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Can I use Rider Switch with Lightning Lanes?

Can I use Rider Switch with Lightning Lanes?

Rider Switch is a convenient but confusing system that allows people to take turns riding things that little ones can’t.

It can be used with Lighting Lanes, but it’s not quite as beneficial as it used to be.

Here’s how it works.

How it works without a Lightning Lane

If you do not have a Lightning Lane, the Rider Switch system allows you to split up your group so the second group doesn’t have to wait in the regular standby line.

As a group, you approach the Cast Member at an attraction and tell them you want to use Rider Switch.

Those riding in Group 2 (+ up to 1 person in Group 1) will be issued a Rider Switch entitlement so they don’t have to wait in the regular standby line when it’s their turn to ride.

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How it works with a Lightning Lane

If everybody in Group 1 and Group 2 has a Lightning Lane, each person will just board with their Lightning Lane.

However, there is 1 perk to using Rider Switch with a Lightning Lane: 1 person from Group 1 can re-ride in Group 2 without needing a Lightning Lane to ride in Group 2.

This comes in especially handy if you have an older child who wants to ride and a younger child who can’t/won’t because Rider Switch allows the older child to ride with both groups.

Learn more about Rider Switch

We have a complete guide to Rider Switch to help you learn even more, including my personal favorite – suggestions on what to do with littles while you wait.