How to get groceries at Disney World

(Article last updated: October 31, 2017)

So you're planning a trip to Disney World and would like a few groceries to have in your room.

How will you get them? There are lots of options, each with its own benefits.

Let's take a look at all of the different ways to get groceries at Disney World and the pros/cons of each...

Groceries delivered to your resort by a car or delivery service

Note: The Swan and Dolphin reportedly will not accept deliveries from grocery delivery services.


  • Groceries delivered this way will be dropped off at Bell Services (where perishables will be kept cold) and do not incur any additional delivery fees from Disney World
  • You can select a delivery window (how far out varies by company)
  • Some will deliver alcohol


  • Most require minimum orders

Garden Grocer (our favorite way to get groceries at Disney World)

gardengrocer 600x355 - How to get groceries at Disney World

What it is: A grocery delivery service. You place an order by shopping on their website. At checkout, you specify a delivery window that you'd like.

Cost: The price of the food plus $14 delivery fee. Tipping is optional. $40 minimum order. Order ahead of time for discounts (15 days ahead = 5% discount, 30 days = 7%, and 60 days = 10%).

Pros: reliable service with relatively low delivery fee
Cons: you're restricted to the items on their site, only delivers groceries at Disney World resorts, only delivers to Beach and Yacht Club Resorts during the hours of 4:30 p.m.-5:30 p.m.

Minimum order amount: $40

Additional info: can deliver alcohol


wegoshop 600x371 - How to get groceries at Disney World

What it is: WeGoShop is a grocery delivery service that will shop at Trader Joe's, Publix, Winn Dixie, Whole Foods, Sam's Club, and/or Walmart. You choose your 30 minute delivery window at checkout.

Cost: depends on the total of your order

Up to $50.00 $19.00 shop & delivery service fee
Between $50.00 and $100.00 $24.00 shop & delivery service fee
Between $100.00 and $200.00 $29.00 shop & delivery service fee
Between $200.00 and $300.00 $39.00 shop & delivery service fee
Over $300.00 13% of grocery receipt(s) total, shop & delivery service fee

Shopping at more than 1 store is an additional $5 per store. 15% gratuity is added for orders left at bell services. Tipping outside of that is optional.

Pros: lots of options for stores and you can specify any products you'd like from those stores, customer pays the exact same price that they do in the store (no mark up on prices and you'll get the original receipt)
Cons: delivery fee is more expensive than other options and you won't know your total bill ahead of time

Minimum order amount: none

Additional info: can deliver alcohol, flower delivery is also available

Amazon Prime Now

primenow2 600x337 - How to get groceries at Disney World

What it is: Although it is related to and Amazon Prime, Prime Now uses its own website and mobile app and is an exclusive delivery service available only to Amazon Prime members.

Cost: free for 2 hour delivery, $7.99 for 1 hour delivery

Pros: inexpensive, convenient
Cons: must be an Amazon Prime member

Minimum order amount: $20

Additional info: in addition to groceries, you'll find many other items that you might need on vacation such as shoes, charging cords, sunblock, beach towels, etc., available for fast delivery. Be sure to download the Prime Now app to place an order.

Shop Amazon Prime Now

Quick side note! It's easy to confuse Amazon Prime with Prime Now. Here's a chart showing you how they differ.
primevsprimenow 1 600x600 - How to get groceries at Disney World

Dizzy Dolphin Delivery

dizzydolphin 1 600x362 - How to get groceries at Disney World

What it is: Started by several Disney Vacation Club owners, Dizzy Dolphin Delivery specializes in providing customized orders to Disney World resorts.

Cost: $14 on orders less than $250, free for orders more than $250

Pros: they will shop at a variety of different stores and wholesale clubs
Cons: can take up to 3 days to receive a quote for your order

Minimum order amount: $50

Additional info: can deliver alcohol, gift baskets, gluten-free items, and Panera bagels

Shop Dizzy Dolphin Delivery now


instacart 600x121 - How to get groceries at Disney World

What it is: A grocery delivery service that utilizes personal shoppers to pick up and deliver items from local stores (Publix, Whole Foods, Costco and ABC Fine Wine and Spirits).

Cost: the delivery cost varies and is dependent upon the size of your order and the delivery time you choose

Pros: convenient, especially if you already use the service at home
Cons: you won't know the cost for delivery until checkout, and if you are requesting during a busy time they can add on a Busy Pricing fee in addition to the delivery charges

Minimum order amount: $10

Additional info: can deliver alcohol

Shop Instacart Now

shipt - How to get groceries at Disney World

What it is: A membership-based grocery delivery service that utilizes personal shoppers to pick up and deliver items from local stores.

