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Grand Avenue at Hollywood Studios (BaseLine Tap House, Muppet*Vision 3D)

Grand Avenue at Hollywood Studios (BaseLine Tap House, Muppet*Vision 3D)

Hollywood Studios is one of Walt Disney World’s most popular parks — and for good reason.

There’s a lot to see and do. But, how well do you really know each section of the park?

Yes, there’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and Toy Story Land, 2 of the busiest sections of Hollywood Studios, but what about the rest?

There are 9 lands of Hollywood Studios. That’s right, 9!

Each of these areas have their own special attractions, entertainment, dining, characters, and so much more.

So, let’s take a deep dive into each one and explore if you’re missing anything.

Here we take a walk through Grand Avenue. This land is best known for its tributes to The Muppets, including Muppet*Vision 3D and PizzeRizzo.

It was even previously called “Muppets Courtyard” before becoming “Grand Avenue.”

But, there is also a popular spot to grab a brew from California. BaseLine Tap House is a great place to get a cold beer and snack. The vibe is perfection.

There are also other elements to look out for when you’re in Grand Avenue, so let’s get to it!


grand avenue panoramic photo hollywood studios

Location: Hollywood Studios
Restaurants: 4 Quick Service (BaseLine Tap House, PizzeRizzo, Drink and Snack Cart, Gelato Cart); 1 Table Service (Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano)
Shops: It’s A Wonderful Shop, Stage 1 Company Store
Entertainment: None
Attractions: Muppet Vision 3D
Characters: Vacation Goofy
Popular snacks and drinks: Any beer and the Bavarian Pretzel (BaseLine Tap House)
Not-to-miss: BaseLine Tap House, Muppet*Vision 3D

Grand Avenue Map

grand avenue map for hollywood studios


You can enjoy both Quick Service and Table Service dining in Grand Avenue. One of the locations is also perfect for little ones or those who may be picky eaters.

Quick Service Restaurants

BaseLine Tap House

baseline tap house hollywood studios

BaseLine Tap House is the place to visit on Grand Avenue, especially if you’re a beer lover.

The tap house sits on the corner of Grand Avenue and Commissary Lane. It’s a perfect spot and embodies the industrial buzz of modern-day Downtown Los Angeles.

baseline tap house pretzel and beer

The menu features a range of beverages, but know that the beers and wine offered are California-based. There are also different spirits available if you want something different or a cocktail.

If you need a snack, we recommend the Bavarian Pretzel served with beer-cheese fondue and spicy mustard.

cheese board baseline tap house hollywood studios

The California Cheese and Charcuterie Plate also makes for a nice, light snack. You can even order it without the meat, if you prefer.

BaseLine has both indoor and outdoor seating, with most of the tables located outside.

baseline tap house writer's stop hollywood studios

Fun fact: BaseLine sits where the old Writer’s Stop used to be located. If you look above on the shelves of the bar, you’ll see letters that cleverly spell out “Writer’s Stop”.


pizzerizzo hollywood studios

PizzeRizzo is the main Quick Service spot in Grand Avenue.

Here you can find — you guessed it — pizza! This is a good spot for kids or those who have a pickier palate.

pizzerizzo pizza hollywood studios

There is also salad, a meatball sub, and a plant-based Spicy Italian “Sausage” Sub on the menu. Plus, you can order both non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks. Cannolis are also usually available for purchase.

The dining spot is quite large, with plenty of indoor and outdoor tables. It can get quite busy, so plan accordingly.

pizzerizzo hollywood studios

Mobile Order is your friend, especially if you plan to eat at peak lunch and dinner times. Keep in mind that PizzeRizzo doesn’t stay open until park closing and closes a few hours prior.

pizzerizzo hollywood studios

If you choose to eat inside, you may want to venture upstairs to the banquet hall for some fun. It’s like a party upstairs. Trust us.

fuelrod pizzerizzo hollywood studios

There’s also a portable phone charging station here (where you can swap and purchase a FuelRods).

Drink and Snack Cart

grand avenue snack and drink cart hollywood studios

When you first enter Grand Avenue, there is a drink and snack cart located to the left. This is a good place to stop if you want something quick to drink or need a small snack.

Gelato Cart

gelato cart at grand avenue in hollywood studios

Across from the drink and snack cart when you first enter Grand Avenue, you’ll see a small gelato cart. There are a variety of flavors, including chocolate, cookies and cream, lemon, mint chocolate chip, mango, strawberry, and vanilla.

gelato from gelato cart in hollywood studios

The cart also has a “Flavor of the Day.” Once it was POG (passionfruit, orange, and guava) flavor!

This is a bit on the pricier side for what you get. One scoop costs $7.50 and two scoops costs $8.75 (can choose more than one flavor). You can also add chocolate sauce for an additional $1.50. Contactless payment is utilized here.

