Complete guide to Disney World park tickets for 2018

(Article last updated: February 14, 2018)

When people start planning Disney World trips, they're often shocked at how expensive Disney World tickets are.

Although huge discounts aren't common, there are some ways to save.

In this post, check out ticket prices and the best places to purchase them for your trip.

Let's take a look...

Type of Disney World park tickets

First, a quick overview of the different types of tickets and who should get each one.

Base tickets

These are the most basic tickets that allow you to visit 1 of the 4 theme parks per day.

Who should buy Base tickets:

People looking to spend the least amount possible and/or those whose daily plan only requires visiting one park per day should purchase Base tickets.

Park Hoppers

Adding the Park Hopper option to tickets allows you to visit more than 1 park per day.

Who should buy Park Hopper tickets:

We recommend Park Hopper tickets for the people in the categories below.

  • People who want to use Extra Magic Hours but spend the other part of the day in a non-EMH park. Though we don't normally recommend EMHs, this is especially handy during peak travel times (like Christmas and Easter).
  • If you're staying at an Epcot-area resort, it's convenient to have Park Hopper tickets so you can spend the first part of the day at any park and then go into Epcot in the evening.
  • Visitors with trips of 3 days or less who want to fit in more parks than they have days.
  • Those who want to see all nighttime entertainment but the shows aren't scheduled for every night of your trip. Park Hoppers will allow you to visit any park for the first part of the day and then hop to the park with the nighttime show when it's scheduled.

Park Hopper Plus

Adding this option to your tickets gives you entry into the water parks, miniature golf (before 4:00), and a round of golf at Oak Trail. For every day of tickets that you buy, you get 1 entry into 1 of the extra places.

For instance, if you buy 5 day Park Hopper Plus, you'll get 5 entries into the extra places that can be used at any time during your trip.

Who should buy Park Hopper Plus tickets:

People who plan to do a water park will often a good idea to get these tickets rather than buying the water park ticket separately.

Annual Passes

People with an Annual Pass get, as the name indicates, one year of entry into the 4 Disney World theme parks.

Annual Passholders also get free PhotoPass downloads (basically Memory Maker is included), free onsite parking, and special discounts on resorts and food. There aren't many AP discounts available, and these tickets are usually purchased directly from Disney World.

Who should get an Annual Pass:

People taking multiple trips within a year will usually find that an Annual Pass is a better deal than buying two sets of Disney World tickets (though you should do the math to be sure).

In addition, Offsite guests staying 7+ days should also consider having 1 person in the group get an AP. Details on that below in the pricing section.

Disney World ticket prices

Park ticket calculator

Want to quickly see what the prices for tickets would be? The calculator below uses Disney's prices (with tax) to show you what to expect.

Check the info below for how the prices break down by ticket type.

1 day ticket prices

If you want to just get 1-day tickets, you will likely not find any discounts and will need to buy them directly from Disney.

Here are the prices. All prices include tax.

Value Prices Regular Prices Peak Prices
Magic Kingdom Base Ticket $116.09 $126.74 $137.39
Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom Base Tickets $108.63 $121.41 $129.93

2-10 day ticket prices

The prices below are the prices you'll pay if you purchase tickets ahead of time directly from Disney.

Add $20 if you wait to buy 3+ day tickets when you arrive.

All prices include tax.

Number of days Cost
2 day base tickets $222.59
3 day base tickets $346.13
4 day base tickets $426.00
5 day base tickets $441.98
6 day base tickets $452.63
7 day base tickets $463.28
8 day base tickets $473.93
9 day base tickets $484.58
10 day base tickets $495.23

Park Hopper ticket prices

Many people believe that Park Hopper ticket prices are a per-day charge, but they are actually a flat rate on top of your tickets.

The prices are below. All prices include tax.

