The ultimate Disney World packing list (Word, PDF and Google Docs formats)

Hate that nagging feeling that you're forgetting something on your trips? I do too. That's why I put together this huge Disney World packing list to help you remember lots of items that you might otherwise forget.


You shouldn't (though one reader's mother did that once!). This is just an all-inclusive list to help jog your memory.

Now, let's take a look...

Please pin it, save it, print it. Whatever you like. I hope you find it helpful.

(Downloadable Word, PDF and Google Docs versions are at the bottom of this page OR you can get the WDW Prep Packing List app for iOS to bring a convenient version to your phone)

newpackinglist1 - The ultimate Disney World packing list (Word, PDF and Google Docs formats)

Download the Disney World packing list files

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Thoughts or questions on this ginormous packing list? Tell us about it in the comments.

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Summer Oswalt

PLEASE make the packing app available on Android devices!


Just to let you know, that I refer to this list no matter where I’m traveling. It’s so complete that I’ve found it to be so helpful for my non-WDW trips, too. Thank, Shannon!


This is definitely way in advance haha but I was wondering how much chance of rain is there in Orlando during December? We’re going about the second week of the month and I’m just wondering what kind of weather we’ll find when we get there.

Patrick Walsh

We actually went about the 12th of December every year for about 10 years. Mainly, its the slowest week of the year. The weather isnt so rainy however, it does get a bit chilly that time of year. Sometimes it drops into the 40’s which doesnt seem bad for someone coming from Wisconsin or the NE etc. but, it gets very windy an that adds to the chill. This wasnt always the case, and, one time we actually wound up having to buy parkas because the weather had suddenly dropped while there. If i were you, check the weather but… Read more »


Thank you for all of this! We are taking our kids to Disney for the first time and I’ve had so many questions. You have had amazing answers. You have already lessened my anxiety a ton!

Kristen Epperly

can you bring a wagon. the fold up ones. I have 3 kids and a wagon will work better than a stroller. but if wagons aren’t allowed we will just bring a stroller. thanks. great list. thanks for the sun block I totally forgot that one.


Liquid Benadryl is also great for long flights with young children. We take a red eye every year from Seattle so the kids can just sleep. We got a ton of compliments about our granddaughter’s wonderful behavior! Thank you liquid Benadryl! We just gave it to her in line at the ticketing desk so we could get it into the checked luggage last minute.


if your child is not sick i dont recommend giving uneeded meds. a great alternative is melatonin for kids. its natural. we use Luna brand(Amazon) or if Zarbees honey all natural cough syrup night time.
trust me Im not judging I have totally done the same until I discovered these natural alternatives 🙂


Our pediatrician recommended that we use allergy/decongestant for our children when flying to reduce pressure from extra fluid in ears/sinuses. It’s a bonus if it helps them doze off ?


this will be our fist trip and we will be going in november any suggestions on what is a must have for clothing? I am not sure what the weather is usually like in florida at this time of year


We travel this time of year everytime. Days are warm but layer or take a light jacket because nights can get cool!


I would recommend making or buying Disney ears out of the park or on etsy. Also buy Disney stuffed animals out of the park and giving them to your kids in the park. They are so expensive and you could get them at 1/2 the price.


do anyone know if you need to bring swimming stuff to disneyland paris?

Bobby Sharp

This was a great list! I used it in order to pack for our family’s first Disney World trip. My son is four so I added a few things to the list:

Quarters (for penny stretcher machines)
Foldable toddler toilet seat
Bandana (for wiping sweat off my forehead) – gross, I know. I sweat on command….
Toddler silverware


We are thinking of taking my son once he turns 4, do you think it is a good age to take him. Im having mixed feelings about the patience and things…


Yes, I think 4 is the perfect age for a 1st visit to Disney. That was the age both of my children were the 1st time we took them & they had a great time. They still remember their 1st visit to Disney.


Maybe add “small cheap things for Jawa trading”


Double-up on the undies in the summer! Not just a good idea for little ones who might have an accident, but for everyone to have fresh clothes after the mid-day pool/shower break & maybe to sleep in. My kids thought I was crazy when I told them to pack 10 for a 4 day trip, but we used them all!