Cost: free for members on orders over $34

Pros: convenient, especially if you already use the service at home
Cons: service requires an additional yearly (or monthly) membership

Minimum order amount: none

Shop now

Groceries you pick up yourself (including ones that you can order ahead of time)


  • Better for people that prefer to do the shopping themselves
  • Aren't limited to certain stores


  • You need a car or car service (taxi, limo, etc.) in order to pick up the groceries
  • Takes time out of your vacation

Speedway gas stations

speedwaygasstation - How to get groceries at Disney World

What it is: gas stations located on-site at Disney World. There is a location across the street from Disney Springs and 1 across from the Boardwalk Resort.

Cost: usually slightly higher than a grocery store - as all gas station items are - but no delivery fees to worry about
Pros: convenient if you're staying at a Boardwalk area resort or will be near Disney Springs, prices are mostly reasonable
Cons: limited selection as with any gas station, but if you're just looking for some beverages and a few snacks, it might work for you

Taxi or Uber

taxigroceries 600x430 - How to get groceries at Disney World

What it is: if you don't have your own car, you can catch a taxi or Uber from your hotel to the store you'd like to shop

Cost: varies, depending on hotel and store location

Pros: you can get exactly what you want, where you want
Cons: can be expensive, takes time out of your trip

Limo or car service

limo 600x400 - How to get groceries at Disney World

What it is: take a limo to the grocery store to shop in style! Just kidding. Kinda.

If you happen to book a limo or car service like Orlando Transportation by Mike to take you from the airport to your hotel, many companies will allow you to request a short grocery stop. Be sure to have a grocery list ready so you don't waste their time. The feeling of having a limo waiting outside for you while you grocery shop is both awesome and strange.

Cost: all private airport pickup services have different costs for grocery stops so be sure to factor that in when comparing your options

Pros: convenient to buy your own stuff without much trip disruption
Cons: expensive, unless you are already planning on booking a limo

Walmart Grocery Pickup

walmartgrocery - How to get groceries at Disney World

What it is: Online grocery ordering that you then pick up at Walmart. No need to even get out of your car because the groceries are brought to you.

Cost: free to use

Pros: easy to use and saves time vs. going into the store
Cons: you have to have access to a car in order to use it, the Walmarts that offer it in the Orlando area are not super convenient to the Walt Disney World Resort (if you're flying in, consider a location near the airport)

Groceries you have shipped to you


  • When shipping from home, it makes it easy to only bring the quantities you need (i.e. a few coffee filters vs. an entire package)


  • Disney charges $5 per box (not per order) for items shipped to the resort
  • Even if your box is delivered ahead of your arrival, delivery to your resort may be delayed several days
  • You can't easily ship items that need to remain chilled

Ship from home, Walmart, Amazon, etc.

boxfood 600x454 - How to get groceries at Disney World
What is it: Of course, you can either ship your own package right to your resort, or have it shipped from a company like Staples, Walmart, Amazon, etc.

Cost: whatever the service or postage is PLUS an additional $5 per box fee charged by Disney World

Pros: convenient way to buy your own stuff without much trip disruption
Cons: fees and extra charges can add up and delivery might be delayed

How to address your package:
Your name (or whoever's name is on the hotel reservation)
c/o Your Disney World Hotel's front desk
Arrival date: 3/1/2018
123 Some St.
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

When to order: About a week before your trip will usually work but will depend on the shipping method and origin. To be safe, try to get it there a couple days before your trip.

Mailing addresses for Disney World resorts are tricky so be sure to use the following if you mail anything.

Show resort addresses
Disney’s All Star Movies Resort, 1901 West Buena Vista Drive, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
Disney’s All Star Music Resort, 1801 West Buena Vista Drive, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
Disney’s All Star Sports Resort, 1701 West Buena Vista Drive, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
Disney's Art of Animation Resort, 1850 Animation Way, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
Disney's Pop Century Resort, 1050 Century Drive, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, 900 Cayman Way, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort, 1000 West Buena Vista Drive, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – French Quarter, 2201 Orleans Drive, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – Riverside, 1251 Riverside Drive, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, 2901 Osceola Pkwy., Bay Lake, FL 32830
Disney’s Contemporary Resort, 4600 North World Drive, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, 4401 Floridian Way, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, 901 Timberline Dr., Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
Disney’s Polynesian Resort, 1600 Seven Seas Drive, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
Disney’s Beach Club Resort, 1800 West Epcot Resort Blvd., Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
Disney’s Yacht Club Resort, 1700 Epcot Resort Blvd., Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
Disney’s Boardwalk Inn, 2101 North W Epcot Resort Blvd., Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort/Campground, 4510 N Ft. Wilderness Trail, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
Disney’s Old Key West Resort, 1510 North Cove Rd., Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort, 1960 Broadway, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