Number of days Add-on fee for Park Hopper tickets
1 day base ticket $67.10 (for regular tier tickets)
2-3 day base tickets $69.22
4-10 day base tickets $79.88

Park Hopper Plus ticket prices

Just like the Park Hopper tickets, the Park Hopper Plus prices are a flat fee on top of your base ticket prices.

The prices are shown below and include tax.

Number of days Add-on fee for Park Hopper Plus tickets
2-3 day base tickets $79.88
4-10 day base tickets $95.86

Annual Pass prices

There are various types of APs, but let's use the regular Platinum Pass for comparison here.

Annual Pass for offsite guests

People staying offsite may also find it makes a lot of sense for just 1 person in the travel group to get an Annual Pass because it includes free onsite parking, a MagicBand, discounts, and photo downloads.

For 2018 prices, it really makes sense for offsite guests staying 7+ days to have 1 person get an Annual Pass.

# of days Ticket type Ticket cost (if purchased through WDW) Parking cost ($22/day for offsite guests w/o an AP) Memory Maker (included with AP) MagicBand (optional, but included w/AP). Price reflects the basic MB that comes with an AP Total
3 WDW hopper tickets $415.35 $66.00 $169.00 $12.99 $663.34
Platinum Annual Pass $904.19 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $904.19
4 WDW hopper tickets $505.88 $88.00 $169.00 $12.99 $775.87
Platinum Annual Pass $904.19 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $904.19
5 WDW hopper tickets $521.85 $110.00 $169.00 $12.99 $813.84
Platinum Annual Pass $904.19 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $904.19
6 WDW hopper tickets $532.50 $132.00 $169.00 $12.99 $846.49
Platinum Annual Pass $904.19 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $904.19
7 WDW hopper tickets $543.15 $154.00 $169.00 $12.99 $879.14
Platinum Annual Pass $904.19 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $904.19
8 WDW hopper tickets $553.80 $176.00 $169.00 $12.99 $911.79
Platinum Annual Pass $904.19 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $904.19
9 WDW hopper tickets $564.45 $198.00 $169.00 $12.99 $944.44
Platinum Annual Pass $904.19 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $904.19
10 WDW hopper tickets $575.10 $220.00 $169.00 $12.99 $977.09
Platinum Annual Pass $904.19 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $904.19

Annual Pass for onsite guests

While not as worth it for onsite guests as offsite guests, onsite guests may find an AP discount on hotels that would make it worth it to purchase at least 1 Annual Pass for the lead guest on the reservation.

# of days Ticket type Ticket cost (if purchased through WDW) Memory Maker (included with AP) Total
3 WDW hopper tickets $415.35 $169.00 $584.35
Platinum Annual Pass* $904.19 $0.00 $904.19
4 WDW hopper tickets $505.88 $169.00 $674.88
Platinum Annual Pass* $904.19 $0.00 $904.19
5 WDW hopper tickets $521.85 $169.00 $690.85
Platinum Annual Pass* $904.19 $0.00 $904.19
6 WDW hopper tickets $532.50 $169.00 $701.50
Platinum Annual Pass* $904.19 $0.00 $904.19
7 WDW hopper tickets $543.15 $169.00 $712.15
Platinum Annual Pass* $904.19 $0.00 $904.19
8 WDW hopper tickets $553.80 $169.00 $722.80
Platinum Annual Pass* $904.19 $0.00 $904.19
9 WDW hopper tickets $564.45 $169.00 $733.45
Platinum Annual Pass* $904.19 $0.00 $904.19
10 WDW hopper tickets $575.10 $169.00 $744.10
Platinum Annual Pass* $904.19 $0.00 $904.19

Where should you buy Disney World tickets?

There are lots of places where you can buy tickets, including from Disney World and third-party sellers.

Below are some of the best options for purchasing tickets.

Note: if you purchase through one of these ticket sellers, you will be able to link them in your My Disney Experience account so you can book FastPass+ ahead of time.

Some sellers provide a commission on tickets purchased through the links below.

