Best Disney Dining Plan credit values for 2018

The Disney Dining Plan (DDP) is an optional add-on that people staying in an on-site Disney World resort can get by booking one of these things:

  • A vacation package (that includes a room and tickets) online or by calling Disney
  • A room-only reservation by calling Disney or have your agent add it
  • A DVC reservation

When you buy a Disney Dining Plan (DDP), you are pre-paying for your food and then using credits to get meals during your trip.

Let's take a look at the cost and see how to get the most out of the DDP for 2018.

Reasons for getting the Disney Dining Plan

There are a few different reasons that people might choose to get the DDP.

  1. To make trips feel all-inclusive. This is why our family likes using the Dining Plan on our Disney World trips. When your food is pre-paid, it can make your trip more fun when ordering isn't about checking prices so closely and worrying about the tab.
  2. Sometimes it's free. Disney sometimes offers the Free Dining promotion which allows guests to get the Disney Dining Plan for free. If you book a trip using the Free Dining promotion, you give up the ability to use other promotions. People staying in Deluxe Resorts are often better off using a room discount than Free Dining.
  3. To save money. If you play your cards right, you can actually save money on food by purchasing the Disney Dining Plan and then eat meals that would have cost more than the dining plan. This is getting more difficult do and takes some planning. That's what the info below will help you do.

Cost of the Disney Dining Plan

There are 3 main versions of the Disney Dining Plan that most people purchase.

All of these plans include 1 refillable mug per person which can be refilled at any resort, but not in the parks.

NameQS credits TS credits Snack credits2018 price for ages 10+2018 price for ages 3-9
Quick-Service Dining Plan202$52.50$21.75
Regular Dining Plan112$75.49$25.75
Deluxe Dining Plan3 credits to be used for either QS or TS2$116.25$39.99

You get the credits listed above for each night of your trip. All of the credits are loaded to your account at once and can be used however you'd like during your trip (you could use 6 credits 1 day, 2 the following day, etc.). You can also use your credits to pay for anybody's meals - even if they aren't on the DDP - as long as they are on your check.

Gratuity is not included in the costs above (except at dinner shows and Cinderella's Royal Table), so factor that in when deciding if the Disney Dining Plan or specific restaurants make sense for you.

What about kids under age 3? Guest ages 2 and under don't require park tickets and they don't require a dining plan either. At buffets, kids under 3 can have their own plate. At all other locations, they can eat off of your plate.

Some people want to buy the Disney Dining Plan for their little ones but if you booked a vacation package that includes room and tickets, adding a dining plan for your little one requires that you also buy them park tickets so that's not generally a good idea. If you want your toddler to have their own meals, you'd be better off just paying out-of-pocket for them.

What does a credit include?

  • A Quick Service credit includes an entree and non-alcoholic drink from a Quick Service restaurant (note: dessert stopped being included in 2017). These credits aren't separated into child or adult categories so you can get adult meals for your child. You can also use 1 Quick Service credit to purchase 3 DDP-eligible snacks, as long as they're done all in the same transaction.
    • Most Quick Service restaurants (except for Be Our Guest breakfast and lunch services) do not require Advanced Dining Reservations and function like most fast-food restaurants.
  • Table Service credits include a non-alcoholic drink, entree and dessert from a Table Service restaurant (except at breakfast which doesn't include dessert).
    • Most Table Service restaurants usually require advanced dining reservations. Advanced Dining Reservations for Table Service restaurants can be made starting at 180 days out from the date of your trip.
    • People using the Deluxe Dining Plan also get an appetizer.
  • Snack credits can be used for many things including bottled water, ice cream and bakery items. Generally speaking, snack credits are good for many things that cost $5 or less. This list of confirmed snack credits on is the best source for snack credits.

Making the most of Disney Dining Plan credits

Roughly speaking:

  • Quick Service credits are worth about $16
  • Table Service credits are worth about $39
  • Snack credits are worth about $5

That means to break even on the Disney Dining Plan, you'll need to choose food that costs at least that amount.

There are huge lists below detailing every Table Service and Quick Service restaurant and the value of a credit at those locations. You can plan according to those lists and/or keep these general things in mind when maximizing credits:

  • Character meals and dining packages are generally a great use of a credit.
  • Signature Restaurants are almost never the best way to maximize a credit since they require 2 Table Service credits per meal but don't cost twice as much if you were paying out-of-pocket.
  • Go for the steak, lobster, shakes and orange juice. Those are often the most expensive options so take advantage when they're on the menu.
  • Don't choose breakfast when trying to maximize most DDP credits since it is usually much less expensive than lunch or dinner.

2018 Table Service Disney Dining Plan Credit Values

Average cost of meal - this is the average cost of an entree, drink, and dessert (breakfast doesn't include dessert) OR a full buffet

Average value of 1 credit - for most restaurants, this is the same number as the average cost of the meal, but this value is different for restaurants that require 2 Table Service credits. Average cost of meal/# of credits = average value of a credit

Max cost of meal - if you ordered the most expensive items at this restaurant, this is how much it would cost

Max value of 1 credit - the max cost divided by the number of credits required for the meals

On the Deluxe Dining Plan? Add the cost of an appetizer to the value of each credit.