Walt Disney World Dolphin, 1500 Epcot Resort Blvd., Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
Walt Disney World Swan, 1200 Epcot Resort Blvd., Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
Shades of Green, 1950 W. Magnolia Palm Dr., Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

Other ways to get groceries at Disney World

Checked luggage

suitcasefood - How to get groceries at Disney World

What it is: Just luggage! That you put food in!

Fresh fruit, boxed soy milk (that doesn't require refrigeration) and obviously packaged items are all easy to pack. You usually have to check the bag rather than carrying it on because of the liquid limits of carry-on bags. Just make sure your luggage meets the weight requirements. People flying internationally will need to consult airline rules on transporting food.

Cost: If you fly Southwest or have some kind of elite status on an airline, you might get free checked bags. Even if you have to pay, it might be worth it for convenience and to save on delivery charges.

Pros: easy to have your food items with you and not to have to coordinate the delivery
Cons: can't easily have perishable goods (though you could pack them with ice packs like you do a lunch), might have to pay fees

In-room grocery delivery for Disney Vacation Club Villas and the Cabins at Fort Wilderness

fortwildernessorder 600x393 - How to get groceries at Disney World

What it is: For guests staying at a Disney Vacation Club Villa (even if you are renting points to do so) and for guests staying at the Cabins at Fort Wilderness, you can arrange via an order form to have many of the same items available at the on-site marketplaces delivered to your room. Orders must be faxed or mailed in at least 3 business days prior to your arrival.

Cost: $10

Pros: easy to use
Cons: selection is very limited, and although the cost to use this service is only $10, the prices of the food items are higher than you might pay elsewhere

Grocery order forms for Disney Vacation club rooms

Grocery order form for the Cabins at Ft. Wilderness


If you need some ideas on what to order, be sure to check out the Ultimate Packing List which includes some items you may want to get using one of the methods listed above.

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Kashayna Alanis

I was looking to pickup from Walmart on the way to our Disney resort from the airport, but it looks like the Walmart @ 4444 W Vine St is now offering delivery to Disney resorts for a fee.
They offer multiple time slots for a fee from $7.95 – $11.95. It states there is a minimum $50 order for delivery.

Is this new?
Do you know if these delivery will be left with bell services?
Does Disney charge for holding delivered groceries?
Maybe someone could try this and update the website?

Thank you!


Can I order Amazon Now weeks before the trip? I would like to place my order now for our trip in 6 weeks and I am not seeing that as an option. Thanks!


Just ordered some items from Instacart to be delivered to All-Star Movies, but not sure where to pick them up when I get to the resort? Thanks in advance and have a magical day!


I highly recommend fariytale personal shopper she charges $15 flat fee plus the cost of groceries for delivery to all of the Disney, Universal, and off villas in Orlando. She also does parcel holding and gift baskets. She was absolutely fantastic to work with on our last visit will use her again!!


Can you get any deliveries to The Swan?

We just had another magical trip to WDW Pop Century from 12/27/17-1/5/18. We tried Uber Eats using promo code EATS-CHRISR46256UE saving us an extra $20. We would order food from the app while on the bus back to the hotel, it would give us an eta and arrive shortly after we returned. There were lots of restaurants to choose from McDonald’s to local cuisine, all delivered to our hotel. Thank you so much we used these tips and they really helped our family of 6 save a ton of money during our trip.


I’ve seen the All-Star Movies Resort address on several blogs as being 1991 West Buena Vista Drive, but one blog I found had it as 1901. Just wanting to make sure, I called the resort directly to verify their address, and they said their address was 1901 West Buena Vista Drive. Just figured I would pass that along so it could be corrected.

This post is the authority on grocery delivery at Disney World! Decided to try Instacart on our upcoming trip… delivery on your first order is free for now, at least. Thank you!


