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29 unique Disney World souvenir ideas we think you will love

29 unique Disney World souvenir ideas we think you will love

There might be a million different souvenirs you can buy at Walt Disney World (and we’re convinced 90% of those are located at the World of Disney store in Disney Springs) but for brevity’s sake, we’ve pared it down to a list of 29 unique Disney World souvenir ideas we think you’ll like.

Some general advice on souvenir shopping:

  • Buy it when you see it, because you may not see it again. There are lots of items unique to a location and there’s a chance you won’t come across it later.
  • While guests staying on-site used to be able to send gifts back to their hotel for free, that is no longer the case. So be sure you’re ready, willing, and able to carry all of your souvenirs.
  • Home Delivery is available, meaning you can send your purchases directly to your home for an additional fee.
  • If you think of something after you leave that you wish you’d picked up, check out

Now… on to our list!

  • Keep in mind that the price of souvenirs at Disney World is known to change frequently. If or when the cost of an item mentioned below changes, we will update accordingly.

Starbucks mugs and tumblers

starbucks star wars been there series mugs
  • Locations: You can find Starbucks in all 4 parks and at Disney Springs: Main Street Bakery in Magic Kingdom, Connections Café in Epcot, Trolley Car Café at Hollywood Studios, and Creature Comforts at Animal Kingdom
  • Price: Varies
  • Tips: These mugs and tumblers are super popular and will sell out, so act quickly if this is a souvenir must-have.

We love a souvenir that is useful and these cute mugs totally fit that description.

The Disney World versions of the popular Starbucks collectibles are perfect for coffee and tea lovers alike, along with those who like to use a reusable beverage tumbler.

starbucks tumblers at disney world

New colors, themes, and designs are constantly popping up on shelves, so keep those eyes peeled!

Personalized Disney ornaments

Disney Ornaments
  • Locations: Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe at Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Days of Christmas in Disney Springs
  • Price: Varies
  • Tips: Go early in your trip in case it takes days (usually can be done same day though) to get the personalized ornaments finished. The Disney Springs location has a wider selection than the Magic Kingdom location. These can be shipped home.

Remember your family vacations by buying an ornament from each destination. Disney offers Disney-themed ornaments in a couple of locations and you can even get them personalized if you’d like.

disney ornaments from ye olde christmas shoppe at magic kingdom

From your favorite Disney and Pixar character, to your favorite animated film, to Disney princesses, the regular ornament options are also endless.


banshee toy in pandora at animal kingdom
  • Locations: Windtraders at Animal Kingdom
  • Price: Varies
  • Tips: Guests go through an entire adoption process where they identify a banshee from a range of unique styles.

The beautiful Flight of Passage in Pandora lets guests ride on the backs of their very own banshee and you can even take a miniature version of one home with you!

These interactive animals (controlled by your hand) move their heads, wings, and mouths and make authentic banshee sounds.

Avatar Maker

avatar maker windtraders pandora
  • Locations: Windtraders at Animal Kingdom
  • Price: $79.99
  • Tips: The creation of the action figure can take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour, so make sure you budget enough time and that you don’t have any conflicting activities, reservations, experiences, or Lightning Lanes.

The Avatar Maker allows you to see what you would look like as an actual Avatar by creating an action figure customized specifically to you.

avatar maker windtraders pandora

The overall customization process takes around 5 to 10 minutes, but the creation of the action figure can take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. You can also find several pre-made Avatar action figures.

Na’vi custom jewelry

navi jewelry making windtraders pandora
  • Locations: Windtraders at Animal Kingdom
  • Price: about $20
  • Tips: You can purchase more beads, feathers, crystals, totems, and pendants for an additional price.

Windtraders has so many great unique souvenirs, including Na’vi jewelry-making. You can design either a bracelet or a necklace. Along with the bracelet or necklace, the purchase includes 8 beads and one feather or one crystal.

