Fixed price dinner now at Be Our Guest! Here’s tips for dining there.

(Article last updated: July 30, 2018)

Want to dine in the Beast's castle at Disney World?

You can do just that at Be Our Guest Restaurant at Magic Kingdom.

Here are some tips for helping you get that coveted reservation for your trip...

Some basic Be Our Guest Restaurant info

Quick Service or Table Service?

Be Our Guest Restaurant is a little different than others in that breakfast and lunch are Quick Service, and dinner is considered a Signature Table Service. All meals are popular so check out the info below to help with whichever meal you choose.

Screen Shot 2018 01 30 at 3.10.07 PM 600x337 - Fixed price dinner now at Be Our Guest! Here's tips for dining there.

Dining Rooms

There are 3 different dining rooms inside the restaurant.

The Grand Ballroom

This is the main room you see as you enter. It's the largest and noisiest, but features falling snow which is lovely.

beourguest 600x338 - Fixed price dinner now at Be Our Guest! Here's tips for dining there.

The West Wing

Off to one side of the Ballroom is the West Wing which is the darkest of the rooms and may be a little scary to some little ones, but is really fantastic with the rose that has falling petals.

It also has the portrait of The Beast that alternates between man and beast. This portrait change, along with the sound of thunder, occurs about every 20 minutes.

Check out this video to see the effects in action.

hqdefault - Fixed price dinner now at Be Our Guest! Here's tips for dining there.

The Castle Gallery

Off to the other side of the Ballroom is the Castle Gallery. In this room, a 7-foot tall music box of Beauty and The Best spins and plays music.

Note: this room is not always open so you may not have it as an option during your visit.

beourguestcastlegallery 400x600 - Fixed price dinner now at Be Our Guest! Here's tips for dining there.

Requesting a room

Have a particular room you'd like to dine in during your meal?

At breakfast and lunch, diners seats themselves so just find an open seat and sit wherever you'd like.

People dining at Be Our Guest Restaurant for dinner can request a room when they check in. There's no guarantee the request will be granted, but they'll try their best to accommodate you.

Try the Grey Stuff, it's delicious!

It wouldn't be a good Beauty and the Beast-themed restaurant without the Grey Stuff.


chipgreystuff - Fixed price dinner now at Be Our Guest! Here's tips for dining there.

At breakfast and lunch, you can order the Master's Cupcake which is topped with the Grey Stuff.

At dinner, the prix fixe meal comes with a dessert trio including a white chocolate Chip topped with the Grey Stuff.

Breakfast at Be Our Guest

Breakfast menu

Breakfast at Be Our Guest usually takes place from 8 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. daily. The Quick Service breakfast at Be Our Guest is a fixed-price meal and a great use of a Disney Dining Plan Quick Service credit.

The amount of food you get (especially all the pastries) is sometimes too much for one meal, so it's a good idea to bring a Ziploc to take extras with you to have later.

View the full breakfast menu.

Getting reservations

Reservations at a Quick Service restaurant? Yep, that's an option here, and really a requirement since it's so popular and standby guests without reservations often can't dine without one.

These reservations can be made 180 days ahead of time, just like all other dining reservations.

Pre-park opening reservations

Dining at Be Our Guest before the park opens is one of my favorite things since it's much quicker (especially if you pre-order!) than dining at a Table Service, and you can easily finish before Magic Kingdom is officially open for the day.

Can't find a pre-park opening time?

Many people have said that Be Our Guest didn't show pre-park opening dining times when they went to make their reservations, but here's a little tip:

Search by time (like 8:00) and not meal (like "breakfast").

For some reason, this seems to be especially true at Be Our Guest where a breakfast search will often just show 9:00 and later.

What if Magic Kingdom opens at 8 a.m.?

So when you went to make your dining reservations, the Magic Kingdom schedule said it opened at 9 a.m. and then it got switched to 8 a.m. after you already made your dining reservations.

That's a thing that happens all the time as Disney World adjusts hours to fit the crowds they are expecting.

That's why it's often a good idea to make 2 reservations if you really want to eat breakfast there - 1 before park opening and 1 closer to 10:30. As your trip dates get closer, you can cancel the one you don't want.

A post-breakfast ride on Seven Dwarfs Mine Train?

bogsdmt - Fixed price dinner now at Be Our Guest! Here's tips for dining there.

Yep! That often happens with people who eat at Be Our Guest and finish before the opening time. It's not a guarantee, but often a fun bonus.

Get more info on breakfast/ride combos to help you plan.