Stayed at Pop Century earlier this month. The first time to Florida! The Grocery Stork is the only place I will do business with when I go back to Orlando ! You place an order online and your groceries are delivered to your hotel. Prices are very reasonable also. I dealt with Matt and he was amazing, and so patient! Added to our order twice several days before arriving and he was very understanding and kind. Our groceries were at our hotel before we arrived and put in the room and fridge, so no need to waste time at the… Read more »

Margaret Beyer

is the 5 dollar fee for packages received new. We always send a box ahead of time and have never paid a fee?


Thank you so much for putting this all together! I have some questions regarding AmazonNow – Do they have fresh produce? Also, can I only order 2 days ahead of time? Is it guaranteed that all items will be able to be delivered during that time? If I’m ordering to a hotel, do I have to put special information on the shipping address to get to bell services and be kept cold? Thank yoU!


I have this same question too – wondering about fresh produce options with Amazon because I couldn’t seem to get any to come up when I tried recently.


Garden Grocer all the way!!! We’ve incorporated our grocery order in with all our other Disney planning and it’s a piece of cake as well as giving me peace of mind. They are reliable and everything down to the fresh produce and dairy is great! Order far enough in advance and the discount really makes it worth it!

Josh G

We just spent a week at Disney and this is my opinion on your best option for supplies. When you arrive, get an Uber ride to the nearby Walgreens. They have a good selection of grocery items including produce, snacks, sandwich stuff, and microwavables. They also have a full liquor, beer and wine selection. Get plenty of water because a small bottle is $3 at every store in Disney. While your at Walgreens there is a ton of fast food and sit down restaurants in walking distance so you can save a lot if you want to get a meal… Read more »

Sherry L

So does the uber driver wait for you or you have to call for another ride when you are done shopping?


The Wal-Mart located convenient to the airport does the Go-to pick up. We ordered a few days in advance, flew in, went and picked up our groceries, and went straight to the hotel! We even got things like small inexpensive toys, Sun block,etc. So convenient!


Hi all,

Strange request here, we’re coming from the uk and are planning on getting an uber an supermarket to get food for the room.

Foreign supermarkets are kind of an attraction in their own right for us and we always seek them out when we go abroad.

Walmart is such a famous brand we were going
to head there, but everything i’ve read suggests Publix, whats the difference?


Hi Abi,

Walmart is a national supermarket, so they’re located across the States. Publix is a regional supermarket, located primarily in the southeastern States. Price wise, Walmart will likely be a bit cheaper for standard American staples. If you’re looking for something more familiar and even some UK brands, you’d want Publix since they’ll likely have a more robust international section. Otherwise you’ll have a very similar experience in either store.

Have fun on your trip!


We will be driving so we’ll be bringing some groceries with us for our 17 hour ride (plus coolers) & our room has a mini frig but we’ll also bring our microwave. We are Amazon Prime Members but we really see no sense in paying a delivery fee if we have our car, so we were hoping to just drive to a close Walmart, or other grocery store, once we arrive to grab what we’ll need for our stay. Does anyone know how close the nearest grocery stores are and which ones they are? Thanks!

Eliazara Campbell

I just used Instacart that works with Publix. If you sign up LESS than a week before your delivery date, the first delivery has no fee!! Just pay for the groceries and you’re all set! Be careful about signing up for the monthly charge though!


I just tried to order Prime Pantry today for our arrival Saturday. You need to order more than 2 days in advance. Our food was not going to get there until Wednesday. We had to go with Garden Grocers instead.


Wait cancel that…I cancelled my order with Garden Grocers because I discovered Prime Now. We are going with that now and saving about $40. I will place my order Saturday morning and it will be there when we arrive. Yay! If you have Prime try Prime Now and NOT PRIME PANTRY.


Hi Stacey, could you help me with what kind of labeling you used for your Prime Now order?

I’m using the mailing address listed above, did you just include Your Name @ Your Resort address??

Or did you need to include your room number or reservation number..?

Thank you!

Jessica A Lee

We’ve use Garden Grocer and we were very satisfied. However as you said they do not have a lot to choose from. Does Publix not deliver on their own?


how does this change with the package fees the resorts have implemented?


We ordered from Amazon and it came in 2 separate shipments. The first was there when we arrived and I was not charged. The second arrived a day or 2 later and we received a notice that we had a package and were charged $5.


My wife and I will be staying at the Caribbean Beach resort next May. The room has a r mini refrigerator but no microwave. We will be driving so can we bring a small microwave from home along with food supplies

anne schreiber

We went the luggage route on our last trip. When we got to the Port Orleans Riverside, we just went to the hotel store and bought milk and other perishables mainly for breakfast/lunches. Yes, the items were pretty expensive but not as expensive as that breakfast we had at “Be Our Guest”! It was very convenient and we didn’t have to worry about deliveries, pricing etc. We packed light and I did laundry once so we had room in our suitcases for food on the way up and souvenirs on the way back.