Pick a Pearl

pick a pearl in the japan pavilion at epcot
  • Locations: Mitsukoshi store in the Japan pavilion and at the Pearl Factory in Disney Springs
  • Price: around $20 (settings are separate)
  • Tips: Pick the hairiest, ugliest oyster to increase your chances of getting 2 pearls

Pick a Pearl allows you to pick an oyster from a tank, the very enthusiastic Cast Member cuts it open, and then you’ll see if you got 1 or 2 pearls. The pearl(s) is/are then measured and put into a baggie.

pick a pearl at disney springs

This really is an affordable experience and makes for a fun souvenir. You can also purchase jewelry that is crafted to hold your pearl, but this costs extra.

We definitely recommend the Pick a Pearl experience at Epcot versus Disney Springs. The two are different, with the one in the Japan pavilion being much more exciting and allowing you to interact with Cast Members from Japan.

Resort-specific merchandise

port orleans french quarter merchandise
  • Locations: all Disney resorts
  • Price: Varies
  • Tips: A lot of hotel gift shops carry similar items you’ll see in the parks and are great if you forget a last-minute souvenir.

A couple of years ago, Disney started doing away with resort-specific merchandise so the gift shops contained generic Disney World items. Thankfully, resort-specific items have returned!

contemporary monrail ears and bags

These make for great souvenirs to not only commemorate your stay on property, but especially if you have a favorite resort and want an item to remember it by.

Carved rings

ring carvers in epcot's mexico pavilion
  • Locations: Initial Rings cart in the Disney Springs Marketplace and the Ring Carvers cart in Epcot’s Mexico pavilion
  • Price: $19 and up
  • Tips: Hours vary; the cart in the Mexico pavilion doesn’t always open with the World Showcase

At a few spots in Disney World, you can have a ring carved to your specifications with various symbols or initials. You can choose between different materials like gold or silver.

ring carver in mexico pavilion

Some of the carts may also have an assortment of ready-to-wear jewelry.

Painting, tie-dye, and other resort activities

once upon a painting activity at contemporary resort
  • Locations: Some Disney World Resort hotels
  • Price: Varies
  • Tips: These activities and classes are perfect for a non-park day 

Many Disney World Resort hotels have activities like painting or creating tie-dye Mickey T-shirts.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be an artist to create a masterpiece. The paint classes are led by instructors that use easy-to-follow steps to guide you through the creation of your very own Disney piece of art.

recreation experiences posted at art of animation resort

Be sure to check your hotel’s Recreation Experiences schedule for a list of times and confirmed acvitities during your visit.

You should be able to find the recreational guide near the lobby.

Twinings Tea Chest

twinings tea chest souvenir at the tea caddy in epcot
  • Locations: The Tea Caddy in the U.K. pavilion at Epcot
  • Price: $19.99 (pus tax)
  • Tips: This store also sells U.K. and Disney-themed tea cups and teapots

If you like a souvenir you can drink, then the Twinings Tea Chests are perfect for you. For 1 price, you get a wooden chest which you can fill with up to 10 tea bags you’ve selected.

Twinings Tea Chest

Seriously, how cute and unique is this? Plus, the chest is reusable!

Star Wars lightsaber

galaxy's edge lightsaber photopass
  • Locations: Savi’s Workshop in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Hollywood Studios
  • Price: $249.99 per lightsaber (plus tax)
  • Tips: Reservations are highly recommended (book online); carrying case is included and you can also purchase additional customization items at Dok Ondar’s Den of Antiquities

For a truly unique experience, Star Wars fans can build their own replica lightsabers.

Savi’s Workshop is unforgettable, yet very pricey. That said, those who have always wanted to build their own lightsabers will certainly make memories here.

Selecting a kyber

You can build 1 of 4 available hilt themes and receive a cloisonné pin to identify your selection.

Be sure to read our complete guide to Savi’s Workshop for everything you need to know about the experience.

If you’re looking for a similar, yet more affordable experience, you can build a toy lightsaber at Tatooine Traders in Echo Lake at Hollywood Studios.


Droid Depot
  • Locations: Droid Depot in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Hollywood Studios
  • Price: $119.99 per droid (plus tax)
  • Tips: Reservations are highly recommended (book online); box and instructions are included in the price and you can also purchase additional accessories for more customization options

Droid Depot is yet another unique experience Star Wars fans love. Here, you can either build a droid from the BB-series unit or the R-series unit.

C Series Droid

Be sure to read our complete guide to Droid Depot for everything you need to know about the experience.

