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Tipping at Disney World (& when you’ll need cash)

Tipping at Disney World (& when you’ll need cash)

Budgeting for a Disney World trip is tricky. There is so much to keep track of: flights, resorts, dining, souvenirs.

But one of the areas of budgeting that can cause some stress is knowing when to tip at Disney World.

Even though there are lots of strong opinions about who and when to tip, there are some general tipping guidelines that we recommend following when vacationing at the Walt Disney World Resort.

To know how to plan for your trip check out the list below…

Who to tip at Disney World

We go into more detail and answer some frequently asked Disney tipping questions below, but in general, you’ll need to plan to tip the following people:

When to tipHow much should you tip?What forms of payment are accepted for tips?
Anytime anybody handles your luggage$1/$2 per bagCash
When dining at Table Service restaurants15-20% of the total billCash, credit or debit card, Disney Gift Card
Mousekeepers (who are the Cast Members that clean your room)$1/$2 per person, per dayCash
When visiting Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique (or any of the salons and spas)15-20% of the total billCash, credit or debit card, Disney Gift Card (Harmony Barber Shop can only accept cash tips)
If you valet park$2-$5 per dayCash
If you use a VIP Tour GuideAround 10%Cash, however you may also be able to tip via Venmo
If you book a specialty cruise$2-$5 per personCash
Who to tip at disney World

Are tips included in the Disney Dining Plan?

Unfortunately, no.

Tips are not included on the Disney Dining Plan.

You’ll need to pay out of pocket for those. If you feel like that is different from how it used to be, it is.

chef mickey

Years ago, tips were a part of the Disney Dining Plan – and having those built in made for an excellent overall value.

But, that changed several years back and now tips are no longer included.

You can pay for your dining tips via cash, debit or credit card, charging on your MagicBand or MagicBand+, or even put it on a Disney Gift Card.

Do I need to tip Bell Services and/or the Mears Connect driver?

When you travel, you may have times when people help you with your bags. This is especially true if you fly.

Anytime somebody handles your luggage, you should plan to tip $1/$2 per bag.

In all the situations below, plan on tipping $1-$2/bag:

Should we tip Mousekeeping?

Mousekeepers are the hard-working housekeepers who keep your room clean and towels stocked.

While not required, tipping is an easy way to show appreciation for Mousekeeping at the resort.

Since your Mousekeeper may not be the same every day, you should plan on tipping them $1-$2/person, per day.

Want a cute way to show your appreciation? Consider using one of these fun Mousekeeping tip envelopes.

Do you tip at Disney World restaurants?

Tipping is suggested at all Disney World Table Service restaurants.

The standard tip for most areas of the U.S. is 15-20%, so you’ll want to plan on tipping that amount when dining at any Table Service restaurant on property.

To help you know how much and when to tip at Disney World, you’ll see that Disney prints the tip amount for a couple of different percentages of the total on your receipt:

Receipt What to tip at Disney World

If you are on the Disney Dining Plan, your tips are not included and will need to be paid separately.

You can pay your tips with cash, gift card, credit/debit card, or you can charge them to your room.

Do you tip at meals that are served buffet or family-style?

Buffets and family-style meals are considered Table Service, and tips are still expected at those locations.

Not sure how to budget for tips on the Disney Dining Plan?

Check out the average cost of a meal at each restaurant to give you a rough idea.

Does Disney add an automatic gratuity for large parties?

Automatic gratuities for large groups are fairly common in the US.

At Disney World, parties of 6 or more will have an 18% automatic gratuity added to the ticket.

Will my little ones under the age of 3 count toward the 6?

The answer as to whether they count toward the 6 is not very definitive, because this policy is not enforced consistently throughout Disney World. So the answer to the question is “sometimes.”

You could always talk to your server at the beginning of the meal to find out how they plan to do it. If you feel that your little one shouldn’t count, you could try to request that up front, though there’s no guarantee on how they’ll end up handling it.

Do I need to tip at Cinderella’s Royal Table?

Although in most cases tips aren’t included in the price of your meal, there are a few special situations where they are.

Tips are included in your bill at both Cinderella’s Royal Table and Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue.