Disney World

Buying directly from Disney means that you're paying full price for tickets, but it's also a required part of booking a package. If you hope to take advantage of a package promotion like Free Dining, you'll have to make a reservation for an on-site resort plus park tickets to do that.

Disney World is the best source for these types of tickets:

  • 1 and 2 day tickets of all types
  • Anytime you need to book a package

Park Savers

Park Savers offers prices that are hard to beat for almost all ticket types. Park Savers tickets are sent by email within 24 hours and you can then link to your My Disney Experience account. People who do not have MagicBands will need to stop by guest relations before entering the park to pick up tickets, but can still make FastPass+ reservations online beforehand.

Park Savers is the best source for these types of tickets:

  • All types of 3-10 day tickets

Undercover Tourist using the WDW Prep link

Undercover Tourist might be the most trusted name for Disney World tickets, and WDW Prep is thrilled to be one of their partners.

Undercover Tourist is the best source for these types of tickets:

  • All types of 3 day tickets
  • 4 day base tickets
  • 5, 6, and 10 day base and Park Hopper tickets

Official Ticket Center

Like Undercover Tourist, Official Ticket Center is an authorized, legitimate ticket wholesaler. They provide free shipping for tickets, have a great reputation, and fantastic prices.

Official Ticket Center is the best source for these types of tickets:

  • 3, 4, 5, and 6 day base tickets
  • 5 day Park Hopper tickets

Corporate discount

Many big corporations offer discounts on lots of things, including park tickets which can be purchased through Tickets at Work or Working Advantage. When searching your company intranet, try just searching for "tickets" rather than "Disney World" because the site sells discounted tickets for lots of destinations and your company may not list the specific types of tickets.

Be careful when comparing these ticket prices as they show you prices before lots of fees are added. Add them to your cart and act like you're going to purchase to see what the real price would be.

Tickets at Work/Working Advantage is the best source for these types of tickets:

  • 6 day base tickets

Military Salute tickets

Disney provides tickets to military personnel at a deep discount. However, the only tickets available are 4 and 5 day tickets.

Military Salute is the best source for these types of tickets:

  • Anybody who qualifies and wants 4 and 5 day tickets will find these to be the best deal by far

There are other military tickets available. Be sure to check out Military Disney Tips ticket info for more info.

International guests

Guests outside of the United States can often get great discounts by purchasing long-length tickets from Disney.


AAA used to be a good source of discounts, but Disney World tickets aren't available through all chapters anymore and the prices vary between them.

If you're a AAA member, see what (if any) prices are available to you (be sure to include tax and delivery fees) and compare to those to other ticket sellers in this post to see if they're a good deal for you.

Youth Education Series

YES has been a Disney program that provides educational classes in the parks for kids during certain months of the year (usually January, February, June, July, August, September and October). A side benefit to participating in YES classes has been that you can purchase discounted park tickets. However, this program seems to have been discontinued.

Military tickets

In addition to the Military Salute Tickets listed above, there are other discounted tickets available for military families. Be sure to check out Military Disney Tips ticket info for more info.

Where you should *not* buy tickets

Used ticket resellers

Ticket sellers will often pop up at random hotels in the Orlando area or on sites like eBay. Do not purchase from those sources.

When you enter a Disney theme park, your finger is scanned to verify that you are the person linked to the park ticket. If you purchase used tickets, your fingerprint won't match, you'll lose your tickets and there's a good chance you'll be questioned by a Cast Member regarding where you purchased the tickets.

Other resellers

We checked many other ticket sources, including Maple Leaf, Orlando Fun Tickets, Visit Orlando, and Getaway Today and found that the pricing (watch the delivery fees!) and method of delivery couldn't beat the methods listed above.

History of Disney World price increases

Every time a price increase occurs, people seem to moan as though it doesn't happen every year. In fact, you can count on an increase every February.

The reason is super simple: the parks are crowded. Not only can Disney raise prices but it helps keeps the crowd levels more manageable.

Check out history of all ticket increases on AllEars.