Pre-order your breakfast

Disney also gives you the ability to pre-order your food from the My Reservations page from 5 minutes to 30 days before your reservation.

Screen Shot 2015 02 25 at 1.49.57 AM - Fixed price dinner now at Be Our Guest! Here's tips for dining there.

Doing this allows you to skip part of the line which can save you a lot of time.

Does The Beast appear at breakfast?

No, the Beast is only available at dinner.

Lunch at Be Our Guest

Lunch menu

Lunch at Be Our Guest usually takes place from 11 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. daily. Lunch is Quick Service and a pretty good value of a Disney Dining Plan Quick Service credit.

Since it's Quick Service, you can order as much or as little as you like.

View the full lunch menu.

Getting reservations

Like breakfast, this is a Quick Service that happens to allow reservations and you really need to do that because standby lines here are often not an option.

Lunch reservations can be made 180 days ahead of time.

Eat at off-peak times

Even with a reservation, it can often take awhile to get in. To reduce that, consider eating at an off-peak time like 11:00 or 2:00.

Pre-order your lunch

You can pre-order your lunch from the My Reservations page from 5 minutes to 30 days before your reservation.

Screen Shot 2015 02 25 at 1.49.57 AM - Fixed price dinner now at Be Our Guest! Here's tips for dining there.

Doing this allows you to skip part of the line which can save you a lot of time.

Can I meet The Beast at lunch?

No, you can only meet The Beast if you eat dinner at Be Our Guest.

Dinner at Be Our Guest

Dinner menu

As of July 27, 2018, Dinner at Be Our Guest is now a Signature Table Service meal (meaning 2 Disney Dining Plan credits instead of 1) that is usually available from 4 p.m. until park closing. This used to be a pretty good use of a Table Service credit when it was 1 credit meal; however, now that it is a 2 Table Service credits experience it is no longer a good use of your credits. 

The Be Our Guest dinner menu is a fixed price format that includes an appetizer, main entree, and dessert. People paying out of pocket can expect to pay $55 for adults and $35 for kids.

View the full dinner menu.

Getting reservations

Dinner reservations can be hard to get, but here are some ideas to help increase your odds.

Stay on-site

Onsite guests can make all dining reservations 180 days before their trip begins which can be a huge advantage for difficult dining reservations.

Confused? Watch this video for an explanation about how on-site guests have an advantage when making dining reservations.

hqdefault - Fixed price dinner now at Be Our Guest! Here's tips for dining there.

Book reservations in order of difficulty

If you're staying onsite and making all of your dining reservations 180 days out, be sure to book them in order of difficulty and not chronological order. That means that Be Our Guest would always be one the first one you'd book, no matter when it falls during your trip.

Consider planning to eat at Be Our Guest toward the end of your trip. Since offsite guests won't have access to those dates yet, your odds are better the later your dates are.

What if you can't get the reservation?

If you aren't able to get the reservation when you first trip, don't give up. You can use a tool like to alert you when openings pop up, or just keep randomly checking for openings.

Many dining reservations get cancelled even just the day before as people adjust their plans which is a great opportunity for you to snag a spot for your trip.

Watch out for reservations on party nights

In September, October, November and December, there are parties held at Magic Kingdom a few nights a week which means the park closes at 6 or 7 p.m. so that the party can begin.

If you're not planning to attend the party, you need to make your reservation before the party begins.

Meeting The Beast

Dinner at Be Our Guest is the only time you can meet The Beast.

beastbeourguest - Fixed price dinner now at Be Our Guest! Here's tips for dining there.

Unlike most character meals where the characters come around to the tables, The Beast meets in his own separate room.

There's a PhotoPass photographer on hand to take your pics.

Be Our Guest Restaurant review/suggestion

Looking to eat at Be Our Guest but not sure which meal? My preference is either breakfast or lunch because dinner is so hit or miss with service and food quality.

In particular, I really like pre-park opening breakfast at Be Our Guest due to it being such a good use of a dining credit, short enough to allow you to wrap up before the park opens, and the ability to often ride Seven Dwarfs Mine Train before Magic Kingdom opens.

Video: 5 tips for dining at Be Our Guest Restaurant

hqdefault - Fixed price dinner now at Be Our Guest! Here's tips for dining there.


Still have questions or thoughts on Be Our Guest Restaurant? Feel free to leave those in the comments.

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If you have a late lunch reservation, (ex 2:25) and are still eating when dinner starts around 4, can you still meet the Beast or do they check to see if you had dinner reservations?