The M&M tube idea is fabulous! Myself, my husband, and our three year old son are going in about six months. Something I have to add is a pinch of patience. I know that for myself and my two guys we are good when it comes to waiting or the heat, but when mixed with thousands of other, more than likely less prepared tourists, it can be a bit frustrating. Mix it in with your pixie dust and all will have a magical time.


We are planning for our second trip to Disney and I’m bring pool noodles in my suitcase to make “bumpers” for my 2-year-old who has outgrown the pack n play. Also for our first trip I packed some wide (2″) sparkly holiday ribbon and tied a huge bow onto the handle of my stroller. Disney “cast members” frequently rearrange strollers around the rides and the bright ribbon helped us find the stroller every time! Finally, I’m planning to collect some peanut butter and jelly tubs from restaurants in the month or so leading up to our trip and taking them… Read more »


I would add a baby wrap/sling and toddler leash to the baby section. I’m bringing both this trip. Thanks, Shannon!


If you don’t drink Coke products, bring it with you! I’m a Dr. Pepper person and my hubby finally had to make a convenient store run after the 3rd night. 🙂 This time I’m packing 3-4 can of Dr. Pepper!

Jennifer Estevao

It mentions dressy clothes in your list… is there a list or place I can see which restaurants at WDW have dress codes? I assumed most didn’t because if they are in the parks doubt people would be walking around and riding rides in their outfits, right?

The only real fancy place I can think of is Cinderella’s castle and even then I’ve seen pics with people in shorts and tees.

Angela from Ohio

Anywhere inside the parks shorts and tshirts are fine. The Yachtsman steakhouse or Victoria and Alberts are places to dress up.


There’s also a restaurant at Animal Kingdom lodge that has a dress code. (Not Boma, but can’t remember it.) I just remember seeing the dress code and thinking I couldn’t go in the last time I was there. I only had shorts packed since it was the middle of the summer.


One thing I always forget is a birth certificate for my baby. The airline requires it for all children under 2, riding as a lap child (just to prove that they are indeed under 2). It’s such an important thing that is so easy to forget! You don’t need to bring the actually certificate, a copy is just fine.


Thank you for posting this! I would have had no idea that I needed to bring this.


Interesting. I’ve flown a dozen times with my under 2 year old. I brought their birth certificate the first time and was told I didn’t need it, so I haven’t brought it back since. Which airline?

Southwest is the only one who has asked me. They were horrified when I told them I’ve never been asked before. It’s to protect the child from being taken out of state without the parent’s permission. So it is a little scary more airlines don’t ask.


A Memory Scent! We bring a glade plug in of the same aroma every time we go to Disney (and only Disney) and leave it plugged in the room through our entire vacation. Every now and then at home we’ll plug it in for a day and the scent-memory lifts everyones mood even if we cant be in Disney =D

What an awesome idea!!


That’s great for your family, but for the family that comes after you, there’s going to be an artificial chemical stench filling the room, and for my family, that can be life-threatening due to anaphylactic airborne allergies. Please be considerate of others and rethink your aroma bomb.


Do you know about housekeeping??


Unfortunately, your family should reconsider going to Disney world due to the parks having Disney Air Smellitizers to make areas seem more authentic to not just looks, but smells as well. As a healthcare professional, airborn allergy anaphylaxis is rare, and if your family is that sensitive then you will be at risk in the parks. Not every uses “artificial chemical stench”. A lot of people use essential oils. Which some people can also be allergic to as well. My brother is allergic to everything, even the hair on his head, but my family is still going to live their… Read more »


One question I cannot find a straight answer to. Can you take the spray cans of sunscreen into the parks or does it have to be the rub on type? At many sporting locations, they do not allow the spray cans.

Thanks for the great list !!


I know its still not an absolute straight answer but when we visited in May 2014 we forgot our sunscreen and bought a spray from a vendor inside the park and used it for the rest of our trip without issue.


I’ve been many many times & I’ve never had any problem taking spray sunscreen into the parks. I could be wrong, but I’ve never had an issue.


We go every year and we use the spray cans. I also see other families using them also.


Thanks for the list. I’d also add goggles. My kids have to bring them.


I’d recommend brining swimmers ear drops. My kids get ear infections easy. That can ruin a trip quick.