Restaurant Location Char. meal? # of credits per meal Avg value of 1 credit Max value of 1 credit
Hollywood and Vine Fantasmic Dining Package (lunch and dinner) - includes full buffet plus VIP seating voucher for Fantasmic HS Yes 1 $59.00 $59.00
Tony's Town Square - Festival of Fantasy Dining Package (lunch) MK 1 $58.50 $58.50
Akershus Royal Banquet Hall (dinner) EP Yes 1 $52.00 $64.00
Tusker House Rivers of Light Dining Package (lunch & dinner) AK Yes 1 $52.00 $52.00
Chef Mickey’s (dinner) Resort (Cont.) Yes 1 $50.00 $62.00
Hollywood and Vine Minnie's Seasonal Dining (dinner) HS Yes 1 $50.00 $62.00
Cape May Cafe (dinner) Resort (BC) 1 $49.00 $61.00
1900 Park Fare (dinner) Resort (GF) Yes 1 $47.00 $59.00
Akershus Royal Banquet Hall (lunch) EP Yes 1 $47.00 $59.00
Tiffins Rivers of Light Dining Package (dinner) AK 2 $46.65 $46.50
Akershus Royal Banquet Hall (breakfast) EP Yes 1 $46.00 $58.00
Cinderella’s Royal Table (dinner) MK Yes 2 $45.43 $45.43
Boma Flavors of Africa (dinner) Resort (AKL) 1 $45.00 $57.00
Hollywood and Vine (lunch) HS Yes 1 $45.00 $57.00
Boatwright’s Dining Hall (dinner) Resort (POR) 1 $44.29 $56.00
Crystal Palace (lunch and dinner) MK Yes 1 $43.00 $43.00
Garden Grill (lunch and dinner) EP Yes 1 $43.00 $55.00
Tusker House (lunch and dinner) AK Yes 1 $43.00 $55.00
Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano Fantasmic Dining Package (lunch/dinner) - includes entree, dessert, beverage and a VIP seating voucher for Fantasmic HS 1 $42.00 $42.00
Ohana (dinner) Resort (Poly) 1 $42.00 $54.00
California Grill (brunch)* Resort (Cont.) 2 $41.65 $46.00
Tiffins Rivers of Light Dining Package (lunch) AK 2 $41.15 $38.00
Chef Mickey’s (brunch) Resort (Cont.) Yes 1 $41.00 $53.00
Hollywood and Vine Fantasmic Dining Package (breakfast) - includes full buffet plus VIP seating voucher for Fantasmic HS 1 $41.00 $41.00
Coral Reef (dinner) EP 1 $40.29 $55.50
Coral Reef (lunch) EP 1 $40.29 $55.50
Biergarten (dinner) EP 1 $40.00 $52.00
Chef Mickey’s (breakfast) Resort (Cont.) Yes 1 $40.00 $52.00
Tutto Italia Ristorante (lunch and dinner) EP 1 $40.00 $61.00
Teppan Edo Restaurant (lunch and dinner) EP 1 $39.90 $55.50
Chefs de France (lunch and dinner) EP 1 $39.03 $57.74
Tusker House Rivers of Light Dining Package (breakfast) AK 1 $39.00 $39.00
Spirit of Aloha (dinner show) Resort (Poly) 2 $38.94 $38.94
Cinderella’s Royal Table (lunch) MK Yes 2 $38.50 $38.50
Spice Road (lunch and dinner) EP 1 $38.23 $55.98
Cape May Cafe (breakfast) Resort (BC) Yes 1 $38.00 $50.00
Hoop-Dee-Doo Revue (dinner show) Resort (Ft. Wild.) 2 $37.76 $39.26
La Hacienda de San Angel (dinner) EP 1 $37.74 $51.95
Bongos Cuban Cafe (lunch and dinner) D. Springs 1 $37.29 $69.00
Turf Club Bar and Grill (dinner) Resort (SSR) 1 $37.29 $56.00
Restaurant Marrakesh (dinner) EP 1 $37.23 $49.94
1900 Park Fare (brunch) Resort (GF) Yes 1 $37.00 $49.00
San Angel Inn Restaurante (lunch and dinner) EP 1 $36.79 $54.00
Cinderella’s Royal Table (breakfast) MK Yes 2 $36.58 $36.58
Be Our Guest (dinner) MK 1 $36.29 $53.00
Kona Cafe (lunch and dinner) Resort (Poly) 1 $36.29 $55.00
Whispering Canyon Cafe (dinner) Resort (WL) 1 $36.29 $56.00
Ale and Compass Restaurant (dinner) YC 1 $35.79 $62.00
Olivia’s Cafe (dinner) Resort (OKW) 1 $35.29 $54.50
Sanaa (dinner) Resort (AKL - Kidani) 1 $35.29 $53.00
Skipper Canteen (lunch and dinner) MK 1 $35.29 $55.00
Diamond Horseshoe (lunch and dinner) MK 1 $35.00 $35.00
Hollywood and Vine (breakfast) HS Yes 1 $35.00 $35.00
Liberty Tree Tavern (dinner) MK 1 $35.00 $35.00
Narcoossee’s (brunch) Resort (GF) 2 $34.50 $40.50
Frontera Cocina (lunch and dinner) D. Springs 1 $34.29 $57.00
Tony’s Town Square (dinner) MK 1 $34.29 $41.50
Tony’s Town Square (lunch) MK 1 $34.29 $53.50
Trattoria al forno (breakfast) Resort (BWI) 1 $34.00 $46.00
Via Napoli (lunch and dinner) EP 1 $34.00 $56.00
Mickey’s Backyard BBQ (dinner show) Resort (Ft. Wild.) yes 2 $33.63 $33.63
Morimoto Asia (lunch) D. Springs 1 $33.29 $56.00
Yak and Yeti Restaurant (lunch and dinner) AK 1 $33.27 $49.98
1900 Park Fare (breakfast) Resort (GF) Yes 1 $33.00 $45.00
Paradiso 37 (lunch and dinner) D. Springs 1 $33.00 $56.00
Tokyo Dining (dinner) EP 1 $32.90 $52.50
Raglan Road (dinner) D. Springs 1 $32.79 $51.00
California Grill (dinner)* Resort (Cont.) 2 $32.65 $43.50
Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano (lunch and dinner) HS 1 $32.29 $53.00
The Wave (dinner) Cont. 1 $32.29 $52.00