Do you tip at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique (or any of the salons and spas)?

Just like you’d expect if you were getting a haircut at home, you’ll want to plan on tipping at Walt Disney World, too.

Plan to tip 10-15% of your expected bill at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, Harmony Barber Shop, and any of the spas and salons located in the resorts.

Note that tips for the Cast Members at Harmony Barber shop must be paid in cash.

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique sign at Magic kingdom

Should you tip if you Valet Park at Disney World?

Disney offers valet parking at all of its Deluxe Resorts, at Coronado Springs, and at Disney Springs.

In most instances, valet parking costs $39/day. Guests with a valid handicap registration can often valet park for free.

All guests (whether you can valet for free or not) should plan on tipping $2-$5.

Coronado Springs valet parking lot

Get more info on parking and driving at Disney World.

How much do I tip a private VIP Guide at Disney World?

Thinking about taking a Private Tour at Disney World?

Shannon on Buzz with VIP Guide

We suggest planning to tip around 10% for VIP Tour Guides at Disney World.

Though the rules on this are a bit fuzzy and tour guides will tell you they don’t need to be tipped, you should spend some time thinking about what you want to do.

Most times we’ve tipped our VIP guides in cash. However, we’ve also heard of guides who were able to accept tips via Venmo, too.

Private fireworks cruises

We love booking private fireworks cruises for special occasions.

private cruise boat at dock Yacht Club at Disney World

The captains on the private fireworks cruises can also receive tips.

Plan to tip them $2-5/person.

When to tip at Disney World FAQs

Can I tip with a gift card?

In some instances (like when you are dining), yes. But definitely not everywhere. It is best to keep some small bills on you if you know you’ll be in one of the situations listed above.

I had the best Cast Member at Dumbo. Can I tip them?

In most cases (outside of the list above) Cast Members can’t accept tips. However, they definitely can accept compliments. If you had an interaction with a Cast Member who went above and beyond, consider thanking them in other ways than a tip.

What about my Disney bus driver?

Monorail and Disney bus drivers should not be tipped, but if you have a great experience, you should definitely leave them a compliment at Guest Services.

I am not sure if I can tip this Cast Member. What should I do?

Ask them! There are other situations where you may have an interaction with a Cast Member who can be tipped, so it is always good to ask. Concierge Desk Cast Members, golf caddies, fishing boat captains – these are all Cast Members that can receive tips, so when in doubt, ask!

Video: 5 times you should tip at Disney World


Have any other questions about when to tip at Disney World? Let us know in the comments .


Saturday 16th of March 2024

Great tips. However, on recent trips, I've noticed a trend with resort bellhops. One will get a cart and unload your bags from your arrival vehicle, be it personal car or paid service vehicle. The bell hop gets his tip, then moves the cart inside, where a different bellhop will push the cart to your designated room and unloads the cart. Does the second bellhop get tipped as well? My thought is this is kind of a double dip scam perpetrated by the bellhops and only one person should be tipped.


Wednesday 31st of January 2024

what about bar tenders and baristas ?

Shannon Albert

Friday 2nd of February 2024

Yes, you can tip them on your credit card slip.

Laura Trist

Friday 26th of February 2021

How much cash would you recommend taking to Disney World for tips? I know it depends on how many restaurants, etc. you use but it would be good to have a rough idea of what people take, as a whole. We are a couple going for two weeks from the UK, if there is anybody who has had a similar experience.


Tuesday 4th of February 2020

At Animal Kingdom Lodge our experience is that bell services takes our bags at check in then later delivers them to our room. Do we tip when we leave the bags AND when they are brought to the room? Or only when they are brought to our room?


Wednesday 9th of October 2019

We visited BIPPITY today and nowhere on my credit card slip did it leave room for a tip. So I assumed it wasn’t necessary. I have been to the Senses spa and it does allow for tipping when you pay your bill. We also did the pirate firework cruise and had wonderful cast members and boat crew and no one was tipping at the end. I think it isn’t done for everything so don’t worry about not tipping or tipping-you just have to use your best judgment. Definitely tip bell services and Mouse keeping!!