Monogrammed Mickey ears

Monogrammed ears
  • Locations: Curtain Call Collectibles, Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe, and Fantasy Faire in Magic Kingdom; Disney’s Wonderful World of Memories in Disney Springs
  • Price: Varies on Mickey ears, ear hats, and type of embroidery
  • Tips: Depending on how busy the stores are, it can take a while to get your monogram completed. Arrive at the store earlier in your visit so you can pick your ears up before you leave (sometimes a few hours later).

What’s better than classic Mickey ears? Classic Mickey ears with a monogram added to them!

embroidery station in fantasy faire at magic kingdom

You can personalize ears in several different ways, like by adding your name, a number, or a year. Of course, if you add additional artwork or words, that will cost you extra.

Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe liberty square

Everyone who visits Disney World should have a personalized set of Mickey ears, plus they make a great and special gift.


silhouette pricing
  • Locations: In Liberty Square and on Main Street, U.S.A. (a cart in the alley between Crystal Arts and Uptown Jewelers); The Marketplace in Disney Springs
  • Price: $12 for silhouette; $13.95 for oval frame (plus tax)
  • Tips: In Liberty Square there are also caricatures nearby

Have a silhouette drawn to remember your child’s age at the time of your trip or have one done for a special occasion like mother’s/father’s/grandparents day for a truly unique Disney World souvenir.

The artists can do these in as little as 60 seconds. 

silhouettes on main street at magic kingdom

You can even have your silhouette framed!

Waterproof parasols

liberty square parasol cart
  • Locations: Cart in Liberty Square at Magic Kingdom
  • Price: $14.95 for mini parasol; $18.95 for large parasol (plus tax)
  • Tips: Price includes your name, hearts, and flowers; additional artwork is $6, plus tax, per large picture

These waterproof parasols are pretty to begin with, but even more so when an artist customizes them with artwork.

liberty square parasol cart

During special times of the year, you may spot parasols themed to that season. For example, we’ve seen ones with spooky designs for Halloween!

Glass keepsakes

glaskunst - germany - Epcot
  • Locations: Glaskunst in the Germany pavilion at Epcot
  • Price: Varies
  • Tips: Great for little ones and to keep them entertained as you walk around the World Showcase

The outdoor stand is described as an interactive glass art station by the Arribas Brothers, where you can design your own decorative fused glass keepsake.

After purchasing a project, you’ll then choose from a variety of glass pieces to customize your artwork.

glaskunst - germany - Epcot

You can find Glaskunst across from the miniature train area and restrooms.

Pressed Pennies

adventureland souvenir pressed pennies
  • Locations: All throughout Disney World
  • Price: Varies, but start at $1.00 per coin, with some sets costing $5 for 8 coins
  • Tips: Credit cards are accepted at all machines

One of the cheapest souvenirs in all of Disney World are pressed coins, which you can find just about everywhere and collect in pressed coin books.

frontierland souvenir pennies across from frontier trading post

There are so many pressed penny machines featuring a range of designs, typically themed to the land or attraction they are located by.

Engraved glass items

Crystal Arts Arribas Brothers in Magic Kingdom
  • Locations: Kunstarbeit in Kristall in Germany pavilion and La Princesa de Cristal in Mexico pavilion at Epcot; Crystal Arts on Main Street and La Princesa de Cristal cart in Adventureland at Magic Kingdom; Crystal Arts by Arribas Brothers in the Marketplace at Disney Springs
  • Price: Varies
  • Tips: If you don’t want to travel on an airplane with fragile items, home delivery is available for an additional fee

These shops and carts sell glass items that you can have engraved for a more personal touch. You can choose from crystal figurines, tiaras, jewelry, and more.

la princesa de cristal in adventureland

Many of these locations have Arribas Brothers crystal and glassware on sale, including cut crystal, blown glass, and crystal figurines.


africa hub cart pins animal kingdom
  • Locations: Just about everywhere at Disney World, but Disney’s Pin Traders in Disney Springs is the largest
  • Price: Varies
  • Tips: Starter sets are also available for purchase for those who want to get into the pin-trading game

You can trade pins with other people (including Cast Members), but you can also buy pins that you want as a souvenir for your trip.

pins at disney parks

During certain times of the year or for special events (like the Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party or Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party), exclusive pins will be released.

