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Packing ideas for Disney World trips – PREP066

Packing ideas for Disney World trips – PREP066

packingideassquareThere are a lot of things to remember on Disney World trips and today I have several packing ideas to hopefully make it a bit easier.

I also have a quick tip that will help you keep your phone battery from draining as much during your trip.


These are notes from this episode. There’s much more info included in the audio so be sure to listen to the episode for a better explanation.

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From this episode

Ideas mentioned

  • Consider packing 2 outfits per day when traveling during times with hot weather
  • When traveling during a time when your local stores don’t have clothes and items for hot weather, consider shopping online on sites like eBay or stores like T.J. Maxx may have a small selection of off-season items
  • Even when traveling when it’s hot in Orlando, consider packing a light sweater since indoor spaces are often so cold
  • Over-the-door shoe organizers can help keep your hotel room organized
  • Packing kids’ outfits in Ziplocs can make it easy for them to get dressed during your trip. Rolling clothes within the bags can help keep the clothes from getting wrinkly.
  • If checking multiple bags for multiple people, I’d suggest spreading items evenly amongst the bags. That way if a bag gets lost, 1 person doesn’t end up without all of their stuff.
  • When traveling domestically, packing food is possible and often more convenient than making a grocery store stop.

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Quick tip of the day

Take a screenshot of your My Disney Experience plans so that you’re not relying on the app to connect to get the info you need.

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Sunday 11th of September 2016


These are great tips! I agree that you need 2 outfits per person in the summer months. However, I also find that in the winter, you need a warm weather outfit and a cold weather outfit per person per day too due to the unpredictable Florida weather.


Monday 24th of November 2014

Love the idea about spreading items evenly among the bags! Another reason can be husband's clothing takes the most space and weighs the most. By mixing his stuff up with mine and our son's we kept "his suitcase" under the weight limit. :)