Can I bring food into Disney World?

If you are a regular at a local theme park or if you go to lots of sporting events you may be used to seeing signs that outside food and drinks are prohibited. But guess what? You CAN bring food and drink into the parks at Disney World! And, there are so many reasons why this might make sense for you.

How can I pay for my Disney World resort charges with cash instead of credit card?

With everything running on credit/debit cards these days, it can be difficult to figure out what to do if you're paying cash, but here's how you can do it at Disney World. If you do not utilize online check-in and you tell Disney that you don't want that card used for incidental charges, you should be able to pay cash without them charging your card on file. In addition, Disney will ask you for a card to use for room charges. It is important to note that when you check-in to your resort room, a hold for the amount due at check-in plus $100 for incidental expenses will be placed on the credit card you have associated with your room. As you charge back to your room, if your balance exceeds the initial $100 being held, additional holds will be placed on the credit card incrementally. The credit card hold should not exceed what you currently owe plus an additional $100. If you do use your MagicBand to charge to your room but don't want the card on file to be charged, then you'll need to head to the front desk to pay off the balance periodically to make sure they don't charge you automatically. Be sure to do that at least 24 hours before checkout to catch the last batch of charges before you leave.

Is the Chase Disney Visa Card a good idea for saving money on Disney World trips?

One popular way to save money on vacations is to use credit cards (and their reward points) to pay for things like lodging or flights. But, in a world of unlimited options for credit cards, is the Chase Disney Visa Card your best choice for saving money on your Disney vacations?

Tipping is automatic for groups of 6+. Will my little ones count toward the 6?

Disney does automatically charge 18% tip on groups of 6+, but it's hard to know if kids under 3 count toward that total since they often don't order their own meals. The answer as to whether they count toward the 6 is not very definitive, because this policy is not enforced consistently throughout Disney World. So the answer to the question is "sometimes." You could always talk to your server at the beginning of the meal to find out how they plan to do it. If you feel that your little one shouldn't count, you could try to request that up front, though there's no guarantee on how they'll end up handling it. Be sure to learn everything you need to know about tipping at Disney World before your trip so you will come prepared.

What happens if a discount comes out after I book my trip?

Free Dining. Summer promotions. Annual Passholder rates. Discounts are sometimes like the Golden Ticket of Disney trips. We hope they are out there and that we'll be lucky enough to snag one. But what do you do if a discount comes out AFTER you've already booked? Well ... it kind of depends.

When do fall Disney World offers normally come out?

The short answer is that they usually come out in the spring. All we can do is use the history of when and what offers have been released to make good guesses as to when we will likely see them in the future. Free Dining, for example, is usually (but not always!) released the 4th Monday in April. To help you plan, check out our spreadsheet of when and what offers have been released to help predict them for your trip.