10 gift ideas to bring a little Disney World into your home

Last year, I wrote a list of gift ideas for Disney World-bound families.

Those ideas are great for letting family and friends know what would be helpful for your trip and helping to keep your costs down.

This year, I have a list of gift ideas for things that will allow you to have a bit of Disney World at home.

Let's take a look...

1. Voices of Liberty Christmas album

Voices of Liberty is a fantastic a capella group that performs in the American Adventure section of Epcot. They have a Christmas album where they perform under the name "Liberty Voices" that is delightful. You can preview all of the songs before buying.


The album is available in CD and MP3 formats.

You can also watch them singing Christmas music in this video.

2. Laila perfume

The smell of the store in the Norway section of Epcot is of Laila perfume which people either love or hate. I love it.

I don't happen to wear perfume so I just use the lotion which is lightly scented and the perfect weight.

The Laila products are available online and in many Nordstrom locations, including sample sets which make great stocking stuffers. You can also get the men's scent, Geir.


3. H20 bath products

The bath products in Disney World resort rooms are a special line from H20. I've heard many people say that the products somehow strike a perfect balance for combo skin.

There's no reason to limit yourself to the sample-sized bottles when you can get the full-sized versions to use at home from the online Disney Store.


4. Yeeha Bob CD

Yeeha Bob is a funny, piano singalong performer who appears at Port Orleans Riverside several times per week.

Although he performs in the bar area, his performances are family-friendly and older kids who understand the word play really get a kick out of it.

Bob has CDs and t-shirts for sale. The CD that contains the music from his Port Orleans Riverside show is called "Bob's Wild Show Captured Live!" and I ordered it for my son for Christmas this year.


5. Disney Florist gifts at home

Although the Disney Florist is often thought of as the place to order gifts to be delivered to your Disney resort room, they will also deliver to your house.

This could be a great way to order Mickey ears and Disney candy without ever having to leave the comfort of home.


6. Basin White products

There are 2 Basin White locations at Disney World - 1 at The Grand Floridian and 1 in Downtown Disney. They make great soaps and body products in bar form that look good, smell amazing and work really well.

You can get Basin White products online as well if you'd like to have some at home. Shipping costs can sometimes be an issue when ordering from Basin White so be sure to check for available coupons before purchasing.


7. Joffrey's coffee and tea

Joffrey's brand of coffee and tea is available at various places throughout Disney World, including many of the nicer restaurants which have their own blends. You can buy some online to enjoy at home.

Artist_Point  Flying_Fish

8. Disney print Vera Bradley bags

So far, Vera Bradley has created 6 different prints for Disney. When the prints were first launched, they were only available in the theme parks but eventually they have been sold online.

This "Where's Mickey?" print is my favorite.


9. Candles that smell like Disney World

You can find lots of candle options on Etsy, such as this La Petite Bougie Etsy shop which has both candles and wax melts.

10. Framed Disney World transportation map

This Disney World transportation map done in the style of the London subway maps is 1 of my very favorite things. In fact, a print of it hangs on the wall next to my desk.

You can order the print in lots of sizes and with an optional frame.


Are there other things you'd like to add to this list? Please tell us about your ideas in the comments.

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