Trattoria al forno (dinner) Resort (BWI) 1 $32.29 $58.00
Biergarten (lunch) EP 1 $32.00 $44.00
Garden Grill (breakfast) EP Yes 1 $32.00 $44.00
Tusker House (breakfast) AK Yes 1 $32.00 $44.00
Planet Hollywood (lunch and dinner) D. Springs 1 $31.97 $56.98
Grand Floridian Cafe (dinner) Resort (GF) 1 $31.29 $54.00
Rose and Crown Pub and Dining (lunch and dinner) EP 1 $31.29 $54.00
Maya Grill (dinner) Resort (CSR) 1 $31.27 $54.98
Hollywood Brown Derby Fantasmic Dining Package (lunch/dinner) - includes entree, dessert, beverage and a VIP seating voucher for Fantasmic HS 2 $31.00 $31.00
Ohana (breakfast) Resort (Poly) Yes 1 $31.00 $31.00
Yachtsman Steakhouse (dinner) Resort (YC) 2 $30.65 $43.50
Liberty Tree Tavern (lunch) MK 1 $30.29 $23.00
T-Rex Cafe (lunch and dinner) D. Springs 1 $30.27 $55.98
Restaurant Marrakesh (lunch) EP 1 $30.23 $45.94
Flying Fish (dinner) Resort (BWI) 2 $30.15 $44.50
Le Cellier Steakhouse (dinner) EP 2 $30.15 $38.50
Le Cellier Steakhouse (lunch) EP 2 $30.15 $38.50
Crystal Palace (breakfast) MK Yes 1 $30.00 $30.00
50s Prime Time Cafe (lunch and dinner) HS 1 $29.79 $46.50
Chef Art Smith's Homecomin' (lunch and dinner) D. Springs 1 $29.29 $55.00
ESPN Club (lunch and dinner) Resort (BWI) 1 $29.29 $45.00
Plaza Restaurant (lunch and dinner) MK 1 $29.29 $30.00
Sci-Fi Dine-In Restaurant (lunch and dinner) HS 1 $29.29 $54.00
Narcoossee’s (dinner) Resort (GF) 2 $28.65 $51.50
Crossroads at House of Blues (dinner) D. Springs 1 $28.29 $49.00
Crossroads at House of Blues (lunch) D. Springs 1 $28.29 $49.00
Olivia’s Cafe (lunch) Resort (OKW) 1 $28.29 $45.50
Raglan Road (lunch) D. Springs 1 $28.29 $41.50
The Wave (lunch) Cont. 1 $28.29 $47.50
Las Ventanas (lunch) Resort (CSR) 1 $27.77 $30.97
Jiko – The Cooking Place (dinner)* Resort (AKL) 2 $27.65 $37.00
Whispering Canyon Cafe (lunch) Resort (WL) 1 $27.29 $44.00
Rainforest Cafe – Animal Kingdom location (lunch and dinner) AK 1 $27.27 $55.98
Rainforest Cafe – Downtown Disney location (dinner) D. Springs 1 $27.27 $55.98
Rainforest Cafe – Downtown Disney location (lunch) D. Springs 1 $27.27 $55.98
Monsieur Paul (dinner) EP 2 $27.15 $34.50
Boma Flavors of Africa (breakfast) Resort (AKL) 1 $27.00 $39.00
Nine Dragons Restaurant (lunch) EP 1 $26.95 $42.96
Big River Grille & Brewing Works (lunch and dinner) Resort (BWI) 1 $26.78 $45.98
Artist Point (dinner) Resort (WL) 2 $26.65 $38.25
Citricos (dinner) Resort (GF) 2 $26.65 $36.50
Ale and Compass Restaurant (lunch) YC 1 $26.29 $42.00
Sanaa (lunch) Resort (AKL - Kidani) 1 $26.29 $46.00
Nine Dragons Restaurant (dinner) EP 1 $26.25 $46.96
Tokyo Dining (lunch) EP 1 $25.90 $47.50
Splitsville Luxury Lanes (lunch and dinner) D. Springs 1 $25.75 $45.00
Tiffins (lunch and dinner) AK 2 $25.65 $38.50
Hollywood Brown Derby (lunch and dinner) HS 2 $25.15 $35.50
Morimoto Asia (dinner) D. Springs 2 $25.15 $41.00
Trail’s End Restaurant (dinner) Resort (Ft. Wild.) 1 $25.00 $37.00
STK Orlando (lunch and dinner) D. Springs 2 $24.65 $42.00
Beaches and Cream (lunch and dinner) Resort (BC) 1 $24.29 $38.00
Trail’s End Restaurant (brunch) Resort (Ft. Wild.) 1 $23.00 $35.00
Centertown Buffet (dinner) Resort (CBR) 1 $20.99 $20.99
The Boathouse (lunch and dinner) D. Springs 2 $20.40 $43.25
Grand Floridian Cafe (breakfast) Resort (GF) 1 $19.29 $38.00
Grand Floridian Cafe (lunch) Resort (GF) 1 $19.29 $38.00
Paddlefish (lunch and dinner) D. Springs 2 $18.65 $35.50
Trail’s End Restaurant (breakfast) Resort (Ft. Wild.) 1 $18.50 $18.50
Whispering Canyon Cafe (breakfast) Resort (WL) 1 $18.29 $31.00
Ale and Compass Restaurant (breakfast) YC 1 $17.29 $29.00
Kona Cafe (breakfast) Resort (Poly) 1 $17.29 $28.00
Olivia’s Cafe (breakfast) Resort (OKW) 1 $17.29 $30.00
Las Ventanas (breakfast) Resort (CSR) 1 $17.28 $23.49
The Wave (breakfast) Cont. 1 $16.29 $33.99
Rainforest Cafe – Animal Kingdom location (breakfast) AK 1 $16.28 $28.99
In-room pizza delivery (costs 2 TS credits and includes 2 non-alcoholic OR non-alcoholic beverages, 1 pizza entree and 2 desserts. Gratuities ARE included) Resort (All-Stars, AoA, CBR, Pop, POFQ and POR) 2 $15.83 $22.75
Centertown Buffet (breakfast) Resort (CBR) 1 $13.99 $13.99
Geyser Point (breakfast) Resort (WL) 1 $12.28 $9.99
Private in-room dining (costs 2 TS credits per meal and each meal includes 1 entree, a dessert and 1 beverage. Gratuities ARE included) Resort (AKL, BWI, Cont., GF, Poly, WL, YC, BC) 2 $1.65 $0.00

