty of tables and chairs that are out of the sun.


As soon as you enter China, you’ll find a merchandise stand outside the main pavilion. Once you walk inside, there is a bigger store that we recommend walking through.

Good Fortune Gifts

house of good fortune - china pavilion

Good Fortune Gifts is a small stand selling a range of Chinese-inspired clothing, accessories, and other souvenirs.

house of good fortune - china pavilion - hats
house of good fortune - china pavilion - souvenirs

There are many items for sale, like a chopstick set.

house of good fortune - china pavilion - chopsticks
house of good fortune - china pavilion

You won’t be disappointed in the options at Good Fortune Gifts.

House of Good Fortune

house of good fortune - china pavilion

House of Good Fortune is the main store in the China pavilion.

It’s a huge shop that not only sells an impressive range of Chinese merchandise, but it’s also beautiful.

house of good fortune - china pavilion - fans
house of good fortune - china pavilion - kimono

From custom-designed fans, to purses, to hats, to specially-flavored Lay’s potato chips, there’s so much to look at and buy.

house of good fortune - china pavilion - lays chips

There’s even a station where you can buy your own engraved identification tags.

house of good fortune - china pavilion - engraved Id tags

Granted, the I.D. tags aren’t exclusive to the China pavilion (there are other spots around Disney World), but it’s a fun option.

Outdoor Merchandise Stand

outdoor merchandise stand in the china pavilion at epcot

You can also find this small merchandise stand across from House of Good Fortune, which sells a range of China-themed souvenirs.


While this isn’t a thrill ride, China has its own show narrated by Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai that takes you on an immersive tour through the sights and sounds of China.

Reflections of China

reflections of china - epcot

Reflections of China is a 12-minute Circle-Vision 360 presentation, meaning the screen wraps around the entire theater. 

There’s footage of the Huangshan mountain range, the mythical Sea of Clouds, the Yangtze River, the water-bound city of Suzhou, the vast Forbidden City, and more.

reflections of china - epcot

If you’re prone to motion sickness, know that the film can be a little disorienting at times.

Reflections of China also has hearing disability services for those who need them.

reflections of china - epcot

The theater is standing-room only, but it is accessible to those using a wheelchair or other mobility devices.

reflections of china - epcot

The show is listed in the My Disney Experience app, but there aren’t official showtimes because it runs continuously throughout the park day.

In November 2018 at Destination D, China (along with Canada) was slated for an updated 360-degree film. Canada’s new film, Canada Far and Wide, has premiered, but China’s has not.

However, it’s unclear if we can expect to see Wondrous China debut in the future.


Sometimes you can find entertainment at the front of the China pavilion.

Acrobats, known as the “Jeweled Dragon Acrobats,” are known for their tumbling, twisting, flips, and leaps.

Keep in mind that performances from the acrobats haven’t happened for some time now.

In the past, shows have taken place here:

chain pavilion - epcot

And here in the empty area near the benches across from Nine Dragons Restaurant.

benches in china pavilion - epcot

You can also ask a Cast Member if there is any entertainment for the day.

If or when entertainment does return, you should be able to find the acrobats listed in the My Disney Experience app and check the daily schedule.


The China pavilion is where you can see Mulan.

mulan meet and greet at epcot

You can meet her at different times throughout the day in the Great Hall of China (where you enter to watch Reflections of China).

You can find times she meets listed in the My Disney Experience app, along with her exact meeting location.


There are a few activities you can try while exploring the China pavilion.

House of the Whispering Willows

The House of the Whispering Willows houses special exhibits.

Currently, you can explore different elements of the Shanghai Disney Resort via a gallery exhibit featuring exclusive artwork from the newest Disney destination.

house of the whispering willow exhibit - china pavilion - epcot

You can learn about how Walt Disney Imagineers wove elements of Chinese culture into the resort.

There are drawings, photos, and artwork of the attractions, 6 different themed lands, 2 hotels, and the shopping, dining and entertainment district known as Disneytown. 

Some of the Cast Member costumes are also on display.

house of the whispering willow exhibit - china pavilion - epcot
house of the whispering willow exhibit - china pavilion - epcot

House of the Whispering Willows is usually open from park open to park close. You can find hours in the My Disney Experience app.