For more info on how this works, see this pin trading guide.

Popcorn buckets

disney parks popcorn bucket
  • Locations: Most popcorn carts stationed around the parks
  • Price: Varies, but standard buckets are usually $13, with specialty buckets priced higher
  • Tips: Popcorn buckets are refillable, with refills costing $2.25 (you can even bring old ones to have refilled — we have never been questioned)

Disney Parks popcorn buckets are all the rage and beyond popular. Some of the specialty ones even sell out as soon as they are released (we’re looking at you Figment).

They are so cute and even make for fun decorations during special times of the year or good storage in your home, office, or classroom.

pumbaa popcorn bucket

If you love popcorn, we definitely recommend purchasing a refillable popcorn bucket, especially so you don’t have to pay full price for popcorn each time.

Mickey soap dispenser

mickey hand soap dispenser
  • Locations: Various gift shops around the parks and hotels
  • Price: around $19.99
  • Tips: Be sure to pack in your checked luggage, since the soap dispensers are filled with liquid and exceed TSA’s 3.4 liquid ounces limit

Being able to wash your hands with foaming soap that creates the shape of a Mickey makes for the most magical hand wash ever.

mickey hand soap dispenser

Mickey hand soap dispensers are so fun and different designs are always being released by Disney.

FYI: The $8 price shown above is a special price. We wish they were always this affordable.

Trash can salt and pepper shakers

orange bird trash can salt and peppers
  • Locations: Various locations, but can usually be spotted in the Emporium at Magic Kingdom and Creations Shop at Epcot
  • Price: around $12.99 per shaker
  • Tips: The shakers are sold individually, not as a set

Disney World is known for having some of the best themed trash cans scattered around the parks and hotels.

Why not profit off that by making Disney trash can salt and pepper shakers? You can typically find new designs based on the time of year and season.

Animal wood carvings and handmade jewelry

animal wood carvings in africa at animal kingdom
  • Locations: Mombasa Marketplace in Africa at Animal Kingdom; Outpost area in World Showcase at Epcot; Zawadi Marketplace at Animal Kingdom Lodge
  • Price: Varies
  • Tips: You can actually watch the carvers in action and we recommend taking the time to do this

Some of the coolest souvenirs you can find at Animal Kingdom, Epcot, and also at the gift shop at Animal Kingdom Lodge are African animals carved out of wood.

Knowing these are made by hand out of work is mind-blowing. They are gorgeous.

handmade african jewelry in animal kingdom

Plus, there is also handmade beaded African jewelry nearby that is beyond stunning. You can’t beat the authenticity of these creations.

TRON Identity Program

tron identity program
  • Locations: Tomorrowland Launch Depot in Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom
  • Price: $89.99 per action figure (plus tax)
  • Tips: Reservations are recommended (book online); a limited number of same-day reservations may be available up to 2 hours in advance; walk-ins may also be accommodated based on availability

The TRON Identity Program allows you to create an action figure, or Program, that looks and sounds just like you.

The customization process includes an Image Capture, which will scan your facial features, the chance to select your helmet and body configuration, and whether or not your Program will be an Enforcer, a Combatant, a Scout, or a Heavy Sentry.

tron identity program

You can even choose your team color, along with recording 6 lines of dialogue in your own voice at the Command Input!

It will take about 20 minutes to make your selections. Once you’ve made all of your choices, your Program will be ready within 60 minutes.

Disney art

disney art at magic kingdom
  • Locations: Box Office Gifts and Bonjour! Village Gifts at Magic Kingdom; Art of Disney in The American Adventure pavilion at Epcot; and Art of Disney in the Marketplace at Disney Springs
  • Price: Varies
  • Tips: Home delivery is available, meaning you can send your art directly to your home for an additional fee

There are so many amazing Disney artists, who create unbelievable art of characters, Disney Parks icons, and more special Disney moments.

beauty and the beast art

Even though Epcot has its own festival dedicated art (Festival of the Arts), you can still find Disney art year-round at multiple locations on Disney World property.