Hi Anne. Great info. I am going to Port Orleans hotel. Did you have a mini fridge and coffeemaker in the room? Thank you

Chrisi Erlanson

What happens if you order cold/chilled items from Garden Grocer? Such as milk? Will the resort keep it cold? Thanks!

Amazon Prime Now is now available at Disney resorts. They deliver your items within 2 hours for FREE if you have a Prime membership. If you want your items within one hour, it is $7.99. They have items such a deli meat, cheese, bread, juice, lots of organic options, etc. Use code 10PRIMENOW for $10 off your first order. Minimum purchase of $20 is required for delivery.


Can you help me? I leave for disney in two days, how do I access this service at disney??


Thank you for the offer code! Do you know if they have fresh produce options? I can’t seem to find them on the site and assuming they don’t have fresh fruit/vegetables, but figured I’d check with someone who has done this before 🙂 Thank you!


If you are looking to ship basic groceries and baby /toddler supplies, use, they have a huge variety of all things needed and its free shipping on orders over $49.00 I would order at least 7 days in advance for guarantee that everything arrives by your check in day. When we went in December I shipped everything from diapers, babywipes, new Pj’s and breakfast bars, snacks, box juices, even a case of bottled water. I saved a ton of money and did not have to bring any baby/ toddler supplies with me except what I needed on the plane.

Jennifer Calderone

We use a service in our hometown called Shipt. The cool thing about it is that your membership travels with you. So any city that Shipt is currently active in you can use their grocery delivery service. They have been in Orlando since Sept ’15 and we plan on using them on our WDW trip this coming Fall. I verified with Ship that they deliver to Walt Disney World (they are extremely reactive to messages and have a live chat function on their website if anyone wants to reach out to them). The way the service works is that you… Read more »


Thank you for the tip do you know if there’s a fee for only have a “membership” for a week? As there’s no service in my area I would only use it while in WDW

Jennifer Calderone

My friend was able to use her two week free trial while on an extended work trip where Shipt delivered. She didn’t want to continue it as her hometown didn’t have the service and she was able to cancel it. I would just be sure to put it on your end of vacation “to do list” so you wouldn’t forget. Shipt has been super helpful whenever I have had questions so feel free to reach out to them as well. They have a live chat function on their website, you can send them emails and even ask them questions via… Read more »

Tammy D.

Was just curious how your experience with at a Disney Hotel worked out? I was just looking into and was wondering if there are any issues…Was surprised not to find more posts about it so was getting nervous! Thanks!


You can’t get delivery from garden grocer unless you’re on Disney property or at a Whyndam resort now. I spoke to the and they have confirmed this. I have screen shots of the live chat. It really stinks.


We tried The Grocery Stork to deliver our groceries when we stayed at Pop Century last year. We thought the prices were reasonable and there was no minimum order like with the other companies. Everything was at the resort when we checked in, including a little chocolate treat and thank you note. We appreciated those extra little touches.

Desiree Gaiser

You can use SHIPT too. Delivery from Publix of whatever you’ve selected on the app or put in your special request section. They can deliver to various places – hotel lobbies, parking lot (before you leave for example). There is an annual fee so maybe a better deal if you can also use it at your home address. There’s a $10 off code (DISNEYWORLD) you can use the first time you shop.

What am I missing on the Amazon tip? AmazonFresh isn’t available, so I do Pantry? And order 3 days ahead of time? What if my order gets there before I check in??

Karen M

Okay staying in March for Easter time, what rides should I go to first to plan for my hopper pass and what would you suggest? Looking for roller coasters and fun stuff for young boys to enjoy

Karen M

Staying at Port Orleans and want to do a lot. What restaurants would you recommend and if you have the quick meals plan where can you reserve meals for dinner? Is it at your hotel only? Or all the Disney restaurants… Have a hopper pass for three days and doing some off site trips to Universal and Legoland.. What are some good suggestions?

Aimee Z

Amazon Prime Now (the same day delivery) is not offered in the Disney area.


Has anyone used Uber for this? I’m wondering does the person wait for you to get groceries and take you back or do you have to request one for pick up and another to drop you back off?


Do the Disney Resorts charge you a fee to accept your groceries or packages that you ship to them? Someone mentioned a handling fee of $20… I will be staying at the Pop Century Resort. Any advice/suggestions appreciated!

