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Play Disney World March Madness With Us

Play Disney World March Madness With Us

With nearly 24/7 coverage of the current events we have found ourselves seeking out spaces where we can temporarily switch our focus to something a little bit lighter.

And, if we are feeling that way, we figure there are some of you in the same boat, too.

(Theoretically in the same boat, of course, because we are all practicing keeping a healthy space between each other, right?!)

One of the first things that came to mind was how typically during this time of the year people all over would be losing themselves in college basketball.

You know, the b-ball. Hoops.

Even those that never watched a game during the regular season get sucked into the NCAA tournament and with that being cancelled, another outlet for mental escape has been cut off.

Clearly we can’t replicate that full-scale tournament, but we do have an idea on how to bring a little bit of that fun to you…

1st Annual WDW Prep School Tournament of Attractions (aka Walt Disney World Madness)

Here ye, here ye – let the games begin!

That’s right, folks:

We can’t hoop and the only basket we may have conquered in the past 10 years is a basket of fries BUT we feel confident that when it comes to Disney World attractions, we can slam it down like an empty mug of LeFou’s Brew.

But the question is, do you think YOU have what it takes?

Which attraction will reign supreme?

Can you choose a favorite?

No, not a favorite child. A favorite attraction!

Here’s how it will work:

Attached below is a bracket. It should look familiar except that instead of college teams, you’ll see that each division has been seeded by attractions from each of the 4 parks.

Whaaaa? That’s fun! Am I right?!

And, to make it even trickier for you – we didn’t mix up the parks. 

Nope – we’re gonna make you whittle your way down to your favorite attraction in each park before the final 2 battle it out in an epic no-holds-barred take down of awesomeness.

This may be tricky. We get it. It’s kinda like choosing your favorite child (don’t do that).

BUT, desperate times do not only apparently call for stockpiling toilet paper, they also call for desperate measures.

How we picked each seed

You may be asking yourself, “how in the heck were these games chosen?”.

Well, you can rest assured it was very highly scientific.

Basically we sat down with a list of attractions, a pen, a glass of wine, and a determination to create a bracket similar to something the NCAA might churn out.

So, you can expect some surprises, some gnarly pairings, and some “what were they thinking” moments when you see it.


If you have kids at home this would be a fun thing to do along with them, too. 

You could even make it a competition within your house!

March Madness Bracket

Download instructions:

Click on the image above for the PDF version.

The form should be able to be completed electronically (if you prefer), or you can print it out and write it in by hand.


To save with the fields filled out, you may have to try a couple different things depending on your computer:

  • Option 1: After completing the bracket, go to File–>Save As, and then save it as a different name. Before you close out, try opening the new file to make sure all your hard work selecting winners worked. If it didn’t, try Option 2. Note: If you’re using Acrobat Reader, you may have to select the “Fill and Sign” option from the menu. It’s not as clean of a look, so if this is your only option you might be better off just printing the blank bracket.
    Fill and Share
  • Option 2: If you tried Option 1 and your fields didn’t save, try printing as a PDF instead. In Chrome, that usually just means right clicking on the PDF (after you’ve filled it in) and going to Print —> Save as PDF. Again, save it as a different name just in case you want to do it all again, and test the new file before closing out the original.

Start by right clicking, and select the PRINT option. Don’t worry, this won’t actually print the document:



Then, select Save as PDF and hit PRINT. This should open up a new dialogue box where you can give the file a new name before hitting SAVE.

Select print

Of course, after you hit SAVE, test it by opening up the file to make sure all your hard work is still there.

  • Option 3: If Options 1 and 2 don’t work, you can always take a screen shot of your computer screen with the bracket filled out OR take a pic with your phone just so you have a record of it. 


There are 2 ways to win:

1. We will select one random winner from everyone that has completed a bracket.

That means everyone has a chance at victory, so if you went with your heart and have the Country Bear Jamboree as your World Champion, you too have a chance to win!


2. We will also select 1 random winner out of everybody that picks the correct winning attraction.

In order to be eligible to win either prize, all you need to do is submit your name, email address, and winning attraction via this form.

Pretty easy, huh?


Starting on Tuesday, March 17 over on the WDW Prep School Facebook Page we will begin to post Facebook polls for the “games”.

As of right now, we are leaving each poll open for 24 hours. Things may change as we move on, but that’s how it is currently working.

Make sure you have notifications turned on for the Facebook page if you want to be alerted when the next game is up.

At the conclusion of each voting session, the attraction with the most votes will be declared the winner and will move on to the next round.

You can find the current winners listed out on the post pinned to the top of our Facebook Page.

We know what you are asking: “Didn’t the NCAA mess up things with the addition of the Play-In Round, so why would you do the same?”

And, you’d be right. The Play-In round is just a way for the NCAA to address the concerns (and controversy!) that the first 4 teams left out of the tournament usually illicit.

However, we’re going to do it correctly. Boom. Take that, NCAA.

The winner of the Play-In round will wind up being the 16 seed, because let’s be honest: if you are one of the last 4 in the tournament that’s where you should be (are you listening, NCAA?!).

Final thoughts

We’re sure as we go along we’ll have questions and concerns and we may need to adjust things BUT, remember:

This is all for fun. Unless the People Mover rightfully wins; then it is for a lifetime of bragging rights.