Kidcot Fun Stop

Like the 10 other country pavilions in the World Showcase, China has a Kidcot Fun Stop location.

kidcot fun stop - epcot - china

This is a fun family-friendly activity, that’s complimentary and perfect for keeping kids interested as you make your way around the World Showcase.

At each stop, you collect an activity card detailing facts and activities featuring the culture and traditions of each country.

kidcot fun stop - epcot - china

You can find China’s Kidcot stop in Reflections of China.

Save this checklist and have your little one check off each Kidcot Fun Stop as you make your way through each country.

epcot kidcot fun stop checklist

Coin Press Machine

For $1.00, you can use this coin press machine to create China and Disney-themed pressed pennies.

coin press machine - china pavilion - epcot

In the China pavilion, you’ll find coin press machines inside House of Good Fortune (above) and outside across from Lotus Blossom Café and House of Good Fortune (below).

coin press machine - china pavilion - epcot

Disney PhotoPass Photographer

If you want to take a nice photo in the China pavilion, look for the Disney PhotoPass photographer near the green umbrella.

They’re usually at the front of the path that leads to the Temple of Heaven.

photopass - china pavilion in epcot

Remember: unless you have Memory Maker, Memory Maker Day One, or a PhotoPass entitlement with your Annual Pass, you will have to pay to download or print these photos.

Below are photo examples that you may have taken in the pavilion.

photopass - china pavilion in epcot

Be sure to also ask if they have any fun “Magic Shots”!

photopass - china pavilion in epcot

Picture Spot

While there isn’t a Disney PhotoPass photographer at this spot, this is a suggested PhotoPass picture spot where you can take a nice photo in the pavilion.

picture spot in china pavilion at epcot

Best Harmonious Views

  • Harmonious’ final performance was on April 2, 2023 and the barges were removed from World Showcase Lagoon. On April 3, 2023, Epcot Forever returned as an interim show until Luminous the Symphony of Us debuts on December 5, 2023.

There are several places to watch Harmonious in the China pavilion.

As you walk towards Germany, there is a wall that you can stand next to. There are even standing tables nearby.

china pavilion harmonious views epcot

Between China and Norway, there’s an open area that you can view the nighttime show as well.

Keep in mind there is an island with some trees in the center of the lagoon as you look on from China, so make sure you find an area with unobstructed views.

china pavilion harmonious views epcot

Other reasons China makes a great spot to watch Harmonious:

  • The pavilion is close to Mexico, Norway, and Germany, which all have great food and drink choices
  • There is a restroom inside Lotus Blossom Café for anyone who needs it while waiting for Harmonious to start
  • Activities to keep kids occupied, like the Kidcot Fun Stop, the coin press machine, and Reflections of China, which you can watch if you grab a Harmonious spot super early
  • Has a massive store and exhibit to walk through for anyone who needs a break from waiting

Reason you may want to skip it:

  • Most of the views from China are obstructed by the island and trees in the World Showcase Lagoon. You will still be able to see the fireworks, b

Here’s what Harmonious’ view looks like from China:

China - Harmonious

Be sure to grab your viewing spot no less than 60 minutes before showtime. Space can fill up quickly.

You can find that night’s Harmonious showtime in the My Disney Experience app.

Harmonious Viewing Map

map of best epcot fireworks view


If you need to use the restroom in the China pavilion, there are bathrooms inside Lotus Blossom Café. These are also shared with guests dining at Nine Dragons Restaurant.

restrooms in china pavilion - epcot

Festival Exclusives

Like every other country in the World Showcase, different festival exclusives can be found in the China pavilion.

This is for all 4 Epcot festivals: Food and WineFestival of the HolidaysFestival of the Arts, and Flower and Garden.

epcot flower and garden cotton candy - china pavilion

These include (to name a few):

lotus house booth - flower and garden - china pavilion

We encourage you to take the time to explore the China pavilion. It may be on the smaller side, but it’s very mighty.

China Pavilion Checklist

china pavilion checklist - epcot


What’s your favorite thing about the China pavilion at Epcot? Tell us in the comments!

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