Printable, customizable (and cute!) Mousekeeping tip envelopes

Good service deserves a good tip, right? That includes Disney World where housekeeping (errr, Mousekeeping) makes daily visits.

And what better way to do it than with Mousekeeping tip envelopes that are easy to print at home.

In this post, we have lots of Disney-themed designs you can download before you head out on your trip.

Let's take a look...

How to use the Mousekeeping tip envelopes

There are lots of Mousekeeping tip envelopes online, but I've never liked them much. They often use clip art and look pretty cheesy.

So....I decided to make my own.

Here are a few facts about the envelopes below:

  • they come in 3 different formats - JPG, PDF and Gimp
  • each uses a different font to match the theme of the picture and the font name is listed and linked under each picture
  • the envelopes fit a bill exactly so no folding of money is necessary
  • if you want to customize it in any way, use the Gimp format (Gimp can be downloaded here)

The going rate for tipping is about $1 per day per person. I often just leave $5 for our family of 4.

(It's important to tip daily since different people come throughout your stay - if you leave an amount at the end, it probably won't get to all of the people who cleaned your room during your stay.)

Download the envelopes

On to the Mousekeeping tip envelopes!

Toy Story envelope

Mousekeepingtoystory1 558x600 - Printable, customizable (and cute!) Mousekeeping tip envelopes

Font used: Agent Red
PDF version | Gimp version | JPG version

Castle envelope

Mousekeepingcastlesilhouettescreenshot1 558x600 - Printable, customizable (and cute!) Mousekeeping tip envelopes

Font used: Orange Grove
PDF version | Gimp version | JPG version

Epcot envelope

MousekeepingEPCOT1 558x600 - Printable, customizable (and cute!) Mousekeeping tip envelopes

Font used: Disney Epcot Center Regular
PDF version | Gimp version | JPG version

Little Mermaid envelope

Mousekeepinglittlemermaidsilhouettescreenshot 558x600 - Printable, customizable (and cute!) Mousekeeping tip envelopes

Font used: Amazonica
PDF version | Gimp version | JPG version

Princess envelope

MousekeepingPrincess1 558x600 - Printable, customizable (and cute!) Mousekeeping tip envelopes

Font used: Princess Lulu
PDF version | Gimp version | JPG version

Mickey Mouse envelope

Mousekeepingmickeysilhouettescreenshot 558x600 - Printable, customizable (and cute!) Mousekeeping tip envelopes

Font used: Minnie
PDF version | Gimp version | JPG version

Lion King envelope

Mousekeepinglionking1 558x600 - Printable, customizable (and cute!) Mousekeeping tip envelopes

Font used: Lion King
PDF version | Gimp version | JPG version

Pocahontas envelope

Mousekeepingpocahontassilhouette 558x600 - Printable, customizable (and cute!) Mousekeeping tip envelopes

Font used: PokerHunters
PDF version | Gimp version | JPG version

Tangled envelope

MousekeepingTangled1 558x600 - Printable, customizable (and cute!) Mousekeeping tip envelopes

Font used: Tangled
PDF version | Gimp version | JPG version

Tinker Bell envelope

Mousekeepingtinksilhouette1 558x600 - Printable, customizable (and cute!) Mousekeeping tip envelopes

Font used: akaFrivolity
PDF version | Gimp version | JPG version

Cars envelope

MousekeepingCars1 558x600 - Printable, customizable (and cute!) Mousekeeping tip envelopes

Font used: Kelvenized
PDF version | Gimp version | JPG version

Tiana envelope

Mousekeepingtianasilhouette 558x600 - Printable, customizable (and cute!) Mousekeeping tip envelopes

Font used: Princess and the Frog
PDF version | Gimp version | JPG version

Rapunzel envelope

MousekeepingRapunzelPascalSilhouette 558x600 - Printable, customizable (and cute!) Mousekeeping tip envelopes

Font used: Tangled
PDF version | Gimp version | JPG version

Animal Kingdom Lodge envelope

AnimalKingdomLodge 558x600 - Printable, customizable (and cute!) Mousekeeping tip envelopes

Font used: FF Erikrighthand
PDF version | Gimp version | JPG version


Find a Mousekeeping tip envelope you liked? Feel free to share or make suggestions for other designs in the comments.

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These are wonderful, I would love if i could get some just the character profile & thank you, for example the tinkerbell one with the cut/fold lines and i could use colored paper, my printer ends up warping standard paper and I have plenty of colored paper from different projects.

Thank you so much these are great.


love them
thank you

Bill Trivettt

I love these but I didn’t see one for the Animal Kingdom. I created one for there if you would like it I can send it your way. Oh by the way, my wife an I love this website.

Rebecca Brockway

Hi Shannon, I love these envelopes, and will definitely be using them for our trip. Thank you so much for all of the time spent in making them! I am wondering if you have ever heard of people leaving anything else for Mousekeeping, along with the tip? I have thought about leaving little treats with our envelopes but I don’t know if that is acceptable or allowed. Things like chocolates, or a “Disney treat” that they may not spend the money on themselves, or even an item from my own local area (thinking of pure maple syrup from Vermont). Would… Read more »


These are AWESOME!!! Thank You!! just printed some for our trip in 2 weeks!!!