What questions or other info do you have about purchasing park tickets?

Please share in the comments.

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Does it make sense to buy tickets now, before a price increase, if I’m not sure of the number of days I’ll need? Can I add another day to a multi-day ticket after I purchase it? If so, how would that affect the overall cost?


We’re staying off-site in May. If we purchase tickets through Parksavers or Undercover Tourist, will I be able to link them to the magic bands I purchased before we arrive at the parks?


Hi, if I purchase my WDW tickets through Park Savers, how long does it take to get the confirmation code to link the tickets to MDE? I am able to reserve my fastpasses on Tuesday morning and don’t want to be delayed waiting for tickets to be linked. Thanks!

Liz Wenson

Hello, I see you are partners with Undercover Tourist. I have been researching for our Disney trip in May 2018 and looking at both of your crowd calendars, there is some conflicting info. On WDW prep, it says that MK is a high crowd day for May 23 and on Undercover tourist it says MK is a good park to visit that day. I am just wondering what I should do as I am trying to make my dining reservations. Thank you so much!!


If I was going to the parks for five days and got a five day base ticket and wanted one day to be park hopper, could I do it as an add-on, buy a four day base and one day park hopper or just have to buy all park hopper tickets?


Actually, we went to WDW with another family & we had Park Hoppers while they had 5 day base tickets. One day we went to AK in the morning & then hopped over to EPCOT. The family wanted to join us & the cast member at the gate simply asked for an additional $15 per ticket to hop that day. I don’t know if this is standard practice or a special offer this cast member made to accommodate the family at the time, but definitely cheaper than a 5-day hopper.


Is there a discount for teachers?


The discount you get with Undercover Tourist through the WDW Prep link is no different than the discount you get by going straight to the Undercover Tourist site. Is this correct?


Oh ok! I thought maybe I was doing something wrong lol

Trisha Rotelli

I am looking for group discount tickets…..does Disney do this? I have 13 people. All are over 9 years old except for one. We are not staying in Disney and do not need hopper tickets. We need tickets for each park for one day each. Thanks!


So if I buy a 4 day pass, I have to go to all 4 parks? No repeat park (maybe mk 2 days and no hs)? Or can I repeat?


Does the ability to upgrade tickets include upgrading to more days? (i.e. 3 day park hopper to 4 day park hopper)?


Yeah – the thing to remember with resellers is that their price includes tax and disney prices are without tax. Also, Parksavers does offer 9 and 10 Park Hopper Plus tickets for sale – they just aren’t on their website. I contacted them a month ago and got a quote which was about 8 dollars less than the lowest price listed on the chart. Hope this helps!!

Ellen Tennis

The way that I calculated whether an annual pass would be beneficial was by adding up the price for the tickets for two separate trips I would be taking. Rather than looking at how much it would cost to get a ticket for the total number of days for the two trips since it would cost more to buy a 7-day ticket and then a separate 4-day ticket. I also added in the price of parking (included in annual pass benefits) and factored in the cost of the photopass photos. With the two tickets and parking, it about equalled the… Read more »


Am I missing something? All these “discount” sites are more expensive for tickets than Disney…

Steven Kelly

I’ve read good things about, which had particularly good Black Friday deals on WDW tickets. Has anyone had experience with this company?


If we book at an onsite Deluxe Villa Suite directly from Disney and then purchase the park hopper passes from UT, and get a dining plan directly from Disney, but then they release the percent off your room stay, would we still qualify for the percent off the room stay? (Going in May, 2017).


Will wdw guest’s get a discount on some tickets if they order in advance?

Shani Shalgi

Thank you so much for these tips and comparison!
I found very cheap tickets on OrlandoFunTickets – looks like a 40$ discount for a 5 day ticket. Is this website legit? Does anyone have experience with it?
Also, if I get an e-ticket, will I be able to link it to my account and use FastPass just like a regular ticket?

Kristin J.