Table Service Restaurants

Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano

mama melrose's ristorante italiano hollywood studios

Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano sometimes gets lost in the mix of Table Service dining at Hollywood Studios.

It’s located all the way in the back of Grand Avenue.

mama melrose's ristorante italiano hollywood studios

The restaurant is known for serving a range of Italian offerings for lunch and dinner, including spaghetti and meatballs, shrimp campanelle, chicken parmigiana, tiramisú, gelato, cheesecake, mocktails, dessert cocktails, and more.

Reservations are accepted here and can be made up to 60 days in advance.

Seating Areas

baseline taphouse seating area hollywood studios

The main seating areas you’ll find in Grand Avenue are the many tables at BaseLine Tap House and PizzeRizzo.

pizzerizzo seating area hollywood studios
pizzerizzo seating area hollywood studios

All of these are covered as well, so no need to sit in the direct sunlight.

pizzerizzo seating area hollywood studios

PizzeRizzo also has lots of indoor seating both upstairs and downstairs. There are a few seating areas inside BaseLine, but these tend to fill up quickly.


There are a couple shops for you to explore in Grand Avenue.

It’s A Wonderful Shop (Temporarily Unavailable)

it's a wonderful shop hollywood studiios

It’s A Wonderful Shop is like Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe in Magic Kingdom. You can find all kinds of Christmas items here. Plus, it’s cutely decorated inside and out.

Stage 1 Company Store (Temporarily Unavailable)

stage 1 company store hollywood studios

The Stage 1 Company Store is quite a large store in Grand Avenue. You can find Disney apparel, Disney cel art, sketches, and more.

The exterior of the shop is also worthy of observance. Some of it is even has paint splattered all over it thanks to The Muppets.


There is only 1 attraction in Grand Avenue — and it’s a favorite for many. This attraction is none other than Muppet*Vision 3D.

muppet vision 3D hollywood studios

First, the waiting/pre-show is entertaining in itself. The Muppets are hilarious and you really have to listen to what they’re saying so you don’t miss a beat.

muppet vision 3D hollywood studios

As for the show, it’s about 15 minutes or so. You wear 3D glasses and watch the many mishaps of The Muppets as they take you on a tour of their lab and show off their new movie-making invention: Muppet*Vision 3D.

muppet vision 3D hollywood studios

The show runs throughout the day. You can find wait times in the My Disney Experience app.

Even though you can book a Genie+ Lightning Lane selection here, we don’t recommend it — or at least making the show a top priority.

hollywood studios genie plus booking priorities graphic

This is a good spot to take a break, cool off, and regroup. Muppet*Vision 3D does have hearing disability services for those who need them.


Vacation Goofy

vacation goofy meeting at hollywood studios

Near the entrance to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge or at the Grand Lofts underneath an awning, Vacation Goofy makes appearances in his vacation attire – a floral shirt!

Daily meet and greet times are posted in the My Disney Experience app. PhotoPass is available.


Do you collect pressed pennies? Grand Avenue has you covered.

Coin Press Machines

coin press machine pizzerizzo hollywood studios

There are 2 coin presses in Grand Avenue — one inside PizzeRizzo and another at Stage 1 Company Store.

PizzeRizzo’s coin press has 3 options: PizzeRizzo, Frozen, and The Incredibles. You can either pay $1.00 for 1 themed-penny, or get 3 pressed pennies for $3.00.

The Stage 1 Company Store is currently closed, so that coin press is not accessible at the moment.

Disney PhotoPass Photographer

You should be able to find a PhotoPass photographer in Grand Avenue. Sometimes there is a photographer near the fountain featuring Miss Piggy as the Statue of Liberty.

grand avenue photopass hollywood studios

You may even find a PhotoPass photographer in this fun area with “spilled paint” near Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano and the Stage 1 Company Store.

stage 1 muppets paint splatter grand avenue

Don’t forget to ask if they have any fun Magic Shots!

Remember: unless you have Memory Maker, Memory Maker Day One, or a PhotoPass entitlement with your Annual Pass, you will have to pay to download or print these photos.


restrooms grand avenue hollywood studios

There is a set of restrooms next to PizzeRizzo. You’ll see them as soon as you enter the Muppets area of Grand Avenue. They are to the left if you’re looking at the fountain with Miss Piggy.

Grand Avenue Checklist

grand avenue checklist hollywood studios


What’s your favorite thing about Grand Avenue at Hollywood Studios? Tell us in the comments!


Friday 16th of September 2022

I usually ask for and keep receipts and they threw out my receipt at the snack cart here. I thought it would be fine and be able to know what was what when I got back. I’m rummaging through 10 unknown charges now and have figured most out. Thanks to your picture I know now for certain. Thank you!