This may be on the list and I might have missed it, but I recommend bringing some body glide. It’s a deodorant like product that runners use to prevent chaffing. We have found it works amazing when doing lots of walking! We bought ours at Dicks, but I bet any athletic/outdoor store would have it!


Don’t forget that if you smoke it’s a MUST to bring a carton of cigarettes! Also, if you like your “special brand” of tea or hot cocoa, bring it with you and ask for free HOT water at any of the QS restaurants in the parks. They will give you a large cup FREE if you ask! Lastly, old fashioned FANNY PACKS are great for the parks. Back packs are just too cumbersome when you are trying to ride the attractions. With a fanny pack you can just slide it to the side or in front of you and you’re… Read more »


arent the cigarettes in orlando airport cheaper than alot of places?


I’m taking a low profile sling style bag I saw on ABC’s shark tank. Marketed towards men, but who really cares! It’s the perfect size and style for disney!

Melanie Durham

Hello WDW Prep!!! Thank you so much for all your information that you share. I was wondering if you had a blog about rented EVC wheelchairs outside of WDW? They are so expensive at Disney….$70.00 but you get $20.00 Back each time. I see all these red EVC all the time. I have lupus and I can’t walk far or stand too long. And we are Disney freaks. We are there every 2 or 3 months.
Thank you so much,
Melanie Durham


If you google scooter rentals, you will find them at a much better rate than the Disney park rentals. If you’re staying on property, they deliver them to the airport for the ride back to the Disney hotels.

Sandy another lupus warrior

HI Melanie, I too suffer from lupus and we are planning on taking our 5 yo grand daughter in October 2015. I was wondering if you could please share with me what company you were able to find I would greatly appreciate it.

John Saldarriaga

Hey Sandy,
I just got back from our Disney trip and had to get an ECV for my dad. I used Walker Mobility Orlando and they were GREAT! Fantastic service and on time and answered all questions at a pretty good price compared to renting from Disney.

Catherine Christopher

Ok I’m new at this. I see a lot of the same questions I need answers to but I don t see the response? Where can I find the response ? Need help

Lucinda gunter

Disney allows several companies to drop off and pick up from the concierge desk at their resorts they’re listed on this page:

Sonja Lazzeroni

Such an amazing list! Thank you and especially for the Mousekeeping envelopes, they are adorable (just printed them out!). You wouldn’t happen to know where I could find some for Universal Orlando would you? I have a Mac and unfortunately could not download Gimp. Thanks for any help and again for the list, customized it and printed it out!

Melissa Brochu

This list is absolutely amazing! My only suggestion is that you will not need insect repellent because Disney World has a bug repellent system that is used throughout the parks.


If you’re going to be spending any time at ft wilderness, you might want bug spray! We went horseback riding there and I got bit up! I do agree that you don’t need it if you are going to be just in the parks though !

Meghan Joye

You rock. I love that there are people like you out there to help people like me! I leave the house thinking, “keys, money, ID, kids? great! we’ll figure out the rest when we get there!”


Hello! Love the list and the extra comments too! I bring a collapsible drying rack (it fits inside my larger suitcase). I take a hotel towel and lay it on the floor (for all the drips!) and set up the rack by the outside/balcony door. It may be a little bit of extra work, but if you are traveling with a larger family, it really helps organize all of the swimsuits, towels, etc. I was too tired at the end of a Disney day to remove all of the swimsuits from the shower area each night for all of our… Read more »


I bought collapsible laundry hampers, different colors ($4.00 each maybe @ Wmart).
We put dirty towels/clothes in one color hamper, and clean in the other color hamper.
We had our big family plus grandparents staying in a house, & clean items might not get folded/put away so quickly. It helped the little ones and the bigger ones, Keep It Straight.


Thank you very much! This is so helpful! I appreciate the Word version. For my needs, I added zip strips for luggage and the camera charger. Everything else was covered for me on your list!


I brought our collapsible step stool for the hotel bathroom which has high counters. It saves me from lifting the kids each time they wash hands or brush teeth.


pack a night light….comes in handy for everyone to find their way around at night. Another tip for kids using the bathroom at night-if your hotel room has the pull across curtain by the sinks, use that as the bathroom door at night…plug night light in by the sinks…this way the toilet can be used and the harsh lights don’t need to be turned on an wake up the rest of the occupants.

I also pack a small size lysol spray can…works on everything from smelly sneakers to stinky bathrooms!