Tomorrowland Speedway license

tomorrowland speedway driver's license center
  • Locations: Near exit of Tomorrowland Speedway at Magic Kingdom
  • Price: $6
  • Tips: Great way to keep littles ones entertained

This is a truly fun activity for little ones and it also makes for an inexpensive souvenir.

tomorrowland speedway driver's license center

Near the exit of the Tomorrowland Speedway, you can find three driver’s license photo booths. You simply step inside, pay, and a license prints out as your keepsake!

Perfume engraving

complimentary bottle engraving in france pavilion at epcot
  • Locations: Plume et Palette in the France pavilion at Epcot
  • Price: Complimentary (with a fragrance purchase)
  • Tips: Ask the shop to see the calendar for upcoming engraving opportunities

A free perfume bottle engraving? Yes, please!

On select days at Plume et Palette, you can have a perfume bottle engraved with special designs or names.

complimentary bottle engraving in the france pavilion at epcot

Only specific perfumes can be engraved on certain days. Be sure to look for this sign above to see which perfume you must purchase in order to receive the complimentary engraving.

Mickey’s Mini Garden

mini garden plant in the land pavilion at epcot

Anyone who visits Epcot knows just how special Living with the Land is. There’s even the Behind the Seeds tour.

Both teach about farming and show firsthand how Walt Disney horticulturalists are using innovative growing techniques and cross-breeding high-yield crops to help feed a growing planet.

mini garden plant in the land pavilion at epcot

Well, what if you could take a piece of all that home with you?

Mickey’s Mini Garden is a test tube grown from a regeneration of cells from a parent plant so you can regenerate or grow your own plant!

You can choose from several options, like an orchid plant, a cactus, dragon fruit, or a tiger lily. And — it only costs $14!

Party and festival merchandise

flower and garden orange bird merchandise
  • Locations: Depends, but usually Magic Kingdom and Epcot
  • Price: Varies
  • Tips: These items are only available during certain times of the year and can sell out quickly (depending), so you may want to purchase an item as soon as you see it

Party and festival specific items can be purchased during events like Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, or any of the yearly Epcot festivals.

The merchandise for these events changes with each new party and festival. During festivals like Festival of the Arts, you can even purchase special Disney artwork.

Do you have questions or other unique Disney World souvenir ideas? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments!

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Kim Tappa

Monday 29th of March 2021

Our children always came home with a great assortment of souvenirs, but we did good pre-planning. Each child had a checklist, one shirt/sweatshirt, one hat, one ornament, one photo book/frame, jewelry/pins, one stuffed character, and three items of choice. When younger, they had to give us their printed "Disney Dollars" for their items (we used the cc linked to the wristbands for purchases). Yet, the children made choices based upon what they wanted the most and how much money they personally had to spend. Everyone came home happy!

Astra Viil

Friday 25th of September 2020

Dear parents! Let the kids choose their favourite Disney Parks souvenirs!!! When the kids are very good, then they deserve more souvenirs. Every good behaviour kid should have 1-2 bags of Disney Parks souvenirs: 1-2 plush toys, 1 bubble blower, 1 Mickey ears, 2 t-shirts, 1 jacket, 1 drinking bottle, and some pins or magnets. Please buy only those Disney Parks souvenirs, what the kids very want!!!! I know many Disney souvenirs are very expensive, but when the kids are very good all the times, then sometimes they deserve these things!!! Please be kind parents and make Your kids very happy with these Disney Parks souvenirs, what the kids have chosen and don’t say NO all the times, when the kids very deserves those Disney Parks souvenirs for good behaviour!!!

Elizabeth Pozzi

Monday 20th of January 2020

I am so sad they no longer do the haunted portraits. It is one of my favorite souvenirs we got from Disney, we put them up on the mantel every Halloween.


Friday 30th of August 2019

My daughter and I did the tye dye Mickey t-shirts at our resort (Port Orleans -Riverside). They were easy to make and we each had a fun, unique shirt to take home! They were only $18. The shirts were already tied off so the Mickey head would appear on the front of the just had to pick your colors. The staff wrapped the shirts in plastic and gave us washing instructions. They had kid and adult sizes to choose from. We would definitely make them again!


Saturday 10th of August 2019

Where can I buy the Salt and Pepper Trash Cans in WDW? THanks!

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