What to expect at Disney World in 2015 – PREP068

There are lots of construction projects going on at Disney World in 2015 and a couple of new things that will open as well. Today, I have an overview of what you can expect if you're traveling in 2015.

I also have a quick tip that will make sure you're alerted when things change for your trip dates.

These are notes from this episode. There's much more info included in the audio so be sure to listen to the episode for a better explanation.

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Construction in 2015

Lots of things will be under construction at Disney World in 2015. Here's an overview of what we know right now.

Magic Kingdom


  • Frozen ride and meet-and-greet being created and should open in spring 2016
  • Soarin' is likely being expanded to add a new theater to accommodate more people

Hollywood Studios

  • Sorcerer's Hat is being taken down in the first part of 2015
  • Toy Story Mania could be expanded to allow for more people
  • It hasn't been confirmed, but ground could be broken in 2015 on a Star Wars-themed land and/or a Pixar Place section

Animal Kingdom

  • Avatarland construction will continue until it opens in 2017
  • The "Rivers of Light" water show is the most noticeable construction for visitors. This nighttime show is scheduled to open in early 2016.

The Polynesian Resort
The Poly has been under construction for a couple of years but most of it should be completed in 2015. Check TikimanPages.com for updates.

The Beach Club
Beginning in winter 2014, a 20-month refurbishment will take place to update all rooms and common areas.

Downtown Disney/Disney Springs
Construction began in April 2014 and will be finished in 2016. Some parts will open in 2015 (more info below).

New things in 2015

Trader Sam's at The Polynesian
This tiki bar exists at Disneyland, but will be slightly different when it opens at The Polynesian. Here's an artist's rendering of what it will look like.


And here's a video of Trader Sam's at Disneyland.

The Landing section of Disney Springs will open
New shops and The Boathouse restaurant will open in this section in 2015 (which has been called Pleasure Island for many years but will be renamed as The Landing). Here's an artist's rendering of what this should look like.


The Great Movie Ride will be updated
The pre-show and ending movie at The Great Movie Ride at Hollywood Studios will be updated in spring 2015.

Likely expansion of My Disney Experience functionality
Hopefully things like checking bus schedules, going to your resort room without stopping by the checkin desk, and personalization features will be implemented in 2015.

New things beyond 2015

Spring 2016

  • Rivers of Light at Animal Kingdom
  • The Frozen ride and meet-and-greet at Epcot

Summer 2016
Beach Club renovations should be complete.

Avatarland is scheduled to open

2018 and beyond
Star Wars land or Pixar Place (if they happen)

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