Sure, Disney World's slogan is "The Most Magical Place on Earth," but you can do even more to spoil your kids make your trip more special.

Here are some ideas.

Tinker Bell

Similar to Santa Claus, you can have "Tinker Bell" visit your hotel room each day of your trip. Tinker Bell's visits can be tied to good behavior, if you would like. Or you can just have Tinker Bell gifts instead of buying souvenirs.

You may want to arrange it so that the gifts relate to each day of your trip. For instance, if you're planning to visit a water park or go swimming at your hotel one day, Tinker Bell could bring pool toys. If you're planning to be out for one of the nighttime shows, you could provide glow toys.

I like to leave the last day open so that if there's something in particular that the kids have spotted during the trip, you can buy it and give that as the final day's surprise.

For a much longer discussion which includes 10 gift ideas, please see my article Let's Talk Tinker Bell gifts.

Personalized Pressed Coin Containers

Disney World has pressed coin machines all over the place. Some are pressed quarter machines (which cost $1.25 each) and some are pressed penny machines (51 cents each). These make fun and inexpensive souvenirs, but you'll probably need to plan ahead to make sure you have enough coins.

The larger-sized containers of mini-M & Ms are exactly the right size to hold quarters and you can layer in pennies as well. You can remove the M & M labels and either leave the tubes uncovered or create your own labels for your trip. There are many labels to choose from at this link.

You could also paint medicine bottles to hold your coins as well. is the definitive source for information on which machines are available where, including downloadable lists of machine types and locations.

Fairy Godmailers

Someone who mails you a postcard from Disney World before your trip is sometimes called a Fairy Godmailer. You can arrange this with someone ahead of time and give them some instructions such as your child's name and favorite character. The Fairy Godmailer then writes a postcard from Disney World that says something like "Can't wait to see you next month! Love, Buzz Lightyear" or something similar to get them excited.

Most popular Disney message boards will have a thread dedicated to finding Fairy Godmailers such as this one from

Mousekeeping envelopes

Disney employees are called "Cast Members" and the cast members who clean the hotel rooms work in "Mousekeeping." Prepare envelopes ahead of time to leave a daily tip for the staff (daily is preferred to weekly since the staff when you depart might not be the same as when you arrived). Plan to tip about $3-5 per day.

You can make your Mousekeeping envelopes however you'd like, but if you'd like some templates, check out the ones I designed.

Hotel Room Deliveries

There's only one place that can deliver items in your hotel room before you arrive and that's the Disney Florist. You can order decorations to help celebrate a holiday, personalized Mickey ears and Welcome to Disney gift sets. Just order online or by calling 407-WDW-GIFT.


Now you can get creative! Plan how you'll make your trip special. Special ride from the airport to hotel? Fun surprises to keep busy while waiting in line? Disney-themed activity books you created from printing them off of the Internet that helps kids keep busy on the plane?

The 6 step planning process