2018 Disney Dining Plan Quick Service Credit Values

Restaurant Location # of credits per meal Avg value of 1 credit Max value of 1 credit
Be Our Guest (breakfast) MK 1 $28.29 $28.29
Polite Pig (lunch and dinner) D. Springs 1 $18.29 $33.00
Flame Tree Barbecue (lunch and dinner) AK 1 $17.28 $28.99
Tangierine Cafe (lunch and dinner) EP 1 $17.28 $27.99
Wolfgang Puck Express – Marketplace (lunch and dinner) D. Springs 1 $16.79 $23.29
Sassagoula Floatworks and Food (lunch) Resort (POFQ) 1 $16.78 $21.49
Restaurantosaurus (lunch and dinner) AK 1 $16.58 $27.29
ABC Commissary (lunch and dinner) HS 1 $16.28 $27.49
Be Our Guest (lunch) MK 1 $16.28 $20.28
Landscape of Flavor (lunch and dinner) Resort (AoA) 1 $16.28 $24.99
Bongos Cuban Cafe Express (lunch and dinner) D. Springs 1 $16.00 $22.00
Geyser Point (lunch and dinner) Resort (WL) 1 $15.78 $23.99
Centertown Food Truck (dinner) Resort (CBR) 1 $15.28 $17.28
Contempo Café (lunch and dinner) Resort (Cont.) 1 $15.28 $23.99
Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe (lunch and dinner) MK 1 $15.28 $19.49
Oasis Bar & Grill (lunch) Resort (Poly) 1 $15.28 $26.99
World Premier (lunch and dinner) Resort (ASMo) 1 $15.28 $24.99
Cookes of Dublin (lunch and dinner) D. Springs 1 $15.24 $16.24
Sunshine Seasons (lunch and dinner) EP 1 $15.08 $21.99
Pepper Market Food Court (lunch anddinner) Resort (CSR) 1 $14.98 $24.99
Boardwalk Pizza Window (pizza meal - you get 1 full pizza (equals 4 slices) and 2 drinks) Resort (BWI) 2 $14.79 $16.50
Fairfax Fare (lunch and dinner) HS 1 $14.78 $20.99
Hurricane Hanna’s Grill (lunch) Resort (BC) 1 $14.78 $12.29
Liberty Inn (lunch and dinner) EP 1 $14.78 $24.99
La Cantina de San Angel (lunch and dinner) EP 1 $14.75 $23.25
The Smokehouse (lunch and dinner) D. Springs 1 $14.74 $23.99
Everything Pop Food Court (lunch and dinner) Resort (Pop) 1 $14.29 $24.99
Wolfgang Puck Express (breakfast) D. Springs 1 $14.29 $17.79
Artist’s Palette (lunch and dinner) Resort (SSR) 1 $14.28 $21.99
Beaches Pool Bar & Grill (lunch) Resort (GF) 1 $14.28 $25.99
Casey’s Corner (lunch and dinner) MK 1 $14.28 $15.78
Columbia Harbour House (lunch and dinner) MK 1 $14.28 $18.49
D-Luxe Burger (lunch and dinner) D. Springs 1 $14.28 $22.99
End Zone (dinner) Resort (ASSp) 1 $14.28 $24.99
End Zone (lunch) Resort (ASSp) 1 $14.28 $21.99
Intermission Food Court (lunch and dinner) Resort (ASMu) 1 $14.28 $21.99
Landscape of Flavor (breakfast) Resort (AoA) 1 $14.28 $22.29
Dockside Diner (lunch and dinner) HS 1 $14.28 $19.49
Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe (lunch and dinner) MK 1 $14.28 $20.49
Pizzafari (lunch and dinner) AK 1 $14.28 $21.49
Riverside Mill Food Court (lunch and dinner) Resort (POR) 1 $14.28 $23.99
Roaring Fork (lunch and dinner) Resort (WL) 1 $14.28 $23.49
Sassagoula Floatworks and Food (dinner) Resort (POFQ) 1 $14.28 $17.99
Satu'li Canteen (lunch and dinner) AK 1 $14.28 $22.99
Tomorrowland Terrace Restaurant (lunch and dinner) MK 1 $14.28 $16.79
Yak and Yeti Local Cafe (lunch and dinner) AK 1 $14.28 $24.99
Yorkshire County Fish Shop (lunch and dinner) EP 1 $14.28 $18.99
Backlot Express (lunch and dinner) HS 1 $13.78 $23.49
Captain Cook’s Snack Company (lunch and dinner) Resort (Poly) 1 $13.78 $18.49
Lottawatta Lodge (lunch and dinner) BB 1 $13.78 $22.99
Pinocchio Village Haus (lunch and dinner) MK 1 $13.78 $17.49
The Paddock Grill (lunch and dinner) Resort (SSR) 1 $13.78 $22.49
Rosie’s All American Cafe (lunch and dinner) HS 1 $13.58 $21.29
Sommerfest (lunch and dinner) EP 1 $13.48 $19.99
Beach Club Marketplace (lunch and dinner) Resort (BC) 1 $13.29 $19.49
Avalunch (lunch and dinner) BB 1 $13.28 $20.99
Boardwalk Bakery (lunch and dinner) Resort (BWI) 1 $13.28 $16.49
Cafe Rix (lunch and dinner) Resort (CSR) 1 $13.28 $20.99
Catalina Eddie’s (lunch and dinner) HS 1 $13.28 $20.69
Cove Bar Resort (Cont.) 1 $13.28 $20.49
Gasparilla Grill (lunch and dinner) Resort (GF) 1 $13.28 $23.99
Gasparilla Grill (lunch) Resort (GF) 1 $13.28 $23.99
Golden Oak Outpost (lunch and dinner) MK 1 $13.28 $14.49
Harambe Marketplace (lunch and dinner) AK 1 $13.28 $23.49
Leaning Palms (lunch) TL 1 $13.28 $22.99
Lotus Blossom Cafe (lunch and dinner) EP 1 $13.28 $19.95
Lowtide Lou’s (lunch and dinner) TL 1 $13.28 $20.99
PizzeRizzo (formerly Toy Story Pizza Planet) (lunch and dinner) HS 1 $13.28 $20.69
Snack Shack (lunch and dinner) TL 1 $13.28 $21.49
The Chuck Wagon (dinner) Resort (Ft. Wild.) 1 $13.28 $23.49
The Mara (lunch and dinner) Resort (AKL) 1 $13.28 $21.99
Turtle Shack (lunch) Resort (OKW) 1 $13.28 $20.49
Typhoon Tilly’s (lunch) TL 1 $13.28 $20.99
Warming Hut (lunch) BB 1 $13.28 $20.99
Yak and Yeti Local Cafe (breakfast) HS 1 $13.28 $14.49
Katsura Grill (lunch and dinner) EP 1 $13.05 $22.00
Cooling Hut BB 1 $12.78 $17.99
Electric Umbrella (dinner) EP 1 $12.78 $23.99
Electric Umbrella (lunch) EP 1 $12.78 $28.49
Good’s Food to Go (lunch and dinner) Resort (OKW) 1 $12.78 $20.29
Intermission Food Court (breakfast) Resort (ASMu) 1 $12.78 $17.49
Island Markets (lunch) Resort (CBR) 1 $12.78 $15.49
Island Markets (dinner) Resort (CBR) 1 $12.78 $15.49
Leaping Horse Libations (lunch and dinner) Resort (BWI) 1 $12.78 $21.79
Meadow Snack Bar Resort (Ft. Wild.) 1 $12.78 $20.29
P & J’s Southern Takeout (lunch and dinner) Resort (Ft. Wild.) 1 $12.78 $13.58
Refreshment Port EP 1 $12.78 $19.49
The Sand Bar Resort (Cont.) 1 $12.78 $21.29
Blaze Fast-Fire’d Pizza (lunch and dinner) D. Springs 1 $12.65 $19.65
Exposition Park Food Trucks (lunch and dinner) D. Springs 1 $12.50 $22.00
B.B. Wolf's Sausage Co. (lunch and dinner) D. Springs 1 $12.28 $18.39
Boardwalk Bakery (breakfast) Resort (BWI) 1 $12.28 $14.79
Contempo Café (breakfast) Resort (Cont.) 1 $12.28 $15.99
Everything Pop Food Court (breakfast) Resort (Pop) 1 $12.28 $20.99
Sanaa (breakfast) Resort (AKL - Kidani) 1 $12.28 $15.49
Siestas Cantina (lunch) Resort (CSR) 1 $12.28 $21.49
The Friar’s Nook (lunch) MK 1 $12.28 $14.99
The Lunching Pad (lunch and dinner) MK 1 $12.28 $13.49
Tortuga Tavern (lunch) MK 1 $12.28 $15.49
End Zone (breakfast) Resort (ASSp) 1 $12.08 $17.49
Riverside Mill Food Court (breakfast) Resort (POR) 1 $12.08 $15.19
The Mara (breakfast) Resort (AKL) 1 $12.08 $14.99
Artist’s Palette (breakfast) Resort (SSR) 1 $11.78 $15.99
Captain Cook’s Snack Company (breakfast) Resort (Poly) 1 $11.78 $15.99
Centertown Food Truck (breakfast) Resort (CBR) 1 $11.78 $13.78
Daily Poutine (lunch and dinner) D. Springs 1 $11.78 $17.39
Gasparilla Grill (breakfast) Resort (GF) 1 $11.78 $19.49
Maji Pool Bar (lunch) Resort (AK - Kidani) 1 $11.78 $19.99
Refreshment Cool Post EP 1 $11.78 $18.49
Sassagoula Floatworks and Food (breakfast) Resort (POFQ) 1 $11.78 $17.49
Sunshine Seasons (breakfast) EP 1 $11.78 $10.29
World Premier (breakfast) Resort (ASMo) 1 $11.78 $21.99
The Market at Ale & Compass (lunch and dinner) Resort (YC) 1 $11.58 $19.29
Pepper Market Food Court (breakfast) Resort (CSR) 1 $11.48 $15.29
The Friar’s Nook (dinner) MK 1 $11.48 $13.99
Courtyard Pool Bar Resort (Cont.) 1 $11.28 $20.99
Kringla Bakeri og Cafe (lunch and dinner) EP 1 $11.28 $18.99
Roaring Fork (breakfast) Resort (WL) 1 $11.28 $14.49
Morimoto Street Food (lunch and dinner) D. Springs 1 $11.00 $22.00
Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie (breakfast) EP 1 $10.79 $14.00
Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie (lunch and dinner) EP 1 $10.79 $19.50
P & J’s Southern Takeout (breakfast) Resort (Ft. Wild.) 1 $10.78 $12.78
Via Napoli Pizza Window (lunch and dinner) EP 1 $10.75 $19.50
Backstretch Pool Bar Resort (SSR) 1 $10.58 $17.99
Beach Club Marketplace (breakfast) Resort (BC) 1 $10.28 $15.19
Boardwalk Pizza Window (lunch and dinner) Resort (BWI) 1 $9.98 $16.69
Boardwalk Pizza Window (lunch) Resort (BWI) 1 $9.98 $16.69
Earl of Sandwich (lunch and dinner) D. Springs 1 $9.98 $15.99
Good’s Food To Go (breakfast) Resort (OKW) 1 $9.78 $12.99
The Market at Ale & Compass (breakfast) Resort (YC) 1 $9.78 $11.49
Starbucks at Disney Springs Marketplace D. Springs 1 $9.74 $16.49
Starbucks at Disney Springs West Side D. Springs 1 $9.74 $16.49
Fountain View (breakfast) EP 1 $8.58 $10.29
Earl of Sandwich (breakfast) D. Springs 1 $8.28 $12.49
The Trolley Car Cafe (breakfast) HS 1 $8.24 $10.49
Main Street Bakery (breakfast) MK 1 $7.74 $10.49
Main Street Bakery (lunch and dinner) MK 1 $7.74 $12.99
Creature Comforts AK 1 $7.54 $10.29
Belle Vue Lounge (breakfast) Resort (BWI) 1 $7.28 $13.49
The Paddock Grill (breakfast) Resort (SSR) 1 $7.08 $11.49
Cafe Rix (breakfast) Resort (CSR) 1 $6.28 $8.49
Turf Club Bar and Grill Resort (SSR) 1 $3.29 $10.00

