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What to do in the days leading up to your WDW trip – PREP017

What to do in the days leading up to your WDW trip – PREP017

What to do in the final days before your Disney World tripAfter months of planning your Disney World trip, what should you be doing in the final days before you leave?

I get asked that question a lot so I have some tips on doing that which will allow you to kick off your trip as relaxed as possible.

I also have a quick tip about an easy way to make sure you always have cold water while you’re at Disney World.


These are notes from this episode. There’s much more info included in the audio so be sure to listen to the episode for a better explanation.

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What to do before your trip

I think your goal should be to start your trip off as relaxed and unanxious as possible. Try to move into vacation mode so you’re ready to have a fun trip.

Here are some suggestions for doing that:

  • Pack a week ahead of time, using the Ultimate Disney World Packing List to help you remember everything you want to take with you
  • Although most info is available digitally, print off all hotel, dining and FastPass+ reservation info
  • Figure out if you want to buy snacks to take along or have them delivered through a service like
  • Finalize your touring plans so you’re not worried about that during your trip
  • Make a final To Do List of little things that still need to be done and don’t wait until the last minute to do them
  • Give yourself plenty of time to get to the airport. You never know if there will be busy traffic or long airport security lines. Consider using vacation travel bags for kids which can keep them busy once you arrive at the airport gate.

Quick tip of the day

Just about anywhere at Disney World (including small kiosks) will give you cups of ice for free. I like doing this as an alternative to carrying water bottles which can be heavy, especially if you need several bottles of water for your family.

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Do you have a pre-trip ritual or tips? I’d love to hear them in the comments.


Friday 8th of January 2016

Great video! I like what you said about the airport and getting there early. I did a little bit more planning ( even down to wich land we are going to in order ) I will try to be flexible but I'm kind of scared.. should be fun though! Leaving in 6 days!

Brenda NairnDavies

Monday 23rd of February 2015

This retired teacher knows you are never too old to learn. While Disney tripping w/my cousin, who is on countdown for retirement-THIS MEANS THERE WILL BE MORE DISNEY TIME, I learned that she's ready to go back to work(well, not really-a must though), by ironing her work outfits for her return to the non Disney World! She's one smart cookie or should I say, Mickey Rice Crispy Treat!!!


Saturday 23rd of November 2013

I so agree about the water bottles! Many planning sites scared me about how awful the water tastes at Walt Disney World. So for our first few trips, I ordered a case or two of water from Costco online, which they shipped free, right to our room, for only $8 each! How can you even beat that price?! It really worked out great to have portable water, right there with us in the room. Then, in May, just my son and I went for a quick Star Wars Weekends trip. I didn't bother ordering water since it really was not enough time for 2 people to go through a whole case. We spent most of our 3 days at Disney's Hollywood Studios, and when we needed to, we got a cup of ice and filled it at the water fountains. The water tasted JUST FINE! Now I know. Going forward, keeping in mind that each 16 oz bottle weighs 1 lb, we really do not want to add 4 lbs to our family backpack. So I think we will still order the water for the room, and maybe bring empty bottle to the park, to refill as we need to. It is much easier to throw on the cap when it's attraction time, than toss out a disposable cup, only to get back in line for another one a bit later. Now I have not tested my "Disney water tastes fine" theory in any other park yet, but hopefully I will find the same result all over.


Monday 31st of August 2015

Sharon...Brilliant! I'm so doing that. I am a diabetic and allergic to artificial sweeteners of all kind, so I don't really drink anything but water. This is the perfect answer...Thanks!!!

Kerri at Coconuts For Disney

Wednesday 20th of November 2013

Love the idea of getting OUT of planning mode and Into vacation mode before a trip. Sometimes hard to do with little people, but well worth it to start the trip off in a positive way. I wanted with you something that was transformative for how we travel with kids. My family uses a camelbak backpack to tour and it works out exceptionally well for us. I love this lightweight day pack so much that I devoted an entire post to it over at coconuts and no, it is not sponsored, thsts how muxh I adore it! It is one of my favorite tips for friends with kids traveling anywhere!