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How do I get a room near somebody else?

How do I get a room near somebody else?

If you’re traveling to Walt Disney World with other people, you might want to have your room located near them.

Here’s how to do that.

Steps for getting rooms together

  1. Book your individual rooms
  2. Call Disney (or have your travel agent call) and request a “travel with” number which will link your individual reservations together
  3. Submit room requests for all rooms that are the same or very similar
  4. When room assignors are ready to assign rooms a few days beforehand, they’ll usually assign those with “travel with” numbers first which makes it more likely you’ll not only be close together, but also more likely to get your room requests

More info on traveling with groups

There are several unique aspects to traveling with other people. Be sure to check out other content to help as you plan.