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Everything You Need to Know About Money and Shopping at Disney World

Everything You Need to Know About Money and Shopping at Disney World

No way to get around it:

A Disney World vacation isn’t cheap but, it doesn’t have to break the bank.

There are lots of ways to save money and still have a fantastic time!

Whether you’re looking for the best places to spend your money at Walt Disney World or just want some tips on how to save a few dollars we have resources that can help.

Check out our articles on money and shopping at Disney World below!

How to save money on Disney World tickets

One of the biggest expenses of a Walt Disney World vacation will be the tickets.

In recent years, Disney has switched up the way they sell their tickets making it more important than ever that you understand exactly what you need so you don’t accidentally purchase something that isn’t necessary, or worse, something that wont work for your travel dates.

Plus, ticket scams are a real thing.

Every day people are tricked into purchasing tickets that aren’t worth the paper they are printed on.

Make sure you arm yourself with the knowledge in the articles below before you hit that “purchase now” button.

Minnie Mouse at the Poly Disney World money saving tips

How to get the best discount for your Disney World vacation

Did you know that Walt Disney World frequently offers discounts?

They sure do!

And, if you want to snag one you’ll need to know when they are most likely to happen.

Not only do we give you the details on the most common discounts offered we also have a chart of all the historical dates they were released so you know what sorts of discounts you might expect on your trip.

Check it out below!

Art of Animation Cozy Cone sign

Walt Disney World souvenir and gift guides

Most people that visit the Disney World theme parks wind up bringing a few things home with them to remember their vacation.

We’ve got some gift and souvenir guides that can help you identify all of the best (and most unique!) options available.

Fort Wilderness souvenir

Other top Disney World money saving tips

Fun things to do that wont break the bank

Even though a Disney World vacation can be pricey that doesn’t mean that everything costs an arm and a leg. There are lots of free and inexpensive things to do.

Read more here –> 15 unique things to do at Disney World (and some are even free)

Budget planning help

Just starting to think about a trip to Disney World? One of the first things people want to know is just how much it really costs to go.

Here are some comparisons to help you out  –> How much does it cost to go to Disney World?

Tipping help

Disney Cast Members are known for being amazing and you may find yourself wanting to show your appreciation by tipping. But, just when is tipping allowed (or expected)?

This resource can help you figure all that out –> When to tip at Disney World