Wondering if we purchase tickets from a discounted vendor, can those same tickets be upgraded to an annual pass or only tickets purchased directly from the Dis? Thanks!!!!


If you upgrade a discounted ticket to annual pass, is the difference always going to be vs. current ticket prices? Or is it possible that discounted tickets from the vendors you mention would have been issued prior to price increases?

A. Barton

Couple of special prices running right now on

5 Days (3 Day + 2 Days Free), with Park Hopper – 10+ = $369, 3-9 = $349
7 Days (4 Day + 3 Days Free), with Park Hopper – 10+ = $409, 3-9 = $389
7 Days (4 Day + 3 Days Free), with Park Hopper, Water Park F&M – 10+ = $434, 3-9 = $414
4 Days (3 Day + 1 Day Free), with Water Park F&M – 10+ = $369, 3-9 = $349

Catherine W.

Your price comparison chart is extremely helpful, thank you! I plan to purchase the Park Savers 7 day PH for $389. Does Park Savers pretty much run that price consistently year round? I prefer to wait a few months before purchasing park tickets, but I don’t want to miss the $389 price. Just wondering if in your experience, that price is consistently on their website. Thank you!

Jill Brown

Hi! My mother passed away suddenly and had 9 days of a 10 day Park Hopper, water parks and more, no expiration available. I understand tickets are non-transferable in FL. What about this case? Do we lose this ticket or is there a provision for a situation like this?


Hi, just wondering about the ParkSavers tickets, I have not ordered from them before. Usually go with Undercover tourist. Has anyone used them before? Would like to know their experience. Thanks!

Disney 2016

Can you setup fastpass plus when you buy a discounted e ticket? If yes, how far in advance? Thanks!


yes, same as anyone else – 30 days if offsite, 60 days if onsite.

Sylvia Moore

does disneyworld offer group discounts on base ticket?

Kelly F.

Are the parksavers tickets upgradable? Thanks!!!!


First of all, I LOVE your website. It is Wonderful! Thank you very much. Question about water park add on tickets… I plan on going for 5 days… 1x each to the 4 parks, and 1x to a water park. (just 1 park per day)… Do I purchase the 4 day or 5 day base ticket+ water park add on? I never understand if the visit to the water park counts as 1 of your ‘days’. (because, if it’s the 5 day, it would make more sense to just purchase the 4 day and buy the water park ticket separately)… Read more »


1. you should buy 4 day tickets. The water parks plus option would then give you 4 days of water parks, either on the same days or different days. So you could have up to 8 days of things to do. However, if you want just 1 day at a water park, I think it’s cheaper to purchase it separately.

2. no, you can’t use 2 days of base tickets on the same day. Disney makes sure you buy the more expensive park hoppers.

Sharon R

I’ve tried using the Park Savers link above, but I am not getting a discount.
It says “Welcome WDW Prep School Visitors!” but when I click on the 3 day ticket option, it is regular pricing:
Adult 3-Day Base Ticket – $290, Child 3-Day Base Ticket – $270.
Not the $288.88 & $268.64 you quote in your chart.


Have you ever bought tickets from undercover Are their tickets a good deal???


I purchased from UT in 2014 and 2015. They were the cheapest I could find for 10 day park hoppers when I used their mousesavers link. You need to subscribe to receive their emails to get the special link that makes tickets even cheaper.


My experience with hasn’t been the best so far. Their website says to allow up to 4 hours for processing for ticket orders and that time has come and gone. I ordered them around 8:30 am PST so it’s definitely within their business hours. It wasn’t until I sent them an email and posted to their Facebook page that I heard anything back. They claimed that the wait was due to ” high volume of orders”. Maybe it’s because I ordered on a Monday morning or maybe they’re understaffed? I guess I just don’t like being told that it… Read more »


So if I buy tickets through UT can I still get the dining plan if I’m staying on site?

