Can I do laundry at my hotel at Disney World?

Vacations are great, but the aftermath of them isn’t always as fun.

One of the worst parts of returning from trips is the pile of laundry you racked up while gone.

For some people, keeping up with laundry while on your trip is the best option available. For others, doing laundry during vacation is a necessity to make sure you have all the clothing you need for your stay.

Whatever your reason, if you want to do laundry while you’re staying at a Disney resort, you have a few different ways to accomplish this:

  • In-room washer and dryers (available in some rooms at Deluxe Villas)
  • Self-service laundry facilities
  • Valet laundry and dry cleaning services

In-Room Washer and Dryer

The most convenient option for laundry is available to all guests staying at a Deluxe Villa in a one-bedroom or larger room. These rooms have an in-room washer and dryer.

Washer and dryer DVC laundry3

A single-use box of laundry detergent is also provided. You may purchase additional laundry detergent through housekeeping. These rooms can be either rented using DVC points or directly through Disney.

If you are not staying in a one-bedroom or larger room at a Deluxe Villa, you still have a couple of other options for laundry.

Self-Service Laundry Facilities

All Disney resorts have self-service laundry facilities on site. These facilities provide washers and dryers as well as laundry detergent available for purchase.

Most of these self-service facilities only accept debit or credit cards for operation of the machines. There are a few coin-operated machines available in some facilities, but you should not plan to have this option available.

Disney also makes it possible for you to monitor these self-service facilities remotely using an online application called LaundryView.

LaundryView shows a list of all available self-service laundry facilities at the Disney Resorts. Once you select the laundry facility you are interested in, you can see a floor plan showing the location of each machine as well as an itemized list of what machines are currently available and which are already in use.

This service allows guests the ability to check machine availability before hauling their laundry down to the room. If you are staying at a resort with more than one laundry facility, this could also give you the option to find the location with the machines that best fit your needs.

Laundry View at Hippy Dippy Pool Pop Century

Valet Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services

If you would prefer someone else handle your laundry for you (you are on vacation after all!), Disney provides a valet laundry and dry cleaning service.

In order to use this service at most resorts, select “Housekeeping” on your in-room phone to schedule a laundry or dry cleaning pickup. There are laundry bags provided in the room closets (along with price lists). Place your laundry items in the bag and housekeeping will come pick it up.

This service will be charged to your room and is payable at the front desk.

If you are staying at Old Key West Resort, Saratoga Springs Resort, or Caribbean Beach Resort you will need to bring your laundry to Bell Services before 9:00am for same-day service.

While using this service is more convenient than the self-service laundry facilities, it is also quite pricey. Refer to the price list attached the laundry bag in the closet to determine if this is something that would work well for you.

To find more information on Laundry Services visit the official Disney World website.

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