Andy Turcott

We have a dinner reservation for 4 people at BOG. We have the free dining plan as well. Does everyone have to eat? Can one person eat so we are only using 2 credits vs 8? My boy’s are picky and no way worth the credits. Thx


Can small children share a portion at dinner time?


I am going in 2 weeks, and managed to snag a PPO breakfast reservation yesterday, and a lunch one last week! At what point at my arrival to BOG does it count as “showing up for the reservation”. I heard there were 2 check ins. One when you arrive, and the other after you order your food.


Is Belle in the castle for Breakfast, or at any time?

Jennifer Hibbard

Thanks for the info! Really disappointed that we can’t do just dessert at dinner.


Can Fast Pass be used to get into Be Our Guest for lunch?

Liane Prevedel

Really nice tips. Tks a lot. My friend 15th birthday is on May 27 and she couldn t get a reservation for dinner. Do u think she can get a photo with the Beast without a reservation for dinner?
Tks in advance


Can adults and teenagers order from kids menu at dinner? Extra cost? thanks!


We’re planning on attending the Mickey’s not so scary Halloween party. My understanding is you can get into MK for the party at 4pm. Would it be possible/ good idea to try and get a reservation at Be Our Guest for 4:30/5?


We did not think the food was very good, nor was the castle all it’s hyped up to be. Not worth all the hassle.


Did you go for breakfast, lunch, or dinner?

Allison R.

My daughter is obsessed with “The Beast” I understand you can only meet him at dinner time but I wanted to know can you meet him around the park anytime?? I’m torn between reserving Breakfast or Dinner. Please help.


No I believe this is the ONLY place you will find him at dinner in Library


We managed to score an 8:50 am reservation but don’t want to miss out on rope drop, if we show up at 8 am what are the oddds we can be seated early?

Marci Rodriguez

If I have the DDP and make my ADR in March for BOG in September will it cost me 1 or 2 table service credits?


When your on the DDP and eating the prefix menu, does every individual get an appetizer and desert? Or is the table expected to share. So we are a party of 5. Will we have 5 appetizers and 5 deserts?


I proudly have an 8:05 breakfast reservation, but it’s on a day with a “special ticketed event” from 7:45 until opening at 9. Will that affect the possibility of riding Seven Dwarfs?


Thank you!

Pre-ordering for lunch is a great way to save time. In fact, a lot of the counter service at Disney allows you to pre-order now through the app. We save at least 30 minutes each lunch doing this. The only thing is you might not be able to order with Dining plan credits (at least when we last went)


Have you heard about dinner reservations not currently being offered after July 1st, 2018? What are your thoughts on this? I feel like you’re the best person to ask! Thanks for all that you do!!


Hi! I just booked dinner on July 23rd at 7:45 pm, so maybe they just release a few days at the time. I have been stalking the Disney experience app lol 🙂


Does Breakfast include a pastry tray? Do we have to order my daughter a kid’s meal (she is 2) or can we just order two adult meals? We have an 8:30am reservation.


We have a 9:30 am Reservation for BOG. Any chance they will let us in the park prior to opening at 9 am?

Jen Brown

Last time we had a reservation at BOG for quick service lunch , we were seated by a castmate in the main dining room. Do they still seat you or do you walk in and sit where ever you want? Really wanting to sit in the room with the painting this time. TIA

After checking daily for reservations, I have come up short. Do you know the current process for quick service breakfast and lunch? Do they still hand out cards with return times?


There are no cards. You must have a reservation – you get a pager and then they either send you to order or to a line to be seated if you pre-order.


I’ve been trying to snag a dinner reservation for January 18th, I’ve been checking daily to see if anything has opened up. The other day I noticed that it won’t let me search for dinner times on that day. Seems it won’t let me search for dinner reservations on any Thursdays. Has anyone else noticed this?


That happened to me once and it was like a glitch in the app. I deleted the app on my phone and reinstalled it and it was fixed. Maybe try that and hopefully you should be able to see all of the dinner times come up.


Has Be Our Guest Restaurant ever opened earlier than 8am? I am planning a trip, albeit, the busiest week of the year (*cue crying emoji*) and of course I couldn’t even think about getting reservations at this restaurant as I was relatively late to the game in planning this trip. But the thought crossed my mind that if the park (MK) changes its opening hours from 9am to 8am on Xmas day, which I’m betting on, is it likely that BOG will open earlier, thus opening up more early reservation slots? Also if they were to change their park hours… Read more »


Is there any hope for a BOG reservation a week or out?