What about the best snack credits?

After seeing the Table Service and Quick Service charts above, many people wonder why we don't have one for snacks. The reason is simple: there are just way too many to track and the list changes constantly.

In general, you are getting a good value for your snack credit if the item costs $5 . The most valuable snack credits are often for specialty cupcakes, items at Food and Wine Festival at Epcot in the fall, and Starbucks drinks (especially since extra flavors don't cost you any more credits).

What if you don't have enough credits?

If your restaurant plans will require more credits than you have, you should plan to pay out-of-pocket for the restaurant that's ranked the lowest on the charts above. That way you're using your credits for the places where they are the most valuable.

Members only - want the raw data?

Want to play with the Disney Dining Plan data that we used for the charts above in a spreadsheet so you can filter and sort to your heart's content? The link to the data is shown below to WDW Prep members who are currently logged in.


Have a comment or question on using the Disney Dining Plan? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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HI! Help please!
We r going to eat at Tiffins. Our daughter who is 7 will be with us. We looked at the menu and she will most likley pick the $9 pasta meal. I cant see wasting her 2 table service credits on that meal. I was going to pay out of pocket for her meal. My question is…. what can we do with her extra 2 table service credits? Are they only for kids to use? can we use them for quick service or snacks? We want to get the most out of our meal plan and are looking for creative solutions. Thanks in Advance!


Kid’s table service credits are only for kids menu items at a table service restaurant. I’m not sure about using them for quick service or snacks but I don’t think you can.

Winton Richards

Can a salad be substituted for a dessert on the table serve plan in 2017?


I believe you can. Ask your server as each restaurant may vary.


While I know it’s not the most cost effective approach, how do you go about using TS credit at a QS meal? What I mean by that is do you have to specify when paying you want to use ts credits? Can you please confirm using a ts credit at a qs meal is acutally allowed? I’ve read conflicting information. Thank you!

Emily Nadolski

We are currently planning a WDW trip, staying at Port Orleans-Riverside early November. We booked everything through Disney, except the food! Now I am wondering if a dining package would make sense? It would allow us to go eat at nicer restaurants and not to worry about money on the trip, since it’s all paid. I tend to overspend. Otherwise,we’d probably not do any sit down meals, and pack a lot of granola bars. My only worry is that we like to drink (a lot!), and alcohol is never included. So the cost of alcohol would not be included, and might end up pushing us over our budget and regretting a dining package. Still hoping for Free dining (then it’s an obvious choice!) Otherwise, what are your thoughts as to getting a dining package for a 2 (fun, who like to drink) adult trip?


We couldn’t eat all of the food! We’re paying out of pocket this trip. I’m budgeting the same we would spend for the plan and adding in tips and alcohol and see how we do. When on the Dining Plan, we tended to order the most expensive meal on the menu to “make the most out of it,” even though sometimes all I really wanted was the $19 pasta or the $15 burger! Less pressure on me to over eat because “it’s already paid for”
You can still go to one or two nice restaurants without breaking the bank!

Helen terrebonne

I received a mailing today from Disney regarding my upcoming trip. It said I will receive 10 adult credits and 5 child credits for both sitdown and quick service. I thought they weren’t broken up into child and adult credits? Thank you!


Going to the food and wine festival in September. I have free dining which includes a sit down dinner. Is it a waste of time to sit down during the food and wine festival. Can the “sit down ” dinner be used for multiple items at booths?


There are a lot of crappy restaurants in that top tier that I wouldn’t patronize even if they were free. Good to know when considering the DDP.

Kayleen Jackson

Can I trade a table service for 2 quick service?

Cynthia M Dew

Help! We are dining for breakfast at Cinderella’s Royal Table which I know is 2 credits per person. We have the regular dining plan and have dinner also at the 1900 Park fare for dinner. Our dining plan is 1 table service, 1 quick serve and 2 snacks. How will this work? Does it take away from other day credits? Thank you for your help.