I started taking epsom salt. It’s great for soaking your feet after a long day of walking, or maybe a long soak in the tub.


to pack the pennies to press, we pack a M&M’s mini tube with a stack consisting of 2 quarters and 1 pennie and repeat. Also the markers for autographs we use the large sharpie that are the click type style. That way you don’t have to bother with a cap. We make our own autograph books. use color paper cut in half and decorate with stickers and customize, then we take to the local Kinko’s and have the top and bottom sheet laminated and the whole book bound. For a few bucks you have a custom autograph book.


The M&M tube is a fantastic idea! I have used one of those cheap “ID holders” and they’re always a pain. And I never seem to have the right combination of pennies and quarters. I’m taking the kids down in a few days and I’ll have to give the M&M tube a shot!

Kristen Baus

This is a great list! Thank you!


This is a great list! One thing you may or may not use depending on how nerdy/OCD…

A highlighter for your maps. Or a Red pen to mark out where you have already seen/been, as you go.

I Love It!!!


This list was so helpful–I was going to type my own, but I was able to edit yours for our needs. The only things I would add are: a rubber bath mat to give my toddlers baths in the hotel tub without worrying about slips and falls and an extra Pack N Play sheet. Thanks!


Thanks for the list. I added an aluminum carrying case or aluminum foil for my credit cards to help protect them from the latest electronic frauds.


Fabulous and exhaustive list! Thanks soooo much! But I’d think watching all the kids have meltdowns in the parks should be enough “birth control” for a while! 😉


You never know…we went last September with kids ages 4,3 and 1. Then Our Disney souvenir baby was born on June 21, 2015. We had so much fun we are headed back this September.


Great list and ideas from other readers! I would also suggest bringing a small bottle of air freshener for the bathroom. This will make the cramped quarters with one bathroom to share much more pleasant. 🙂


Don’t forget a clear shower curtain for the stroller, it is much easier to pack away than a stroller cover for those rainy afternoons, and can fit any stroller you bring, buy, or rent while you are there.


Omg, I LOVE this idea! I was researching stroller covers and I hated that they were so expensive! A clear shower curtain is a MUCH better option. 🙂

Good idea! I never even thought of using a shower curtain!

Heather Springer

This also works with a wheelchair. Just cut a hole in the top for their head to stick through. We do this with our son and it keeps his legs and feet dry. His head stays dry from the poncho.


We’re going to WDWfrom Oct 26-Nov 6 and I have already printed this list and started to organizing. Super helpful!!!


I just printed the packing list off, again for the second time. Last year I used it, and it was a the best thing I could have done to prepare us for our trip. I don’t know what I did with it, so I printed a new one. Thank you Shannon for all your great tips and knowledge on things for Disney.


For those staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, a small pair of binoculars is really great if you have a savanna view room!

When I try to print the post, it just prints the rest of the blog post without the list. When I download the PDF, it’s just gibberish. When I try the Office file, it only shows as much as will fit on one page… need help.


You dont need autograph paper.


I have a blow up baby tub that I bring with me when I travel so my little guy doesn’t have to sit in hotel tubs. It folds flat and fits easily in my suitcase.


I would also add Benadryl/allergy meds for yourself and the kids. Allergic reactions are a bummer!


Maybe I missed it – but I would definitely add a light jacket – no matter what time of year you go!


Plastic hangers or clips so you can hang wet clothes/bathing suits to dry from the shower rod and a collapsible mesh laundry basket that will fold flat on the bottom of your suitcase for dirty clothes helps keep the hotel room neat. Another good tip for a park touring bag; if you separate your items into ziploc bags it will make it faster during bag checks (you can dump everything out and then repack it really quickly and it will also protect your belongings on wet rides or in a sudden downpour).


I carry extra hangers, cause there are never enough. (the plastic ones when you buy clothes from Wmart, that pants/shorts are sold on) for your Pants,Shorts,Skirts. And I carry an empty spray bottle, add warm water, spray the wrinkles from the clothes, and hang them on the shower rod, the night before.
I despise ironing. And everyone feels better if they look nice.


I’ve perfected my list over a span of 20 years now, always saving it on my computer. I even have a Disney section (we travel other places too). I’ll have to compare yours to mine to see if I missed anything.

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