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Where to meet Moana at Disney World

Where to meet Moana at Disney World

The wildly popular animated film Moana created a huge wave of fans hoping for the chance to meet the brave and tenacious adventurer.

And for years your only option for meeting Moana was to catch her at one of the parties over at Magic Kingdom. But all that is changing!

Starting in April, you’ll also be able to meet Moana year-round at her very own meet and greet in Animal Kingdom.

Here’s what you need to know about all the places you can meet Moana…

Meet Moana at Animal Kingdom

Moana greets guests daily on Discovery Island at Animal Kingdom!

moana meet and greet at animal kingdom

You can find her down the own the path across from Isle of Java and near the bridge that leads to DinoLand, U.S.A.

location of Moana meet and greet in Animal Kingdom

Her meet and greet is very popular, so you’ll want to plan accordingly. You can find daily meet and greet times in the My Disney Experience app.

Meet Moana at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

Moana is also known to greet guests at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party (MVMCP).

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party basics

From the beginning of November up through the week before Christmas, several times a week Magic Kingdom is transformed into a holiday wonderland.

There are festive decorations, fun seasonal entertainment offerings, exclusive fireworks and stage shows, and even cups of hot cocoa and cookies.

moana mickey's very merry christmas party

Ticket prices for MVMCP range from $149-$199 (plus tax) for adults and $139-$189 (plus tax) for children.

Remember, this is a special event with its own ticket.

A good indicator for how popular Disney thinks a party might be is found in the price structure: more popular (and busier) parties have a higher price point, as you can see in the chart here.

Where does Moana meet?

During Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, Moana greets her guests in the queue area of the Enchanted Tiki Room (which is located in Adventureland).

Moana sign

The queue for this line is outside, but it is covered (which is nice in case it rains).

Tiki Room

What’s the best time to visit?

Even though the parties don’t start until 7 p.m., your ticket will get you in starting at 4 p.m. (and DVC Members and guests can get in starting at 2 p.m.!).

And, although things don’t officially kick off until that 7 p.m. start time, the most popular characters will start meeting earlier.

In Moana’s case, her line usually opens at 6 p.m. outside. You’re allowed inside the queue beginning at 6:30 p.m. and she’ll start meeting around 6:35 pm.

For the shortest waits, head to see Moana during fireworks and the parades or the last half of the party, as wait times decrease throughout the evening (30 minute waits are common after 9:00).

Wristband Distribution Tomorrowland MVMCP 2022

Important note: before you can get in line, you’ll need to make sure you get your party wristband. You can do that at the front of the park (if you are entering around 4 p.m.) or there are wristband stations inside the park where you’ll be able to get one. 

Plan to try to meet Moana AND Jack and Sally in one night?

If your plan is to meet both Moana and Jack and Sally, you’ll need to be more strategic, and you’ll probably have to make some sacrifices.

It is possible, but it may require you to miss either the parade or fireworks.

But, if you don’t mind that, we recommend you start by lining up for Jack and Sally no later than 4 p.m., meet them, and then head over to Moana.

If you are at the very front of the Jack and Sally line, you should (hopefully) be done with both Moana and Jack and Sally by 7 p.m. when the main party starts.

Can’t make it before the party starts?

If, by chance, you can’t get there to hop in line right at 4:00 p.m., your next best option to avoid long waits and wasting a lot of official party time is to hop in line towards the end of the night. 

Because the line can get cut off before the party ends, we don’t recommend you wait until any later than about 11:15 p.m. to do that. 

Tips for meeting Moana at a party

  • Do you consider yourself a huge fan? Don’t be afraid to dress up a bit! Here are some costume tips to help you with that.
  • Grab a Dole Whip to snack on before jumping in line
  • If you don’t have Memory Maker, you can purchase Memory Maker One Day which will let you download and save all of your party pics
  • Get nervous meeting characters? Here are some things you can talk about:
    • ask her if she’s gone on any adventures lately
    • ask how Hei-Hei is doing
    • ask how Maui is doing

Note: Moana used to appear at Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party (MNSSHP), but didn’t show up during the 2022 event. We will let you know if that changes in 2023.

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Heather Thomas


Friday 20th of September 2019

Moana was there this year?!?!?!? I asked cast members and looked but did not see her at MNSSHP on 8/20. My 5 year old was so upset he couldn't meet her.

Shannon Albert

Monday 23rd of September 2019

Yep! The pics in this post from the Halloween party were taken on 8/20, in fact. Cast Members have a cheat sheet they carry during the parties to help locate characters. Frustrating that the one(s) you asked couldn't point you in the right direction.