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How to Meet Figment at Epcot: A Dreamfinder’s Guide

How to Meet Figment at Epcot: A Dreamfinder’s Guide

If you’ve ever wandered through Epcot and felt a spark of curiosity, chances are you’ve encountered Figment, the pint-sized dragon with a big imagination.

Figment is more than just a character, though; he’s an Epcot icon, bringing whimsy and wonder to the park since the ‘80s.

In this guide, we’re sharing everything you need to know about meeting Figment at Epcot, from where to find him to where you can snag some awesome Figment-themed merch.

Let’s get into it!

Who is Figment?

Alright, let’s start with the basics: Who exactly is Figment? Full disclosure – it took me way too long than I’d like to admit to realize that “Figment” came from the saying “it’s a figment of your imagination.” DOH!

Figment, known for his bright, purple skin and orange nails and horns, is the embodiment of imagination itself. Created by Disney Imagineer Tony Baxter, his purpose was to bring a sense of wonder and creativity to Epcot.

Figment made his debut in Epcot back in 1983 with the opening of the original Journey Into Imagination ride, and even though that ride has been re-Imagineered over the years (including the removal of the Dreamfinder, much to the sadness of countless fans) Figment remains and has been creeping us out capturing our hearts ever since.

For years, he was just something you could catch a glimpse of on Journey into Imagination, with the occasional, random opportunity to meet him or even a super popular popcorn bucket tossed in to taunt us.

But now, he’s back to meeting guests full-time in the Imagination Pavilion over at Epcot.

Note: You’ll notice that we don’t list the meeting times below. That’s because those times can frequently change. Instead, we have an entire post on how to use My Disney Experience to locate characters and find their current meeting times. Make sure you take a few minutes reviewing that if you’re new to the process! Interested in meeting other characters on your next trip? Be sure to check out our Ultimate Guide to Characters at Walt Disney World for info on other characters.

Where to meet Figment in Epcot

The Figment Meet and Greet is located in the Imagination Pavilion. You’ll catch him there most days and his line can be quite long, although the waits have definitely shortened since this current meet and greet debuted:

  • Location: ImageWorks – World Celebration – Epcot
  • Type of character experience: Meet & Greet
  • Costume: Yellow sweater
  • Tip: The queue here is indoors, making it a good spot to head to if you need a break from the weather
  • Autographs: Yes
  • Photopass Available? Yes
  • Lightning Lane available: No

Journey into Imagination

Figment has his very own attraction, too.

Located in the sensory labs of the Imagination Institute, this ride takes you through an exploration of your senses. The exit area is a fun play area for little ones.

journey into imagination with figment - epcot
  • Height req: None
  • Suitable for: Anybody
  • Attraction length: 6 minutes
  • Do we recommend? Not a high priority but with relatively few attractions for little ones, this should definitely be on the “must see” list for families with young children.
  • When to visit: Anytime
  • Lightning Lane available: Yes
  • Eligible for Early Entry: No
  • Tip(s): There is a second or two at the ending where the room goes totally dark and air is blown at your face that can catch kids (and adults!) off guard. Visit any time, rarely much of a wait.

The ride not only features Figment as your guide as you ride through the sensory labs of Imagination Institute, but also chairman Dr. Nigel Channing, played by Monty Python‘s Eric Idle.

journey into imagination ride vehicles - epcot

Where to buy Figment merchandise

Epcot has the largest selection of Figment-themed merchandise and your best spot for maximum Figment goodies is the Imagination Pavilion shop ImageWork.


ImageWorks sells Figment-themed merchandise, toys, games, candy, and other Disney wares.

figment merchandise - imageworks - imagination epcot

You can find pretty much anything Figment you want here.

imageworks store - imagination epcot

There’s also a range of other Disney and Pixar items as well.

Figment at the Festivals

Visiting during one of Epcot’s many festivals? Disney often offers festival merch with him on it during those, too:

Festival of the Arts

Figment is the chief mascot for the Festival of the Arts at Epcot. You can typically find him on shirts, mugs, and even as part of a scavenger hunt called “Figment’s Brush with the Masters”.

Figment Popcorn Buckets

The Festival of the Arts is also where Disney has been releasing the super popular Figment-themed popcorn buckets.

Here are a couple of the previous versions we’ve seen. When this first one debuted, the line to get it was hours and hours long:

Disney got smart after that, and started using Mobile Order for the popcorn buckets:

Flower and Garden Festival

Disney also highlights Figment during the Flower and Garden Festival. During that Festival, there isn’t typically merch BUT there is almost always a Figment topiary on display.

Depending on the year, you can either find him back near the Imagination Pavilion or up in World Celebration Plaza:


Have you met Figment yet? What’s your feelings about this popular little dragon? Love him? Fear him? Worry he’ll haunt your dreams? Tell us about it in the comments!