How to thank Disney World Cast Members

I've never had a Disney World trip where Cast Members didn't create some kind of magical moment during my time there.

And no matter what you think of FastPass+, the Cast Members are the ones who are on the front line and feeling the brunt of all of the difficulties and complaints.

In the middle of all of that, many Cast Members still manage to make magical moments for guests.

Thanking them goes a long way. Here's how you can do it.

Request a "Great Service Fanatic" card

A former Cast Member shared on the WDW Prep Facebook Page that all guests can ask Cast Members or their managers for Great Service Fanatic cards to fill out. The card is signed by the managers and entered into drawings for Cast Members to win prizes. They will also have it added to their record which can help with promotions and transfers.

greatservicefanatic - How to thank Disney World Cast Members

Call or email

Forget to say something during your trip? Or want to reinforce it after you get home?

Send an email or place a call to Disney World guest communications.

Phone number: 407-824-4321

Email: [email protected]

Take your own thank you notes

In addition to the things above, you can hand out cute notes directly to Cast Members. Something tells me if you go on your trip looking for things to be thankful for, you'll find them.

These thank you notes are about the size of a small postcard and you might choose to write on the back if you'd like to add a special note.

buzz - How to thank Disney World Cast Members

mickey - How to thank Disney World Cast Members

incredibles - How to thank Disney World Cast Members

magicmickey - How to thank Disney World Cast Members

rapunzel - How to thank Disney World Cast Members

royalty - How to thank Disney World Cast Members

tink - How to thank Disney World Cast Members

woody1 - How to thank Disney World Cast Members

To download the high-res images, click on the pics above and then save them to your computer.

To download in Word or PDF formats, use the files below.

Download Thank You Notes in Word format

Download Thank You Notes in PDF format


Questions or other ideas for saying thanks?

Please share in the comments.

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I want to thank John the boat driver never had so much laughter from fort wilderness to the contemporary resort! He deserves a raise!!

Joy McGraw

My granddaughter and i were at Animal Kingdom on March 13. We were trying to figure out how to use the app when a wonderful employee started helping us. We were trying to get fast passes for Avatar. She was great and got us passes for flight is avatar and the boat journey through avatar. It made my granddaughters trip wonderful. Thank you Ari V. I hope you get credit for being so wonderful!!

Jeremiah Ciola

I wish I knew her name but I was nervous. Whoever was in charge of the Magic Kingdom tea cups was really nice and she had red hair and was really cute. I wish I could find her but later I didn’t see her. Tea cups at 10:00 am. January 13th. 2018.

Joanne Carriere

I’m one of the guests who have been on the safari ride more than 10 times. The driver, Lynn, was the best yet. She knew more about the animals and conservation than anyone I’ve met. Thank you for sharing your knowledge

Just t

We had lunch at the Prime Time Diner, a 50’s themed restaurant in The Hollywood Studios park. Our cast member was Jenn. I cannot say enough about her. So was personal and professional, and she made us feel like we were her only table, which I’m quite sure that we weren’t. We laughed all through lunch and she was all that we could talk about on our way home from Florida. We were named “The Canadian Cousins”, and we’re introduced to the next table as such. Jenn was quite simply AWESOME!! And while I’m at it, Everet, out guide and… Read more »

Dan Graiber

I would like to HIGHLY thank Chris and Tasha at Hollywood Studios 50’s Diner. My wife had mouth surgery a week prior to our visit at WDW Hollywood’s Studios. Being a cast member myself at WDW, you tend to keep close eyes on everyone for safety sake. My wife in the middle of dinner ended up passing out from heat exhaustion at the table. I jumped up and had to help my wife and at the same time Chris came to check up on my family about our food. I asked him to call for Ready Creek EMT’S and he… Read more »

Wendy Stuck

Praise for Sara at the Beauty & Beast show today who let our daughter meet the technical crew and Ms. Virginia. Thank you to everyone. Ellie is studying digital/media communications.

KayCee Escamilla

I have printed mine out on card. On the inside I will hand write a special thank you note. We will be using these for giving out our meal tips and mousekeeping. I have also printed extras that I can use for cast member that are wonderful to us. For those I will make sure to take them to the right place so that there managers know how wonderful they were to us. I want them to get credit. I just want to give back some of the magic that they give us.

Don Figgs

While the pre-printed cards are nice, I highly recommend filling out a guest service fanatic card or writing to WDW Guest Communications instead. That way, their managers are notified and their record is notated.

Christina Oatman

The photographs are amazing. They capture so many memories for you.

One cast member in particular made my kid’s day. We were at the end of the night at Magic Kingdom and we could not get the fastpass that they wanted. They had their faces painted, she asked them for their signaturesupport! They were so excited. They were a pirate and a princess. I wish I took her name. It was all that they talked about two days.

This is a wonderful article, thank you for sharing. We are heading down to mouse land in March and have these cards ready to go to thank all those hard working cast members that put up with so much each and every day!