I absolutely adore these! I’m looking forward to poking around the site and seeing what other goodies you have in store 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing your talent!

Alicia Wall

I LOVE these!!!! So adorable! We are doing Disney this fall and my daughter will just LOVE getting to set these out each day!

I just wanted to say thanks for these – printing some out today for our upcoming honeymoon 🙂


Hi! I love these!! I am trying to print them out for our upcoming vacation and for some reason it doesn’t display right and when I print them out, nothing is on the page…any suggestions?? Thanks for your help!!


Did you click on the PDF? That’s what I’m doing now, no problems at all!


Love these. Have printed them out for our upcoming 10 day stay at Disneyworld! We’re also staying at Disneyland beforehand for 4 days (flying from Australia so thought we’d make the most of the trip) and thought I’d print some out for there as well. Might be obvious, but I’m presuming the housekeeping staff in Disneyland are mousekeepers too??


lovely. Thanks =)


Thanks for making these very nicely designed envelopes free to the public. We are taking our first Disney trip next month and I had planned on tipping anyway, but being able to print out these envelopes just makes it that much more “Spirit of Disney.”


I am a teacher, however, during the summer I occasionally work in housekeeping. Being a housekeeper- I cannot tell you how excited I would be to get such a wonderful thank you note and tip!!


Thank you so much for the idea. I just printed some out for are stay.


I love these envelopes!!! I used them last month and our Mousekeeper got such a kick out of them. I know this because each day she did something or left something so cute in place of them. By the end of our stay, she had a nice collection of envelopes and we had cute photos.

The only suggestion I would make is to make it obvious they are for the Mousekeeper (leaving a peek of the money sticking out and a handwritten thank you on each of them worked for us).


We need a Frozen one of these! I’ve been trying for an hour to get one to look right and no luck. I am absolutely in love with these! I plan on printing them all for my trip in November!

Molly Sawyer

What size envelopes do these work with? I’m getting ready to start this project for our trip in just 4 weeks. I need to go out and buy the envelopes and want to make sure I buy the correct size. Thank you.


I am sorry. What size envelopes do the print outs wrap around?

we used these back in october and loved them! and I am pretty sure our Mouse keeper did too. They found the anniversary card my husband gave me and decorated our room to suit. It was so sweet! (They also had fun setting our daughter’s stuffed animals in funny poses too!)


Ohhhhh I love these. In Australia we actually don’t tip so to have these as a guide will prevent any embarrassment. Your site is amazing and soooooooo
informative. Any chance you will add a frozen one?


We are leaving this Saturday morning and I just found your site.
Love these mousekeeping envelopes. I printed a different one for every
day! Thanks so much for the great designs.



I just love your site! I am planning our second trip for June 2014 and I had no idea about so much, one being mousekeeping!! I will be using these cute envelopes on our next trip. Thanks to you and your site, I am sure this trip will be even more magical than the 1st!

Melissa Bryant

Hey Shannon! I just wanted to say that I have printed these to get ready for our trip in December and I LOVE them! I printed them at kinkos (b/c it is a lot of colored ink to use when you are staying 7 nights) then sent the picture to my husband overseas when I was finished putting them together. He thought that I bought them! Thanks for them. They are awesome!

Marc Schreiber

How about one featuring All Star Music, please.

Marc Schreiber

I have been through GIMP and cannot figure out how to replace an existing layer image with one of a different photograph without having to input all of the cut lines. Please help me Shannon.

Lisa Lawrence

We used them at Art of Animation last week and it was fun. I even got a thank you from our mousekeeper!


These are precious! Thank you for sharing. They will be perfect for our upcoming WDW trip for my son’s third birthday!


These look great! I can’t wait to print them for our next visit. Thank you! Thanks also for all the great tips you included in this article (and all the others). Your site is certainly a valuable resource.


These are great. What a great way to teach our little ones about expressing gratitude for good service. We’ll let the grandkids choose the envelope design they want to leave each day.


Please please please do an envelope for each princess in silhouette! I absolutely love the ones you have now (Ariel, Pocahontas, Tiana, and Rapunzel), and I would be so happy if I could get all 11 for our (very long) trip. 🙂


I love these!
I’m obsessed with planning for my Disneymoon in Sept. 2014, but I’m running out of things to do! These will help 🙂


Ha! This was like reading a comment from myself! We’re also taking our honeymoon in Disney (we were married in 2012, but time off from work hasn’t worked out until 2014!) in September! Crazy!

Hope you have a GREAT Disneymoon! 🙂

Andrea Valenzuela

Belle and Jasmine please!

Belle as a graphic version but Jasmine in silhouette or graphic would be fab!

These are awesome, thanks so much!