Janet MacFarlane

They only charge if you are staying at a conference hotel–most of them no charge. they will hold at bell services and deliver to your room

Janet MacFarlane

sorry I meant to say convention hotel


Can you get water bottles in bulk at the speedway? We procrastinated too much and arrive tomorrow. Too late to get delivered.

Andrea Whitaker

I was looking at the options for ordering on Amazon. Is the “same day delivery option” through Amazon Fresh? I put in the zip code for my resort (32830) and it says that’s not an option for that area. Am I missing something?


We did Garden Grocer for our trip last month. It went off without a hitch! The cost of the items was higher than you’d normally find, the delivery fee was a bit higher than I’d expect, and the $40 minimum was a bit excessive, but the convenience was worth it, and it was still cheaper than purchasing everything at the food court. The groceries were just dropped off in our room with our bags while we were out at dinner. We’re going for a very short trip in December, and I’m going to need to find another option since the… Read more »

Jenn Burns

Let’s not forget that those driving can stop at a local grocery on the way! How about a list of grocery ideas to bring along? I’m staying at The Caribbean Beach resort – I’m not sure if my preferred select room has a fridge or microwave. As a matter of fact. I can’t find much info on these rooms at all. ?

Ana Parker

We are heading next month, how big is the refrigerator ? Just wondering, we also thinking to buy a small microwave since my 4 yr old likes he’s oatmeal every morning. Is there a target around DW? Sorry ya many questions, but you are an expert ? I using your info for planning our vacation!! Thank you is very useful

Jodi Comm

I’ve had success using Turner Drug Store for LIMITED item delivery. They have a website or you can call…delivery was same-day (within reason during business hours), fee was $7.95 I believe. Water, snacks, forgotten or intentional toiletries, soda beverages, diapers, medication (even RX), etc.


Yes, we ordered from Turner Drug Store. When we arrived off the Magical Express to our resort, I felt a fever blister coming up on lip. Got on their website and ordered my usually medicines (non prescribed). I ordered that afternoon and received my items the next morning. It was great!!


Can anyone provide information on basic food prices at the Fort Wilderness Trading Post? Milk, OJ, bread, chips, etc? Trying to evaluate against the delivery services.

Thanks in advance.


Hi! How long in advance of my arrival could I send itens to the hotel? Thanks


The Grocery Stork also delivers to the Disney area. You order everything online and they drop it off at the resort, usually before you arrive! And they will add things to their website for you if you email them something you don’t see but want. Great service!


Has anyone tried shipping from Amazon prime or Target, since you get free shipping (for Target shipping is free if you use a Redcard)?


I was thinking the same thing but I fear that there wont be enough information on the package for them to accept it. Just my name and the address may not be as obvious as packing my own box that says guest, and care of disney front desk. I would love to know if someone did this and it worked?


I have used prime pantry a couple times. It works great!


How many days in advance did you place your Prime Pantry order?



Kindly advise on the nearest /cheapest supermarket to DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Hotel Orlando – Lake Buena Vista

Thank you so much for all of these ideas. Our vacation plans were put on hold a few years go when I was diagnosed with severe food allergies. I have to prepare all of my own foods to avoid any cross contamination. Our biggest hurdle has been trying to figure out our food situation. Plus, I’m kind of a control freak and NEED to have everything ready to go. Your site is amazing!


I’m packing most of my food and using Amazon Prime to have water delivered to my hotel.


Another option is to rent a car upon arrival for one day. It can be returned at Disney.


How much does it cost to rent a car from orlando airport and where do you drop off in disney?


it’s also possible with some resorts, such as Saratoga Springs and Old Key West, to have your groceries delivered directly to your room and put away before you arrive. You would order directly from the resort gift/grocery shop. I’m a former cast member and this was part of my job to deliver groceries.

Samantha Bennett

Thanks for this tip! Was this an additional fee? We’re staying at Old Key West in October


I am on the website and do not see the link for ordering. Can you help? I am also a DVC member and from my login I do not see the link


I had to pay $20 to receive a small package of forgotten items sent from home to Coronada. Unfortunately all pkgs sent there go through their business center. Another option I never see mentioned is a side trip to the fort wilderness area. Just a short boat ride from MK. They have a full service camping store with an extensive little grocery with both packaged and fresh foods.

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Tips and tricks for booking flights to Disney World | WDW Prep School
Complete guide to flights for your Disney World trip