Id say likely not, especially during free dining


You have to put a credit card reservation down and they charge you if you don’t cancel 24 hours or more. I think people make multiple reservations and then cancel what they don’t want. Checked the morning before we went to MK and snagged an 11:30 reservation. Probably not common but can’t hurt to look!

Emily Singer

We have adr for BOG when we attend the MNSSHP at 9:25pm. I read that it can be a little hectic and dinner can take longer than you would think. I thought it would be awesome to get the Beast in a picture with us- Our family is dressing up as characters from beauty and the beast. Should I just cancel it and not even worry about that picture? I just don’t want over an hour of our time consumed with the dinner


Hi! We were lucky enough to snag a dinner reservation at Be Our Guest – but it is during the night of Mickey’s Merry Christmas Party. Does the Beast still appear at dinner at ticketed events?

Peg P

An important thing to do when trying to get a reservation at BOG is to not give up! It’s not uncommon to not find an available time at your 180 booking mark, but if you keep trying, you’ll eventually get one. It took me a little less than a month to get a lunch reservation. My friend couldn’t get a reservation there, so I kept trying for her. She’s now got one for breakfast. People cancel all the time for a myriad of reasons. What isn’t there today may very well be there tomorrow or in a week. So don’t… Read more »


Yup – we got ours the day before!


I’d like to make a lunch reservation at BOG instead of breakfast, but I read in a guide book that even with an advanced reservation, you should arrive early and get in line. Is that true? I’d rather book breakfast if having to arrive early for our lunch reservations is going to take that much time out of our park day.

Peg P

Even with an advanced reservation, you’ll wait for a table. When you check in, they give you one of those restaurant things that buzz when you’re table is ready. That’s why people recommend going early – so you’ll get your table on time. Just go about 15 mins early. Either way, you’re going to lose that time because you won’t get seated right away, but going 15 mins early gets you seated on time (more or less)


Our reservation at BOG is at 10:25a. That is at the very end of the breakfast window. Will we be able to order lunch food since it starts only a few minutes later or will we be limited to the breakfast menu? Just want to set my expectations for planning the rest of our day! Thanks 🙂


Hi! In looking at the menu, I’m most interested in the kids lunch of mahi mahi for myself 🙂 I’ve had no issues ordering from kids menu at other quick service restaurants… Can anyone say if more attention is paid here, as they deliver it to you?


Can you preorder if you are using the dining plan? For benour guest and also for other restaurants that are newly offering preorder capabilities?


Thank you!! Love the podcast! Can’t wait for our trip next month!

Kelley Barker

My Husband and I will be eating breakfast @ ‘Be Our Guest’ in November. I have heard that IF there is a set price (which it is @ BOG) that you can’t split an entree?? I really don’t want to spend $50 for both of us & would prefer to just order one entree. Do you know if this is allowable? Thanks!!

Josh Moore

Can a reservation be made for breakfast at BOG? When I try to make one through the disney site, the breakfast hours are grayed out.


Hello I have a dining reservation for breakfast at BOG at 10am, I know that breakfast is served until 10:30 and lunch starts at 11am. Will they kick us out if we are still finishing up our breakfast? Or does the restaurant just transition into lunch food? Also do you think that have a 10am reservation will affect the quality of the food seeing as it is the end of breakfast time? Thanks 🙂

Lindsey S

Great article! Since this is my first Disney trip, your tips for Eating at BOG was very helpful. I do have a few questions. 1) I was able to snag a reservation for 1 at lunch however there will actually be 2 of us eating. Do you think they’ll allow this if I call ahead of time? Supposedly all of the reservations for 2 are booked but I have never been to any restaurant where a table only sits one person. 2) Overall is Dinner really worth it? Neither one of us care to see the Beast or getting any… Read more »


Link the other person’s trip on your My Disney Experience app and then call reservations to have the other person added to your existing reservation. Dinner was not worth it to me and we like the upscale food options, so if you’re not into that, just go for lunch. For lunch, you can sit in any of the 3 dining rooms.

Lindsey Steel

Thank you so much for your help. I will do that.

Felicia Britt

Did you call? Were they able to add the rest of your party? I am in the same boat.

Lindsey Steel

I did but they said that when you reserve a meal you are reserving so many seats and not a table. They said I would have to keep waiting to see if there are any cancellations since people can cancel up to 24 hours before. I managed to grab another one on a different day but hopefully there will be a cancellation on the day I want it.
Hope that helps!