Caril Dean

Animal Kingdom photographer Dennis @ the bridge by Everest was AMAZING. We were so thrilled with his personality and attitude. He made us feel welcome and excited to be in the park, he was the only photographer over the 5 days to be “Disney” to my family, Mr. Disney would be proud. It was like each guest that he had an interaction with walked away like we did knowing that it was worth coming to Florida and going to Disney world. He was what we expected the entire time and you can count on use coming back next year to… Read more »


Thank you gor these! I was able to use one for this very special cast member, and was thankful I had them. We got right next to the castle when our stroller tire blew, leaving our stroller unusable. Michael was right there. He not only took us to get another stroller, but he also got little one a pen and autograph book. Then so we could get on our way to explore, Michael took our busted stroller to storage where they fixed it for us!! With a wave of his magic wand, he turned what could have been a miserable… Read more »


My family and I were at Animal Kingdom when I realized that my pass was lost or left in the hotel room. I am sorry but I can’t remember the supervisor and the cast member at the entrance window. I thought I would have to buy another ticket for myself. These employees went over and beyond their duties to help us. We had purchased our tickets together and the cast members looked up my son Chris’s I’d on his card and from there I was given another pass and the old one was taken out of the system. The cast… Read more »


Larry, even if you can not remember their name just the time, window number, or what they looked like is enough for Guest Services to track the CM. DLR has a very sophisticated system for keeping track of there CM as they usually have a min of about 5k on stage during show hours. Trust me Guest Services WILL find them. 😀


I just want to say THANK YOU! to Shannon. I had a free shutterfly code for cards and used the images you made and just got my cards in the mail! They turned out awesome!! I’ll post a pic of my finished project on the facebook page!

Noreen P

When my boyfriend and I were in Disneyland we attended a breakfast with Lilo & Stitch. I had come prepared with a Cigar Box handbag that I’d make of Lilo & Stitch and what ever made me take a second handbag, I’ll never know. When Lilo got so excited about seeing the bag I couldn’t resist giving it to her. She whispered that she can’t accept it but I insisted and had to go talk to her lead. Needless to say, she was very happy when her lead said yes. I took my stuff out and put it in the… Read more »


I am making thank you cards to have our to cast members and character. How many do you recommend we bring?

Lola Dail

I wanted to give high praise to Robbie at Jungle Cruise. He never broke his professional demeanor during an exceptionally nasty encounter with an irate visitor. My husband and I witnessed the entire incident. The visitor even put his hands on Robbie and was asked”sir please do not put your hands on a cast member” Highest praise for a young man who kept his professional cool.


I used these thank you cards last week and each cast member I gave them to seemed so appreciative of them. One girl got tears in her eyes! We wrote “The Loftin Family” and our email on the back and each of us signed each one. We have received 2 emails thanking us for them. It makes me feel good knowing we made it known how much we appreciate how hard they all work to make our visits magical! Thank you for sharing these!


We gave out these thank cards during our trip last month and each CM who received them absolutely loved them and were so appreciative. In each case it lead to a very nice conversation. Among others, we gave one to the very first person who assisted us… the CM who checked us in at the POFQ and one to our Keys To The Kingdom tour guide. We gave one to the manager at Narcossee and specifically mentioned the hostess, server and the chef who came to the table to discuss an allergy. Each one of them, including the manager, came… Read more »


I should add that we printed them out on card stock which made them much more like actual thank you notes. 🙂


There’s a server at Tusker House (“Shirley”) who was so nice to me and my son on a trip we took 5 years ago. We took pictures with her (she is in our scrapbook!) as she made the experience very special.

And for the past 5 years when we’ve gone back, we always look her and give her a big hug. Obviously, we leave a nice tip but how special she must feel to have guests show up and ask for her by name? She totally deserves the appreciation.


Hey, current cast member here. 🙂 Just wanted to correct something. Those Fanatic cards are nice and all, but they DO NOT help us with transfers or promotions. A Fanatic card actually got a friend of mine in trouble recently–he gave a lady something for free to cheer up her sick husband, and the lady wanted to fill out a Fanatic card. The managers had to sign it, and found out that he’d given away something for free–something which is actually a BIG NO NO without management permission. Yikes! Really, better than any fanatic card, is just being nice to… Read more »

Caryn Cooke Newcomb

Just before I read this wonderful post we’d been talking abt. How people are so QUICK to complain,and that we were happy we always go out of our way to thank those whom give that little, or THAT huge “extra effort”
The cards to download are a lovely gift!! THANK YOU!

Kristina Valcarce

My sister was a Cast Member for two years. I know she would have LOVED to have someone give her a simple but heart felt thank you card like these. I am going to make sure to show my appreciation to outstanding CMs on our next visit!


What a great post! I think sometimes the people I saw on vacation there were a little more demanding and expectant because of the money they laid out for their trip, that they were often quite abrupt with cast members. This is a great reminder to everyone to show gratitude, those cast members are usually not the source of their anxiety or anger. And seriously, I have never had better service anywhere by every single employee, than I did in WDW. I will definitely use these next trip!

Amy Avery

We used the Great Service card for my daughter’s stylist at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. She was fantastic and my daugther was all smiles for the rest of the day. We also tipped her as well. It was well worth it. I like this cards. I could think of many cast members that we could have given these too. That would include our hotel to park bus driver. When my daughter got on the bus wearing her princess outfit/hair/etc, he made an announcement that “royalty” was on board and everyone on the bus clapped for her. It truly was magical!


That’s the cutest thing I’ve ever heard. So sweet.

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