Yes it will. You get one TS credit for each night you’re there.


When I am on the deluxe dining plan and I use a credit for table service do I still get my dessert? And anything for the appetizer? And are deluxe dining credits still good for children or adults? Going in 2018 if that makes any difference. TIA

Brian cannon

we have free breakfast and been told by friends they think we can use that credit to pay for lunch instead. can anyone confirm?


Free Breakfast how? Can you elaborate a little more?


In the UK we only get free breakfast for the value resorts, QSDDP in moderates and DDP in deluxe resorts


Hello! We are planning a trip for September of this year. I’m having difficulty finding location to use snack credits. Most of the snack locations are on the dining plan after the 2017 changes. Can you help, please.

Rebecca Hogan

Oops!! I forgot a question! Tiana’s ice cream social… Do they offer that in late september and does that use a dining credit?

Thank you again!!

Rebecca Hogan

I am planning a 2018 late september trip and have a couple questions please, thank you. We were wondering if they still do the villan soiree meal at the castle on mnsshp and if so can we use our ddp credits on that meal?
With the second question I’m just needing clarification as I THINK you answered in the info above. If we have guests join us for our meal at Ohana, so long as we have credits to cover it and we have one bill, we can use our ddp to pay for them as well? We would also want to use this option for the soiree.
Thank you thank you for your help!!!


When creating the TS chart did you factor the included gratuity into the 2TS meals?


How do you download the DDP data in a format to be able to filter/sort? I am able to access the link but it won’t let me edit or interact with the date (I am a member). Thank you!! 🙂


Last time we used the dining plan and it was great but this year my daughter is a CP and is on our reservation and will be staying with us but won’t know her schedule that far out so I don’t want to pay for the dining plan for her and have her credits go to waste so we are just figuring out a budget to pay out of pocket. The charts are fantastic but I have a question regarding the max cost of meal assuming you order the most expensive thing on the menu. Is that just for the entree or would that include a non alcoholic drink as well? Just trying to put together a realistic budget.


How much more is the Tusker House or Tiffins Rivers of Lights Dining Package? Thanks


Is the confirmed snack list on the link provided above, still a valid list for 2017?


That list on the DISboards site hasn’t been updated in several years, but it does give you a pretty good idea of what type of snacks are included. Also, if you go to the Disney Food Blog, they have restaurants listed with photos of the menu boards and you can see which items have the Snack symbol.


Thanks for your help!





“costly gratuities” are 18%, that’s 2% lower than the average tip. You actually save money sitting together.


Can I buy the DDP if not at a Disney resort?

Larry Boorom

Two questions, trying to decide between dining and deluxe dining plans. We are going for 10 days and plan on 15 or so table service meals. I’m leaning towards the deluxe. Thoughts please. Also can table service meals be traded in for snacks too. (If we go deluxe that’s all we’d have)


Scratch my other reply. You get 3 meals that can be used as either counter or table service AND 2 snacks for every night of your reservation. As to your question I found this:

Can I divide quick service credits to make snack credits?

Yes. Quick Service credits can be traded for three snacks at participating quick service locations as long as it happens all in the same transaction. (Some guests have reported converting table service credits to three snack credits as well, but you may receive a different response.)

Basically, It never hurts to ask and you might lucky and be able to do it.


No. You can trade Table service for Counter service though. It would be considered an even trade an not say, 1 TS= 2 CS. Hope that makes sense.


What happens if your dining plan only has one Table Service credit, but you want to go to California Grill for dinner which requires 2? Do you just pay the difference?


I saw above you said that the disney dining plan can be added with room only reservations but I keep seeing that you need a Magic Your Way package to add.Is this true?


We leave in less than a week. Wondering if we can use one quick service adult to split between my daughters ages 6/8 instead of doing two kids meals at BOG. I didn’t know if that’s allowed since it’s sit down.


This year will be our first trip to Disney with a 10 and 7 year old, my husband and myself. We have purchased the QS dining plan with our Magic My Way package and are very excited about all these lists and the convenience the DDP will allow us. My question is about the snacks. The link provided is from 2013 & 2014. How accurate is this still for what can be redeemed as snacks? That list is HUGE but everything else I have read for what is considered a snack was a piece of fruit, an icecream bar, a bottle of water/soda, or Popcorn… that is quite a contrast to the list on this post. Can anyone give any additional insight to this? Thank you!!


There are tons and tons and tons of snacks available! When you go to different restaurants, look for the Disney Dining Plan sign on the menu. Most of the snack credits options are $5 or less. You can get a dole whip, ice cream, popcorn, cupcakes, pastries, sodas, and so so much more! There really are tons of options for the snack credit.


Thank you so much for answering my question Carly! This is exciting to know! None of us are huge eaters so being about to get pastries and such allows us to have breakfast covered as well!! Thanks again!! ~Ivy


I think the Disney Dining Plan is great if you have kids in the 7-9 age range who eat quite a bit or if you are doing character meals. The plan’s savings come from the kids. I do have a question about nonalcoholic beverages with meals, can I swap it for a snack or something else? I don’t drink soda or coffee.


Last year they allowed this. Since we don’t let our DS have any food coloring and he doesn’t like soda, we pack his own drink or water and they let us switch it out for a dessert which he loves chocolate. Can’t wait for our trip this year. Hope they will allow it all again. This as far for QS


Quick Question – I see the Brown Derby + Fantasmic package is listed as a 1-credit TS meal which would be an amazing deal.
…Is that correct? from the WDW website it looks like it’s a 2-credit, while Hollywood & Vine and Mama Melrose are 1-credit options. Just checking to see if I missed something! Thanks! 🙂


If you are on the Disney Dining Plan do you have to order on the Prix Frix menu? Or can you order anything?


I’m new to this and I’m curious about the pricing of the DDP- is this per day of your stay? Ex: Quick service plan for a 6 night stay is it just $47 or is it $47 times 6 days?


Hi Shannon-First, THANK YOU for these list. I used it last year and I think I at least broke even for the adults but saved a lot for my kid. I just booked our trip this year and the prices just went up. I was told $72 for the adults and $27 for the kids. So how would this break down and is it worth it? I know for the kids it is but the adults would the kids overage break even for the adults. We do like going to character dinners but we also did the Disney jr breakfast to meet Jose characters some QS we didn’t meet the meals but maybe on a few as after you added the drink and dessert it was easy to meet the amount. Now with higher prices and not sure if true heard the restaurant prices either did not go up and some even went down. Please llet me know New breakdown for the new prices and if you think it’s still a good deal with most character meals for dinner and maybe 1 character breakfast.


I saw a list online that had similar prices and it has me all confused. I’m new to all of this Disney vacation planning ?


Do you think Free Dining will be offered in the Fall this year?

