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Kat from Australia is Back with Exciting News – PREP 332

Kat from Australia is Back with Exciting News  – PREP 332

Kat from Australia returns this week to follow up on life after her trip report and to answer a few burning questions. You might be surprised with what she reveals – Shannon definitely was!

Kat updates

Kat’s original podcast was episode 300 and it was such a popular episode, Shannon spoke with her again! She took a long trip in February and March from Australia that ended with a proposal. 

When Kat returned home from Disney, they had a few months to plan and celebrate their engagement with a party! Their engagement party was non-traditional at a location where they could bowl outside on the lawn. 

It was important to Kat to have activities for everyone! The dessert table was all Disney themed, including photos from their trip! 

They had another trip planned for June and July – another Covid-delayed trip. 

They spent some time in June and July on an African safari. Kat did not plan this trip, but it was planned with incredible detail by her fiance’s mom. It was very different from their Disney trip because Kat planned that one down to every detail! 

Kat didn’t listen to the original trip-report podcast and only one of her friends ended up listening to it – because they heard the whole replay straight from Kat! 

Burning Questions from Listeners

Did you have a daily song or just a song for the trip overall?

The song was for the trip overall, but it is called a day song. Their trip song was When Can I See You Again from Wreck-It Ralph. They listened to it every morning. 

She says this day song is a great idea for road trips because you can listen to it every time you get in the car! 

People want to know about the college program! 

Kat participated in the international college program. She did it after graduating college but before she began her current job. She went to a recruitment event, interviewed, and was offered a role. 

Her experience was self-funded. International students have to stay at Disney accommodations. Kat was in merchantainment in Disney Springs. One benefit of merchandise was that you could change shifts with people in other merchandise roles in other locations. She was able to work in each park! 

While Kat was in Florida, she was able to do some traveling (she went to Texas!), and even to a college football game! 

Tell us about coffee! 

Kat and her fiance had a lot of opinions about coffee and everyone wanted to know the differences between American and Australian coffee. Shannon did some research and found that American coffee shops you typically wait in line, order your coffee, and leave. However, in Australia, you typically sit at a table and a waiter brings you coffee.

Australian coffee servings are typically much smaller than American coffee. Kat describes American coffee as HUGE. American coffee is sugary and Australian coffee is stronger and tastes better. 

Australian coffee is higher quality and served by a small business. American coffee is typically served by a chain and is served out of convenience. American coffee has a lot of flavor options, while Australian coffee doesn’t come in a variety of flavors and options. 

Australian coffee isn’t served cold, even in warmer months. Kat’s fiance usually gets a black coffee in Australia, so it was easy for him to taste all of the differences in American coffee.

What happened with Kat’s sister’s hotel drama?!

They booked a hotel close to Disney Springs. However, when they went to check in, she had challenges with her credit card because she’d been doing quite a bit of traveling. They ran her card and the funds were pending. They wanted to run her card again to try it but they couldn’t release the pending funds.

They weren’t very kind to her and she decided to go across the street to a hotel she’d stayed at previously. She had a great experience at the other hotel but it was with a different partner, so she wondered if that was strange with her new partner. 

They had to walk across the street with all of their luggage! They were much more pleased with the new hotel and didn’t have any issues.

Engagement and Wedding Planning

How did Chris feel about the delaying of the scavenger hunt? Kat assumes that he was anxious about it but he’s a very flexible person. Kat doesn’t think he was stressed about the logistics. 

Kat had always told him that she wouldn’t marry him unless he proposed at a American Disney! However, Kat didn’t think he was going to propose while they were there because he wasn’t that involved in the planning process. 

Kat was a bit overwhelmed by the proposal because the first thing that hit her was all of the work involved in telling people and wedding-planning. She has gotten the excitement now and is having fun going to other weddings. 

Kat is having fun imagining what her wedding might be like without having nailed anything down. She’d like a destination wedding either at a beach in Northern Australia or even South Africa.

She’s started looking at venues closer to home in order to ensure that family and friends would be able to attend. She will likely find a time in 2024 to book a venue. Booking that far out actually works out better because they have a lot of family that will need to travel. 

Future Travel

Kat and her fiance have a 10 day cruise planned toward the end of the year. 


In January, Kat is going to Disney World again! Kat wanted to go again before her annual pass expired. Originally Kat had planned to work one week from Orlando and also vacation for a week. However, she found out that she may not be able to work internationally. 

However, she has a non-refundable DVC booking and plane tickets, so she will make it work! She also has a night at the Grand Floridian because of an issue on their previous trip. 

Kat will get to experience the 2023 Festival of the Arts and she’s excited about doing the whole vacation by herself. She will get to take advantage of doing what she’d like to do. She’d like to have a leisurely trip, but likely will do a whole lot of things! 

She will also be staying at Saratoga Springs and she’s never even visited there. She’s excited about having new experiences. Kat intends to make all of her reservations for two people even though her fiance says he is not going to go as well. 

Quick Tip

When you have an Oga’s reservation you can mobile order a Ronto Wrap on your way with your reservation. You can bring your wrap in with you. There are very few food options at Oga’s so this gives you a great option to go with your drinks!

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