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Quick tip-palooza – PREP100

Quick tip-palooza – PREP100

This is the 100th episode of the WDW Prep To Go podcast, and we’re celebrating it with a whole episode full of quick tips about dining, touring, traveling with young children, and more.

I also have recent news to share with you, including some recently announced promotions and new things coming.

These are notes from this episode. There’s much more info included in the audio so be sure to listen to the episode for a better explanation.

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Dining quick tips

  • Purchase snacks ahead of time and group them in Ziploc bags for each day of your trip. Each night, put a new bag into your park bag. -Kacie from Indiana
  • Split Quick Service meals so you won’t be lethargic after meals, to allow yourself a break in the air conditioning, and to give yourself a chance to try more restaurants. -Lynsey from Tennessee
  • Use snack credits for Starbucks drinks. Adding extra syrups and espresso shots is included and can make a snack credit worth $8-9. -Walker from Alabama
  • Bring rubber bands or Ziplocs to store/close unfinished bags of snacks. -Selena from Ohio
  • Bring cereal supplies from home and grab a milk from the food court or gift shop for a quick breakfast. You might also pack sandwich thins and sandwich toppings for an inexpensive meal. -Colleen from Illinois
  • Make separate dining reservations if you can’t find one for your entire group. -Tim from Pennsylvania
  • Call The Boathouse directly (407-939-2628) if you’re having trouble finding reservations in the Disney Dining system or on OpenTable. -Tarryn
  • If you need to cancel a dining reservation, you can reschedule it for 2 days later so you can cancel it without a penalty. -Emily
  • Consider going to Contempo Cafe at the Contemporary Resort on your Magic Kingdom day for good food and atmosphere that’s only a monorail stop away. -Nathan

Touring quick tips

  • When making bonus FastPass+ reservations, book whatever is available and then you can go into your My Disney Experience app to modify it later. -Kelly from Ohio
  • The third row of Soarin’ does not have extra motion like the first two rows, making it a good option for people prone to motion sickness. -Brittany
  • Don’t be nervous when meeting characters. Just relax and have fun. -Dustin, The Character Queen

Quick tips for families with young children

  • Make sure to identify your stroller in a unique way since so many strollers look the same. Also, Hollywood and Vine Fantasmic Dinner Package lunch allows young kids to interact with some of their favorite characters, eat lunch, and get good Fantasmic seating. -Rachel
  • Always leave mid-day from around 1-5 to give everyone a break and be sure not to overdue it on activities like swimming. -Casey from
  • Since there are two stroller-rental locations at Epcot, you could use one of them mid-day after your child gets tired of walking. -Stephanie from North Carolina
  • Baby wearing infants during your trip can be convenient, but consider alternating between carriers, using moleskin, applying anti-chafing gel, sharing baby wearing duties with somebody else, taking advantage of your resort’s hot tub, using Bengay for sore muscles, and make sure you’re physically prepared. Check your local baby wearing group where you might be able to borrow or rent a carrier. Make sure your baby is protected from the sun while baby wearing. -Kacie from Indiana
  • Little ones who are under 3-years-old can’t have appointments at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique but you can ask the Fairy Godmother for magic dust to sprinkle on their hair. -Rachel
  • Have snacks ready to help prevent meltdowns. -Christy from Mom Approved Costumes
  • Renting strollers from a company like Kingdom Strollers can be really convenient. -Cara from Georgia (Check out my stroller rental comparison for more info on the companies that offer rentals.)

Miscellaneous quick tips

  • People traveling from Canada might consider flying from a U.S. city, or getting a U.S. credit card to save money. -Amy from Canada
  • Purchasing Disney gift cards from Sam’s Club can save money since they sell for less than their value. You can also purchase them with a Disney Visa for additional Disney Rewards. -Kim from Louisiana
  • If it’s raining while you’re in the parks, don’t be afraid to still get pics taken. -Buffi from Michigan
  • When driving to a park mid-day, have the driver drop off passengers at the front and they may be able to spot a parking spot near the front that was previously taken by somebody who’s already left for the day. -Clare from Australia
  • If you have trading pins at home after your trip, you could display them on a blank canvas that you’ve painted. -Marcy from New Mexico
  • Visit the shops during the first hour the parks are open for lighter crowds or use the shops as a nice air-conditioned break in the afternoon. -Bryan from Tennessee
  • Pack a few Shout Color Catchers to combine laundry into one load. -Bronwyn

Final quick tips

  • Use your local library for books and CDs to help your family get acquainted with the movies and music from the parks. -Adrianna from Washington
  • Watch See Ya Reel Soon on YouTube for family-friendly Disney videos. -Sharon
  • Before leaving for a trip, freeze some meals, buy some groceries, and put clean sheets on the beds to make it easier to return home. -Heather, WDW Prep assistant


  • Appetizers are now part of Fantasmic Dinner Packages. Get my Fantasmic tips and tricks for more info.
  • Fall promotions have been released.
  • Colortopia is coming to Innoventions East at Epcot in late fall.
  • Osborne Lights are returning to Hollywood Studios November 6-January 3.
  • To have breakfast with me at Epcot, email [email protected] for info and to reserve your spot.
  • My Disney Experience updates were made recently, including Touch ID for iOS devices and the ability to decline new MagicBands. Check out the complete list of recent MDE changes for more info.

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Amy W

Saturday 3rd of October 2015

Can anyone confirm this tip: If you need to cancel a dining reservation, you can reschedule it for 2 days later so you can cancel it without a penalty. -Emily. If so, how far out would you need to reschedule it?


Saturday 5th of September 2015

When you say make bonus fastpass is that after you've used your first 3? I've never tried making a fastpass at the kiosk that I see why is that better then using your phone?

Shannon Albert

Sunday 6th of September 2015

You can't make bonus FastPass+ reservations from your phone right now. You can only do that at the kiosks.


Saturday 15th of August 2015

Loved, loved, LOVED this episode. I'm a new listener and planning our first family trip to Walt Disney World. I can't get enough! The show lengths are perfect. The topics are so interesting. I have a pocketful of note cards I'm carrying around of helpful suggestions. I feel so much more comfortable about planning our trip than I did before I listened to your podcast. Thanks for all the great information. And congrats on living your dream! :)


Thursday 30th of July 2015

Shannon - I'm a first time WDW traveller and I am SOOO glad I found your site. I feel so prepared for all the various aspects of the trip now after listening to and reading all that your site has to offer. We are staying on resort in October. I just have a question about having purchases returned to your resort/room. Could you elaborate or provide a link about how this works? And i'd love to read a review of it. Has anyone ever had trouble not getting packages, delays in packages arriving at your resort? Thank you for all you do! I'm LOVING planning our trip! I'm certain i'll have planning withdrawal when it's finished.

Shannon Albert

Thursday 30th of July 2015

Hi, Christine - When you buy things at WDW shops, you can tell them you'd like it delivered to your resort. They'll have it sent to the gift shop at your resort where you can pick it up the next day. I've never had any issues with it working.


Thursday 30th of July 2015

I love these tips! Especially the one about freezing meals and clean sheets to make it easier coming home, because who really wants to leave Disney?!!