Tiffany Drew

Thank you for the updated list, I can’t wait to play with the data. I have a question though. Is the the fantasmic dining package at Hollywood and Vine for dinner new? I can’t find any information about it. I only see it available for lunch at Hollywood and Vine.


I have heard children meals are not tracked differently for quick services meals? I have adventurous eaters who don’t want to just eat chicken nuggets and uncrustables. Thanks for any info!


This says that the quick service credits are not separated by child and adult, what about the deluxe credits, does anyone know if they are separated?


“You can also use 1 Quick Service credit to purchase 3 DDP-eligible snacks, as long as they’re done all in the same transaction.”

I’ve seen reports that a quick service credit can only be traded in for two snacks now (since they took away dessert from quick service). Can you confirm whether it’s two or three snacks now?

We returned from a week earlier this month. We were given 3 snacks per QS meal.


Thank you … great article. Disney really should consider a “Junior” price for kids ages 10-14. Paying an adult price for kids who usually eat chicken nuggets and fries is ridiculous and waste of money. Even more of a waste for the Buffet character meals — huge price tag. Also, we would rather select an appetizer instead of dessert with table service meals but the plan doesn’t allow flexibility. We tried it once when the kids were younger, but until they eat like adults (including trying new things), definitely not worth the huge cost.


Great post! One of the adults in our party does not eat much, but we plan on buying the mid-level dining plan for all members of our party (9 people). If I make a reservation for 9 people, will I automatically be charged for 9 table service credits before the meal starts, or can we decide during the meal if we only want to use 8 credits, and allow this other adult to order something small (and pay cash)? I don’t want to be forced to waste credits at table service restaurants. At restaurants with buffets only, is there ever a smaller non-buffet option? Hope that all makes sense.

Kari Ross

You don’t all have to order a meal at TS and can even split. We find there’s great flexibility actually. We usually make an extra TS reservation for towards our last days and use up leftover TS credits and pay out of pocket for what we don’t have enough credits for. I have preteen swimmers that actually are big eaters and I’m a runner but it’s just a ton of food. We find best value for our family of 5 is to get a combination of QS meals and a couple snack credits and just share for breakfast and one other meal and try to schedule TS meal for lunch so our biggest meal is midday vs later at night.

Sharon Cartwright

And Buffets are Prix Fixe priced, so there is no wiggle room there. They have an adult price and a child 9 and under price.

Sharon Cartwright

As long as you are not dining at a character meal, a dining package, or a dinner show, you can order what you like, or not eat at all, as long as someone in the party is going to order. Prix Fixe priced meals are charged per person, as are dining packages and dinner shows. Hope that makes sense!


When we went this past year (2016), we took your charts and copied them into Excel, then sorted them by Park, but kept the ranking order as you have it. This made it easy as we planned our Table Service to hit ones that were good values. The Quick Service list we printed out our sorted list and took with us into the parks, since we didn’t have ADR (except Be Our Guest) and it made it easy for us to spot the various QS places.
Thanks for providing this. It was very helpful!

Sharon Banach

The value of the dining credits seems to be the same as last year even though the price of the plan has increased. I would think that one quick service or one table service value would have increased a few dollars each to get to the break-even point for this year.

The price increase includes an extra snack. There are 2 snacks this year as opposed to 1 snack last year. They’ve dropped dessert from the QS meals which is a good thing in my opinion… those desserts weren’t my favorite.

Christine LaRosa

Hi,I am logged in to my members account and cannot find the link for the raw data. Maybe I’m not looking in the correct spot. I’m new to this site as a member…Can you help me?!

Laura Pereira

Can you please tell me exactly where the link for the dining plan worksheet is located? I just don’t see it anywhere. Thanks!


Have dates been announced for free dining dates?

Hillary Barra

I am logged in to my members account and cannot find the link for the raw data. Can you help me?! Thank you! Great info here!

Laura Pereira

I’m having the same problem. I can’t see the link???

Hillary Barra

Yes it is! Thank you so much! Hi Shannon! 🙂


Few questions if someone can help me…

I’ve read somewhere that some restaurants (expensive ones) can cost you two table service credits for one meal. Is this true?

Also does anyone have any experience with birthday dinners (kids) that may offer a cake for their dessert credit?


We celebrated our last meal of trip at CRT. My daughters birthday was actually a few days later (couldn’t go during her bday week). I booked it over the phone and noted it was her birthday celebration. She got a card signed by the princesses and a cupcake with blue icing & candle. It was perfect since she had on her Cinderella dress.

Nicholas Abu-Janb

Yes, any signature restaurant will cost you 2 credits. On the chart above, they highlighted which meals are two credits. They’re normally not the best value on the dining plan, but there definitely are some exceptions. Sorry I don’t have any experience with answering your second question!


We were just there last week for my birthday and I can say that every meal we ate the night before my birthday and day of, gave us a cupcake with a candle. It was not as large as a cake but the cupcake was nice and delicious!


I can answer from my experience about the birthday question. We took our son to Chef Mickey for dinner on his birthday. They gave him a birthday card signed by all of the characters and a cupcake with a candle. It was very sweet and he felt so special. I would imagine other restaurants do something similar. We didn’t see a way to note on our reservation made through “My Disney Experience” that it was his birthday. He was wearing a t-shirt and I mentioned it when we arrived for our reservation and they made it happen 🙂

Andy Stocker

We are staying at POP in May. My wife and I with 3 teenagers. We are getting connecting rooms. My son and I are getting deluxe plan, other 3 are not. So for 6 days we are getting 30 Table service credits and 20 snacks for 1000 bucks! This is really a great deal for people that need to, or maybe, WANT to have 2 rooms! Also remember that the Deluxe plan is 10 bucks cheaper this year AND you get the appetizer too! So we will be splitting a lot of those meals!!!!

Kathy Bohan

Thank you for this post! It is one of the most (if not the MOST) valuable tips I have seen through all my research. My family of 6 will also being staying at POP (in April – First timers) and will have 2 room. We have 3 tweens and 1 7yr old. We have now decided to put 2 Adults and 1 Child on the Quick Serve Dining Plan. Cost per night = $112.86, We will split the credits among the 6 of us over the course of the trip. Now it won’t hurt so much when we go to BOG breakfast at $24pp, it will be covered! We plan on eating at Wolfgang Puck Express on arrival day, so we will definitely get our quick service credits worth there. I won’t have to go crazy trying to maximize the rest of my credits using this method. Thanks again!!!

Lisa Dykstra

Hi Andy – can you please explain the pricing on this? When I called WDW they said that the Disney Dining plan was $70/person/day. For 5 adults for 6 days, that would be $2100. I’m not even factoring in the fact that 2 of you would be on the deluxe plan. How are you getting it for $1000? What am I missing here?