Vanessa Williams

Any feedback on Working Advantage? It’s another corporate discount website. At first blush there is a 4 day adult park hopper with 3 free days for $381.57. It beats your best listed price by $10, but I’m not sure if I trust it.


At first glance, I thought that Working Advantage has a great price also. Looking at the way they have the price displayed, it looks like it includes tax, when it’s actually showing the gate price with tax. When you get to the checkout, they add the tax and there’s a $10 per order service fee for e-tickets or a shipping fee, depending on which you choose. I ultimately went w/Parksavers, which had a better price then the Mousesavers newsletter link. The info on the website makes it seem a bit more confusing about getting the tickets, but they send you… Read more »


Just wanted to give all a heads-up. The YES program has bumped their prices approximately $100/pp for 2016. I’ve been doing a budget for our family of six and this is a pretty big deal. When I sent an email for confirmation (I had seen a few numbers that weren’t matching up), this was their response: In regards to pricing, we periodically review our product portfolio and make adjustments to better align with the company’s goals. Due to attendance levels at our parks, a new pricing structure is being rolled out thru the entire company. Overall, we did see quite… Read more »


We have a hotel reservation & park hoppers and we will make our fast pass selections this week but we haven’t paid our full balance yet. If we make our fast pass reservations but then cancel our park hoopers through Disney and instead buy them at AAA – are we able to apply those fast pass reservations to our AAA tickets?


This is great. I’m a seasoned DW visitor, but always looking for the best discounts. Our family of 5 is going in April and we always do the dining plan. When I booked our trip on the Disney website, it would not let me book a dining plan without the park tickets. So my question is, if I update our reservation to remove park tickets (and thus the dining plan), can I buy the park tickets through Tickets at Work, connect them to MDE and then add back in the dining plan?

Trish Parisi

Is Shades of Green the only way to get the military tix? Does anyone know how strict they are about the 6 ticket limit. Party of 7 going in February.


If I book a package that includes park tickets can I upgrade to a season pass when I get there?

Celia Gorleski

You can purchase military discount tickets from Shades of Green. My 6 day “PREMIUM TICKET” is costing $385 and there’s no tax. It called the STARS AND STRIPES program. Once you enter your first park, your ticket must be used in consecutive days. Of course you’ll need to prove you are eligible to purchase the tickets.

kassie carpenter

I am trying to determine how many days we need. If one day we are going to Mickey Not So Scary Halloween, do we need park tickets for that day? We do not plan to go until about 4pm. That day.


Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure you don’t need a ticket for the day you go to MNSSHP (except for a ticket TO MNSSHP, of course!) if you don’t plan to get there before 4 in the afternoon. 🙂


Although not advertised, Party tickets for Halloween or Christmas parties have been accepted for entry at the Magic Kingdom gate beginning at 4 pm. It has been about 3 years since we have attended the Halloween party, and things change, so you might want to try to confirm this with guest services. Good luck


You can still definitely enter the park on a party ticket only at 4pm. It’s a great way to save money on not purchasing a regular ticket and still get 8 hours (4pm-midnight) on a party ticket. You can also link your party ticket in MDE and make FP+ reservations between 4pm-7pm. (FP+ is not eligible during the parties.)

Amanda H

Where is the best place to buy annual passes? My husband and I are going to doing annual passes as Christmas gift to each other. Is the best to get them straight from Disney?


I have a question, i have family members that live in California. Could it be possible for them to buy the tickets for me so I can used them so I can get their discount?? anybody know?


I’ve read in several places that when attempting to redeem a resident ticket you must show ID proving that you are local.


So, how bad is it that we don’t have any dining reservations or Fast Passes, and we are leaving in 2 days? We don’t plan our trips years in adcance, we just bought tickets a couple of weeks ago. We have a timeshare condo in Orlando. I think it’s very, very hard to make these plans in advance, what if plans change, you aren’t in the park where your reservations are? We like to be able to feel free to just go wherever, whenever. I do remember last time having a few restaurants we couldn’t get into, but for the… Read more »


I, personally, think that if you are super flexible and will not be disappointed if you can’t do or see something in particular, then you’ll be totally fine. This type of freestyle Disney trip isn’t for everyone, but as you say, planning dining and FP+ months in advance isn’t for everyone either! Have a great time. 🙂

Susan O.