These are SO great! I thought it would be fun to use the CARS one for our Magical Express driver and have it say “Thanks for the ride”. I used GIMP to edit your itinerary, after a very slow process of figuring out what to do with that program. UGH. I thought this would be easy, but I can’t even edit the text. It flips it horizontally and changes the font automatically and no matter what I try I can’t get the layer to rotate. (Only the text within the layer will rotate, and then you can’t see it!) Any… Read more »

Debbie P

Could you make one for me for All Star Movies…. or just All Star Resorts?

Love these! I plan to use the and put the money inside the envelopes before we leave home, it seems I never have enough time to make the envelopes when we get there and just put the money on the bed.


Hey there! Love these envelopes and the many options you have! I have Gimp on my computer but have not explored using it much. These say they are “customizable” is there any way I can add our room number to the bottom of it? I found the text box option in Gimp but don’t know what font you used or anything. Need help!

Diana G Blaine

Thanks!! These are awesome! My little one will love putting these out daily.


These are so cute! I love them. Just printed them for each day we will be there!


I just found your website today and have fallen in love with it! The suggestions, little known facts, and GIMP files that are full customizable are amazing. We are taking our kids 2 years and 3.5 years to Disney in January. My husband and I’ve been several times and we took our daughter when she was 18 months but I’m very excited to plan a trip that the kids will actually enjoy. I’m going to start my very own binder today 🙂 Your website is going to help me more than you will ever know!


Would it be possible to make Incredibles themed envelopes? The Mousekeeping staff is pretty incredible, so it seems rather fitting!

Also wondering if you could do any Mulan and Snow White themed envelopes. Those princesses are favorites in our house. While we can find Snow White themed items pretty easily, Mulan is a little harder to come by.


Love this site!!! You have single handedly saved my sanity when planning for our vacation in June! I was wondering if you could make mousekeeping envelopes that could be colored by my kids? I tried to print these in black and white but it still comes out too dark. Thanks!!!!!


On the Disney website there is a “create” area called MagicArtist that lets kids print calendars and note cards. We use the calendars to count down to our trip and the note card envelopes for Mousekeeping. You can print them in b&w so kids can color them. Now that mine is older, I think we will start using these!


These are great! I plan on printing to use for tips during our September trip this year. I am thoroughly enjoying learning all your great tips! I would love to see an envelope with a simple Minnie and Mickey!!!

Susan McFarland

LOVE THEM!!! Can’t wait to use them and have my money all set aside before we even leave. THANKS a TON for all your advice! We are first time goers and never even thought about mouskeepers in our budget planning. My one suggestion is my favorite ole bear…… Winnie and his buddy Tigger.



I love using these! I was wondering if you could make one for the Art of Animation hotel. Im going later this year and am staying in the finding Nemo section.

Is it possible to make an envelope with either of these themes?

Thanks so much for sharing these envelopes!


I was about to post the same thing!! We are staying in a Nemo room this fall as well. We would love a Nemo, A0A, or Captain EO envelope. Thank you so much for these!


Thank you for sharing your envelopes they are so lovely.
This year is a special trip for us as it’s our daughters 18th & 16th Birthday’s so for the first time we’re staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge. If you have time would it be possible for you to design a mousekeeping envelope for AKL?


Thank You, just what I was looking for 🙂

Molly Sawyer

LOL!!! Thank you!


Took a little stalking to find your blog. I remember you talked about it on facebook. Thanks for the envelopes. I’ll have Madison cut them out and put them together for use on our trip in 39 days!


That is a great idea, love the restaurant tip envelopes and some for the bell hop at the end of the trip when they take your bags to the front. I would love those, also could you do a Rapunzel and Pascal but as the silohouttes? Thanks. Love your stuff by the way, found you on the DIS board 🙂

Have you thought about making them with a restaurant theme? We will be doing the dining plan and have the majority of the restaurants and meals selected before we go, so I will have a pretty good idea of what the tip will need to be (don’t want to eat the same thing at every restaurant so pre planning in some variety). I think I will be making restaurant tip envelopes ahead of time with the appropriate cash in the envelopes. I don’t like to carry cash so being able to store the envelopes in the safe for the trip… Read more »

If your as OCD as I am you would know you final total… I plan on picking everything out ahead of time. I had passed by stuff before not realizing it would be the only time it was on a menu. Actually, I am planning on making my husband have the coconut shrimp (one of his favorite things) at Rainforest as that is the only place that has it at DW. Don’t want to have any regrets. 🙂 Also generally speaking we will have an idea about the total and can adjust it at the table of course but it… Read more »


I happened across some restaurant ones, and I just wanted to pass them along 🙂


I love these envelopes! I would love to customize them, but I am having trouble with the gimp file. Every time I click on it to open it up, it opens a page with tons of text. Any ideas how to do this?


Thank you! That worked!


Love ’em, Shannon! Thanks!


Saw that you were also taking comments on other would love a Alice and a Marie….


So glad that I found your website…these are so much better then the plain number 5s that I used last year….Printing for Christmas 2013 and putting in my new Disney Binder that I am creating for me and my Sister In Law…Glad to see you are a fellow Texan!!!

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