Andy Stocker

yes, as they’ve stated this is for families of 5 or more that need 2 rooms. You can get the deluxe plan for 2 out of 5 ppl (for us one room has 2 ppl on deluxe and other room 3 ppl have no plan)…then I am combining the 3 table meals I get per day for the 2 ppl in that room, to share with all 5 people. When I go to eat I will say “5 table credits ” or less if sharing. This way we also get appetizers to share since I have deluxe credits! The deluxe is 103 per person but remember that’s only 2 ppl per day getting that. If under 12 you pay much less (37?) per day AND you can use those credits for adult meals!! if you have more questions look me up Andy Stocker from Evansville ndiana on fb


I believe Andy has two different reservation and then has requested adjoining rooms. Similar to what two families going to Disney at the same time might do. One of the reservations has the DDP with two people in that room; the other does not. When dinning, Andy can uses whatever credits are on his card for the whole family. Very interesting idea when you need two rooms. I would caution that it is against WDW policy for guests to share meals at a table serve location (some will allow). If you do want to have the freedom of going to a few expensive table serve, where you can get some value out of the DDP, it could be great. One other thought, I have visited WDW many time on and off the DDP, and when you have all those table serve meals to use, it eats into touring time.

Sharon Cartwright

You are able to share meals at Table Service locations where the meals are individually priced. You may not share meals at TS locations that are fixed price, such as buffets, dinner shows, Character meals, and Dining packages… but you can use your dining credits to pay for those types of meals for others. He is probably talking about sharing a TS meal at, for example, Hollywood Brown Derby, (not the Fantasmic! dining package, just a regular reservation.) It is not against policy to share these types of meals.

Andy Stocker

Yes, no cheating or funny stuff here. Sharing only when allowed. like at Sci fi or 50s or other non buffets. using the “appetizer deluxe” ability to stretch credits.

Annabel House

Just been looking at the disney dining and half the table service restaurants aren’t on the disney website. I don’t want to book for dining and plan restaurants and then can’t use our dining plan. Have you managed to eat at these places as they look great!

Andy Stocker

Hmmm…I can see all restaurants on Disneys site.

Eric Stankovitz

I’m going to Disney in June and we purchased the regular Disney Dining plan for the 3 of us. My Godson doesn’t eat much and we were wondering if we could use his table service dining credits to add to ours and eat at a few signature restaurants with 2 credits?? And just pay out of pocket for his small meal?


If he is older than 9 and on the adult plan, yes. If he is 3-9, then this is not allowed as his child credits are not eligible for adult table service meals.


The credits are attached to your room/magic band and doesnt specify child or adult its just a running total and there is one pin number for all the magic bands for your room. This is also how a child can get an adults meal so yes you could use their credits just need to check how and if the restaurant can split the bill in that way as never tried it.


Comment specified regular not deluxe dining plan so credits are not pooled. Using child table credits for adult meals only works on the DELUXE dining plan or on quick service meals because there is no concept of child vs adult credits. REGULAR table service differentiates.

ryan h

At table service restaurants we are a party of four but both my girls are very light eaters, can we order three meals and split or do we have to order a meal for everyone at the table?

ryan h

the above question is in relation to the meal plan can we sit with 4 but only order three meals with out table service credits


Hi there. Quick question. We have a lot of sit down meals left on mine and my husbands deluxe dining plan due to my son being sick the first few days we are here. Can you cash them out on snacks? We have about 20 all together. ?

Kim Ard

Hey, Shannon! I REALLY appreciate you collecting all of the information needed to make your dining charts. I do, however, have a comment about Cinderella’s Royal Table. I know on many podcasts that you do not recommend CRT as a good use of DDP credits. But, when you consider that gratuity is included, that does sweeten the deal a little more. For example, my family of 6 is considering going to CRT for dinner next November. So, that $70 bill + 18% gratuity ($12.60) = $82.60. Divide that by 2 credits, and it equals $41.30 per credit. That makes it a little easier for me “pay” the 2 credits for 1 meal. ?

Andy Stocker

Good stuff, Shannon! I’ve used your charts a lot for my upcoming trip! Please feel free to tell people about the “deluxe/split room” option. Having 2 ppl in same family get 2 connecting rooms allows you (for example) to have 2 ppl on deluze plan and the other 3 ppl in another room to not be on it. This accomplishes several things.
1) Takes advantage of the Deluxe $10 price drop for 2017 (while other 2 plans increased)
2) Takes the chore of having to plan/budget Quick service restaurants out of the equation.
3) Allows you to get APPETIZERS, so we will be using 3 or 4 table service credits at non-buffets/fixed prices.
4) Changes the table service credit value limit down to $34.6, and thats not considering the appertizers!!


Adam B

Andy been working on this for several months now. Can anyone else confirm this? I have two reservations (connecting rooms) in March, I was going to get the deluxe plan for 1 adult and 2 children staying in one room and no DDP for the other room. Disney Customer Service made it sound like requesting “connecting rooms” made my two reservations into 1 “resort reservation” and implying that I would need to purchase a meal plan for all 5 on the reservation.

Also can anyone confirm that child/adult credits can be used interchangeable on the deluxe plan for 2017? . . .and ability to use for guests not staying in your resort room?

Thanks Andy, good luck to you. I agree it is a great way to get the most money out of Disney dinning.

Andy Stocker

that is strange…from what I hear, cast members on phone will tell you different things. I’ve got 2 rooms, one under my name and one under my wife’s, with the split dining. The CM said lots of ppl do this I just have to have one under my wife’s name. it’d under same MDE account, I just had to pay 2 deposits. She also told me I was guaranteed connecting room, but based on others experience I don’t believe this is just an automatic guarantee. I’m still going to ask for that 1st.
now, for the child/adult pricing, several ppl on TP liner chat have stated that they have had success with buying child deluxe plan and being able to use them for adult credits. the only thing you can’t do is have 6 year old get adult meal with credit…but mu theory is, why would you use these credits on kids if non buffets??? Allow that 37 dollars a day for child to be used for 3 adult meals!!! that is an amazing deal! then just pay out of pocket for kids that are considered child…or just give them apps from your meal and share!!
So if u have “child” it’s a no brainer to include them on the “deluxe plan room”. you will save a ridiculous amount of money. This little trick will probably be stopped by Disney sooner or later (paying child deluxe rate, using them as adult credits) and I wish we could use it (our kids are teens) but I’m trYing to get the word out while it lasts! this has also been heavily confirmed to work on liner chat.

Andy Stocker

Just to clarify above post…2 people on deluxe plan in one room, 3 people on NO plan in connecting room. So, $1040 for 30 table service credits (since deluxe is 3 a day, QS OR TS) and 20 snacks. Heckuva deal!


Hi, when will the 2017 Disney Dining Plan Credit Value be available?


Hi. We are big fans of the DDP and are planning a trip for Feb 2017. Do you have updated info for the new revised plans? Thank you!

Kim Ard

Thanks! From one math-loving, chart-making, number-crunching girl to another. Lol!

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