I have not had the opportunity to eat at BOG, however at Crystal Palace we were able to add an extra person right at the podium when we checked in. As most locations are not going to have parties share a table, I don’t see why you couldn’t add 1 person. Also it never hurts to ask a second or even third person.


I was able to get into BOG at 8:05am. The park opens at 9:00. What time will they let us into the park and what time will the rope drop be? I am hoping to rush my family through breakfast so we can get on a popular ride before the crowd. Also, what ride do you suggest us rush to?


Hi, I booked an 8:30 am ADR for BOG. How early should I arrive at the park to be at my reservation on time? Thanks!!


Hello … we are going to WDW in 3 weeks. Where can I call for dining with the characters reservations?


If you have not made reservation’s yet you can call (407) 939-3463 or go to it is a lot easier to me online that way you can see what is open at each place you would like to dine. Also keep checking back if you don’t get a reservation right off people cancel all the time.

Rayna Vanderbosch

Thanks to all your tips we managed to snag a breakfast AND a dinner at BOG this upcoming November. This will be our first time at BOG. I booked at 6 am 180 days out and got everything I wanted. I didn’t want to to eat at the same place twice, but I just couldn’t give up trying breakfast and dinner, we have the dining plan so the breakfast is a QS no-brainer!!


Curious what day you got, my agent tried to book at 6 am to no avail for our stay in Nov/Dec.

Peg P

I have found that the best days/times for getting hard-to-find reservations are Monday through Thursday late in the morning between 10 and noon. Forget it on the weekends when everyone’s home. But every time I’ve managed to snag the ones I couldn’t get at my 180 day window, it’s been during those times.


Keep in mind this is also a free dining period. Just keep checking and that is all you can do. I booked a last minute stay and there is almost nothing good at this point 2 weeks out so you may have to wing it or watch the reservations like a hawk or use something like mousedining to be alerted of any openings

Joan D

Can we order ahead if my husband has a food allergy?


Is the beast available for meet & greet for the duration of supper? OR only at certain times during supper?


Hi! My daughter really wants to meet the Beast and so far the only reservation I can get for our September trip is during mnsshp. I’ve seen posts on other sites that indicate the Beast doesn’t do meet and greets during the hard ticket parties. Do you have any experience with this or know if it is different?

Thank you!

Romy Pedersen

Do they take any walk ins or do you have to pre book to get a table?

Kerri B.

You can walk up to any Disney restaurant that takes reservations to see if they have any availability. The more popular the restaurant, the more likely there won’t be any (or the wait will be long). For BOG breakfast and lunch, I believe you can just get in the “standby” line if you haven’t made a reservation…it just might take you a while to get to the end of it!

It’s can be a good idea to check the My Disney Experience app for last minute reservation availability rather than just to wait it out.

Riley B.

I booked a Be Our Guest reservation for 10:10. So will I be served breakfast or lunch?


Does breakfast and/or lunch include a drink at Be our Guest with the Disney Dining Plan?

Shirley willis

We have tried every day at every time from 25/09/2017 to get a reservation for dinner for a party of five and nothing is available, surely all tables can’t be fully booked within a minute of the time available to take bookings.


Well the ones that get there a few days before you and are still there when you arrive get them my niece is going there days be for us and she has 4 reservation for BOG and she will cancel 2 of them when she decides what times they want to go i can’t get a reservation there.

Justina Chirico Luckey

Can I preorder for a lare party under one dining reservation? If so, will the credits come out of one account? We all have different hotel reservations at the Contemporary with the Disney Dining Plan.

Jen O

We are headed to WDW in 2 weeks, and this morning I was able to snag Be Our Guest Breakfast reservations. All of Easter week has 7:30-8:00 reservations that just opened today. Yesterday Cinderella’s Royal Table had early morning openings as well. We booked the trip last week, so I wasn’t expecting to get any of our fav places, but was hoping and stalking, and I have been able to book all of our favs!


We are going next week and I snagged an 8 am reservation just yesterday! Magic 🙂


can you eat lunch at BOG without a reservation?

Jaime DiDomenico

My sister who has autism is one of the biggest fans of Beauty and the Beast. We are going to Disney during spring break (April 19-23). I just learned about this restaurant and I just know she would love it! However I didn’t know that you had to make a reservation 6 months in advance. Does anyone have any tips on what to do, or maybe other attractions she may enjoy?


Keep trying everyday to get a reservation because people do cancel their reservations my son is going in 2 weeks and he kept trying everyday several times a day and he was able to get dinner reservations

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