How did it go Amanda? We’re going in a few weeks with nothing planned yet. Are we good? Any advice?

Jill Brown

You are going at a non-peak season and you should be able to use MDE (My Disney Experience) to make reservations the day of and get just about anything you want;for example, if you want California Grill for dinner, would you be willing to go at 5 pm? You can save your receipt and go back up to the restaurant and watch fireworks (if they are doing fireworks that evening). If you want to go to Be Our Guest at 6pm for dinner, would you be willing to go at 4pm instead? Or go for a late lunch? We go… Read more »


You leave off one other option for discount tickets, in a roundabout way. If you purchase Disney gift cards at Target with your Redcard and get 5% off, it makes buying from Disney the cheapest option outside of YES for most passes. Also works if you have a high percentage grocery or gas rewards credit card. Love your site, thanks for geeking out with charts and numbers!

Amy Thorning

Sam’s club also sells discounted disney gift cards. I think $143 for $150.


Help me understand this, please. So you buy the Disney GC’s at Target w/Red Card and get 5% off. The how do you buy your park tickets with the cards? Can you use them online on the Disney website? Or can you go to a Disney store to buy them?

Are online/Disney store same prices?
thanks for your help!


You can transfer balances from multiple cards onto one card at You can put up to $1,000 on one card and then use it to pay for your tickets, or your whole package. Makes it a lot easier than carrying a bunch of separate cards with $50-$100 on each one.

Amy Avery

Ohh, I did not know this was possible. My last two trips, I’ve been carrying around 6-10 GC’s. I will try this!


Great info! Thanks.


Thanks for all you do to help us through Disney, Shannon!!

We are planning on staying offsite our next trip, and you can buy Disney park tickets from our hotel. If we buy tickets through them we get the FL resident discount. 3 days base tickets for adults are $201.29 and kids are $187.44. Some of the other hotels we looked at did the same.


Hm. Interesting. The link clicked us through straight to the disney site to buy them, with the fla resident discount code picked. I haven’t bought them yet, so now you have me rethinking this.


I’m looking at the prices above for a 3 day park hopper, and it shows UT offering $332.95. However, in using my MouseSavers email link I got the other day, the price is $363.95? That’s a pretty big difference. Using the MS link, I save exactly $1 off UT’s regular price.


I purchased tickets through Tickets at Work. I booked at an on site resort and added the dining plan. If free dining comes available during our stay will we be eligible? I already linked our tickets on MDE.


Does the same go for discounts on the room rates?


Awesome, thanks for the info!


Hi, Shannon.
Thanks for all the hard work you do so others can enjoy the magic of WDW. I was wondering, if I’m a Florida Resident, and purchase Disney’s Florida Resident tickets and a hotel, am I eligible to receive free dining during that promotion?


Hi Shannon,
What do you know about purchasing tickets from the USSSA (US Sports Authority) website? I saw them listed as a trusted source on the DIS Boards Discussion site and they have great prices so I would like to purchase but wasn’t sure if they were legitimate or not. The only difference I could see was that their tickets have a real expiration date – which is ok with me. Thank you for your amazing site and for your help with this question.


I bought park tickets through enrolling my kids in the yes program. I also booked a disney resort for our stay. How do I add the dining plan?

Jen in MN

Hi Shannon,

Can you tell me when you put this chart together (BTW…thanks for all the work to do this)? The price I’m getting from Official Ticket Center for 7 – Day Water Park Hopper tickets is $413 for adults and $392 for children. The Disney price is $436.55 for adult (inc. tax) and 415.35 for child (inc. tax). Your chart reflects different pricing. Just want to make sure I’m not missing something before purchasing our tickets.


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